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Wealth Pt. 03

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Big Tits

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 21

Shirley St. Martin smiled as she; Theresa Weinstein and Briah Weinstein stood in the Bridal Boutique of Babbage’s Department Store and waited for Caitlin Weinstein to come out. Theresa looked uncomfortable and haggard and Briah looked slightly bored.

Finally, the door opened and Caitlin came out, looking around nervously.

“Oh, my God, that is, oh wow,” Shirley said as Caitlin looked at the bridal gown in the mirror.

“God, it is so beautiful,” Theresa whispered.

“Aw yeah, girl,” Briah enthused.

“But it’s two thousand dollars!” Caitlin whined.

“How many times I got to tell you?” Shirley fussed, stamping her foot. “Don’t worry about how much it costs! That’s not important!”

“Ma’am?” Nicole Dumas asked Briah. “Have you had the final fitting of your brides’ maid dress?”

“Yes ma’am,” Briah smiled excitedly.

“You have the shoes…?” Shirley asked and Caitlin lifted the hem of the bridal gown to show her that she was indeed wearing the ivory pumps.

“Okay, get out of that; we still have to go to T. Dayton’s,” Shirley said.

“Miss St. Martin, I get married you buy my dress?” Briah asked.

“Briah!” Theresa snapped, highly embarrassed.

“Honey, if I approve of your young man, I see no reason why not,” Shirley said, patting Theresa’s arm to let the woman know she wasn’t offended by Briah’s comment.

Bye, Mrs. Dumas, tell Coach I said ‘hi,'” Caitlin said as the four women trooped out of the department.

“And are they really going to the Dead End for their bachelor party?” Briah asked.

“Yes,” Caitlin screwed up her face.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” Shirley laughed, hugging Caitlin. “We’re going to the Hammer in Elgee! Whee!”

“And will you have red wine?” Caitlin teased the sixty four year old woman.

“Oh Honey, you better believe it!” Shirley laughed.

The quartet got into Shirley’s Rolls-Royce.

“Mrs. St…” Theresa started.

“Honey, how many times I got to tell you? It’s ‘Shirley,’ all right?” Shirley chided the woman.

“Shirley, I really, I just can’t thank you enough,” Theresa said.

“Really? It’s my pleasure,” Shirley said.

At Superior Motors, Henry St. Martin came into the showroom, whistling a happy tune.

“Got them singles?” Jack asked, smiling.

“Singles? Singles! My boy, we’re going to the Dead End. Those are the upper echelon of hos,” Henry sneered at his friend.

“I didn’t know hos had echelons,” Bob commented.

“I got fives,” Henry said, showing them the bank envelope.

“Marie said if it costs more than forty, I better keep it in my pocket,” Bob admitted.

“Forty?” Jack sneered.

“Uh huh, and what’d Melanie say?” Bob smiled.

“Twenty,” Jack admitted and the three men laughed.

“Damn it, I wish he’d go down to the light,” Henry said as they watched Barry dash across Highway 52 with their lunches from Side By Side.

“Yeah, hate if anything happened to my steak, too,” Jack admitted and laughed when Henry punched him.

Four blocks behind Superior Motors, Stacy Falgout was showing Anita Lopez and Toni Delacroix a condominium. In the Lambert Condominiums Association.

“This is a three bedroom two and a half bath unit,” Stacy said. “Right across, the woman there did something real interesting. She took the two guest bedrooms, knocked down the wall and made it one long bedroom and expanded the guest bath.”

“She also has a hanging bed, oh, and put hardwood floors throughout,” Anita agreed.

“Oh?” Stacy asked.

“Yeah, that’s like Paula’s condo,” Toni said.

“You’ve uh, you’ve been in her…?” Stacy asked, surprised.

She’d never been in Paula Lambert’s condominium; another real estate agent had told her about the renovations.

“Couple of times,” Anita agreed, wrinkling up her nose at the lack of counter space and cabinets in the small kitchen. “Kitchen sucks.”

