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Vyshya Dharma

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One day, by noon, it was so sultry. I thought, it might provide some relief, if I kept open our backyard window.

When I opened it, the window hooked me to witness an act of lovemaking.

The Electricity Board people had had chopped down a branch from a dense tree, standing in our backyard, to make way to the overhead power lines. A gap thus created exposed to me the lovers in the house behind.

May be I was sex starved all these eight years, but then I was never allowed to listen to my body utterances. My husband was a businessman. A busy man he posed to be. He used to burden my mind with his business worries and find excuses, always, to stay away from my sexual needs. Luckily, he could spare some time in the early days of our married life. I conceived and gave birth to our daughter, who is eight years old now.

Even so with all his involvements in our business, my husband found it difficult to compete with a fast growing rival in our locality. The rival was a Rajasthani marwadi, who stepped in as a pawn-broker, but leaped up into the grocery business to pull away all our customers to his supermarket. And we were in the verge of closing down our grocery shop.

The house behind was of that marwadi, our rival businessman. It was his white skinned wife, sprawled on the backstairs steps, hiking her chaniya and blouse, baring her fatty choot and saggy boobs. Letting down his trousers, a black boy, one of the servants in their supermarket, was serving her extra demand by driving his plunger rod in and out of her pleasure box.

A hot wave seized my body. A well fired up in between my thighs. My mental as well as physical balance got disturbed. I sensed emptiness. Emptiness that was left unfulfilled by my husband for so long a time. My fingers were drawn towards the centre of my heat. My pulsating cunt of the swollen lips was burning with the lava of its steaming slit.

When the act was concluded, the marwadi wife disappeared into her house and appeared again with a lunch carrier. Her lover-boy took the carrier box and left the house.

I wandered inside my house; lay on the sofa, trying to control my whirling desire, but in vain. I had to relieve the pressure, somehow. I rushed toward the bathroom.

The door of the bathroom had lost its bolt long back, but it didn’t pop up on my mind on that rushing moment. I pushed open the door. There, lighted up by the ventilator, was the huge erection of a young cock, beaten by a moving hand. It was my younger brother.

Two days back my mother arrived from our native village with my younger brother. He had just completed his school final. My mother left him here in town and took my daughter with her to village, to spend their summer holidays.

And here, alas, my brother is spending his holidays within the four walls of our bathroom, playing with his loin-bat.

Out of sheer shock, I barked at him like a frightened dog. And I didn’t know why, I slapped him shouting, “Othavaakkarap payalae! (Useless boy!)” and walked out breathless.

My brother was ten years younger than me. Smacking him was not new to me. In his childhood, I have used it on him so many times to discipline him. And lo now… a spoiled kid!

The very day he arrived at our home, I was drying my daughter’s wet hair with a towel and she was naked, after her bath. By then, the rice-cooker started whistling. I pushed my daughter in the hands of my brother to dry her further and rushed into the kitchen. After attending to the rice-cooker, I put out my head to see whether my brother was comfortable with his assigned job, for my daughter was not an easy one to manage. He had already completed his drying and, to my bewilderment, was kissing her squarely on her pubic mound. She giggled, of course, my innocent girl!

By that very moment my husband entered and noticed everything, including my shocking expression. He came into the kitchen and patted my shoulder, saying, “Nothing to worry. It’s mere affection. You could have done the same thing with your brother in his childhood.”

My husband was right. My brother was a small boy then, three or four years old. Five, six of us girls in teen were chit-chatting, sitting in the veranda of our village house. Suddenly my kid brother ran into us, naked. My friends laughed in chorus and started making fun of him. “Look at his penis” wondered a girl, “even at this age, it’s as big as my thumb! What it would be like when he’s grownup!” Other girls laughed loud at her comment.

My mother came out and told me to bath my brother. I took him to the backyard, where we store water, to give him a bath. Once my brother and I were alone, I looked at his penis. What my friend observed was true. For his age, his thing was obviously big. I looked around. Nobody was there to notice. I pulled him up and kissed his penis. He giggled.

The bathroom masturbating scene of my brother flashed back into my mind. The penis of my brother had taken such a shape to make true the early prediction of my teenage friend. Unbelievable! It’s as big as that of a donkey! Far more huge than that pinbahis güvenilirmi of my husband!

