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Waking My Prince

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As I stumbled through the forest seeking my prince, I happened upon a small clearing of the trees. In the center was a lush green grassy meadow. I slow my pace, attempting to catch my breath and begin to look around, enjoying the peacefulness and small sections of wild flowers. As I am looking my eye catches a glimpse of color, out of place in this beautiful setting. A touch of fear tugs at my heart.

Carefully and quietly I move closer to examine what it is and I find him. He is deeply asleep, I know, as the Queen warned me of the spell placed upon him. I know what I must do to wake him; I am so frightened, excited and lustful. I have no choice I must go on. Where do I start? How do I find the knowledge of his sexual desires, what if I fail to please him? I long to be his completely and I must find the courage to explore his body, seek out that which pleases him most. What is it that stands in the way?

I move closer watching him sleep, wondering if his dreams are of the coupling we experienced once before. Gazing down I remember each embrace, his searing tongue exploring my mouth. Each of the touches he placed on my body, the feelings of his hands, fingers and his mouth, warming me inside and out bringing me so much pleasure. I experience feelings deep inside me in which only he has been able to release. I remember how he caressed my breasts, waking my lust with his mouth and hands. I feel his mouth exploring my sex bringing me to exquisite pleasures as I released my juices into his mouth. He suckled my hard throbbing knob, coaxing even more from me, and then surprisingly inserted his thumb as he tickled my clit with his tongue, how does he know where to find those pleasures derived from the deepest parts of me? I have never told those things to a soul, could that be how I wake him, exploring him completely, watching and listening for that which pleases him? I must. I need to free him from the poisons of sleep so that we are free to continue learning the pleasures of one another.

Leaning over I loosen the buttons and ties in order remove his robes, staring at his body, embarrassed and frightened that I will be seen, as his skin is exposed, glistening from the evening dew, I long to lick it with my tongue. I study the contours of his body, learning each muscle and vein, memorizing him. I gently place hot kisses over his face, plunging my tongue in and altyazılı porno around his, firmly sucking his lips watching them swell from my punishment of them. I know he is pleased as his mouth responds to mine little by little. I position my body over him as lie sleeping, kissing more of his face, licking, feeling the different textures of which he is made. Tasting his individuality and our combined scents. Gently with the tip of my tongue I lift a drop of dew from his eyelid, experiencing the taste, feeling the exotic pleasure of taking my time with him understanding the softness and smoothness of his skin. Having explored his entire face, tasting and feeling him with my tongue, smelling and inhaling his scents, I move down his cheek to his neck, gently placing kisses all around, coupled with soft licks from my tongue. I taste his sweat; I enjoy the scents filling my nostrils with the knowledge that these belong to only him. Continuing until I have memorized every inch, every detail of his neck, face and head.

Is it the cool evening breeze that causes his nipples to raise as hard little buds, reaching out for me to explore, or the pleasures I have begun to steal? I place my hand upon his chest, rubbing softly, feeling his hair, making little curls with my fingers enjoying the way my hand feels touching it. I lean over again to experience that feeling on my face and mouth. I like it. I lick through the hair tasting small portions and gently slide them through my lips. Kissing down to the buds waiting for my attention.

I am suddenly aware of feelings stirring with in me. My labium has swelled, my pussy is wet and warm and my clit throbs from the pleasures I have given my Prince thus far. My nipples hard and swollen, just as his. I question how that is possible. Is this supposed to be happening to me? He hasn’t touched me for he is sleeping, where are these feelings from and how did I become aware of them? Surely not from giving him pleasure?

