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Weekend Away Ch. 01

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She pulled over into a parking lot a few blocks away from his apartment. Her hands were shaking, and she could feel tears building up. They had talked briefly a couple days ago for the first time in three months. She thought about turning around and heading home but she knew she couldn’t do that to him. She wasn’t really sure what to expect, would he be happy to see her or pissed because she had totally put him out of her life for the last three months. She wanted to at least talk to him and tell him everything that had been going on. She just hoped he would be receptive to listening to her at the least. Jill pulled back out onto the road and in what seemed like no time was at his place. She got out of the car took a deep breath. “Here we go.” She said to herself.

It had started about a year ago when she dropped by to see her sister Debbie and her son Joel. Joel and her had always been close, she had two daughters so always treated him as the son she never had. Joel was an awkward kid growing up, very shy, never got into sports, kind of geeky as her own daughters put it. College had done wonders for him, his first year he shot up from 5’11” to 6’3″ and he had started to work out slowly adding muscle to his skinny frame. Now at age 22 he had totally transformed into a lean 6’4″ guy that she was sure turned the heads of most ladies when he walked into a room. His mom Debbie was ultra religious so Joel had turned to her for dating advice. At first it was more how to ask someone out but soon turned to how to let a girl down easy. He seemed to have no interest in a serious relationship and she had discouraged him from doing so and to concentrate on having fun and getting his education.

Joel greeted her with a big hug and innocent peck on the cheek. Today was a little bit of a sad occasion for her as Joel would be moving about an hour and a half away to pursue his masters degree. They all chatted over lunch and Jill couldn’t suppress her constant smile as Joel talked about his future. She felt like a proud mother listening to the plans of her favorite nephew.

“Hey what am I going to do now for my relaxation massages” Jill shot out as it hit her how far he was going to be moving from home. Joel had taken some massage classes during school to make some extra money and had built up quite the list of customers in a few years. Jill stopped by weekly at least for some work on her neck and upper back and always felt better after.

” A few of my clients said they were going to make the trip down, so I guess you will have to do the same aunty”. Joel laughed as he looked at his frowning aunt.

“They are going to drive 90 miles to get a massage”.

“Hey I’m good, you’ve only gotten the upper body, my full massages are very popular”.

“Let me guess it’s the older desperate housewife’s who are going to make the drive so they can feel your hands on them” Jill laughed.

Her sister didn’t seem to like that comment and Jill apologized as her sister shook her head.

“I’m just kidding you know that, you are very good and I guess I will have to try a real massage from ya one of these days. Maybe when you come home for the holidays”.

“Deal” Joel smiled. “You’ll be driving down to see me after that though”. Ill even give ya a discount since were related”.

“Your to sweet” Jill laughed “I’m really going to miss you”

Over the next six months she only got to see Joel a handful of times. She always made a point to catch him while he was home for any reason. She loved hearing about his experiences in college, his new place, he had really turned into an interesting young man. She got to indulge a couple times in his full body massages also. Both times his mother was present and they would all talk as she relaxed on the massage table he had brought home with him so he could get in a few of his clients while he was closer to them. Jill loved the full treatment and soon found herself thinking about driving down just to get her fix. Joel always told her he would love to see her anytime and he thought she would find it even more relaxing without his mom being there. He was probably right she thought, her sister always seemed to make her feel uncomfortable. There was never anything even remotely sexual about the massages but it was nice to feel Joel’s strong hands work on her. Jill’s husband had seemed to lose interest in her sexually let alone to give her a massage. Her sex life had boiled down to giving her over weight husband head a couple times a month and if she was lucky five to ten minutes of intercourse until he got off. Joel always complimented her on how fit she was and even though he was related it was still nice to hear from a man. She did get some attention from others; she was still in pretty good shape for a 48 year old. The thought of straying outside of her marriage had also crossed her mind but she didn’t think she would ever have the nerve to do it. A couple months ago after a office party and a few to many glasses of wine her and another coworker made out in his car after. She was a little tipsy and if he Kıbrıs Escort hadn’t got a call from his wife wondering where he was they probably would have ended up in a hotel somewhere. Steve did manage to bring her to an intense orgasm just fingering her and sucking on her nipples though. She was shocked how hot she got just feeling another man’s hands roam over her body. They talked frequently after and although both seemed to want more Jill got cold feet and decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea. The experience had fueled her libido though and she found herself masturbating often thinking about having another man other than her husband. Her work friend wasn’t so easily discouraged but was sly about it and their relationship had turned into a lot of teasing with seemingly innocent comments around the office. Jill was finding it harder and harder to not agree to a discreet meeting with him to finally satisfy her curiosity. The thought of having an affair with Steve really turned her on but the thought of getting caught always brought her back to reality. She loved her husband he was a good guy but she just needed more and he seemed more and more like he had lost interest in her.

