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VERY Friendly Neighbors

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Jack Summers lived alone in a house that was far too large for him nowadays. Poor Jack was a two-time loser in the ways of marriage. Widowed at 35 because of a wife that could not control her drinking, divorced at 41 by a wife that couldn’t keep from slutting around. Pamela fucked anything with a pulse and didn’t limit herself to men either.

Jack wouldn’t have minded if she had confined her affairs solely to women, he found bi-sexual women very sexy and dated a few since his divorce. The problem he continued to encounter was that these women didn’t seem interested in marriage or commitment. In that aspect, Jack was very traditional. He liked having someone to come home to but at this moment, the only pussy he saw when he came home was his cat, Chuckles.

As a fitness nut, Jack kept himself in excellent shape and wore his 45 years well. His hair was still jet-black and only graying at the temples; his face was only lined from hours spent in the sun as a house painter. His arms were strong as steel cables and his skin was California-bronzed.

When Desiree and Anna Nichols moved into the long-vacant house beside him, it was hard for Jack to decide who he found sexier. Desiree had long auburn hair, soulful brown eyes and a soft, pouty mouth with long legs that seemed to go on forever. She wasn’t shy about showing her assets, wearing tiny denim cut-offs or short skirts or even bikinis as she puttered around the back yard. Desiree had to be aware of the affect she had on men (and likely some women as well) but if she did, she played it coy.

Anna Nichols was totally unlike her mother. The first way was obvious, Anna was black. Jack wondered if Anna might have been adopted, but Desiree set him straight. “My father was black and so is Anna’s,” She smiled over the fence at him one afternoon. “My daddy was a kind, well-educated and considerate man who still brings my Momma roses every week. Anna’s daddy has one thing going for him and it’s below his waist,” Desiree sighed.

Anna was slender, soft-voiced and not the show-off her mother was. She had perfect gumdrop tits and lovely slim legs, and the most delectable ass Jack had ever seen. She tended to dress in jeans and sweaters most days so it was hard at first to learn about all of this, but the first time he saw her in a bikini, Jack learned that Anna could give her mother a run for her money in the hottie-hot-hot department. He still couldn’t believe they were mother and daughter, as Desiree didn’t look a day over 30, although Jack knew that she was almost 40.

The house they had purchased had sat vacant for nearly 10 years and was in a bad state. The plumbing was easy enough to fix and the yard work was daunting, although Desiree tackled a bit of that every day and was making nice progress. The two major obstacles were the outdated wiring and the house itself was dull and tired looking. It badly needed a coat of paint … or twelve.

Jack made some phone calls and got in touch with an electrician friend of his who offered to do the electrical work for a very reasonable fee, far less than anyone else would have charged Desiree. When he saw Desiree, he nudged Jack and said “If you’d told me she wasthat fucking hot, I’d have done it at cost.”

There was still the painting to be dealt with; the house still looked old and shabby. As Jack didn’t have a lot of work at the moment, he made an offer to Desiree. “If you buy the paint and pitch in where necessary, I’ll paint your house for you,” He told her. “It’s not a big job; we can probably get in done in a week or so.”

Desiree gave him a huge hug and there were tears in her eyes as she accepted his kind offer. They began that Saturday and he had stripped off most of the old, weather-beaten paint and had a lot of the primer on by day’s end. Desiree worked on some of the inside that needed doing; Anna started pitching in when she got home. It was easy to see the progress that was being made.

Desiree insisted on cooking him dinner that evening, he ate with both women. It was nice to see smiling female faces again and Jack thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was hard to concentrate at times, both women were so attentive throughout the meal and both were nicely dressed. Desiree had changed into a simple, yet low-cut, blouse and pleated skirt. Anna was also wearing a skirt for a change and a light yellow sweater that hugged her puppies rather nicely. He thought he felt her foot nudging him a few times, but Jack decided it was probably just unintentional.

After spending some more time with the two lovelies, Jack decided he should say good night. He was planning to spend half of his Sunday helping them paint and half relaxing, a good night’s sleep was definitely required. He went home, grabbed a quick shower Silivri Escort and tumbled into bed, anticipating a good night’s rest.