Lifting my mouth above his right nipple, I gently reach out with only the tip of my tongue to moisten the nub and watch as it hardens from the cool air of the evening gliding over it. I release my breath over it and lick some more, until I see it throbbing with need for my full attention. I reach out and feel its hardness, rolling it gently yet with slight pressure between my fingers. I learn what it feels zenci porno like and I lightly move the palm of my hand in circles over the tip of it. I want to kiss and suck it, yet I wait, I am just learning to enjoy the slow exploration of him, losing my shyness as I know he will never see me behave so wantonly. I touch both nipples, sliding my fingers over them to feel their hardness. I kiss between them and lick his bare chest. I like the way they respond to the very different feelings of my hot breath and the coolness of the night air. I am ready to let my mouth taste and feel their hardness. Gently I suck each one, seeing the moisture from my mouth as the moon provides it’s light.

I move to the side of him, gently moving my hands over his entire body, rubbing my pussy against his thigh. Concentrating on making him feel the lust emanating from deep within me. As I caress his skin I watch his male hardness growing thicker and taller until it has completely bloomed from under it=s cover. I lean over him kissing and licking his stomach, licking his skin smelling the scent that only this man has, feeling the effects it has on me trying to understand the reasons that ladies are taught this is not for their pleasure, as the effects make me hotter and dizzy from our combined sexual lust and the feelings stirring deep inside my pussy.

My curiosity becomes inflamed as I watch his cock growing harder, I long to touch him, taste of his lust and the clear fluids leaking from its head. I gently stroke the length of his cock, feeling what feels like a heartbeat to me. It stands firmly as if it were reaching out to me for more. I continue to stroke slowly up and down reaching his ball sack, softly I feel its texture the hardness of each testicle within, moving my hand lower to feel the entire thing all at once. I lower my mouth to taste of his cock as I manipulate his balls, my tongue feels the tightly stretched skin of his engorged cock, and it’s a silky feeling, a softness I enjoy and his pre-cum tastes sweet.

I explore his entire cock with my hands and place my mouth around the head, flicking my tongue across the hole in the top, licking his juices, running just the tip of my tongue around the base of the head then suck more from him. He grows harder inside my mouth, I try to take the entire length of him I can’t he is much to long and aldatma porno hard so I spend my time licking and sucking that which I am able. My hand is now encircling the base of his shaft as I lick and suck and tickle the rest of him with my tongue.

I spend a long time just exploring and licking and sucking his cock, bringing him close to climaxing then taking him back down, his balls throb and grow larger as he is forced into holding back his cum. I begin kissing his thighs rubbing my hands up and down the insides and outsides, feeling the differences in texture.

My pussy is drenched, my senses alive with the scents of both of us and the thought of lowering my pussy onto his hard cock. Is it too soon? What if he is not pleasured enough, I only get this one chance. I must take it.

Slowly I kiss my way up his body, stopping to lick and suck his cock just a little bit more, enough that I feel it rock hard in my mouth, moving to kiss and nibble his nipples as I place my body over his. His cock stands straight up; in perfect alignment to enter me, ever so slowly I take only the head of his cock inside me, as I suck his nipples back to hard nubs. I lower my pussy just an inch more contracting my muscle around his engorged cock head. I hold it there for a short while, as I climax for the second time, gently moving up and down on only the head.

As I recover somewhat, I feel my juices running down his shaft, and with a sudden movement I take his entire cock deep inside me and stop. I gently rock back and forth, grinding down on him; just experiencing the entire cock within the folds of my sheath, flexing my muscles around his cock as if I were milking his cum from him. I ride slowly up and down on his cock until I am so excited I speed up the strokes my pussy makes up and down his cock, building the rhythm that feels so good to me. I lean down and kiss him full on the mouth, parting his lips to suck on his tongue, he suddenly wakes, rolling me over without missing a stroke, hungrily kissing me back, and he is pounding into my pussy. I call out his name as I climax once again.

He gently moves in and out of me until my shuddering subsides, then rolls me onto my stomach, lifts my hips and enters me from behind. He is so much deeper now, I cry out with the combination of pleasurable pain, he fucks me harder and harder until he feels me cum again which triggers his climax. We stay glued to one another until we both catch our breath, and gently relax lying down together in the damp grass, gazing up at the moon we catch a falling star, he holds me so close to him, kissing me with so much passion, I know there will be more.

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