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Very Good Intern

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The Senator from Iowa sat in his office going over a bill. She walked in without knocking and locked the door behind her. The office was empty and the Senator was working late as usual. Her dark auburn hair hung past her shoulders. She wore a short skirt and her blouse was unbuttoned to below her pert young breasts.

The Senator looked up from his work and smiled. She stood in front of him and unbuttoned her blouse to show a lace corset and he knew that garters were part of the package. He grabbed her by the backs of her thighs and pulled her closer to him, getting a hand full of ass cheek as he did it. She laughed as she fell on top of him. He buried his face between her breasts and inhaled deeply. She smelled of the sweetest perfume and pure sex. If he could bottle her scent, he’d never have to fundraise again. Just the scent of her drove him wild.

She kissed him playfully on the forehead as she dropped to her knees. His shirt got yanked out of his pants and she undid his belt with her teeth. He laughed at his wild redhead and she released his semi hard tool from its textile trappings.

“How much easier life would be if we weren’t forced to wear clothes” she thought. “ You would know which men liked you and which ones didn’t find you sexy. “

She barely touched him but his highly sensitive tool jumped with her every stroke. Her hot breath drove him wild and he wanted her to put him out of his misery but he knew if he asked her, she would get dressed and leave him sitting there with his pants down.

She was the leader güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in this relationship and he really didn’t mind. It was a great change of pace not to be the leader all the time. He was a highly respected Senator and a leader of his party.

She took him in her sweet mouth and her warm wet mouth. He closed his eyes and cleared his mind of everything as she sucked the stress right out of him. His constituents would have to wait for an hour while she showed him proper relaxation techniques. She sucked hard at the base of his head and placed big wet kisses up and down his shaft. She licked his balls and gently took them in her mouth and sucked on them as if they were sweet candy. His breathing got deeper as she continued teasing and pleasing her Senator. She licked and sucked until his balls began to build up pressure. As he gave her the one-minute warning, she felt him get harder and she knew that she was in control and he could do nothing to stop his impending orgasm. She grabbed him tight at the base and began to stroke him. Growing up in the Midwest gave her amazing skills thanks to many mornings of milking. She put her sweet mouth over him as he began to cum. Despite the huge load he shot in her mouth, she swallowed it all. He felt every ounce of strength drain from his body and into her amazing mouth. His body twitched as she continued to suck every drop of semen from him.

She cleared the papers from the desk then hiked her skirt up to her waist and sat down. She reached into the desk drawer güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and pulled out her favorite battery operated toy. He looked at her as she started to play with herself on top of his desk. She stroked her slit with the toy slowly as she held her lips wide open so he could see her get wetter than she already was. He loved watching her play with her perfectly shaved pussy. Her clit swelled with the attention of her friend and she began to pull on it and roll it between her fingers as she slid the pleasure wand deep inside her hole. She was moaning now and he knew from experience that she was going to cum soon.

He leaned towards her and took the toy from her. She pouted for a second then realized that he was going use it on her. He rubbed the area between her ass and her pussy with it while he stroked him back to full hardness. She leaned back on her hands as he pulled her ass to the edge of the desk and rubbed her hot wet slit with his spear. He was driving her crazy doing this and she begged him to stop playing games and fuck her. He slid his big hands under her ass and pulled her towards him as he pushed his way into her awaiting pussy. She drew in a long breath as he forced his full length into her. He was a big guy and she still was not used to his size. He slammed into her with all the force he could muster and she thought he was splitting her in two until she began to adjust to him. Thanks to the angle she was at to his cock, he kept hitting her g-spot and soon she was screaming his name güvenilir bahis şirketleri and that of every deity ever worshiped. She lay back on the desk with her back arched as he slid back and forth in her seizing pussy. Her orgasms were so strong that he could feel her squeezing his cock and his orgasm was not far behind hers. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, causing her to cum harder.

He wanted to last so he pulled out as she melted into a puddle of her own cum on his desk. He sat down in his chair and pulled it up to her glistening wet pussy. He began to lick the cum from her dripping hole and she started to moan again. It was his turn to make her his slave. He sucked on her clit until she was riding his face and wrapping her long, stocking clad legs around his head. She got into it and started pressing against his warm tongue until she cam all over his face. He made her get up and lie on her stomach against the desk as he entered her from behind. As he slammed her, she grabbed the vibrator and began teasing his balls and herself. The vibration made his balls tingle and her soaking wet pussy vibrated on his hard on as he fucked her faster and harder. She chanted alternately the phrases “fuck me” and “yes, yes don’t stop”. He increased his speed as the pressure in his balls built up and suddenly he felt an explosion at the tip of his cock as her entire body went rigid then suddenly limp and she screamed at the top of her lungs. He slid out of her limp body and a stream of cum pored out of her. She caught her breath and gathered up her clothes as she headed for the bathroom to clean up and get back to work.

The Senator got dressed and waited for her to come out of the bathroom before telling her to clean off his desk and get him some coffee. She was a good intern and he hoped he wouldn’t wear her out before the term ended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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