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Way Too Easy

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If we weren’t supposed to be together, it wouldn’t be so easy, right?

That thought echoed in my head as I watched the red lights on the digital clock radio tick the minutes away.

If traffic worked in our favor, you should be here any minute-

A knock sounded on the hotel room door and for a moment I sat unable to move from the edge of the bed. My heart was in my throat, I could barely catch my breath.

I could feel my pussy tingling already.

Finally, we were going to be together.


The knock sounded a second time, a bit firmer, as if you thought maybe I didn’t hear it the first time. So I swallowed thickly, and forced my legs to carry me the few steps to the door, the door that separated you from me.

You were just as I remembered. Only this time you wore dress slacks and a dress shirt, not shorts and a polo shirt. This time you were coming from work, not strolling through a tourist town nestled by a lake in the mountains. This time I had come to you, booking the hotel room, choosing the time. The location. This time I was in control.

Or so I thought.

The door closed behind you. You set down your travel bag and scooped me into your arms, strong and firm as you pulled me close into your embrace. We kissed, getting reacquainted as we fumbled through the first unfamiliar moments of contact. Our bodies molded together. I revelled in your hardness as you moved against my softness. For a brief moment we were nearly one.

I pulled away, attempting small talk. I was very nervous even though I knew this time I had nothing to fear. “So how was the trip?” I walked into the room and you followed me, the heat of your gaze burning through my clothing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as as you studied my curves, the sway of my hips.

“Long.” You loosened your tie.

I turned around and watched as your hands moved lower, to your belt. I attempted small talk once more. “So… how are you?”

“Hard. Very hard.” With that simple response your zipper was down and both your slacks and your boxers were pushed away. As if in testimony of your last comment, your thick, hard cock sprung away and straight up, beckoning me.

Like a magnet to steel, I dropped to my knees before you, looking up and searching your face for a sign that this was okay, this was what you wanted. A slight nod as you studied me through half closed lids was all the invitation I needed.

Covering your length in slow, wet kisses, I took in your smell, your feel, your taste as I got used to the idea that we were together again. Flesh and blood. Hard flesh, here, in my hands. At my fingertips. Within my lips. I wanted to fuck you so badly already, but I wanted to taste your come first. Already I could feel the trickle of juice escaping my freshly shaved pussy. I needed your cock. Deep inside me.

But first-first- I needed to taste your come. I needed to know what you would be shooting deep inside me later on. I wanted to taste your sweetness again. Swallow every ounce you gave me. I was hungry for you.

And obviously you were hungry for me. You moaned deep and placed your hands on my head as I placed my mouth on YOUR head- the head of your cock. Your fingers knotted in my hair as you gently guided me down your hardness. Slowly, your cock slipped inside my mouth, over my tongue. Then your güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hands guided my head upwards and you moaned softly again. My lips clung to the bulging tip of your head before reluctantly pulling away. One glance upward to your dreamy smile told me to keep going.

One hand slipped inside your boxers as I cupped your balls. Ever so gently I caressed them with my fingertips, my nails, massaging them softly. You threw your head back and moaned a bit louder as I licked them like a cat would clean her young kitten, a soft quick lapping of my tongue as I buried my nose in the nest of curls at the base of your cock. Musky, sweet. You smelled so good.

Mmmmm….I love giving you head. I love how you love my mouth on your cock, on your balls. I love how you go so weak all you can do is moan and say “Yesssss.” I love when you come in my mouth, shooting your hot stream over my lips, over my tongue, down my throat.

Slowly, I pull my tongue away from your balls, nibbling with my lips at the base of your cock. I stroke your thickness with my lips, my mouth as you palm the crown of my head with your hands. Suddenly, my lips, my mouth take over. Thick, wet kisses trail up your cock. My tongue licks its way back down, then back up again, swirling around the head of your hardness as a drop of pre-cum squeezes free. I lap it up and moan. Still as sweet as ever. My lips part and wrap around your head, sucking you in slowly, as if you were a sweet treat ready for my devouring. I want to devour you.

You want me to devour you.

Your hands guide my head once again, gently pushing me down over your cock. Your hips take over, ever so slowly, ever so gently, güvenilir bahis şirketleri easing your cock further into my mouth, then out again. But not completely.

Slowly you slip inside of my mouth again, a bit deeper this time. I make no protest, hungrily sucking your hardness, sucking and slurping and licking as I feel your balls tense and the blood pulse making you even harder, if possible.

Up and down your shaft, in and out of my mouth. Your hands guide me, move me, control my actions as your hips quicken the tempo slightly, pumping in and out of me, deeper with every thrust.

Suddenly you’re fucking my mouth, just as you promised. Your cock fills my mouth, finds its way to the back of my throat, pushing me a little more with each thrust. I force myself to relax, and you slip deeper, I gag as my muscles adjust to your invasion and the reflex begins to milk your cock, urging you to give me what I’ve been waiting so long to taste.

With your cock buried to your balls in my mouth, you pause as I suck harder,longer, slower then faster, drawing you deeper into me. You let loose then, your hands totally entangled in my hair, your grasp strong and firm on my head. You pound away at my mouth, my lips sliding along your cock, slick with my saliva, and then your come as you shoot your hot load. I take it all, swallowing, licking, swallowing some more. Your sweetness, your hotness, your wetness. Filling me.

I keep sucking, I keep fucking your cock with my mouth even as the pulsing subsides. My mouth burns with the aftertaste of your come. I still crave more, wanting to make up for all the times I thought about tasting you, but couldn’t.

You sigh and your hands ease up a bit on their hold as you guide me to a slower pace. We move even slower, until I slip your still hard cock from my mouth, raining kisses along your length. I kiss the tip of it, licking away the last sweet sample of your come.

And then I look up at you.

And you smile.

See? I told you it was easy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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