After what seemed to be a very short time, he was awakened by a sensation down below. He looked and saw that it was a woman and she was sucking his cock. He went to turn on the lights, but whoever it was blurted out “No!” in a loud whisper. Jack rarely bothered to lock his door and then he realized it was more than likely Anna in bed with him. His cock twitched at the thought and then he also realized it could be Desiree. There wasn’t enough moonlight coming in the window to get a good look and right now, it felt so good, he didn’t care. The lips sucking his shaft were magical and he was hard as a rock in minutes. He heard a giggle and then felt a warm, tight pussy sliding down on to his shaft and begin to ride him. The body knew how to fuck, the cunt was snug and tight and nails raked his chest. A steady, intense fucking rhythm began and soon he felt the cum in his balls begin to churn. Before he could pull out and shoot his load, the mouth engulfed his cock again and swallowed his cum. Before he got the chance to say anything, his mysterious lover patted his chest and scampered out of the room. He could make out the form, but not well enough to discern whether or not it was Anna or her equally-sexy Mom. Jack decided not to worry about it and fell into a restful slumber.

The next day came quickly and although he should have been exhausted, Jack had actually slept rather well. They managed to get the front of the house painted and looking rather nice, using the back entrance until the paint dried. Desiree had made sandwiches for lunch and was simmering a big pot of chili for dinner. Anna passed by him each time and gave him a little smile, he was sure it had been here last night. He wished he could be sure, because she was wearing a tiny top and denim cut-offs that left little to his fervent imagination.

Jack spent a nice afternoon with the women, getting things done and was pleased to see the amount of progress they’d made inside as well. They had started with Anna’s bedroom, for now, Jack assumed she was sleeping on the large couch in the living room. Her room would be ready by week’s end, once the paint dried and it had been aired out to release any lingering paint fumes.

Jack quite liked spending time with Desiree and Anna. Both worked part-time at a local 7-11 as Desiree had returned to school to pursue her masters in psychology and Anna was pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. They were also funny, with a very dry wit that Jack found beguiling. He almost hated to leave that evening, but they had planned an early start on Monday.

Around midnight, he was startled awake again by a soft mouth sucking his cock. He knew instantly that it wasn’t the same mouth that had sucked him last night. The style was different and the technique was much more sensual and the tongue swirled about a bit more. Who was it? Was he now in bed with mother or daughter?

Jack decided that wasn’t the important issue, what mattered is just enjoying himself. Whoever his partner was, it was obvious that she wanted to give him pleasure, so he let her. He hadn’t the chance to taste the woman’s pussy when she got on all fours and wiggled her ass in his direction. “Fuck me,” She said in a breathy voice. He admired the smooth lines of her body and back and the beauty hecould see in the dim light. He grabbed her hips and inserted himself deep within her cunt. Soon, Jack had established a steady pace and the woman was groaning, not speaking for fear of revealing her identity.

Jack made sure that he gave his partner a good fucking as thanks for the great blowjob she had just bestowed on him. She was moaning and groaning and when he felt himself about to cum, as her predecessor had done, she grabbed for his cock and swallowed his cum down her sucking throat. Without saying a word, she jumped out of the bed, threw a robe over her naked body and scampered out of the house.

The next day, Jack kept watching the women as they worked and the way they interacted with him. He was sure he’d had sex with both of them, but it might have been Desiree and a friend or Anna or a friend … his mind was boggled at the concepts. They gave him no hints that night during dinner; both of them were just overly friendly and kept the conversation light and breezy.

Jack decided he would make it an early night, as the project was going along nicely. He was out by 9 PM, but awakened at 10 with someone sucking his cock. When he felt fingernails raking his chest, he clicked on the light and found he was in bed with two women. Anna’s dark head was bobbing Şirinevler Escort up and down on his shaft while her mother was now licking his skin and stroking his face.

“Anna had you the first night baby; I had you last night, now both of us are going to fuck you!” Desiree grinned. “You haven’t had a chance to taste our pussies, but that’s all going to change tonight.” Clad in a black teddy, Desiree slid the tiny thong off, leaving her in stockings and heels. The teddy parted in the middle, revealing sexy 36C tits sprinkled with a light dusting of freckles. “Eat me lover while my sexy daughter sucks your dick!”