Over the next couple of months she found it getting harder to resist Steve’s advances and his latest suggestion had her seriously considering her first affair. Steve’s wife was going out of town for a long weekend and he had invited her over for drinks and we will see what happens, no pressure meeting.

The thought of it was very intriguing and she sat on the couch one night fighting the temptation to pick up her cell and agree to meet him while his wife was away. She was deep in thought when the ringing of her phone startled her.

“Aunt Jill how are ya” She fought to clear her head and didn’t even recognize the voice. “You there”

“Yes sweetie I’m sorry just daydreaming here how’s my favorite nephew?”

“I’m good thanks. Hey mom told me to call ya, they are having an art exhibition this weekend near campus and she thought you might be interested.”

“Really that sounds interesting” her mind was going a mile a minute. If she went down that would at least get her far enough away that she felt she could resist the urge to go see Steve. But he would also probably be really mad that she was blowing off this opportunity to finally get together with little risk of getting caught.


“Joel I’m sorry been a little crazy here let me give it some thought and I will call ya back. I’m not real crazy about the idea of driving three hours in one day.”

” No problem and you can spend the night here if ya want, my roommate is going home for the long weekend.”

“Ok I will call ya back soon.”

Jill spent the next hour going over her options. While the thought of spending some alone time with Steve really turned her on she knew what would happen. She called Steve and tried to explain her feelings to him and even though he seemed understanding she could tell he was at the least disappointed. She called Joel back and told him she would be down early Saturday morning and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

The Drive down went quicker than she thought; her mind was on Steve the majority of the ride. Was she making a mistake, would this weekend be her one chance to get some fun back into her life? She kept telling herself she had made the right decision and a weekend away was probably all she needed to get her head on straight. As she pulled in the apartment complex Joel came out to greet her. His big bear hug put her instantly at ease as she hung on a little longer than she should have so happy to see him . “I’ve missed you so much” she said as she squeezed her hands around his solid frame. “Me too aunt Jill” Joel said realizing something was wrong as she continued to hang on to him. “You ok.”

“Yes I’m sorry just happy to see you, things have been a little stressful at work.”

“Well it’s great to have ya here, I will see what I can do to get your mind off of work.”

Joel grabbed her bags and led her up to his apartment. She was shocked when she went in at how nice it was. Expecting to see some college dorm like room his place was very nicely decorated and completely opposite of what she had expected. They chatted for a bit and then she said she was going to get a shower before they went to the art show. The hot water felt great and Jill was relieved at how relaxed she felt, and although feeling better she wondered if she had made the right decision. She leaned into the wall and just let the hot shower rain down on her body. Her hands soon began massaging her breasts as she went into a daydream thinking of what she would be doing now if she had met Steve this morning. Her soapy hands soon made their way down and she let out a quiet moan as her finger slid between her lips. Damn she could be doing this with Steve right now she thought as her fingers slid into her wet pussy. She imagined he was next to her in the shower gently teasing her squirming body. Jill squatted down to Magosa Escort let her fingers slide deeper inside her wetness, she was totally lost in her fantasy, the fingers of her other hand found her clit and she began rubbing furiously as she slid two other fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. She imagined him standing in front of her now pulling her head towards his rock hard cock. Her lips sliding around him feeling his cock slowly push into her waiting mouth.

