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watching her parents in a new light pt2

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For the last three weeks Mel would take any chance she had a watch the videos her uncle had on the computer of her mother. A lot of them sucked because there wasn’t anything good about them; like her mother out back by the lake swimming around naked for him or she stripping for him. Mel was looking at the dates of the video and figured out that in the beginning her uncle slowly got her mother to strip for him and then do things that he would video tape. Like one of the clips was from a Christmas party at his house that her and her parents attended and he was out back. Her mother came walking through the snow and her uncle told her to strip for him and in the back ground Mel could see the people in the house and her mother just stripped there in the snow. If anyone inside would of looked out back they could have seen her naked with her brother. Mel could not believe what power her uncle had over her mother and what she would do.

Her mother was a realtor and one video was her uncle showing up at her office. The lady at the front desk Mary welcomed him and commented on how he ways showed up with that camera. Her uncle told Mary how he liked filming all types of things and they laughed. Mel thought what Mary would think if she knew what he did a lot with that camera. Her uncle went back to her mother’s office and just let himself in without knocking. There was her mother at her desk on the phone with someone and her uncle walked up to her and pulled out his huge hard cock. With her mother still on the phone talking she started jerking out her brother and licking the tip between talking. Mel could not believe that the person was so unaware of what was going on. Her mother jerked him off for about five minutes while on the phone talking about properly listings around town. Then her uncle grabbed his cock and blew a load of cum in her face and after she licked the last bit from the tip. He tucked it away and walked out of her office.

It was the last day there and her parents were due to pick her up that night. Her uncle called up the stairs telling Mel he had to run around town before her parents came. After his car was down the driveway she ran to the computer to get one last video in. when she opened the folder she found that all the videos where gone. Mel was pissed because she knew that there was one more that she didn’t see and now she may never will. The only thing in the folder was nude pics of random chicks and some videos from online.

Mel turned in the chair to head back to her room saying how she could get to see that one last video. When as she started to get up she saw her uncle standing in the doorway of the office; this scared the life out of her and with a load scream she fell back into the chair. With her heart racing and trying to catch her breath Mel stood back up and asked her uncle why he would stand there all quite. Her uncle looked at her and asked if she was upset that the videos of her mother were gone or not. Mel asked how he knew and he told her to sit and click on the icon that read “M”. Mel did and went the folder opened she saw picture after picture of her masturbating at the computer. Mel was shocked and scared a little too; what did he want, is this how he got her mother into all this blackmail. Mel spun around with tears in her eyes and asked what he was planning to do with all these.

Her uncle told Mel that he wasn’t into blackmailing and he liked freewill. He told Mel to come to the kitchen with him and let him tell her how all this happen. So over two glasses of ice tea Mel’s uncle told her how her mother had always loved cock and how she knew that her brother pendik escort had a bigger cock then her husband. He told her how her mother told him how her husband always wanted to watch her get fucked and that she wanted him to fuck her in front of him. Her uncle told Mel had he started with having her do things on camera and kept making her do more and more till he knew she was totally under his control with sex. He told her how he knew she was wild but being a female with their parents she needed to be a lady and soon become like to people. It started with her getting her nipples pierce when Mel was little and soon she was sucking his cock whenever he wanted.

Mel wanted to know everything about her parents and asked her uncle all types of questions. Her uncle told her about how once he fucked her mother a couple of times he started to live out his wild dreams with her like caning her ass or having his dogs fuck her. It was right before that time that her father came to him and asked if he could be in it and not just sit off to the side and watch. Mel asked wanted else had they done and her uncle told her that the last video was another video of her blowing him in her office but her father was on the other line this time.

Mel was getting horny listening to her uncle and asked what he had plan for them. Her uncle told her that he wanted her in on the next one and that he knew that she was no virgin and wanted to know how far she would go. Mel told her uncle that after seeing her mother’s sexy body and that she had that dark side of her that he had. She told him she would do anything he wanted. With a big smile her uncle told her to follow him and they headed to the basement.

Down in the basement Mel’s uncle told her to strip for him so he could look her over. Mel without thinking twice striped off her cloths and in seconds was standing in front of her uncle naked. This was the first time that her uncle got a real good look at his niece’s killer body. Big perky tits, slim waist, and smooth pussy; he ran his hands over her body and next told her that she could only address him as Jack and her parents as “sir” and “ma’am”. He told her that he didn’t want her parents to know that it was her at first and it would be more fun if they found out later in the act. He told her that they would be here in a couple of minutes and handed her a black hood to cover her head. He had her get down on her knees and wait for him to come back.

Mel kneed down and felt her pussy get wet just thinking of what was going to happen here tonight. It was a couple of minutes till Mel heard foot steps again coming down the stairs. She heard her uncle telling them that tonight he was adding a dear friend to the mix and they would only address her as “girl”. He told them that tonight he had cameras all around the place to get all the action and as before once he started they had to do everything he said. Mel heard her mother telling him how she was horny the whole vacation and how she kept Bill from jerking off just so he was full for tonight.

Mel’s uncle told them to put on their mask and he would turn on the cameras. Next Mel heard was the sound of flesh being slapped. Her uncle started telling her mother how dirty she was and how tonight she would become the biggest whore ever. He told her to remove her cloths at once and Mel could hear her mother stripping from them. It was dark and Mel couldn’t see anything with the hood on and she wanted so badly to see her mother’s sexy body in person.

Next Mel listen as her uncle pulled at her mother’s pierced nipples and her mother moan softly as he did it. Next Mel heard escort pendik her uncle telling her father what a slut he married and how he would never be able to fill her need for cock with his average size cock, but not to worry because he had a cock sucker here for him. Mel could feel people next to her as she kneed there getting hornier and hornier. Her uncle told her to stand and she did; her uncle told her parents to feel her body and see how soft and smooth it is. Feel how wet her pussy is and to pinch her nipples and slap her ass.

