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Vickie’s Venture Ch. 02

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As I write this new chapter of Vicki’s fun, kinky life, I would like to thank “Miss Christie” for suggestions and her kind words. Much appreciated.


Heather’s rough, pink tongue licked at Vickie’s nipples, her dear friend and playmate was moaning and carrying on. In between Heather’s legs, sucking on her dripping wet, fiery red bush, was Lucinda, Vickie’s sexy mom. Heather had never been this happy, or sexually satisfied, in all her young life.

The trio were meeting weekly now, sometimes more, spending hours in Lucinda’s spectacular home. Since their first encounter, Vickie and her mother had shared hour upon hour of lesbian, incestuous bliss. When it came to her beautiful mother, Vickie was ravenous. She would feast on Lucinda’s large clit, suck her breasts and fingerfuck her until both were sated. Afterwards, they would cuddle together, talk, share their day. At times, Nathan would come up and fuck them both, his ex seemed to relish being buggered by him while she ate her daughter’s cunt. She would cry out obscene words while servicing her daughter’s sexual needs and being ravaged simultaneously. “Oh, you fucking hot little bitch, your daddy raised such a fuckable slut, love it, love you, God Nathan, FUCK ME while I eat our daughter’s slut-cunt!”

The money continued to benefit Vickie, her mother’s little bonuses were put towards extra-sexy outfits which she wore exclusively for their sessions. She bought a dress that was all chain-mesh, underneath it she wore no underwear and a very sexy pair of high heels. From the second she walked in the door, Lucinda was hot to see her daughter’s naked form, but Vickie teased her mercilessly for an hour. When her mother finally did devour her, both exploded in orgasm after orgasm.

Lucinda brought her lover into their sessions a few times, but oddly, there seemed to be no sexual chemistry between her and Vickie. Lucinda’s lover understood her sexual needs and spent those evenings in the arms of a younger playmate she had found at work.

The threesomes with Heather, Vickie and Lucinda had begun quite simply. Vickie’s mind drifted back to the beginning. Vickie had been lying in bed with Lucinda, their session over, her body still tingling from the five orgasms her lover-mother had wrenched from her. When the buzzer sounded, Lucinda let the person come up. Upon opening the door, Vickie was surprised to see Heather standing there.

“Your dad has the flu!” Heather said with a grin. “He asked if I could come and get you, seeing as I’m the only other one who knows about all of this. Besides, I’m positively DYING to meet her.”

Vickie could tell that Heather’s curiosity was piqued. Her friend and sometimes-lover was dressed for play, she wore a tight pair of black jeans that hugged her rounded little ass, and a black bustier. Her green eyes were practically glowing, her freckled face adorable and scrumptious, her pouty lips, soft and kissable.

Vickie leaned in and kissed her friend. “YOU are naughty.”

Heather giggled. “And YOU love it, don’t you?”

“And just who is this delicious little creature?” Vickie turned around to see her mother standing there, breathtaking in a golden robe. Hair tousled from their earlier sex games, Lucinda looked very much like the wild, sexual being she was. She strolled over to Heather and extended her arms.

“Hello, you beautiful little thing. I’m Lucinda.”

For the briefest of seconds, Heather was speechless. “H-Heather” she stammered.

“Charmed.” Lucinda’s eyes roamed all over Heather’s compact, adorable body. The electricity that passed between Heather and Lucinda was tangible, Vickie sensed something was going on.

“Tell me, sexy Heather, do you and my daughter fuck?”

If Lucinda expected to startle the sexy redhead, she was in for a surprise. “Every chance we get!”

Lucinda was momentarily taken aback at Heather’s quick response, Vickie tried in vain to suppress a giggle. “All right then, do you think you’d like to fuck her mother?”

Heather took a few steps forward, leaned in towards Lucinda and kissed the sensual, older woman full on the mouth. Heather fondled Lucinda’s lush breasts through the golden, silk robe.

“Baby, I’d like to blow your fucking mind.”

With a savage snarl, Lucinda pulled the tiny redhead close and kissed her hard on the lips. “You’re off to a good start, you naughty little bitch!” she hissed. She plucked at one of the strings of Heather’s bustier. “I want to watch you take this thing off, come on baby, Vickie, we’re going to have a very late night tonight.”

Neither Vickie nor Lucinda knew it, but Heather was terrified that night. Most of her attitude had been sheer bravado, but now she was about to make love to this lush, sensual woman and her best friend at once. Under her jeans, she had worn the white, French-cut panties Vickie had given her as a gift, she was sure they were soaked through.

As Lucinda was leading Heather into the bedroom, Heather whispered back to Vickie “My God, you weren’t sahabet güvenilirmi kidding. This place is amazing!”

