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We Need to Practice

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Blonde Teen

After the first day, the first time Amara and I had even kissed, let alone participated in the magnitude of sexuality that seemed to materialize between us, there wasn’t a whole lot to say between us. It seemed, when we spoke, that we had exhausted our stories, our jokes and even the memories, and the only thing that hung between us was the sight of each other’s naked bodies. Which may be a conversation starter for some. For us, however, it became such a block that we started making excuses not to see each other. Parties virtually stopped because we’d find excuses not to go, just so we didn’t have to see the other. No one wants to hear this, especially me, but it seemed like sex had ruined our friendship, which in turn ruined our lives.

Let me rephrase that. Sex with each other had. We’d both had sex before, but in my mind we crossed a line, and as much as I wanted to jump back over, the line was now an impenetrable wall. Which destroyed a piece of me that liked to be with people and walk around seeing Life.

Most days, as I spiralled down, were spent sitting online, watching random videos, reading comics that weren’t funny and laying in bed wondering how I might call Amara and somehow say something that would change us both back to what we were before: Friends. I’d even given up masturbation, knowing that every image I’d use to conjure up some lust would only turn into painful memories of my bedroom that day.

One day, I was doing just that. Laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, half trying to work up nerve to call, half not trying to think about anything. The phone rang a few times, stopping before it hit the answering machine. I never moved, figuring it was a friend who was making half-hearted attempts to get me out in public again. I didn’t care. Finally the phone rang one more time than usual, cuing answering machine.

“Hey, this is my phone. Talk to me!” Came a voice that used to be mine.

“Shaun? Are you there?” My heart froze and sank toward the floor, a disconcerting feeling when you’re standing, almost painful when horizontal. It was Amara’s voice in my machine. “Shaun, pick up please. We need to talk, and I want to ask you something.”

I stood slowly, pieces of my brain screaming at me to move faster and ignore the call simultaneously. But I picked up the handheld and cleared my throat. “Hello?” My voice was raspy and dry to my ears and I swallowed voraciously before trying again. “Hello?”



“I need you to come over. Now.” She hung up.


I stared at the phone that began beeping at me to hang it up, confused as hell. What was I supposed to do? We hadn’t spoken in weeks, I’d heard that she was doing as good of a vegetable impression as I was, but with more running mascara, and she calls me. And tells me to come over without prelude or explanation. What was I supposed to do?

By the time I actually asked myself that question and woke up more fully to my surroundings, I noticed my keys in my had about to start the ignition in my car. My body had answered my question for me. Easy enough.

The drive was instantaneous for me, my dread speeding things along much more quickly than I had time to prepare for, and before I knew it I was knocking on her door.

She opened it and I was stunned at how good and bad she could look at the same time. She was as gorgeous as the first time we had met, years ago, with more curves now. I had a sudden image of those curves with less covering, but I shook my head of it and examined her again. Her face illegal bahis was puffy, but determined, her clothes wrinkled but clean, older stuff that she would wear around the house to clean. And she looked hurt. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to take her in my arms and…and be Shaun and Amara again.

“Hey.” I said, in lieu of the hugging plan.

“Come in,” She replied just as shortly and closed the door behind me.

We stood awkwardly. It felt like the day after we had sex multiplied by fifty.

“What happened-?”

“I don’t know what I-“

We spoke at the same time and something broke between us. A tear leaked out of her eye and within seconds we had sunk onto the floor, crying and hugging, apologizing and being silent with each other in turns.

I’m not sure who started it, but a giggle escaped someone as we lay there in the front hall and the tear flow stopped. A giggle answered and soon we were rolling together in more hysterics, but with good vibes this time.

When we finally were able to wipe away tears of mirth from our eyes, we sat on opposite walls, our legs pressed against each others, just looking at each other, not knowing what to say. But this time, the awkwardness and suffering between us was gone and there was only an almost prophetic gaze that passed from me to her and back that said “We’ll get through it if we can figure out how.”