Jack wasn’t going to argue, he smiled at Anna. Wearing just a pale yellow bra and panty set, she winked at him and went back to her sucking. Desiree’s pussy was neatly trimmed and the instant it touched down, his tongue went out to lick her. Her juices were thick and sweet and he eagerly sought out as much as he could capture while her cocoa-skinned daughter worked him over. He came in her mouth and Jack was blown away when he saw Anna move close to her mother and share his load with Desiree.

“We’re a close family,” Desiree explained as she lifted herself from his face. “Eat my baby’s chocolate cunt and I’ll show you justhow close we are.”

With Anna’s pussy on his face, it wasn’t easy to see everything, but as he lapped her shaved box, he saw that Desiree was behind her, fondling her cupcake tits and kissing her daughter’s lips. Mother and daughter were sharing him and each other, what a turn-on! Anna’s body was everything his fervent imagination had thought it was and obviously her mother appreciated her sultry sexiness as well. Jack couldn’t believe how fast his dick was starting to stiffen again.

“He really knows how to eat pussy, Momma,” Anna groaned as her slender body rode Jack’s face. Desiree nuzzled her daughter’s neck as she explored the younger girl’s perfect body.

“He’s been a wonderful lover so far, that’s for sure,” Desiree agreed as she felt her daughter trembling under her hands and fingers. Desiree smiled at Jack who could see her beautiful face now and she blew him a kiss.

Anna’s body arched back and she screamed, a loud, plaintive wail that signaled her orgasm. Her mother helped her from Jack’s face and she kissed his lips, sweet with her daughter’s juices.

“She’s a delicious little bitch, isn’t she Jack?” Desiree grinned. “Now you can fuck her while I get some of your tongue or would you prefer something else?”

Jack whispered in her ear and Desiree clapped her hands. “What a dirty, naughty boy you are, I love that idea! All right Jack, let’s do that! Anna, you get up at the head of the bed and spread those legs wide, Momma’s going to eat your pussy while this lovely man fucks me like a slut. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

Anna squealed “Oh yes Momma, it sure does. Give her a good fuck Jack, make my Momma scream while she’s eating my pussy!”

Jack gave Desiree the same kind of fucking he’d given her the night before, with the added bonus of watching her slurp her daughter’s gorgeous pussy. He got to see the smooth lines of her body as they fucked and got to see her expressions as his cock moved in and out, he saw her face buried deep in pussy and contorted with her pleasure. He came and let it go over Desiree’s ass, Anna came over and licked it clean and then worked on his cock again. It began to stiffen within 10 minutes and his new playmates grinned at him. “We’re going to keep you hard as often as possible, because we’re demanding little bitches,” Anna grinned as she released his cock. She got on all fours, much as her mother had done. “You haven’t fucked me this way lover, do that while I eat Momma’s pussy. I can’t get enough of her.”

It dawned on Jack at that point that Anna had likely NOT been sleeping on the couch, but who the hell cared? As he moved behind her, his heart was pounding with desire. They were so beautiful together and their passion for each other was so intense, he was thrilled to simply be a part of it. He saw mother and daughter kissing as his cock moved in and out of Anna’s tight snatch and he didn’t think he’d ever tire of seeing that sexy panorama. They were really into each other and as Anna’s tongue slithered down her mother’s body, he was inspired to give the young woman the fucking she so richly needed. Anna’s voice was higher and breathy now as he fucked her, she was slamming herself back against him as Jack fucked her with smooth, controlled strokes.

Jack wasn’t a superhuman and couldn’t keep this up much longer. He knew his cumming was imminent and try as he might, he couldn’t hold off. His load was churning and he let it go on Anna’s dark skin. Şişli Escort Her mother slithered her tongue all over Anna until it was entirely gone. The two women sat back in bed and smiled up at him.

“We’re fucking impressed,” Desiree grinned. “We’ve been fucking you for a couple of hours now and you’re only now out of steam. This is certainly a good omen for our future.”