“Yeah, that two bedroom one had like a better kitchen,” Toni agreed.

“And a better back deck,” Anita agreed.

“Y’all want to go look at it again?” Stacy offered.

“What you think?” Toni asked Anita.

“Make an offer,” Anita shrugged.

Stacy finally gave in to her curiosity and blurted out, “So why are y’all looking for a condo?”

She wanted to hear the salacious gossip; wanted to hear that Barry finally had enough of his slut daughter fucking around. Or got tired of his daughter and her lover flaunting their homosexual lifestyle in his face. Or even more delicious, that Barry had made inappropriate advances on the very attractive and very shapely Anita.

“Well, like Daddy’s getting married and we kind of figured they’d like to have the place like you know, to themselves,” Toni shrugged.

“Barry’s getting…” Stacy stammered, stunned.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Toni said, embarrassed. “I like thought you knew that.”

“It was in the church bulletin,” Anita said, also embarrassed.

“Who’s he, don’t tell me escort bayan he’s marrying that little red headed freak,” Stacy snapped.

“Caitlin,” Anita confirmed.

“But I like really don’t appreciate you like calling her ‘freak;’ that’s so totally uncalled for,” Toni snapped.

“You know what? It really was uncalled for and I apologize,” Stacy said quickly.

She wasn’t sorry in the least, but she also didn’t want to lose a ninety three thousand dollar sale.

“They want ninety… Offer then eighty five,” Anita said.

“Twenty five percent down,” Toni agreed.

“So, how much is Barry chipping in?” Stacy asked as she pulled up the form on her IPhone.

“Uh, none,” Toni said, insulted that Ms. Falgout would thing that Barry was paying for her to buy a home.

“None?” Stacy looked up. “You can’t tell me your little soap thing’s…”

“We’re shipping between a hundred to three hundred bars every day,” Anita said. “Plus what we sell at T. Dayton’s.”

“Anita designed like the best web site ever; our very first day it was up we had two hundred and nine orders,” Toni smiled proudly at her friend.

“And your mortgage will be through…” Stacy asked as she tapped out the information.

“First Union,” Toni said.

“So, when do we find out…” Anita asked.

“Usually a couple of hours,” Stacy shrugged.

“Okay, you do like commercial real estate too?” Toni asked.

“Barry says he’s taking his garage back,” Anita smiled.

In DeGarde’s Chemical Dependency Unit, Susan Couvillion sat, bored out of her mind as one of the girls in their group prattled on and on about some insignificant occurrence. So what if her dad used her as a fuck toy? Who cares that her mother knew about it, but instead of stopping it, resented her daughter?

And Susan was very upset; Caitlin, her friend and neighbor was getting married in two days, but she had to be in the CDU for fourteen days before she could request a pass and it had only been eight days.

“Susan!” Dr. Amber Istrey snapped.

“What?” Susan snapped right back.

“What do you think about what Victoria just shared?” Amber asked.

“God, I don’t know; it was so fucking boring,” Susan said. “I mean, boo hoo, Daddy fucked me, boo hoo, like you weren’t already giving up the booty anyway.”

The nine girls just stared at Susan in disbelief. Susan looked out the window again, unconcerned, then sat up a little straighter.

“Hey, ain’t it about time for lunch anyway?” Susan asked.

At Johnson’s Furniture and Appliances, Ed Weinstein smiled as nine wheeled in another refrigerator. The large black man made it look easy, but Ed knew it would have taken him, Brett Johnson, and Graham Johnson working together to get that large unit onto the truck, and they still would have wound up damaging it somehow.

Abraham Darnell Mosely was called Nine because he had been number nine in the long line of children his mother and father had. His younger brother, however, was called Bird, not Ten, because he had always been climbing trees, like a bird when he was a kid.

“They give you any trouble?” Ed asked Nine as the man lowered the refrigerator to the ground and wiggled the hand truck out.

“Nah,” Nine laughed. “Your boy come to the door, acting all big and bad, hollering he going fuck me up I coming repo his shit. Then he takes one look at me and tells me where the kitchen is.”

