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Waking up Next to You

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Waking up with a warm body next to mine, after waking up alone for so many years, felt very strange. I could hear your soft breathing, you were clearly still sleeping. I wasn’t sure exactly what woke me up. I shivered slightly in the chill of the room, and nestled back against your warmth.

Waking up naked was another sensation I’d never really experienced — distrustful of the sanctity of locks kept me at least partially dressed, despite having the freedom to be naked if I chose.

Your arms wrapped around me, conscious of my presence even in your sleep, drawing me closer. I snuggled closer, until I felt the hard length of you pressed against my back. That was certainly new as well.

I wiggled, enjoying the feeling of its soft skin contrasting with its rigid length. You pulled me closer, and I knew I had woken you up.

Adjusting slightly, you positioned me so that your cock was pressed between my legs, nestled against the wetness already present. I blushed, knowing that you could tell how horny I was, glad that you couldn’t tell, in the darkness of the room.

You groaned and slipped your cock into the wetness, not entering, but sliding between my dripping lips. The ridge of your cock head bumped my clit, already hard with the promise of what was to come, and my hips bucked unconsciously. You continued to slowly thrust between my lips, driving me crazy with the friction and the slowness.

I whimpered and came, soaking your cock with my juices. Your hands held my hips steady as you finally entered me from behind.

Pressing a kiss to the side of my neck you whispered, “I love how wet you always are for me.”

Your moves as slow and unhurried as before, you enjoy the feeling of my warm cunt wrapped around you, you are still not quite awake to do anything more than lazily bump your hips into mine.

Finally, I couldn’t handle the maddeningly slow pace, and rolled us both so I lay on top of you. I faced your feet and began to raise and lower my hips drawing you deep inside with every thrust. Your arms came around me, cupping and teasing my bouncing breasts, as I continued to ride you. Sliding one hand down, I found my clit hidden in my slippery folds and began to rub it, bringing myself closer to an orgasm.

Your hands pulled me flat against your chest, then gripped me hips to help move me on your cock while I bucked and writhed through another orgasm. When I was finished, I was breathless, and still pinned against your chest.

I realized then, that despite the several orgasms I had just had, you had yet to come.

“Do you -” I never got to ask my question, because quick as a cat you flipped us, not even pulling out first, so that I was underneath you. Hands pulled me up on my knees, but gerçek porno when I attempted to come up onto my elbows, your strong hand pressed between my shoulder blades, gently holding me down. The sheets rubbing against my aching nipples, my butt in the air providing you with a great angle to thrust deeply and firmly into my willing body.

You were clearly awake now, and despite all the times we had made love the previous night, you showed no sign of being fatigued as you pounded yet another orgasm out of me.

Your hands, which had been guiding my body into a matching rhythm, left my hips when you felt me catch on and was able to meet your thrusts with my own. One hand slipped around my hips, finding my sensitive clit and rubbing furiously, trying to coax another orgasm from my exhausted body. I knew you were probably close at this point and wanted me to finish alongside you. Your other hand slid up my body and found my tender nipples, causing a ripple of pleasure to run through me.

You groaned and I knew that I had unknowingly tightened around you. The combination of rubbing, tweaking, and thrusting was too much and I bucked and came hard, hearing you yell out your release a few seconds later, your hot cum boiling up my tight hole.

You collapsed, pinning me underneath you briefly before rolling us, bringing us back to the spooning position we started in. I could feel your cock begin to soften and slide out, your cum trailing down my thighs to the damp mattress below.

We lay silent, breathing hard, the morning sunshine breaking through the curtain to shine on the mussed sheets and our entwined bodies. It was going to be another great day.

I lay basking in the feel of you, feeling completely sated and drowsy. Sleep could come very easy with not a lot of work on my part. You rolled us suddenly, and slid out from the tangled sheets. It was chilly again, without the heat from your body under mine. I watched you hunt for a pair of boxers, admiring the play of muscles rippling under your skin. You finally located a pair and tugged them on, covering your beautiful cock, already slightly hard again.

I looked up puzzled, but you smiled and kissed me on the forehead. “I’ll be right back.”

I nodded and closed my eyes, scrunching under the sheet to get warm. I heard you puttering around, content to listen to the sounds, my body completely relaxed.

The bed dipped under your weight, and you kissed me between the shoulder blades. I rolled over and saw that you had brought breakfast back with you — two cups of yogurt, a bowl of washed strawberries, and a large glass of orange juice, the condensation dripping down the glass. You had lost your boxers along the way, and I gay porno saw them on the floor next to my discarded pair of panties from the night before.