The bed was still rumpled from Lucinda and Vickie’s earlier tryst, but Heather took very little notice of that. Heart pounding, all she could think of was feasting on Lucinda’s beautiful body in full view of her wanton, blonde daughter.

Deciding to just go for it, Heather toyed with the strings of her bustier. She whirled, twirled and tugged, one by one. She wiggled her ass provocatively, knowing Vickie loved her tush and hoping her kinky mother shared her tastes. The bustier undone, the sweet redhead lifted one delicate breast to her mouth and licked the nipple. She looked over at Lucinda, walked over to the aroused woman and offered her the other breast. Lucinda took it, softly licked it, as gentle as a summer breeze. Heather could feel Vickie’s eyes on them both and knew her friend was proud of her kinkiness.

“Come over here, baby girl” Heather said to Vickie. Vickie had no idea what Heather had in mind, but she trusted the girl implicitly, so she did as asked. Heather lifted her arms and let Vickie remove the bustier. Vickie moved close and slid her hand down Heather’s tight jeans, feeling her hot, dripping pussy.

“You’re soaked, you horny slut” Vickie whispered in her ear.

“You’re just as much a slut as me!” Heather whispered back.

“We’re ALL sluts in this room!” Lucinda said aloud, quite able to hear the girl’s conversation. Everyone laughed.

Vickie walked towards the bed, shedding once again, the plaid schoolgirl outfit she had worn at Lucinda’s request. She sat on the bed again, her mother cuddled close. “Your friend’s very sexy” Lucinda whispered to Vickie.

“She’s a little firecracker!” Vickie agreed.

“Has she fucked your Dad yet?”

“Hmm? Yeah, a while back.”

“Pooh. I don’t get to be the first.”

Vickie smiled at her mother and kissed her softly. Lucinda lived for sex, she was a true hedonist and Vickie had inherited her kinky nature. She turned and watched as Heather sat down on the bed with them, tugging at her jeans.

Lucinda looked over at Heather and gave her a bright smile. “Here, let me do that, hon.”

Heather smiled and nodded. Lucinda moved towards the girl and yanked, with one SWOOSH, Heather’s jeans were off and in a puddle on the floor. Lucinda ran her gentle, knowing hands up the young girl’s legs, noticing the white, French-cut panties. “Those look very sexy on you.”

“Thanks. Vickie bought them for me, she says they look great on my ass.”

Lucinda ran her hands over the redhead’s round tush and pulled the panties to one side. “She’s right. Oooh, you’re a wet little thing.” Lucinda inserted one slender finger into Heather’s pussy and wiggled it, then removed it. She licked it off, slowly, teasing Vickie with the view. “You’re a delicious little thing too” Lucinda purred.

“I want a taste!” Vickie said excitedly.

“Of course, baby!” Lucinda said, her voice dropping to a sultry purr. With a bit more tease, she slid her fingers into Heather’s tight young cunt, really stroking her depths this time. Heather let out an involuntary groan, then her pussy was empty as Lucinda’s fingers slid out. She offered them to her daughter, Vickie taking them sensually, putting on a little show for her friend and lover.

“Even better than normal, mother” Vickie sighed. She leaned in as Lucinda let the robe drop, Heather getting a full view of the mature woman for the first time. Vickie had told the girl her mother was stunning, she had not overstated it. Lucinda was lush, curvy, sensual, her skin was indeed the color of butterscotch. The word for Lucinda was alluring, Heather couldn’t wait to share intimate delights with her.

“God, I want you!” Heather growled as Lucinda’s hands cupped her beautiful breasts, her lips sucking on one coral-pink nipple. Heather squirmed in delight as Lucinda’s educated tongue swirled around her nipple. On her other side, she saw Vickie’s tousled blonde head move towards the other breast. Heather shivered in delight at the mother-daughter onslaught.

Heather felt herself being pushed down on the plush bed by Lucinda as Vickie climbed over top of her. She pressed her sweet body against Heather’s and rubbed against her, pussy to pussy, then moved slowly upward. Spreading her long, tanned legs, she lowered her pink pussy over Heather’s mouth as Heather felt Lucinda attach her mouth to her own, red, horny cunt.

“Oh, dear fucking Lord Vick, she’s GOOD!” Heather screamed lustily as Lucinda began expertly tonguing her snatch. She shuddered involuntarily at the feeling, Lucinda took it as a sure sign she was doing something the girl liked, and ate her even more fervently. She loved her daughter, as both child and playmate, but there was something about Heather that turned her on, big-time. She gorged herself on the little redhead while she saw her blonde offspring being eaten out by Heather’s skilled tongue. Lucinda knew sahabet yeni giriş she was depraved, she’d probably pay for this in some lifetime, but it was all worth it!