Ed moved to open the refrigerator.

“Careful,” Nine warned. “Girl told me they ain’t had no power about five days.”

“Oh, holy shit!” Ed coughed at the stench of rotted food.

“White boys never listen to old Nine,” Nine laughed to Brett Johnson, the owner of Johnson’s Furniture and Appliances.

“Before you leave, Michelle’s got a wedding present for Catherine,” Brett smiled as Ed breathed through his mouth as he scooped the food out of the refrigerator.

“Who? Oh, Caitlin,” Ed said.

“Damn it, Caitlin; I knew that,” Brett said.

At eight thirty that evening, BJ Delacroix gritted his teeth as he knocked on the apartment door of Patrick and Debbie.

“Who is it?” Debbie’s harsh voice demanded.

“Land shark,” BJ called out.

“Man, love that dumb ass thing,” Patrick laughed, opening the door. “You know you can pull that up on Google?”

“Yeah, hi Debbie, great to see you Debbie, have a nice night Debbie,” BJ called out as Patrick grabbed his brother’s arm.

“Please tell me she fucks like a three dollar crack whore, can suck a bowling ball through a garden hose and thinks getting it up the ass is even yummier than ice cream in bed,” BJ asked his brother as they got into BJ’s Porsche.

“Okay, yes to all three and you know that’s bull shit,” Patrick said.

At Superior Motors, Barry waved the three men out of the showroom as he double checked the alarm. Outside, Henry smiled as Caitlin pulled up in her Small Saturn.

“Hey, he’s in the back,” Henry said, pointing.

“Shirley says she might have one or two glasses of red wine but don’t you get any ideas,” Caitlin smiled before rapping smartly bayan escort on the glass door of the showroom.

“Hey,” Barry smiled as he unlocked the door.

“You,” Caitlin demanded, pushing him hard. “Don’t you get no ideas looking at them girls, you hear?”

“What?” Barry smiled. “But you can go to The Hammer and look at them boys?”

“That’s different,” Caitlin said, holding up her left hand, showing him her engagement ring. “I’m wearing this.”

Barry opened the door to a Ferrari and turned on the radio. It was set to a soft rock station out of St. Ann and ‘Nights In White Satin’ by The Moody Blues was playing.

“And I’m wearing this,” Barry said and gave her a soft kiss .

He began to dance with her in the darkened showroom.

“By the way, love your hair like that,” he said and gave her another kiss.

“You do?” Caitlin asked, then thumped him on the chest. “Damn it, don’t change the subject.”

“And what was the subject?” he asked and twirled her as the music reached its crescendo.

“Them little tramps running around there,” she reminded him.

“Honey, those little tramps don’t hold a candle to you,” he admitted and kept dancing with her even though a commercial for a sporting goods store was now playing.

“Please, please promise me, I mean, I know we haven’t been…” Caitlin said.

“Baby, I promise,” Barry promised. “You have my heart, you hold my heart, and no one else is getting my heart.”

“It’s not your heart I’m talking about,” Caitlin snapped and gripped his half-erect cock tightly.

“The two are connected,” Barry said calmly.

“Better be,” Caitlin said and released him.

“Love you; now, you and Shirley go have fun,” Barry said, reset the alarm, turned off the car’s radio, then ushered her out the door as the alarm system began its audible countdown.

In The Dead End, Michael playfully pinched Patrick on his rear end.

“Wow, did you see that?” he said. “That girl just pinched you!”

“Girl had her some big man hands there, bitch!” Patrick laughed.

“Hi Mr. Weinstein,” BJ greeted Ed. “Well, I assume you’re Mr. Weinstein; you and Caitlin look a lot alike.”

“Yep, Ed Weinstein,” Ed smiled, shaking BJ’s hand. “And you and Barry could be twins, huh?”

“Just about all of us,” BJ smiled, indicating his two brothers.

“Come on, this is my favorite waitress’s area,” Ed said and the four men took a seat at a large table.

