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Quinn stirred in her sleep, shifting restlessly on my chest. Wondering what dreams flowed in her head tonight, I gently ran my fingers through her hair. She was such a gorgeous woman. Long, soft, dark brown hair that waved and shimmered in the softest sun, smooth skin that begged to be caressed, lips so warm and inviting they crumbled my strongest resistance with a tender kiss, and eyes…I dont know where to begin. Quinn had the kind of eyes that locked onto your soul and poured love into it until you were drunk on butterflies. I’ve lost count how many times I lose myself staring into those beautiful eyes.

Quinn stirred again, nuzzling her face deeper into my neck while sighing contentedly. I planted a gentle kiss on her forehead, knowing that it was her favorite. Her mouth had the barest hint of a smile and her hand was caressing my bare stomach, exploring every curve of my abs in her dream. I had always loved her caressing me and it had always been a turn on for me, so it was no surprise that after a few minutes of sleep cuddling, my dick was ready and alert.

I’m not what you’d call a huge guy but i do well with what I have. However, I figured letting her sleep was more important, so I pushed my thoughts to the back of my mind. Quinn seemed to have other plans in her dream that night.

I felt her hand sliding lower down my body, my dick aching to be caressed by it. She slid her soft hand under the band of my shorts and slowly grasped my hard dick, gently exploring it with her fingerstips. My breath caught at the surprise of her sexual advance and at the wonderful feeling her hands always created when she touched me. I glanced down at her face to see if she was asleep, until my gaze was caught by the soft curve of her breast. I couldn’t help myself. I gently slipped my hand under her tank top and enjoyed gaziantep escort the fullness of her breasts. With my thumb rubbing slow circles, it took little time to harden her sweet, little nipples. I moaned softly into her hair where my face was buried, inhaling her lovely scent.

Her sweet lips began to move up my neck, leaving a little warm trail to my lips. I kissed her back with unreserved passion. Quinn broke away while tightening her grip on my shaft and stroking a little harder.

“I guess you knew what I was dreaming,” she whispered, melting me with her eyes.

“I had a little help,” I chuckled, gesturing toward her hand in my pants.

“Well how about we finish my dream?” she said seductively as her hand started to really stroke my hard cock.

Without another word I kissed her softly and passionately, letting her warm tongue slide in my mouth freely. I still continued to fondle her breast as she moaned in my mouth, setting my lust on fire with need. I rolled her on top of me and sat her her up, letting my dick roughly grind her already wet pussy through her shorts. I slowly slid her top off of her body, following it with a sweet trail of kisses. I appreciated the beauty of her breast for a moment before attacking her nipples with my mouth.

With short, deft flicks I tortured her stiff nipples with the tip of my tongue, feeling her breath get faster with every stroke. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as she grinded harder on my cock. Her hands came up and buried themselves in my hair, pushing me harder into her tits. I sucked her nipples like there was no tomorrow, teasing with my tongue all the while.

I could tell it was time to pay attention to something else by the way her warm pussy was throbbing through her shorts. I gently laid her on her back and slowly slid her shorts off, revealing the beautiful pink flower. Not wasting any time, I kissed a sensual trail from her excited nipples all the way down to her sweet, wet pussy. Nothing has ever tasted better than those lovely juices that her pussy releases, so needless to say my tongue had no hesitation in attacking her swollen clit. I could feel how every flick and lick would pleasure her, making her hips buck into my face to drive my tongue ever deeper. I licked the whole length of her moist lips, adding an extra push when I reached that shiny pearl at the top. Burying my face as deep as possible, I used my tongue to explore every inch of her warm, wet pussy I could. Quinn was moaning and breathing heavier and heavier with every passing second as she pushed my face further into her. Then i felt the key moment I had been waiting for, the little sharp tell-tell of breath. I knew she would come to an earth shattering orgasm if I were to continue but I had other plans in mind. Pulling away with a wry grin on my face, I licked the remnants of her juice off of my lips.

“No…don’t stop…,” she pleaded with soulfull eyes.

I merely smiled at her as I slid my shorts off, freeing my hard cock from it prison. It never fails for her eyes to blaze with excitement when seeing my dick for the first time. It always makes butterflies go crazy in my stomach. Positioning myself in between her legs with my dick pointing straight at her waiting, hungry pussy, I bent down to kiss her slowly and softly. Letting my kisses build with strength, my other hand snuck down and grabbed my hard shaft. Then I played my trump card. With a deft flick of my wrist, my swollen tip slammed down on her clit several times, slapping with wet smacks.

Quinn lost all composure at once. Spinning me onto my back, she had me balls deep in her so fast I didn’t know what happened. When I regained my control back, Quinn was rocking hard on my shaft, impaling herself over and over again. Watching her face contort with pleasure, I picked the perfect moment and bucked my hips, thrusting as deep as possible. With a joyous cry, she went rigid cumming on my swollen cock buried deep in her slick pussy. I almost lost it there and then, but I had a special place in mind for all of my warm seed.

Collapsing on my chest, she grasped me as if her life depended on it. I slipped out of her warm pussy, a little difficult as her muscles still gripped my cock tightly. Gently rolling her over, I straddled her chest, letting my dick fall in her cleavage. Quinn glanced at my still hard cock and at me knowingly and pressed her tits together, forming a soft,warm hole. Using her own juices to lube her, I started to thrust slowly back and forth, enjoying the feeling of her against my hot skin. I was doing all right holding back the inevitable release until she threw me another curveball. Using her hands to her tits, she trapped the head of my dick with her mouth and sucked me off while fucking me with her breast. I had no chance against such a tactic.

With a low moan, i shot load after load of warm, sticky cum all over her. It flowed out of her mouth and on her face and breasts. I’ve never came that much before in my life. She was holding my balls as I came, enjoying the feeling of them drain. She released my spent cock, using her fingers to rub the cum into her breast and lick it off her face. I was so turned on by watching her but couldn’t gather the energy to get hard again.

Getting up, I grabbed a towel and cleaned her off. Laying back down, Quinn cuddles up next to me in her usual nook. Leaning her head up to me, she gave me a gentle kiss, filled with love. I sighed contentedly, happy with life.

“Welcome home baby…” she murmed as she drifted back off to her dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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