A fresh stream of hotness gushed through my cunt-hole. If I get a chance to plug this leaky hole with the hugeness of that lovely cock, oh, my God! I wanted to run back into the bathroom and ride my brother’s cock then and there, but…

I went into the kitchen, searched all-around and found a slim and long brinjal. I placed my left foot on the two feet high grinder-platform, hiked my sari and petticoat, exposed my hairy cunt and inserted the brinjal into my oozing exigency. It was heartening to have something inside. Closing my eyes I imagined the brinjal as my brother’s cock.

It’s wrong.

It’s all wrong, oh God, how can a sister, that too an elder responsible sister, fuck her own adolescent brother?

The white marwadi woman sprawled on the backstairs steps, hiking her chaniya and blouse, baring her fatty choot and saggy boobs. And letting down his trousers, the black servant boy was driving his plunger rod in and out of her pleasure box.

Lighted up by the ventilator, was the huge erection of the young cock of my brother, beaten by his moving hand.

The desire won.

To have that massive thing up your cunt is a boon. A bitter envy towards my brother’s would be wife soured my thoughts. I moved the brinjal in and out of my dripping hole. The vision of my brother’s big thing fucking up my cunt was driving me crazy.

With a jolt the door opened. Kitchen doors never have inner locks. There stood agape my brother. For a few seconds I froze in my masturbation, exposing my hairy cunt with the engulped brinjal. Then I dropped the vegetable, pulled down my dress and tried to be steady. But out of shame I hung my head. He had a travel bag in his hand. ‘So you are running away’ I thought, ‘but, now, I am the shameless one who has to run.’

I ran out of the kitchen into my bedroom and threw me on the bed, facedown. I cursed myself. Few seconds later, the mattress quaked by some other weight. I didn’t face up. It was only him. He cleared his throat and yet in a hoarse voice called me, “Akkaa (sister)”. I had no courage to face him. I buried my face further into my pillow. But then I felt his hand, yes, his own hand on my buttocks. I froze.

His hand roamed all over the roundness of my buttocks. I should have kicked him out, but I didn’t. I could’ve wriggled out, at least, but I had no strength to do that either. Interrupted twice, my craving cunt was dying to have some action. May be a real action, this time. He squeezed my buttocks. I didn’t stir. His hand roamed down over my thighs, over my calves and…

He pushed up my dress inch by inch, all the while manipulating the flesh of my baring legs. When he uncovered the heaving globes of my buttocks, he used his both hands on them. My thighs moved apart, voluntarily. Immediately, he positioned himself in between. From his position, he could view the protruding fatty lips of my fleshy cunt, I thought. I wanted to pull down my dress and cover my shame, but, instead, I raised my bottom a bit to present him more. He started kneading my mounds, as if he is going to make bread out of them. Then I felt his finger tips on the sensitive lips of my seeping cunt. I shivered. He kissed my buttocks and at the same time inserted his fingers, first one next two and then three, through the rims of my cunt. Then he moved his fingers in and out. I couldn’t control my feelings. I moaned and moaned.

I pulled in my knees to his convenience and offered my treasure, raised. But then I felt the sweeping of his tongue on and through the crease of my rims. Oh, my God! He licked me as if a dog at the smelly cunt of a bitch in heat. He fucked me with his tongue-tip. Juices started gushing out to bath his ploughing tongue and chewing mouth. He slurped up.

Then there was a break. I feared that he left abruptly. I raised my torso and looked behind through the gap of my thighs. There he was, pushing down his trousers and brief. His cock sprung out in a huge erection. I gasped in anticipation. First I felt his hands on my hips, then his massive cock-head at my bottom lobes. He too was on heat, obvious, but his nudging was aimless. I lost my patience, put my right hand in between my thighs, caught his cock and shoved it into my target. Instantly he rammed in.

When I was a schoolgirl, on the way back home from our school, we had to cross the municipal office and the adjacent veterinary hospital. We often had chance to witness the arranged fuck of the village cows by the municipal bull. The petite cow would be locked in between iron bars and the well-fed sturdy bull would be made to mount the cow. As the dripping unsheathed stout cock entered the cunt, the poor cow would let out a terrible cry ‘mmmmmaaaaaaaa…’

The same way I groaned and gasped. My brother’s cock was so long and thick. It reached the unknown depths of my cunt, stretching them wide. My whole body shuddered and I was drowned by an immediate climax, which was indescribable for I had never before experienced pinbahis yeni giriş such one in my life. I wanted to roll around, take him to my bosoms and cover him with a shower of kisses, but then, out of shame, I could face him only with my rear.