“Hi guys, welcome to the Dead End,” Brooke said, plastering a smile on her tired face.

She was pulling a double; the money was great but she was exhausted and her feet were throbbing in the five inch heels she wore.

“Beer for me, draft please,” BJ smiled.

“Same and y’all got juice boxes?” Michael said, pointing to Patrick. “I’m sure his girlfriend’s not letting him drink tonight.”

“Shut up,” Patrick laughed. “Same.”

“Coke for me,” Ed said. “I might have a beer later.”

“Hey, how you doing?” Brooke smiled, remembering the man that had almost had a fist fight in her section a few months ago.

“I’m good, I’m good,” Ed smiled, delighted that the cute girl remembered him. “We’re having a bachelor’s party tonight.”

“Oh?” Brooke asked, groaning inwardly; bachelor parties tended to be loud and rowdy and lousy tippers. “So who’s the lucky guy?”

“Our Dad,” BJ smiled.

“And this here’s the father of the bride,” Michael said, putting a friendly arm over Ed’s shoulder.

“Aw!” Brooke said, smiling as Ed’s eyes got wet.

“Patrick, there’s this little red head on stage,” Michael said as Angela Brandt danced to Kiss’s ‘I Was Made For Loving You.’ “And she’s got this little blonde, blonde’s tits are huge, BJ, what would you say? About a size thirty eight double D?”

“Oh at least,” BJ smiled.

“And she’s spanking the blonde’s naked ass, using her bare hand,” Michael said.

He pinched Patrick’s rear end again.

“Damn, that girl must like you, huh?” Michael said.

“Don’t listen to him,” Harmony Kohl, one of the dancers laughed. “Here, this is a real girl’s pinch.”

She gave Patrick a playful little pinch on his rear end.

“Hey,” Michael smiled and held out a ten dollar bill for Harmony.

“Hey,” Harmony said, giving the table her best smile, while thrusting her thirty six E breasts out.

“He’s blind,” Michael whispered, nodding toward Patrick. “Just go along with whatever I say, huh?”

“He’s what?” Harmony asked, shocked.

“So, what’s really going on up on the stage?” Patrick asked Harmony.

“She’s gone, man,” Michael said as Harmony bolted for the rear of the building.

“But right now, the red head’s got the blonde in this kind of head lock, you know, got her thighs wrapped around the blonde’s head,” BJ said. “Oh, wait, that’s not a head lock, never mind. The blonde’s just eating her out.”

“Y’all that’s terrible, cut it out,” Barry said, giving his oldest son a slap to the back of his head.

“Hey Dad,” BJ laughed and gave his father a hug and a kiss to his lips.

“Hey,” Barry smiled.

He escort kissed his other two sons and gave Ed a one armed hug while shaking his hand.

“Hi!” Brooke said, putting the four drinks down on the table.

“Hi, got three more; here they come,” Barry smiled.

“Hear congratulations are in order,” Brooke smiled.

“Thank you so much,” Barry smiled. “Please set up a tab; it’s on me, hear?”

“So when’s the big day?” Brooke asked while nodding to Jack, Bob, and Henry.

“Saturday, eleven thirty,” Barry smiled.

“Love weddings,” Brooke said.

At The Hammer, a small club in Elgee, Louisiana, Caitlin, Briah, Toni, Anita, Alexis, and Jenee all grumbled about having to accept the big ’21’ with a slash through it stamped on the backs of their hands, letting the servers know that they were under the age of 21. Theresa , Caitlin’s cousin Bridget, and Shirley were the only ones that could order alcohol and Bridget and Shirley were drinking red wine, while Theresa ordered a grasshopper and nursed that one drink the entire evening.

“Ladies, I hear this is a special night,” Raoul (real name, Ralph) a large muscular black man that wore a small white loincloth smiled, flexing his ebony muscles.

“Oh my God, Susan would love him,” Alexis said.

“Fuck Susan!” Jenee said and the girls squealed.

“Yes, Raoul, this beautiful young lady is getting married,” Shirley indicated Caitlin.

