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Watching Désirée Ch. 05

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During the next days Désirée tried to avoid looking at the camera with lust when she could, but often it was impossible as it gave her so much more pleasure. She also couldn’t resist masturbating with every dildo at home while imagining Marshall looking directly at her. She imagined him sitting next to her bed while some guy fucked her and came inside her.

She did manage to appear as carefree as before, but it wasn’t easy while he tended to her, whether he was tying her, cleaning her, untying her or bringing her anything to eat or drink. She wanted to throw him hints but was afraid he’d just take it as playful flirting or reject her outright.

Marshall managed to get some semblance of control over himself through fantasising about Désirée and masturbating before going to work to relieve the worst urges. He managed to keep their conversations light-hearted and joke around, and showed interest in her further study of mathematics.

When she showed her certificate and her high score from her exam he felt really proud of her and their tight hug felt great. She looked extra happy during her shift and he had a tray of small cakes delivered to celebrate it with everyone under the guise of just feeling like treating everyone on the shift today.

He gave Désirée a wink when he told the lie during their break and she had trouble containing her glee and keep from hugging him tight once more.

She kept her eyes fixed on the camera most of the time during the rest of the shift and Marshall felt like she was looking at him directly, fuelling his arousal. Bob and Stuart had noticed how much she was looking at the camera and joked about what Marshall might have done to make her try to seduce him. He just joked that she likes to pretend to act in a bad porn movie.


Désirée had tried to suppress her desire during the shift to tell him how turned on she became from knowing he watched her and how much she wanted to feel him inside her. Her last customer had just left and her heart raced thinking about Marshall coming to release her and clean her up. Her mind kept coming back to her fantasy of him fucking her and she felt her whole body and face turn hot when he came into her room.

He had acted casual but she could still see the bulge in his pants despite it being hidden while he got the chair and sat a bit sideways while attending her. She avoided looking at it but it laid heavy on her mind.

Marshall could no longer avoid his body from expressing its desire for Désirée and tried to act casual and subtly tried to hide his erection. His heart beat harder when he saw her wet pussy though and it took effort to not shove his dick inside her and release his own seed in her.

‘You had a good time.’ he said, watching her tremble while he flushed her pussy.

She nodded, the shivers from the pressure of the water inside her preventing her from speaking.

‘I’m glad to see you can satisfy your addiction while all those men take you.’

She wanted to say she wasn’t totally satisfied with just that anymore but she nodded again, smiling softly.

He put the cleaning device aside, then stood up to untie her wrists. She fixed her gaze upon his pants and could no longer contain herself. She had to tell him, even if he’d reject her and their friendship ended.


He looked down at her, her eyes looking up at him in worry. His heart güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sank at the thought she had seen his erection and tell him she didn’t like him being turned on by her. ‘Yes..?’ he asked, his hands resting on her wrists.

She swallowed. ‘Will you fuck me please? Just for once?’

His heart stopped while he stared into her pleading eyes. His mind raced to replay the sounds coming out of her mouth several times to make sure he hadn’t misheard her question. ‘Fuck, you?’

A tear fell down her cheek, afraid as she was to hear his answer but relieved to finally come out in the open. ‘You must think I’m a disgusting slut to ask you to fuck me, but I can’t stop thinking about you taking me at the end of my shift.’ she said and looked away. ‘If you want me gone now, I understand.’

He couldn’t believe what he heard. But her behaviour in the last week made sense now. His own behaviour started to make sense now.

The silence tortured her. He lowered his hands and she expected him to leave her room and have someone else untie her and to never see him again. She almost didn’t register the sound of his fly being undone but when she looked at it her eyes grew big as he took out his big erection, the inside of his foreskin’s tip wet.

She looked up at his face and found a warm smile. Her eyes found his and her heart rate shot up, then peaked as the tip of his dick split her pussy and she felt his heat sliding into her, sending so much shivers through her body she almost lost her mind.

Her wet and tight slit felt better than any he had before. The thought of how many men had been in there and how much pleasure she had derived from it made his dick ache from the blood pressure. He moved slowly inside her, indulging in the sensation squeezing him.

She kept her eyes on his, breathing heavy while she experienced the best sensation any dick had given her. She loved getting her pussy filled with a dick, but his gave her something more. She wanted to feel him inside her many more times and hoped this wouldn’t be the only time and tensed her whole abdomen to give him the best pleasure she could give him.

He could feel her body tremble through his dick and see her happy and lustful expression on her face. Her eyes drew him in and he pressed slow but hard and deep inside her. The touch of her womb against his tip made his whole dick twitch every time and his desire to fill her with his seed increase.

She sensed the tension in his dick and his heavier breathing and knew he’d be coming soon, making her whole body itch with anticipation. She wanted to overflow with his seed.

With one more thrust and a pulse of electricity shooting through the tip of his dick when it pressed hard against her womb, his balls fired their hot load inside her in a climax that had him tremble all over with a deep sigh.

The sensation of his seed shooting deep inside her and seemingly forcing its way into her womb made her squirm in the best climax she had ever had. The wave after wave of shivers from pleasure made her squeal while they still kept their eyes locked on each other.

Their bodies revelled while his dick squirted out the last of his load with every hard throb. He breathed deep through his nose while drinking in the satisfaction showing in her eyes. She saw the warmth in his eyes and knew that no matter what he’d do with güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her, she’d be his from now on and no man who’d fuck her could take her away from him.

He caressed her cheek. ‘I could never think of you as a disgusting slut. You are the most exciting girl I’ve ever seen and you may think I’m weird, but thinking about all those dicks thrusting in your pussy and seeing your satisfied face when you get fucked turns me on more than anything.’