Having buried his thing completely into my sheath, he too growled. May be he had never before experienced such a heat and lube. (By the way he finger fucked and lapped my cunt, I didn’t consider it was his first fuck). When he started moving his rock hard rod and stabbed my depths, I sobbed in unbearable pleasure.

His thighs were hitting against my buttocks, driving his distended cock-head into the far depths of my secrets. I could view his swinging testicles through the gap of my thighs. In no time I was carried away. I started pushing my bottom backward, in response, to receive his every stroke. And in unison we rocked. A slurping sound produced by our fuck was echoed by the four walls to compliment our laborious breathing, pleasurable groaning and thighs-buttocks slapping. In minutes, I sensed again the approach of that high flying sensations and at the same moment his grip on my hips hardened and he increased his speed. I shuddered in no time and then his cock injected its hot lava and flooded the far depths of my bubbling cunt. I collapsed on the bed. My brother collapsed on me. His member slipped out, painting the back of my thighs with its sticky wetness. We remained like that. Then I wept silently, mainly out of relief of my sexual stress.

My brother misunderstood my crying and begged my forgiveness again and again. Even then I couldn’t gather my courage and face him to explain the real reason. He left the room.

Afterwards we never talked. He didn’t leave for our village, but he managed to stay away from me. Daily he went to our grocery shop to help my husband in his business. Almost one month passed like that. My daughter arrived from her vacation for her school reopened. On the first day, when she was about to leave for school, she handed over me an envelope and said, “An aunty in the village gave this letter to give it to maamaa (maternal uncle). Please give him.”

As soon as my daughter left, I opened the envelope and read the letter:

My dear lover-boy,

I miss you. You said you would return in few days, but one month has gone. My secret territories are longing for you to feel and play with them. How can you forget the wonderful things we did together? No lovers in the world could have achieved the mutual oral pleasures we had. May be you are angry because I didn’t allow you to put your ‘that’ into my ‘this’. Being a widow, I am afraid of pregnancy and bad name. But I’ve promised you that once you arrived with nirodhs (condoms), we could enjoy. I am also eager to have your very big ‘that’ inside my ‘this’. As I taught you every other thing, I’ll teach you that thing too. I want to be your first woman, so that you’ll remember me always. Purchase as much nirodhs as possible and come back immediately.

Yours Father-mother playmate

P.S. Please destroy this as soon as you read.

It was a shocking revelation regarding my brother, but heartening at the same time to come to know that he hadn’t fucked any other woman. It was only me. I was the one who gave his virgin fuck. I could understand now his growl, when his penis came into contact with my hot wetness. Thinking about all those sensations, my desires flared up. Once is not enough. I wanted to have in his wonderful cock one more time. The mutual oral pleasures, mentioned in the letter, also ignited my imaginations.

I took a razor and shaved my cunt clean to make it palatable. When he came to have lunch, of course, along with my husband, I told him to stay back saying that I had some work for him. He blinked, but had no other way because my husband seconded me.

Once we were alone, I asked him to sit beside me on the sofa. I produced him the letter. In no time his face went pale. Who’s it? I wanted to know, but he didn’t reveal. He never made her known. I liked that character of maintaining secrecy. Such men are the ones suitable for kalla-oal (clandestine-fuck). Okay, leave her; is it me then your first woman? I cautiously asked. He nodded and lowered his head. I was overwhelmed by an emotional upsurge. I hugged him. Emboldened, he placed his hand on my breast. I disheveled his hair. He squeezed his hand-load. I slumped on the sofa. He tripped over me. We kissed.

Oral pleasures…it was mentioned in that letter, what’s it? I asked him in a diminutive voice. He blushed, but slipped down to the ground and positioned himself in between my legs. I was leaning on my back to the hand-rest with one of my legs resting on the floor and one, over the backrest. He hiked my nightie and exposed my clean shaved fleshy cunt. From my position I could read his face. He wetted his lips with his tongue. Then he looked at my face. I blushed but jerked up my cunt in anticipation. He kissed on the fleshy mound first. That itself sent a shiver through my body. Then he crossed his lips with the pinbahis giriş labia of my cunt and smeared them with the secretions. He put out his tongue and lapped up from my asshole to my clit, several times. My cunt started giving out more and more juices. He entered my hole with his tongue and propelled it through the undulations. I took hold of his head, running my fingers through his hair. He threw a glance toward me. I smiled back, weakly. He didn’t have any aversion at all. He licked and sucked my juices into his throat, almost in a hurry, as if he didn’t want to miss even a drop by slip. Then he traced up to my clit, attacked it with little pecks, circling it this way and that way with the tip of his tongue. My poor clit! It quivered as if it was caught in a storm. I raised my hips to give him more access. He took my clit into his lips and sucked it as if it was a tiny cock. I pulled at his hairs, pressed his face against my cunt, groaned and shuddered in uncontrollable outburst. He dived back into my hole and slurped up the sudden outpouring. I was writhing and moaning and moaning like a wounded cub.