Two loud knocks on the door snapped her from her fantasy. “You drowning in there?” Joel yelled through the door.

“I’m ok, just finishing up be right out”

Damn she thought as she tried to compose herself, guess I will have to wait till tonight to finish this one.

Joel and her spent the day browsing through the art show. While she did enjoy it she was happier just being there with Joel. He was quite the conversationalist and kept her mind from thinking about Steve to much. He did catch her daydreaming a couple times and asked her to tell him what was going on but she just kept telling him it was nothing. After a full day of checking out the art show and Joel showing her some of the local sites of interest Jill was ready to kick back and relax. She offered to buy dinner and have it delivered but Joel insisted on cooking. The meal was very filling and along with some wine Jill found herself completely at ease. She plopped down on the sofa opposite Joel and placed her feet on his legs. He began asking her again about what was on her mind all day and she soon found herself opening up to him. He was very easy to talk to, a great listener and while too young to offer much advice it was good to get some things off her chest. She didn’t go into details about Steve but she knew from his responses that Joel was reading between the lines. Nothing like admitting to your nephew you’re a slut she thought as Joel began massaging her feet. “Ahh now that’s what I need” Jill smiled and closed her eyes. “I’m sorry I’ve been talking so much about my problems, but I do appreciate you listening. Your Uncle and I will be fine I think I’m just going through a midlife crisis.”

“Nah your way past midlife” Joel joked as they both broke out laughing.

“Ok smartass watch it now.”

Joel jumped up grabbing her empty wine glass and walked into the kitchen. Jill objected saying she had had enough but he returned with a full glass telling her to enjoy her night of freedom and not to worry about drinking too much.

“So what about you, you have any hot young girls chasing ya down here?’

“Not sure about the chasing part but I do have one I’ve been seeing for a few months now. That’s who called during dinner I told her I had family down this weekend and would see her Monday.”

“Joel you shouldn’t have done that. I can go to a hotel tonight, I don’t want to intrude on your weekend.”

“Don’t be silly, your not intruding, not at all.”

They talked a bit about his new girl and school and Jill began feeling the effects of the wine. She was a very light drinker and this was more than she’d had since her night with Steve . She told Joel she was going hit the hay and he laughed mumbling something about her age. “I thought I would give ya a nice massage tonight to put ya to sleep.”

“That sounds great sweetie but with all this wine I don’t want to pass out on the massage table.”

“You won’t or better yet just get onto the bed and I’ll massage you there.”

“That’s a little weird don’t you think.”

“Whats the difference, plus I give better massages on the bed.”

“Yea I’m sure, but I’m your aunt not your girlfriend.”

“Quit” Joel laughed. “Go in jump in the shower and I will get the room ready for ya ok.”

Jill thought for a second, “so what am I supposed to put on after the shower if Im gonna fall asleep with this massage?”

“Just come out in the towel, I’ll give you another dry one to wrap around for the massage.”

“I don’t think so young man, again your aunt here!”

“Your killing me, ok just put on your panties, I’ve seen ya in bikini’s remember. I’m a professional remember I can keep you completely covered and give a good massage.”

Jill laughed as she walked out of the room and into the bathroom. She could use a good massage and after the long day she was sure that would be perfect for a long nights sleep. She soaped up her body and for a second thought about resuming her earlier fantasy but thought maybe better to wait until after then she would be completely relaxed. She jumped out and dried off then Joel called through the door that he had left a towel outside that she could switch to. She cracked the door noticing the lights had all been turned down and grabbed the towel. “Damn” she thought she didn’t bring in her change of clothes. Jill wrapped the towel around her and walked into Joel’s bedroom. The lights were low and a candle flickered in the corner. Soft wave like sounds were coming through the stereo, very nice she thought. “So where are you going to sleep if I’m in here?”

“The Girne Escort couch” Joel said.

“You sure I don’t… Joel just held his hand up. Ok thanks Joel. Now you got to step out while I get something on.”

“You will be more relaxed with just a drape over you ya know.”