“Aw,” Raoul said. “Well, I hope he knows what a lucky man he is.”

“If he doesn’t, Caitlin will tell him,” Bridget screamed out and the girls squealed again.

In the rear of the Dead End, Harmony wiped her eyes and tried to explain her reaction to her fraternal twin sister, Unity.

“I mean, yeah, I know, I watch what I eat, exercise, my diabetes might never get worse,” Harmony sniffled. “But you heard that doctor; diabetes is the number one cause of people going blind!”

“But, Mony, you don’t even know why that guy’s blind,” Unity said.

“I know,” Harmony agreed. “But, I mean, really! Find out I’m diabetic, find out I could go blind, and all of a sudden, there’s some blind guy out there!”

Angela came off the stage, smiling.

“Bachelor party!” she announced. “Table three; about seven or eight of them; hit them while they still got money in their pockets.”

“That’s the…” Unity asked her sister.

Harmony nodded, wiped her eyes again and tried to fix her make up.

“Unity put a smile on her face, started up her heavy metal CD, and strode onto the stage.

She nodded in appreciation as two of the guys at Table three cheered her, or at least cheered her music.

“God, that’s noise,” Barry shook his head as Judas Priest’s ‘Living After Midnight’ boomed out.

“I’ll see if she has any Johnny Cash,” Patrick said and drained his beer.

“Another one?” Brooke asked Patrick.

“Honey, y’all still doing wings? Place has got the best wings anywhere,” Barry asked her.

“Yes sir,” Brooke agreed.

“Two orders, y’all want nachos? Anyone eat nachos if I get nachos?” Barry asked.

“I’ll help you,” Bob agreed as Patrick chimed in as well.

“Damn; they’re happy!” Unity told Harmony as she came off stage, a thick wad of bills in her hand.

“Listen, my fifth song?” Harmony said, pulling her raspberry beret on her head and pulling the wayfarer sunglasses out of her locker. “Pause it until I say, okay?”

“Fifth, okay?” Unity agreed.

“Eighties? Eighties!” Michael and Patrick both complained loudly, laughing as ‘Sunglasses At Night’ by Corey Hart began to play.

“Aw, but this girl’s mighty cute,” Henry said.

“Hey Patrick, it’s your girlfriend,” BJ said. “One took one look at your face and ran off screaming.”

“Going to have to narrow it down a bit ,” Jack said.

“About ten minutes ago,” BJ said.

“Going to have to narrow it down a little bit more,” Bob said.

“All of y’all, blow it out your ears,” Barry laughed, hugging Patrick. “Leave my boy alone, huh?”

Harmony nodded behind her to the gap in the curtain as ‘Raspberry Beret’ by Prince died down.

“Hey, y’all!” she called out over the din in the bar. “This next song, I need someone dance with me, all right?”

“Aw yeah, Darling, I’ll dance with you!” a morbidly obese man said, struggling to get to his feet.

“Sorry, Honey,” Harmony smiled as she stepped onto the floor. “I got my eye on a very special man.”

“Did y’all, any of you guys put her up to…” Barry complained as Harmony headed straight for their table.

“No,” heads around the table shook in denial.

“Hey, Sugar, you come dance with me?” Harmony asked Patrick, blowing hotly into his ear.

“Uh yeah, I uh I guess,” Patrick said, blushing hotly.

“All right, I seen that movie ‘Scent Of A Woman,’ you’re supposed to hold onto me, right?” Harmony said and led Patrick to the stage.

“It’s about two feet up, all right?” Harmony said and nodded to Unity.

“Aw yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!” BJ and Michael screamed out as Billy Squier’s ‘My Kind Of Lover’ boomed out.

“Ow!” Jack screamed out and dropped a ten dollar bill into Harmony’s tip jar.

“Whip out your schlong!” ” Michael screamed at Patrick.

“If you have one!” BJ followed up.

“Y’all, I swear! Can’t take y’all nowhere!” Henry laughed.

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