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Wedding Day Nerves

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Female Ejaculation

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“Carol, can you come in and help me please!” Sophie called from the bathroom, struggling with her dress as her bladder felt close to exploding.

Sophie’s parents had spent six months planning this wedding, though Sophie had really been preparing for it since she learned what a wedding was. A fortune had been spent on every tiny detail but somehow two days before the ceremony, she still hadn’t found the perfect dress.

Standing in the exclusive wedding dress boutique with her two bridesmaids, Sophie yawned as another dress was brought out. But then she stopped. This one looked right. Could she really have found the right one at last? She tried it on. It fitted perfectly, the train making her look and feel like a princess even if she had to be helped into it by Carol and Nicola. But once it was on, she finally felt ready to get married, even with jittery nerves building in her.

“You look gorgeous,” Carol said, smiling at her warmly.

“You really do,” Nicola added.

Sophie looked at herself in the full length mirror and then turned to her two friends. “Do I?”

The morning of the wedding she was again helped into the dress, feeling again transformed from plain old Sophie Edwards to Princess Sophie of Weddingshire!

“Hold on,” Sophie began, as they walked downstairs to meet the hair stylist. “I need a pee.”

“It’ll have to wait,” came the imperious voice of her mother standing in the hall. “Julio is not someone you keep waiting. Get down here now Sophie. You can visit the bathroom afterwards.”

The voice of her mother was always enough to send Sophie backwards in time, to being a teenager, screamed at for getting second best painting in the art show, a twelve year old being berated for traipsing mud into the house after playing in the woods, even an eight year old receiving a telling off for not finishing her broccoli. Every time her father staying out of it, burying his head behind the newspaper, refusing to get involved.

Once more she felt herself looking down at the floor, obeying her mother’s orders, meekly walking into a pit of vipers, Julio standing tapping his foot by the dressing table. Carol and Nicola seemed to have disappeared and Sophie was seated in front of a mirror, her mother glaring at her from a nearby armchair.

Sophie sat looking at her reflection and suddenly seeming very small. The nerves were beginning to tell and she felt her need to pee growing stronger. It didn’t help having to keep perfectly still whilst her hair was wrenched backwards and tugged into unnatural shapes with the help of voluminous quantities of foul smelling hair spray. The corset under the dress was digging into her flesh too, making it difficult for her to breathe.

“How it look you think?” Julio asked, turning to Sophie’s mother, not even bothering to address her.

“I coffeedonutfest.com/ will reserve judgement until you are finished Julio.”

Sophie felt a twang of pain in her bladder, she shuffled her feet together under the dress, pressing her thighs against each other. She tried scrunching up her bare toes against the thick carpet, using the sensation to distract herself from the building pressure to urinate.

“Mother, I need to go to the bathroom. Please let me go.” Sophie hated this, having to beg for permission for the slightest thing. When she thought about it, that was the real reason for getting married, to try and get away from being treated like a child.

Her mother sighed but at least she didn’t start shouting. Instead she spoke through gritted teeth. “I am paying this man a fortune to make sure you look perfect for your day. This isn’t for my benefit. This is all for you. So you will sit there and let him finish.”


“And please don’t ask me again. Or I will get cross.”

Julio smiled at her in the mirror. “Nearly done, soon finished,” his thick accent mangling his words.

Sophie squeezed her thigh muscles, the way she used to when she was desperate in the past. During dinner parties when she dared not leave the table, dances with mother watching, not wanting to leave the room for fear of being called rude.

So many times in her life she’d been excruciatingly desperate for the toilet and had survived. Surely this was no different. She knew she could hold it in. It was just this time felt a lot different. The nerves perhaps? Or the fact she’d been unable to go to the toilet since the night before, too many things to do from the moment she woke up.

Sophie breathed in deeply and held it, feeling her desperation reach panic levels. She bit her lip and wriggled her knees, staring into the mirror and praying for him to finish. Against her will she felt a drop of pee leak out, soaking into her thin lace panties. She almost jumped up then but a single glare from her mother kept her in her seat.

Finally Julio stood back. “Done,” he grinned.

“What you think?”

Sophie shot to her feet, hardly even looking in the mirror in her urgent need to get out of the room, away from her mother, hide away in the toilet for just a few moments. Julio watched her try and run, the dress working against her, making her stumble.

“Don’t you dare tear that dress,” her mother’s voice echoed after her as she grabbed hold of the banister and dragged herself upstairs. The bathroom was locked, in use by her little sister as ever. But she had her en suite to fall back on and burst into her bedroom, finding Carol and Nicola on the bed together, locked in a kiss.

Sophie momentarily forgot her need to pee, the shock of seeing her two best friends in a tryst like this was too overwhelming for words. How could she not have known?