She smiled brightly at him. ‘You don’t mind that I need to be fucked so much by other men to still my needs?’

He shook his head slowly. ‘Seeing you happy and flush with desire is the best thing, and I’d like to do this more often if you’ll let me.’

‘Yes!’ she said, pulling on her restraints, wanting to hug him tight. ‘Yes! Yes!’

He chuckled, quickly releasing her wrists and she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. He returned her passion and they locked their tongues and kissed until they needed to take a breath. He untied her legs and kissed her again for as long as they could hold their breath.

When he pulled back she grabbed the front of his shirt, looking a little sad. ‘I don’t want to let you go.’

He chuckled and caressed her breasts with his fingers, teasing her hard nipples with his thumbs. ‘I wish I could keep my dick inside you as well, but it’ll have to come out if you’d like to come to my place for dinner.’

Her bright smile returned. ‘I can come with you?’

‘You didn’t think I could just say good night and see you tomorrow now, did you?’

A few tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks.

He leaned closer and kissed them away. ‘Hey now, no crying.’ he said, smiling softly at her. ‘They might think I’ve been abusing you.’

She chuckled and took his hands to put them on her breasts. ‘How could they when all I can do is smile?’

He gave her another kiss and squeezed her breasts lightly. ‘Come.’ he said and slid his still hard dick regretfully out of her. ‘Beside dinner I’d also like to take a shower with you.’

She nodded and she tucked his dick back into his pants. ‘I’ll unpack it at your place then.’

He smiled and helped her put on her robe after she declined to be cleaned by him. ‘I want to keep your seed in me.’ she said.

They walked out the door only to find Stuart, Zafira, Melissa and two of the other girls waiting for them in the hallway.

‘Well, well.’ said Stuart, his arms folded in front of his chest. ‘How the mighty have fallen.’

‘Damn, Désirée.’ said Zafira with a smirk. ‘You’ll have to tell me how you did that so I can have a shot at him too.’

‘We all wanted a shot at him.’ Melissa chuckled. ‘Or rather said, a shot of him.’

‘Then you’ll all have to wait at least until tomorrow for an answer.’ Marshall said, putting his arm around Désirée’s waist and pulling her close. ‘We’re going home for a shower and a bite to eat now.’

The others went down with them to the dressing room while prying more information out of the two of them, then waved them off when they left for home, warning them everyone at the centre will want to get answers when they come back.

Désirée and Marshall had barely stepped inside his apartment when she undressed him and stroked his dick. He undressed her and they slipped into the shower where he pressed her against the cool wall and slid his dick güvenilir bahis şirketleri inside her again, fucking her slowly while kissing her.

The cool hard sensation at her back and his hot body against her front made the shivers caused by his dick feel even better. The sound of their deep breaths were barely masked by the running water. Her gaze was locked onto his and they both could taste each other’s desire. He pinned her wrists to the wall, pressing his chest against her breasts, feeling her hard nipples prick against his skin.

She squeezed his dick hard with her pussy with each thrust inside her, milking him for his seed as waves of pleasure surged through her. She sensed the twitching in his dick and sighed as her own climax of irresistible shivers was triggered by the stream of his seed filling her. They kept kissing while his dick throbbed inside her, sending more shivers through her body.

After a long time they started washing each other while keeping their private parts locked as long as possible. Only when they had no choice did they pull apart with regret, then hurried to finish their shower and start on their late night dinner.

She helped him in the kitchen and since they both stayed naked she took every opportunity to touch his dick and he to touch her breasts, pussy and tush. They felt playful and ate dinner while he leaned back on his couch and she straddled him with his dick inside her.

‘I could eat like this every time.’ she said, giving his dick a little squeeze.

‘Well,’ he said and made his dick twitch for her pleasure. ‘it would mean having to live together, if that doesn’t scare you.’

Her eyes grew big. ‘You wouldn’t mind living with me?’

He smiled softly at her. ‘Why would I mind?’

She looked a little down. ‘I mean, no matter how you look at it, I’m still a whore and what would people say when they saw you walking around with me? Especially customers.’

He put his plate aside and cupped her cheeks, making her look at him. ‘Would you stay next to me and sleep every night with me if you could?’

She nodded.

‘Then they’re the ones who can only give you a moment of pleasure for your benefit, and I’m the one you come home to to fill in the rest of your needs and see you happy.’ he said. ‘And that’s all that matters.’

She almost dropped her plate as she held it aside to kiss him.

After a few moments she pulled back with a big smile. ‘Promise me to tell me when anything about me bothers you.’ she said. ‘I’ll do anything to make you happy with me.’

He smiled back at her. ‘You’re doing a great job so far.’

Désirée rode Marshall slowly into another shared climax before going to bed where he spooned her with his dick inside her. The next morning they just gazed in each other’s eyes for a while, then without needing a word she rolled on her back while he moved between her legs, pulling up her knees to her chest and sliding his hot dick inside her quivering and hungry pussy, fucking her slowly without breaking the lock on their gaze and giving her her first squirming climax of the day when he shot his stream of seed inside her.

‘I’m going to watch you get fucked so much again today.’ he said, stroking his fingers gently through her pony and making her pussy tingle more with anticipation. ‘Watch your happy face as your pussy gets filled with dicks and seed and all the pleasure you want. And when they’re done I’ll fill you again with my dick and fuck you every waking moment until it’s their turn again.’

Désirée felt goosebumps rise all over her body and squirmed a little. ‘Oh gods, fuck me again because I can’t wait to have you come inside me at the end of the shift!’


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