Vickie rocked her body to and fro on Heather’s sucking tongue, enjoying again the talents of her best friend. Like herself, Heather believed in the motto “If it feels good, do it!” Heather had often bragged of her sexual exploits, sometimes to turn Vickie on – it always worked – and here was a new one to add to the list!

Vickie’s cream trickled down her thighs and on to Heather’s lapping tongue. After the evening with her Mom, Vickie hadn’t thought herself capable of any more orgasms, but she was so sensitive from all the earlier love-play, her body was responding yet again. Lucinda’s dusky form was face-deep in Heather’s scarlet muff, eating her with abandon. Heather was howling like a banshee, Vickie didn’t think she’d ever seen Heather in such a frenzy.

Heather’s tiny fists were pounding on the bed, she was yelping “DamnDamnDAMN!” as Lucinda’s sensual body swayed below her, her agile tongue licking at the folds of Heather’s pussy. Vickie caught her mother’s eye and winked, Lucinda came up for air for a moment and wriggled her tongue at her daughter.

In the time she and Lucinda had been lovers, not once had Vickie felt even a pang of regret. Her mother was her favorite client – although still not her ONLY client – and she loved spending time in Lucinda’s bed, or on the plush couch, just touching, kissing, letting her mother arouse her to a fever-pitch. Her dark-haired parent was a wonderful lover, giving, inventive and very kinky. She had an inherent sensuality as well, they always either bathed together, or shared a shower, or had a massage.

Vickie gave as good as she got. She would run her slim hands all over her mother’s Butterscotch skin, kneading and fondling, sometimes trailing her nails all over Lucinda’s lush form. Sometimes Lucinda would chide her “Just stop teasing me, you little bitch, and fucking EAT my pussy!” , but most times, she would relish every gentle caress.

Heather was bucking upwards on the bed, her face pushed into Vickie’s cunt as Lucinda tongued her to climax. Lucinda moved away from Heather’s pussy and beamed. “You are even more delectable than you look, if possible!”

Vickie smiled. “Isn’t she, though?”

Heather was still gasping for breath, but waved as a token of thanks. She couldn’t focus, if she had died at this moment, she knew she’d already gone to heaven.

Vickie moved beside Heather on the bed and cuddled her close. The two young girls looked over at Lucinda, but it was Vickie who asked “What next?”

Lucinda grinned evilly. “Big Mike?”

Vickie nodded. “Big Mike.”

Heather had no idea what they were talking about, but this evening was to be an evening of firsts. Lucinda moved sensually from the bed and went to a closet, taking something from it. Heather gasped when she saw what it was, Vickie had told her about the big double-dildo she and her mother had used to fuck each other.

“Hell, it’ll never fit!” Heather said, terrified.

“You’re soaked baby – it’ll fit, trust me!” Vickie said, sliding her lips softly against Heather’s. As ever, when they kissed, Heather melted. She had been the instigator of their early relationship, but student had surpassed teacher. She saw Vickie slide one end into her tight, neatly-trimmed, blonde pussy, groaning as she worked it in. Aiding in her arousal, Lucinda was behind her, stroking her hair, telling her what a “Pretty, fucky baby” she was. Heather moved closer, deciding to go for broke. Her nipples were stiff pegs as she eased herself onto the thick rod, sliding inch by agonizing inch into her slim, wet pussy.

Mother and daughter shared a contented smile as they saw Heather began to slide down on the cock, Heather trying valiantly to fit it in. Both women were happy with the addition of their new fuckmate, Vickie was over the moon that her mother found Heather desirable. Of course, how could she not. In the dimly lit room, Heather’s body was beautiful beyond belief.

“Okay, got most of it, you blonde bitch!” Heather groaned at Vickie. “Come on Vick, show your mom what we’ve got. Fuck the shit out of me, you whore!”

“Damned right I will, you cunt!” Vickie snarled as she began to move the cock in and out, the motion of it fucking deeper into Heather’s mound. Lucinda’s hands were teasing her, gently plucking at her nipples, tongue delving into her ear, playing her like a fine instrument. Every moment of this mutual fucking was enhanced by her mother’s skills.

“Oooh, oooh, Vickie, oh honey, so gooooodd!!” Heather sighed as the rubber cock see-sawed in and out of both girls. Heather saw Lucinda crawl away from Vickie and move towards her. Lucinda’s beautiful face descended to Heather’s for a heated kiss, but she didn’t stop there. She kissed her way down Heather’s smooth skin, her belly, until she reached her pussy, where she and Vickie were joined by sahabet giriş the toy. Lucinda licked out and slid her tongue over Heather’s clitty, which made her surge against Vickie.