“I’m sure but again, just humor me ok I will put on something and you have to keep me draped, Deal?”

“Deal” Joel said as he closed the door.

Jill again felt the effects of the wine as she got a little light headed bending over to slip on her panties. She grabbed her bra then put it back, the towel would cover her enough. She crawled onto the bed pulling back the comforter and pushing it onto the floor. It felt good to lay down, and she was looking forward to a nice massage then after her private self massage even more. Joel knocked then entered as she tried to get the towel over her back.

“You all set?”

“Let’s do it”

Joel closed the door making the room darker except for the light glow form the candle. This was ok Jill thought, the darkness made her feel more comfortable. She felt Joel get onto the bed kneeling beside her and gently pulling her hair away from her neck. She felt him pulling the towel away and started to get nervous but then felt him fold it down just exposing her back. Joel made some small talk as his oiled up hand slowly stated massaging her neck. She was keeping quiet still a little uncomfortable but starting to enjoy the massage. She felt him move and then straddle her upper thighs, again feeling uneasy but soon it was out of her head as she felt his two strong hands begin to work her back. Her Mind began to wonder as she become more relaxed, how lucky was his girlfriend she thought. To have this at her beck and call, I’m sure hers are a lot more sensual though. Probably have Joel nude on top of her slowly massaging her into a frenzy. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt Joel’s hands slip around her and gently brush the side of her breast. A few more gentle brushes then she felt his hand slide around further almost sliding over her now erect nipples.


“Just relax, I’m not gonna do anything to make ya feel uncomfortable.”

“Ok just watch the finger tips” she said smiling.

Joel didn’t respond but kept working over her back. It felt good she had to admit he really was good at this. I need this all the time she thought as Joel’s hands slipped down further working the small of her back. She could feel his fingers slipping under the top of her panties but it felt to good to say anything.

“Your really tight in your lower back”

Jill could only manage a soft sigh as the effects of the wine and Joel’s hands had her in a trance. She felt his hands sliding down further now slowly working from her lower back onto her ass. She couldn’t believe how great his hands felt massaging her ass, slow gentle strokes slowly pressing harder and harder into her. She felt his fingers roaming further under the edges of her panties. It had been years if ever that a guy had pampered her so much. She began to wonder if Steve would be so attentive to her if she did go through with the affair. To be getting a great massage knowing that it was going to lead to some hot sex would be too much. Joel’s hands were now over her entire ass she hadn’t realized that he had pulled her panties between her cheeks during her little fantasy and was now caressing her bare ass. She reached back and placed her hand on top of his.

“Sorry does that hurt, too much pressure?”

“No just little too close to home if ya know what I mean”.

Joel laughed and pulled her panties back around her cheeks then began working on her lower legs.

“Your really good at this sweetie”

“Thanks” she heard then silence as Joel worked slowly up and down each leg. After he began massaging her upper most thighs and again onto her ass. He told her to relax and that loosening up her leg muscles would help her back relax. She didn’t care at this point she felt completely relaxed and was totally enjoying the massage. She moaned lightly as his hands roamed up and down her thighs. Each time they slid to her upper thighs his thumbs would slide further around the inner side. She felt herself becoming aroused, and wondered if he had any clue what he was doing to her. Damn if this was anyone else they would be getting lucky very soon she thought. She felt him move to her side and both hands slid onto her right upper thigh. Gently massaging her muscles deeply as he worked down her thigh then back up she felt herself almost naturally spread her legs a bit as the fingers of his one hand brushed her upper most thigh. She let him slide up and down a few more times each time he seems to spend more and more time up towards the top. It felt unreal but was starting to freak her out and she was about to reach back when he switched sides and began massaging the other leg. He really is just massaging her she thought. Man I am really full of myself she thought. I am his aunt, more than twice his age why would he even be attracted to me. He could have his girlfriend here if he wanted sex, he was just being thorough. She relaxed again assured her nephew wasn’t trying to seduce her and let him massage her as he wanted. Jill felt him straddle her legs once again, his hands sliding up each of her legs from bottom to top.

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