Amara broke the silence first. “I have an idea. About why things went the way they did and how we can fix it.”

I felt relief flood through me and gallons of weight fall from my shoulders. There was a plan, there was a course of action to take, and an explanation. We would get through it.

“We had sex.” She said simply. “It was really good sex.” She grinned almost bashfully. “Really, Really good sex.” Her face got hard again. “But it was too…different. It brought something new and abrasive into our relationship that we weren’t ready for.” I nodded, seeing where this was going, and understanding fully. “So we need to practice.”

I nodded again, then snapped quickly back to reality. “Wait, What?” I said, more loudly than I intended. She rolled her eyes at me, and I saw the Amara that I missed so much pop out and greet me again.

“I’m not going to lose incredible sex and a best friend all in one go,” she explained patronizingly, but joking. “We need to do it more, and not let it affect what we do outside of the bedroom.” I choked on her words, confused as hell again, for the second time that day. “This way,” she continued, “we can make love as often as we want to, and not let it be the only thing we think about outside of here.” She looked at me, a nervous expression crossing her face. “What do you think?”

I took a second to consider. I missed her. And that night, despite what it did to us, was one of the most incredible things that ever happened, and I wanted…no…needed to keep Amara in my life. The rational part of my brain tried to reason it out: “Well, if it’s the sacrifice you need to make to keep her with you, then it couldn’t hurt.” My penis kicked the legs out from under it when it quickly replied, “Bullshit. We’re getting laid.”

“I can’t think of a better plan.” I said honestly and her beaming face convinced me that I made the right decision. She stood in front of me and held out a hand to help me up. I accepted and she stood me up into a light, tentative kiss that seemed to settle into me like the perfect tetris piece to make all of the clutter go away.

“Do you want to go…practice?” illegal bahis siteleri She asked me softly and looked up the stairs down the hall, then back at me.

“Lead the way,” I said and followed her, floating almost Pepe LePew style behind her. She kept stealing glances back at me, smiling lightly and I knew I was crazy about her. I thought to myself, This is how men must feel on their wedding night. Everything felt new, exciting and there was nothing dirty or naughty to it.

She finally turned around to face me in her room, and we resumed our liplock, albiet more heated and impassioned.

“Parents?” I asked quickly, not wanting to stop, but not wanting her to get caught.

“Gone for the weekend.” She responded, gasping as my tongue found her collarbone, lightly circling it before ending with a kiss to the base of her neck. I traveled around and repeated the actions to her other shoulder, but this time I traveled up and gave her earlobe a small nip. She gasped and pulled my body into a tighter embrace.

The next few minutes was almost one long slow, stimulating and powerfully erotic moment as we undressed each other in the not-quite dark of her room. She spun us around and pushed me gently onto the bed, where I sat heavily, unable to take my eyes off of her. She was bathed in sunset glows from the window, venetian blinds casting red and pink lines across her body and she stood, seeming to drink in the last drops of twilight before turning her attention to me and flicking her hand in a gesture meaning obviously “Lie down.”

I complied quickly, sliding back onto the bed until my head found a pillow. She clambered gracefully onto the bed next to me, climbing over me to straddle my body on her hands and knees and, reaching around to the back of my head, drove me into a kiss that I can’t describe, no matter how many times I retell it.

But it broke and she looked at me with the heats of love and lust mixing to a beautiful fire in her eyes that I found irresistable. She reached down, grabbing my member and guided it to the pocket of warmth between her thighs. As she sank down onto it, she closed her eyes in disbelief and relaxation, letting me fill her, inch by inch, all the way to the base. She sighed when she reached the end, and looked at me, almost shaking her head.

“I don’t remember it being THAT big,” she said with a smile and her eyes seemed to go far away as she began to raise and lower herself on my shaft. Her warmth, the sight of her naked body rising and falling, and the small gasps that could have come from her or me, probably both, were enough to make my mind take itself on it’s own journey through bliss.