You had a mysteriously devious smile on your face and I noticed aside from the bowl and glass that you had forgotten any silverware. I opened my mouth to comment on your oversight, but your grin got larger as you tugged the sheet down exposing my still-naked body.

You grabbed the orange juice and poured a small amount into my bellybutton as I squirmed. The condensation had dripped off the glass and slid down my breasts causing my nipples to harden.

“Better be still. Wouldn’t want you to spill my breakfast.”

I suddenly understood why you were smiling. You lowered your head and lapped up the juice from my bellybutton, your warm tongue a teasing break from the cold juice.

My nipples were rock hard now, and I could feel myself getting wet between my legs. You open up the yogurt, and with a grin, tipped it over my breasts, coating my skin with the cold viscous liquid. Leaning over, you slowly began to lick up the yogurt, using long strokes of your tongue. My hips bucked unconsciously, the need to be filled increasingly becoming more urgent.

You teased my nipples with your lips, and tongue. Gently worrying them with you teeth, the yogurt making them slick. I was soaked now, the juices puddling underneath me. When my breasts were free of yogurt, you slid down further, tipping the rest of the cup on my lower belly and bare mound. Treating it to the same exquisitely slow movements as before, you slowly cleaned my skin of all traces of yogurt.

Edging even lower, my legs instinctively opening to let you lay between them. This time you picked up a strawberry, examining it with a smile. Reaching between my legs, I felt the cold fruit slide between my slick folds and I gasped, arching my hips at the sensations. Raising the strawberry to your lips you lick it clean of my juices before taking a bite. “Mmm.. Strawberries and cream, my favorite.”

Running the berry along my slit once more, you collected as much juice as you could before raising it back up against your mouth. You continued this new torment, slowly eating several strawberries, though never running out of cream — I had orgasmed twice already and was so aroused the slightest touch caused me to cum hard.

Abandoning the strawberries, you buried your face between my legs, licking up the sweet strawberry-flavored juices that pooled out of me, causing me to squeal and orgasm once more.

When you finally ceased your torment, you collapsed next to me, breathing hard. I rolled on top, and straddled you with a smile on my face. “My turn. I’m hungry.” I reached for the orange evli porno juice, and almost dropped it when your mouth latched onto my aching nipple. “Hey. It’s my turn.”

You gave me an impish grin, but lowered your head back down onto the pillow. I poured a small amount of orange juice into the hollow of your throat, then licked slowly upwards, licking your throat, and mouth. I licked your skin free of my juices before lowering my head back to your throat to start over. On the last pass of my tongue, you turned your head suddenly and captured my lips in a bruising kiss. I pulled away, after a second, giving your lower lip a gentle nip as a reprimand before sitting up and grabbing my yogurt.

Opening it, I drizzle it down onto your broad chest, and over both nipples, which harden from the cold. Using the broad part of my tongue, I began to lick up the strawberry-flavored yogurt. I sucked and nibbled your nipples, worrying them in my teeth as you did mine. You groaned wordlessly. Once your skin was clean, I scooted downwards, rubbing myself wantonly against your hard cock before sliding down onto your thighs. I poured the rest of my yogurt onto your lower belly, dripping the last bit onto your cock. I licked the hardened planes of your skin, enjoying the feeling of you bucking your hips at the torment I was causing.

Grasping your cock at the base, I licked it from base to tip, reminiscent of a lollipop. I continued licking teasingly, not leaving my tongue on any certain part for long. When it was clean of the splashed yogurt, I lowered myself down your length, as far as I could, and you groaned in relief. I began to suck, using one hand at the base, to slowly run my hand up and down your shaft in time with my sucking. My other hand cupped your balls, and I could feel them tensing with your coming orgasm. Concentrating all of my sucking on your sensitive cock head, you came hard, bucking your hips uncontrollably. After the first spurt, I pulled your cock out, and jerked the rest of your cum onto your belly, leaving a slimy trail underneath your bellybutton. You were breathing hard when I finally released your cock.

I quirked an eyebrow teasingly as I grabbed a strawberry. Running it through the puddle of cum on your belly, I coated the outside, before bringing it up to my lips. You watched hungrily as I slowly slid the strawberry into my mouth, cleaning it with my tongue. Your cock gave a little lurch and I knew you were remembering how it felt to be cleaned with my tongue not long ago. I ate the strawberry as slowly and seductively as possible, knowing that you were pinned underneath me.

I continued to dip the strawberries into your sweet cream until it was gone. Lifting your cock out of the way, I licked your skin clean, enjoying the taste of you mixed with the sweet lingering taste of strawberries.

When you were clean, I flopped down next to me, and you snaked your arm around me, pulling me close. You kissed me gently, and laughed softly. “I can’t wait until lunch.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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