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Weekend in the Mountains Ch. 02

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Part 2, Next Morning.

Pressure in my bladder woke me up in the gray light of early morning. I blinked for a moment or two, not realizing where I was, then it all came back to me. The two naked, beautiful women on each side of me were a substantial aid to the memory. It had been quite a night, the first time my wife and I had ever had another woman, or anyone for that matter, join us in a threesome. We were staying at a friend’s house in the mountains and after a bit of wine (er, make that a lot of wine) she and my wife had plotted to surprise me with a threesome. Yes I was extremely surprised, in fact words do not express the magnitude of my astonishment last evening.

To be fair, neither of these women were supermodels, but they were beautiful in my eyes. My wife Ruth was on one side, short and plump with a curvy, voluptuous figure; full, heavy breasts and a round bottom. She had a light olive complexion and golden brown hair worn short. Olga was taller than me and lanky, with a flat belly; small, firm breasts; shoulder-length cornsilk hair and pale, Nordic skin.

I eased myself out of the bed, trying my best not to wake them, and padded off down the hallway from the guest bedroom towards the bathroom. It only took a few moments to empty my bladder, and I rinsed my mouth, hoping to freshen my breath in case the ladies woke up horny. I nearly ran into Olga on my way out of the bathroom. She hugged me and we shared one deep kiss before she pulled güvenilir bahis away to make use of the bathroom. Who cares if she had morning breath, I’m always happy to kiss a naked woman in the morning. Or any other time.

That kiss and the feel of her naked body against mine was enough to spark my interest. My shaft was standing at about half-mast as I waited outside the bathroom for her to finish. I grabbed her for another deep kiss on her way out. Last night everything had happened so fast that I didn’t have a lot of time to explore her body. I wanted to fix that right now and I whispered in her ear that I wanted her again. She took me by the hand and led me away from the guest bedroom towards her bedroom, both of us continuing our touching and exploring along the way.

She laid on her back on the bed, but I didn’t join her right away. I stood next to the bed and ran my hands up her slim legs from her ankles to her hips, enjoying every inch of her. My hands moved across her flat tummy and along her sides, up between her breasts, down her arms and around again. I was avoiding touching her nipples or pussy for a short while, just to be a tease. She quickly grew tired of my teasing and reached for my already hard shaft. I reached for her wetness, lightly massaging her outer and inner lips as I crawled up on the bed and got my mouth into position above her blond bush. This was going to be my first taste of her juices. I slid a finger inside her wetness and türkçe bahis brought my mouth down on her. A little bit of feeling around and I found a smoother, hard area just inside her opening, her G spot. Meantime my tongue was making circles around her inner lips. The taste was wonderful, similar and yet different from my wife’s sweet pussy.

She started making her “Oh-oh-oh” noises again, just like last night. I worked another finger inside her and put a little more pressure on her G spot, wiggling my fingers as if I were signaling “come here.” By this time my tongue was on her clit, moving side to side as well as up and down. Her grip on my shaft tightened and I thought she was getting close. I tried something new, that I was unable to do with my wife’s hidden clit, but I thought it would work on Olga’s more prominent one. I formed my tongue into a tube and moved it onto her clit. A few strokes of that and she came quickly, still making the same noises but higher pitched. I could feel her pussy walls squeezing my fingers. I eased up on the pressure and friction, but still kept in contact with her G spot and clit. Her orgasm seemed to go on for a long time. Finally she gasped for me to stop, she had had enough.

She pushed me over onto my back, still holding onto my shaft and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her blond hair was brushing my belly and her warm tongue swirled around the head and flicked across the tip in rapid movements. Then she took güvenilir bahis siteleri almost my entire shaft into her mouth, scraping the sides lightly with her teeth and licking along the underside. I reached down and cupped her right breast, feeling her double-tall nipple pressing into my palm. It was very enjoyable, almost too good. I thought that she was just using her mouth for foreplay, like last night, so I warned her.

“You’re going to bring me off really quick like that.” I gasped.

“Uh-huh.” She didn’t even loosen her mouth to answer.

“Uh, do you want me to come in your mouth?”

This time she nodded her answer, wagging my cock along with it. I stopped holding back, relaxed and let my orgasm build. I could feel it in the base of my shaft, growing, then exploding into Olga’s hungry mouth. She swallowed everything I had and sucked the last bit out of my cock, finally letting it fall limp from her mouth. Swiveling around, she kissed me and I could taste my moisture on her lips.

My wife got up about fifteen minutes later, stumbling out to the kitchen to find Olga and me, still naked, cooking breakfast. She was usually grouchy before her caffeine so I set down the knife I had been using to chop onions and poured her a mug of coffee. As I handed her the cup, I stole a kiss and squeezed her bare bottom, another chance that I wasn’t going to pass up, to kiss a naked woman in the morning.

“Sit on down and we’ll have breakfast for you in a minute.” I told her.

“Hrumph.” She took a sip of coffee, then looked over at Olga, then me. “Look at this, you’re with a naked blond and you don’t even have a hard-on.

I grinned. “I was saving that for you, my dear.”

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