Carol and Nicola shot apart when she appeared, trying their best to act as if nothing had happened. Sophie was about to speak when her bladder screamed at her, she had to get to the toilet, now! She ran past the two of them and into the bathroom.

That was the moment when she noticed the flaw with her dress. It was going to be impossible to pee without either taking it off or with someone helping her. Taking it off would be virtually impossible, thin lace knotwork at the back had pretty much strapped her into it.

“Carol,” she began, shuffling on the spot as the toilet seemed to taunt her and her discomfort. “Can you come in and help me please?”

Carol pushed the door open and walked in, looking embarrassed. “Look, Sophie, about what you saw out there. I should explain.”

“In a minute,” Sophie interrupted. “I need your help. I’m about to wet myself here.”

“Oh right, hang on.” Carol picked up the nearest part of the dress and began lifting up lengths of fabric. “Are your legs somewhere under here?” she laughed.

“Don’t joke about this. I’m about to pee myself!”

There was a knock on the door. “Not now!” Sophie snapped.

“How dare you talk to me like that? Get out here!”

“Mother,” Sophie replied, pushing Carol away. “I’m so sorry. Hold on.”

She found her mother standing, arms folded, that familiar rage in her eyes. Sophie stood squirming on the spot as her mother spent a seemingly endless length of time berating her for not thanking Julio enough. The entire time Sophie felt her bladder screaming for release, aware that the toilet was just a few feet away, waiting for her.

“When you come back downstairs, you had better apologise to him,” she said before stomping out of Sophie’s room, leaving her to face Nicola and Carol, her lip quivering.

“Come on,” Carol said, “let’s get you sorted. “Nicola, I think we might need your help too.”

The three of them entered the bathroom as Sophie felt another drop of pee soaking her panties. “Hurry up,” she said. “I can feel it coming out.”

Nicola and Carol were frantically pulling at the dress, finally finding the bottom and lifting the lengths of fabric, revealing Sophie’s legs. More fabric fell back to replace it, leaving her just as covered as before. “Just undo me, quickly.” Sophie was wiggling on the spot now, trying to keep it in.

Carol moved behind her and began undoing the back of the dress before tugging at the ribbon holding her corset together. Sophie could only stand there, trying desperately to hold it in as her dress was finally manhandled away, her corset loose enough for her to breathe. Standing there now, a sense of freedom came over her, freedom from her mother, from the upcoming wedding, everything.

With Carol’s help, she was able to remove the corset completely, leaving her only wearing her damp panties. She had run out of time now and pee began to flow from her, dripping from the side of her knickers as she shuffled over to the toilet, squatting down and tugging them aside so a torrent of urine could finally escape her and splash into the water of the porcelain bowl. She sighed happily and found herself crying tears of joy, the feeling of relief was incredible.

Sophie looked up then, aware that Nicola and Carol were both looking at her intently, watching her pee. She widened her knees unconsciously, pushing her hips forwards slightly, letting them watch the weakening flow of amber liquid until she finally finished.

“You looked like you needed that,” Nicola said after a moment’s silence.

Sophie ignored her, focussed instead on removing her soaking wet knickers. She placed them in the laundry basket and turned back to the dress, looking at it intently. “Do you know what?” she asked.


“I think I’ve just worked out how to be free of my mother forever.”


The guests in the hall were all assembled by now, quietly talking as they waited. Sophie was late. The groom stood by the registrar, trying not to look nervous. Sophie’s mother paced beside him, apologising to the front row of guests. Suddenly the hall doors flew open and everyone turned to look. Sophie stood in the doorway, completely naked.

Immediately chaos broke out, everyone talking over each other. The ninety year old piano player heard none of that; she just saw the door open. Her frail fingers began playing the familiar wedding march. Sophie ignored the stares, the shouts, the pointing. She walked arm in arm with Nicola on her left and Carol on her right. They walked as rehearsed, down the aisle, coming to a halt at the front. Sophie smiled at her husband to be, his jaw dropping open as he stared back at her firm breasts, her long legs, her light fuzz of pubic hair.

Sophie’s mother moved to her side, rictus grin glued to her face as she whispered through gritted teeth. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Get out of here now, you’re humiliating me in front of everyone.”

“What’s the problem mother?” Sophie asked politely, her pert bottom facing the rows of guests.

“If you don’t get your dress on right this second, I’m leaving and you’ll never see me again.”

“Goodbye then.”

She watched as her mother turned and marched up the aisle and out of the still open door. Sophie turned to the registrar. “Ready when you are.”

The ceremony seemed to pass in a blur; Sophie was too excited to take in much of it.

She said “I do,” and so did he and then they were walking past applauding guests, Sophie feeling eyes on her body as she walked. Most of the guests seemed to be trying hard not to stare at her chest or between her legs but she found she didn’t care if they did. For the first time in a very long time, she was actually happy.

The End – Feel free to give me feedback!

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