“Our future?”

Desiree explained to him that post-divorce, she had begun experimenting with women and found she loved being with sexy women. When Anna expressed curiosity about lesbian sex, Desiree was just horny enough to flirt with her daughter and seduce her into bed. Ever since, the two women had slept together and occasionally shared their lovers, all other women … until now.

“You were so nice to us and didn’t ask anything in return, Momma and I thought you deserved something special,” Anna smiled. “Although we had an ulterior motive … once I saw your big package, I knew I had to fuck you, Momma wasn’t hard to convince either, she’s been without a man for too long.”

“Want to change that, babe?” Desiree cooed, leaning in to kiss Jack.

“I might,” Jack chuckled. “What did you two have in mind?”

Desiree moved to one side of Jack while her daughter took her place on the other side. “Anna and I have a good thing going on and we don’t want it to end. We think we’ve finally got a man that can accept our situation and not freak out. We’d both like to continue fucking you and maybe some other girls, from time to time. If the two of us become the three of us, that will be all … no other men, just girls. Of course, we’d be willing to share, right hon?” Desiree winked at her daughter.

“Of course mother, he’d be my Daddy and Daddy would get whatever he wanted,” Anna giggled, her beautiful white teeth sparkling in the light. “I’m a very obedient daughter, aren’t I Momma?”

“Only when you’re not being naughty honey, only when you’re not being naughty,” Desiree laughed. “Which is most of the time.”

Jack lay there with his hands behind his head, pondering the entire situation. It was a once-in-a-million opportunity and he’d never have to choose between mother or daughter … he’d have them both. He wasn’t crazy, he decided to go for broke!

“If you’re so fucking obedient, I think I could use another blowjob while your mother rides my face,” Jack laughed. The girls both hugged him and got into position and the sex didn’t end until everyone had cum more times than they could remember. They cuddled up together in one sticky, cummy mess and started their morning with a three-way shower of fun. The trio agreed to take a day off from painting and devote it to more hedonistic pleasures.

Several months later, Jack had the good sense to propose to Desiree and formally adopted Anna, even though she was of legal age. He wanted to assure his family that he treasured them both and that they’d be legally entitled to his assets, should the unthinkable happen. The honeymoon was spectacular, a trip to Las Vegas that didn’t get underway until the 3rd day. The first two were spent in the hotel, fucking and sucking and giving Anna her first taste of DP, her new Daddy in her pussy and her Momma fucking her ass with a strap-on. When Desiree saw how much her little slut-daughter enjoyed herself, she insisted on having a go herself.

They got back and the two women moved into Jack’s house, leaving Desiree’s vacant. They spent more time restoring the place until it was worth a nice sum as a rental property. Desiree and Anna interviewed prospective tenants for a week, finally coming to him with the two they wanted to rent the house to.

Jack looked at the picture of the applicants, a 47-year old widow and her 22-year old daughter who Anna knew from school. The women were both lovely and smiling in the picture and had their arms around each other as they posed. Jack looked at his wife and daughter and knew their wheels were turning.

“I know you two are up to something, do I want to know what it is?” Jack asked Anna, who plunked her mini-skirted ass on his lap.

“Momma and I had a long talk about them today Daddy, we think that Sondra and Jo are our kind of people,” Anna giggled. “Well, I don’t think Jo is … Iknow,” She tittered.

“So darling, we were thinking that if we agree to rent the property to them, we’d invite them over for a little housewarming this weekend, a get-to-know-the-neighbors visit,” Desiree grinned.

“Lord, will I survive all of this?” Jack groaned, although his girls knew he was only kidding.

“Probably not, Daddy,” Anna giggled as she began to grind her ass on the lump growing in Jack’s pants.

“Sweetheart, can you give Daddy a minute?” Jack sighed, giving her a peck on the lips. “Desiree hon, can you hand me the cordless phone, please?”

“Certainly darling, but who are you calling now?” Desiree asked as she handed him the phone.

“My painting crew,” Jack smiled. “If I’m going to be spending the weekend with four women, I’m not going to work Monday, they might as well take the entire day off!” He laughed.

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