“Oh, you fucking bitch, that’s marvelous!” Heather moaned. Lucinda moved slowly down her thighs, then she licked along the wet double-dildo, licking the pussy cream from it, moving towards her daughter’s body. She sucked and nibbled Vickie’s clit, moving upwards, across the flat smoothness of the blonde’s body. When she reached her daughter’s mouth, she slid her tongue in deep, squeezing Vickie’s rip tit.

“Now cum, my little fucktoys, cum BIG!”

That was all it took to put the two girls over the top. Heather and Vickie screamed out, and their bodies shook and bucked, an erotic sight that triggered Lucinda’s own orgasm. Panting, gasping for air, they collapsed backwards and relaxed.

When they regained their strength, Lucinda drew a bath for the three of them, pouring in some of her lavender bath salts. It was a tight fit, even in the over-sized bathtub, but the loving trio didn’t mind a bit.

Later, craving something sweet, Lucinda fixed them a Chocolate Fondue that they ate, feeding each other, laughing and carrying on. When they finished up in the wee small hours of the morning, everyone was happy and full of sugar.

From that point on, Lucinda played with the Vickie / Heather combination almost as often as she saw her daughter alone. At times, Lucinda even met with Heather alone, she had begun to make the girl her own private fucktoy. There was a slight submissive streak in Heather when she was with a woman, Lucinda found that very appealing. She trained the girl to submit to her whims, which Heather was more than happy to do. Heather didn’t object to the extra money, but unlike Vickie, Heather didn’t need it. Instead, Heather’s money was spent on clothes, lingerie and decadent outfits to enhance her sexual escapades.

Tonight, Heather had shown up late for their “date”. Lucinda wasn’t pleased at the absence of their little fuckmate, but once Heather showed up, all disappointment vanished in a second.

Vickie had worn her mom’s favorite outfit on her, the white pleated tennis skirt – ultra-short – and a tight-fitting white lace halter, leaving lots of bare skin in between. She had recently had her navel pierced, a gift from Lucinda. She had been sitting with her daughter, waiting for Heather, teasing Vickie and playing with the new chain in her daughter’s navel.

When Heather was buzzed up, both women gasped as she removed her coat. From collar to feet, Heather was wearing a black vinyl catsuit, it hugged every inch of her adorable body. She had never looked so brazenly fuckable.

“Oh Heather, migod, that looks amazing!”

Lucinda walked over to Heather and kissed her, running her fingers over the shiny material. “It sure does baby, you look so fucking hot!”

Heather grinned, a soft sigh escaped her lips as Lucinda continued caressing her. Vickie swatted her round buttocks, which looked amazing in the catsuit.

“Thanks darlings, it was expensive, but from your reactions, I guess it was worth it!”

Lucinda smiled at her lover. Heather was certainly proving to be a little vixen, meeting the little sexpot had been a wonderful experience. “Well sweetie, this little outfit will certainly go a long way to brightening my day.”

A sombre look came over Heather’s face. “Why, Lucinda darling, what’s wrong?”

Lucinda scowled a bit. “Jessica left me today.”

Heather was shocked. Jessica was Lucinda’s long-time lover, they had been together since Jessica was 19. She hugged Lucinda close, she knew that she had to be hurting. “What happened?”

Lucinda sighed, her big brown eyes misting a bit. “She left me for Casey, the girl from work she’s been sleeping with. Turns out Casey has a sizeable Trust Fund coming!”

Vickie hugged her on one side, Heather on the other. Both girls kissed her cheek. “She’s nuts, Mom. She’ll never find anyone as sensual, as creative, as wild in bed as you are!”

“I completely agree!” Heather said, moving in close to Lucinda. “You’re an amazing lover, gifted and caring and fun and kinky and … “

Lucinda laughed. “Okay, okay, I get the message. Vickie, I think our little friend here is horny!”

“In that outfit, I wouldn’t doubt it. Come on ladies, let’s get ourselves into the bedroom.”

Both Lucinda and Vickie watched, with undisguised lust, Heather walk ahead of them and into the bedroom. She spread out on the bed and put her hand on top of her pussy mound. She rubbed it and made a little show, making both women hot to get at her.

Lucinda had worn a sheer black peignoir with matching mules, her hair nearly down to her ass. At the request of both women, Lucinda had been letting it grow out. Vickie sat beside Heather on the bed, hugged and kissed and played with her lover, her tongue licking across her neck, her ears. “You look – fucking AMAZING!” she growled, loud enough for Lucinda to hear.

Heather was so aroused, pleased with herself that Lucinda and Vickie appreciated her efforts. The feeling of the vinyl against her bare skin was so sexual, she had been horny for hours. Just being near Vickie was turning her on, Lucinda joined them on the bed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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