However, when the cat is gone, the mice will place. The cat in this case, was my mind, and the mouse, my body. My mind found a place of joy that didn’t remember the weeks of hurt and confusion, and my body took over. My hips started to rise and fall in a rhythm opposite that of Amara’s, rising when she fell, and falling when she rose. The result was a harder, deeper thrust that left both of us gasping harder and with a little voice attatched. One of my hands, of it’s own accord, rose and gripped the back of her neck, pulling her back down for her lips to meet mine. My other hand found the rosy tipped breast, hard nipples, and began to play, fondling and kneading softly with my fingers, bringing an actual vocal response to her throat that vibrated through my teeth and tongue. We built up our speed very slowly, our voices mingling together in a not quite matching crescendo. canlı bahis siteleri All of the tension I had built up between our first tryst and this one was beginning to take a toll on me and I could feel myself losing control of my baser instincts to turn her over and mount her like a fucking bull.

Instead, I let her set the rising pace, and she started to cry out more and more often, breaking our kiss and moaning words of instruction and need. “More, please, Shaun, God I’ve-Oh Jesus!-I’ve needed this soooo much, please take me, More, Please, Oh Shaun, Shaun, Shaun!”

She fell against me, burying her face into the crook of my neck, moaning into my shoulder as her whole body tightened in an orgasm. I kept up my end, thrusting into her, a little faster as her muscles clenched around me, desperate to keep me in. Finally, she pulled her face up and looked me in the eyes. “I want that again,” she said, barely containing the hunger in her voice. “But harder.” I almost came right then, but I held onto my quivering strength and said with more confidence than I felt, “Let’s do it.”

She sat up and began to rotate her hips, doing a belly dance on my pelvis, which did interesting things to my pleasure sensors in my dick and my eyes. Her eyes were closed and she reached up to pull on her nipples with her fingers. I couldn’t help but reach out and grab her hips, sliding my hands up and down her sides and under her breasts, just feeling her body. She moaned softly as I pushed up a bit and let her fall back with me, then again. By this time, I could feel my body doing it’s “playing mouse” routine, and I was thrusting under her with more and more need.

“Lift yourself up,” I growled deep in my throat. Her eyes flew open in suprise, but she did as I asked, leaning forward a bit to pull her pussy a bit off of my cock. I took her nipple in my fingers again as I started to pound into her from underneath faster and harder. She gasped and she almost fell back onto me, but I grabbed her shoulders and kept her up as my hips slammed in between her thighs over and over again.

“Shaun, you’re gonna…i can’t…I can’t believe I’m going to…so soon…” her voice, mixed with shock and pleasure cut into my brain and all I wanted to do at that moment was please her. It gave me more, boosted me up and powered me forward, and in a few moments she gave a little scream and shut her eyes tight against the onslaught of pleasure her body was sending all around.

Without meaning to, my voice and mouth worked together. “Cum on me, cum on my cock,” I moaned as she whimpered into my ear. “Please, cum for me, baby.”

She finally let out one last groan and shuddered, letting the last waves subside and she looked at me with gratitude in her eyes. “Your turn,” she gasped out and leaned forward again, her breasts hanging over my face. “Fuck me, Shaun, fill me up.” She said pleadingly. “I want you to cum in my pussy, please.” It took no more urging and I was thrusting again, pushing myself as deep as I could and falling back. Her moans and whimpers now were more encouragement to me, stimulating more than they had before and her pleas for my orgasm made me feel my testicles tighten. I gritted my teeth, pushed into her just a few more times and felt the release take over. Amara threw her head back again, “Yes, Shaun, fill me, please, Oh god there’s so much, Shaun, YES!”

I spent myself inside of her, then fell back onto the bed. She settled down, smiling, eyes closed as she felt me soften inside of her. She looked down at me, then rolled over to lay next to me, spooning my chest. I felt the flutter of her lips next to my ear, and shuddered as I felt it through my spine. “Do you think we can talk after this?” She whispered. And I knew the answer was irrefutably, undeniably “Yes.”

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