He got up and peeled off his dresses. His cock sprang up like a lance. I wetted my lips with the tip of my tongue and stretched my hand toward his cock. He didn’t give it in my hand, instead he hovered over me and placed it at my cunt. That was double okay to me. He fumbled because of his inexperience. My hand went to help him and he filled up my hole.

At that instant the phone rang.

He was agitated. I told him not to bother and raised and lowered my hip, urging him to go with his fuck. He started moving in and out. I cupped his face and kissed him. He smiled. I let out a little foolish laugh. Passion drives away shyness.

“Un mulaiyai thiranthu kudu, akkaa, pudichchikkittu oakkiraen (Yield open your breasts, sister, to hold them as supports to fuck)”

I was shocked by his vulgar speech, but it stimulated me more, I must admit. I raised my back and pulled out my nightie over my head. I didn’t wear any bra. I was completely naked. My breasts were big and a bit saggy, mainly because of their weight, but on that day, I was over aroused and they became taut with their nipples as hard as pebbles. He eagerly held them, pressed them and hungrily sucked at my extended nipples.

“Your boobs are bigger than those of mom.”

I was shocked further. “You…mom…how?”

“Oh, she’s a careless woman. While changing dress she exposes everything.”

“Oh! What about that woman, the widow?”

“She’s nothing, just skins and bones.”

I sighed. “So you won’t go back to her?”

“Only a mad man will leave a beautiful wife like you.”

I was elated, but slapped him playfully, “I’m your sister, wife only to your brother-in-law.”

“By law, yes, but by love…” he executed ten fifteen punishable strokes and declared, “Sister though but, once fucked is, a wife.”

I sealed his mouth with mine. He concentrated on his strokes. It was hard as steel, his young penis. It’s going to iron out my vagina, I thought. Though his hands were bony, they were equally strong. They were making pulp out of my breasts. I started whimpering by my approaching climax. I urged him to speed up.

A super-fast train rushed in, in the nearby railway track, shaking the structures.

“Ah, ammmaaaa aaaahhhh” my body rocked. The tip of his cock swelled further and busted. Stream after stream his molten lava filled my cavern. I swooned almost. He collapsed on me. I showered and covered his face with kisses. A kid, indeed, yet my younger brother led me into that ultimate bliss; a woman born is to know.

Fully relaxed, he slipped into a nap over my body, keeping his limp cock lodged in my hole.

The door bell rang. We got up. He gathered his cloths and ran into the bathroom. I slipped into my nightie and walked to the door. The door was not bolted in, oh God, I was alarmed. I opened the door. The milk man was standing at the outer gate. I regained my breath.

After tea, I bolted in with my younger brother to fulfill my sexual fantasies till my husband arrived late in the night.

It turned out to be our regular affair afterwards. My brother was eager to learn new and new things. Neither did I have a chance to practice. We learned together. Those were the loveliest days in my life. My husband being at our shop and my daughter at her school, my brother and I, lying at one another’s arms, naked always, were exploring and experimenting in the art of love. A young cock is a young cock, jumping to life even at a slightest provocation, ever ready and never unwilling to perform. I adored his young thing and liked to have it buried in me always.

His vacation was nearing its end. I didn’t want to lose him. I was concerned. I didn’t know how to express my husband my wish. I went to the shiva temple; worshiped the linga (symbol of phallus) with hibiscus flowers (symbol of vulva) and petitioned my wishes in the ears of the nandhi (bull, the symbol of virility). It’s a ritual we Hindus follow. The same night my husband told me he got my brother a seat in the local college, so that my brother would be a help in our business. Next day I went to the same temple, taking my brother too, and offered thanks for such a miracle. And I offered, on returning home, my hibiscus on the linga of my brother and we celebrated.

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