Her parents did just that and Mel was felt everywhere as she stood there. Her legs were spread apart and fingers entered her wet pussy and then ran across her body. Her nipples were pulled hard causing a great deal of pain. This type of pain was new to her but she was liking it at the same time. Next she felt a hand cup her tit and bite the nipple that made her cry out a bit. Her ass was slapped and squeezed as her parents continued to abuse her body. Mel thought about if they knew it was her would they still go rough on her making her pussy wetter; Mel knew her ass was red from all the slapping.

Mel heard her uncle whisper something to one of them and next thing she knew her mother was running her hand up and down her front telling her that she was going to become a dirty whore like herself tonight. With that her mother slapped her hard in the pussy and it made a loud crack from how wet it was. Her uncle told her to get on her knees and put her heads behind her back.

Mel felt the hood being raised so her mouth was now uncovered and she felt the head of a cock being placed at it. Her uncle told her to open up little girl and as she did she felt the cock of her father enter her mouth. Mel sucked on her father’s cock and knowing that his moans of joy from her sucking it and not knowing it was her made her pussy even wetter. As Mel was sucking his cock she heard her uncle tell her mother to get on her knees next to her and suck his cock. Mel heard the sounds of her sucking her uncle’s cock as she started to deep throat her father’s.

Mel loved the feeling of a cock in her throat and balls on her chin. She got a high from having a cock cut off her air supple and making her gag. Not wanting to be out done by her; her mother started to face fuck her brother’s cock harder and faster then Mel. Mel could feel her father getting close to cumming and wanted nothing more then the taste of his cum on her tongue. Mel sucked as hard as she could on her father’s cock and as he started to cum she open wide and he filled her mouth with a huge load. It was a lot saltier then any other cum she has had. With her mouth full her uncle told her to share the cum and Mel turned to her head to the side. Her mother sucked the cum out of her mouth and then they kissed a little. Her uncle told her father to place the cock ring that he handed him on and get his cock hard quick. With in a couple of minutes her father was hard again and her uncle told him to fuck the young girl in the ass like to dirty whore she was. Mel got down on her hands and knees to give her father her ass and with his cock in his hand he lined it up with her asshole.

Mel had only done anal once before and remember how much it hurt then, but now she was in a different level of a sex high and pushed back on her father’s cock and took it up her ass. Mel’s father grabbed onto her hips and fucked his little girl up the ass as hard as he could. Not knowing it was her and just a person the Jack had there Mel’s father fucked her ass as hard as he could. He would pounded away at it and then pull out to see the gaping hole pendik escort bayan and split in it before returning his cock and fucking it more. The roughness of his fucking was more then Mel could take and soon had tears running down her face.

Mel’s tight asshole was too much for her father and soon was filling her ass with a load of cum. Once he was done Mel’s uncle told him to take a sit and rest. Mel then listen as her uncle starting taking to her mother and ask her if she wanted him to fuck this little whores asshole too with his big cock. Mel’s mother was soon rubbing her ass cheeks and spreading them apart telling him to give her the best fucking of her life. Mel’s fear of her ass never being the same was soon going to happen. Mel started to say no and please but her mother not knowing that it was her daughter slapped her ass and told her to take this gift like the slut she is.

Mel’s uncle lined his cock up with her ass and rammed it in with one push. His cock was bigger then any other cock she has had and in her tight ass it was all pain. Mel’s mother was pinching and pulling her nipples and her uncle was fucking her ass. Mel’s ass was on fire from the fucking her uncle was giving her and she knew that he was fucking this hard because he knew it was her. Her uncle pulled out and she heard her mother start sucking on his cock and then stuck her tongue in her open asshole before her uncle pushed his cock back into it.

The pain in her ass was going away because her asshole was becoming so lose. Every time her uncle would pull out his cock Mel could feel a rush of cool air go up her ass and then the tongue of her mother. Mel’s uncle was pushing her mother’s head into her ass to make her lick deeper into her gaping asshole. Mel had never been fucked this hard or for this long and she now loved it. Her uncle then pulled out and Mel heard them moving away and soon felt someone lay down next to her; someone then move her over and Mel was now on top of her father and he was entering her pussy. She heard her mother say “show this whore what I real fucking is” when she felt her uncle ram his massive cock back into her asshole.

Even with the fucking she just got, now that her father was in her pussy. Her asshole was tight again and her uncle fucking her asshole was brought with a load of pain. Her mother was telling her uncle and father to fuck her the shit out of her and soon she could feel both their cock getting the stiffness to them that comes with blowing a load. Mel’s mother was by her head telling her how good of a whore she was. It was at that time that her uncle unleashed his load deep in her ass and her father soon followed. Her uncle pulled the hood off of her and Mel was met face to face with her father with her mother by her side. Both her parents froze as the fact that the one that just took this hardcore fucking at the hands of them was their own daughter. Mel’s uncle pulled out his cum covered cock and turned off all the cameras before walking up to Mel and telling her to clean off his cock.

Moving her face to the side Mel took her uncle’s cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from it. Her uncle helped her to her feet and handed her a robe and her parents still sat of the floor with the look of shock on their faces. Her father was the first to speak telling her that she had been the best fuck in years. Mel’s mother didn’t say a word just headed up the stairs and to the shower.

Later that night as the family ate Mel’s mother asked her when she first started playing in her uncle’s little games. Mel told her mother that earlier was her first and her mother told her just to wait till he bring in Duck and Killer. The family ate as Mel thought about what was going to be next in this new crazy life her family was in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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