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Wanting You

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Greeting you at the door as you come in from work I wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply, longingly full of anticipation so glad to see you. I trace my fingers along the outline of your face softly with such admiration as I gaze into those wonderful eyes of yours. I take your hand into mine and lead you to your favorite chair kissing you once more as you sit there looking at me. I hand you a drink that I had already prepared sitting on the table next to you smiling as I turn away and walk to the other room.

Seductive music plays in the background as one arm extended appears from the doorway I clench the frame as I pull myself out facing into the side. Turning my head slightly and cocked just a bit down I smile and wink my legs propped on either side I lower myself slowly down bending my knees then as I am about to bring myself back up I bring my hand to my heels and trace my fingers along as I lift myself up looking at you playfully. I bring my finger up to my lips and bite lightly as I gaze into your eyes. Slowly I trace my finger down to my breast pushing under my bra my fingers clenching my nipple in between them. I bring my other hand up to my breast and slowly I trace down the sides of my torso and bring them in tracing long my hips and in slowly moving down in between my legs. Slowly I walk to you my eyes locked on yours as you watch me taking my time as I approach dropping porno izle down perched in between your legs on my knees still gazing at you wanting you as I have never wanted anyone ever before.

My hands placed upon your knees I press and move them up to your torso up to your wonderful face my eyes never leaving yours. My lips parted slightly as I lift myself up to you and kiss you softly upon your lips again and again and then deeply our tongues meeting deep inside . Ever so softly slowly we release as my hands press against your chest feeling you wanting you always never wanting to let you go my head tilts down for a moment as I know I will release you from my sight my desire for our lives are to different and to far apart to stay.

You reach down touching my cheek guiding me back up to you and kiss me once more. My mind finds its way back to only this moment this small time we have together. My body pressing into yours feeling my heart pounding… racing my body so alive so awake as my head lies on your shoulder my hair nestled in your neck my cheek resting just above your chest. Lifting my head and pulling back just a little I unbutton your shirt pushing it back pressing my hands onto your flesh exploring feeling your warmth your form. I stand looking at you pulling you up by your hand I walk you over to the bed pushing you back I lunge forward and down on you kissing you once amatör porno more on your full lips. One finger tracing down your neck my lips follow slowly tasting you softly upon your skin, working my way down onto your chest tracing circles over your warm formed flesh.

My tongue lightly touching you in between my soft kisses my body pressing down upon you warm breath skimming the surface of your body. Working my way down undoing your pants and sliding them down off you as I work my way up lightly my hands trail their way back up my body following with such ease. I set myself on your stomach looking down at you adoring you all of you not just your body but everything that makes you knowing just how wonderful a being you are in so many ways.

Giving myself to you completely one last time never regretting one moment not once or ever, my heart racing just being in your presence and knowing I will look back on this time with fondness and sadness. I lean down once again kissing deeply wanting you all of you .Leaning down to you kissing you and with it knowing all of myself is yours completely. Kissing down the side of your neck onto your chest and to your stomach down further as I reach your glorious wonderful manhood that represents just a bit of you , licking that wonderful part of you that gives you so much pleasure as I see that hard member of yours lift in anal porno response to me. Opening my lips and wrapping them around my tongue pressing down sliding down over the top to the bottom side as I suck lightly …then circling my tongue around that wonderful crown retracting my lips slowly over and up to the tip lightly kissing as I look up at you watching me. Your dark wonderful body laying there waiting for me seeing every little tinge that happens in response to my touch. Lightly blowing down on you my warm breath rushes over the surface and once again you lift in response.

Mmmmm how I hunger for you in so many ways ….thinking to myself how much I want you how I desire you, your touch your eyes on me your thoughts wanting you to desire me as much as I do you. My hand takes hold of you as I lean into you licking up your shaft and as I reach the top circling around the outside and on to the very tip wrapping my lips around and slowly lightly sucking as I go down all the way to the base and back up. Slowly at first relishing every moment every bit of you feeling you open to me as I am you the warmth of your body brushing against me as I move. My hair falls down upon you as I reach the base of your hard wondrous cock ….caressing your flesh lightly brushing over you tracing strands others dropped down on you folding onto you spreading all around. Feeling your body tense swollen throbbing as you release inside my mouth the salty taste of you lingers as your body relaxes and a sigh escapes. Crawling up to you I lay beside you as you wrap your arm around me laying my head down upon your chest my leg bent over you as we drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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