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Well… Ch. 08

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Is it because I’m getting older or do the days and weeks go past quickly for you guys as well?

December, Christmas and New Year gone already and now it’s talk of holidays and special events in the coming year.

Still that’s not to say that the old year finished badly, in actual fact it finished very well, a little bit of a shopping spree in Amsterdam with our good friends James and Ann and their good friends Brian and Tanya. Both Mary and I got acquainted with the latter couple at one of James’s party and were impressed by them both, for Brian’s size and Tanya age and enthusiasm!

I expect you would like me to tell you all about the shopping in Amsterdam, how good it is, where to go and all that but I’m not going to, mainly because if you wanted that stuff you wouldn’t be reading this stuff, and also because us three boys left it to the ladies and concentrated on finding good places for drinking, obtaining a little fragrant weed and a venue for entertainment on the Saturday night.

The girls certainly enjoyed their day and told us all about it over dinner; the big shops, the sex shops and the coffee shop with cannabis cake that they visited before they returned to the hotel.

After dinner we all returned to our rooms to change for a night out and having been advised of a quiet respectable place to enjoy an intimate evening I put on a pouch, slacks and a short sleeved shirt while watching Mary slip into a plum coloured thong and matching ¼ cup bra with a little black dress over the top.

Joining the others in reception it seemed that all the ladies had the same idea about dresses and from the fronts of them about the same idea on underwear. Six beautiful nipples were trying to break through the dresses and that certainly put some stress on my pouch!!

Our venue turned out to be a large house in a quiet part of town and when we had dealt with our coats we wandered to the bar for drinks to be met by a grey haired gentleman who welcomed us and encouraged us to enjoy ourselves, adding that if we required anything to let him know and he would supply it.

Off the bar was the main room with plenty of tables and booths in front of a raised dais with a curtain around it. As the room was filling up we decided to get a table and soon were getting comfortable in front of the stage and a little to the right, [as Brian said, so we could still get to the bar easily!]

The lights dimmed and quiet but insistent music started playing as the curtains rolled back revealing a huge red silk covered bed adorned by two stunning young women.

They both wore leather halters, rather than bras, and both had pierced nipples. Their lower parts were also leather clad with a handy zip that went from just below the waistband at the front to a similar position at the back.

They were kissing and caressing each other in a most erotic way cimcif gaziantep escort and it certainly began to affect our ladies as there was a bit of squirming about going on in no time at all.

The arrival after about 5 minutes of this, of two well hung black guys was the final straw and my growing erection was now being played with by Mary on one side and Tanya on the other.

The men set to at once releasing the zips in the shorts and laying in a circle one kissed a girl while the other girl sucked his dick. She was soon penetrated by the other man who moved his head between the thighs of the other one being kissed and all at once there was this ring of black and white moaning bodies.

A brief look round told me that a lot of inhibitions were going out the window about now, not only at our table but also at a good deal more.

A young girl, probably about 20’ish, pulling her partner by the hand headed towards the stage and shrugging out of her dress threw herself around the thighs of the black guy whose dick was being sucked and, pushing the girl away, swallowed him in one easy go. Her partner seeing this literally ripped her tiny briefs away and buried his head between her thighs furiously licking her pussy and arse in his haste to gratify her needs.

Others were also approaching the stage and soon the bed was a mass of writhing bodies as men and women divested themselves of their clothing and joined in. Dicks were sucked, pussies licked and clits mauled as a frenzy of copulation took place, ending in the all too predictable early climax of most of the men and a lot of the women. Sperm was covering faces, arms, stomachs, hair and just about anywhere else you can think of.

Of course those at our table were not immune from this and indeed we were quite organised. All our ladies had their dresses removed and were laid on the table with us three men thrusting in to them in perfect unison while the girls kissed and fondled each other as best they could.

Being a little less frantic than the majority of the assembled crowd we soon became the centre of attention and it wasn’t long before Mary, Ann and Tanya were being worshipped by men and women alike. Breasts were caressed, nipples pulled and hands slid between male and female stomachs so that clits could be massaged and climaxes attained.

Brian and Tanya were next to Mary and I and the size of his prick was beginning to cause quite a stir as it was watched being pumped in and out of his voluptuous wife. Every time he pulled out hands were trying to take him fully away from Tanya and it wasn’t long before those hands succeeded, regrettably gripping him a little too hard so that his enormous prick began to spasm and shoot long threads of cum all over Tanya’s stomach and tits with the rest being deposited on Mary.

Not cimcif gaziantep escort bayan that it remained there long; tongues soon swooped on the treasure and bodies were licked clean in an instant.

Ann in the meantime had been turned over by James who was ripping into her doggy fashion while she treated a young man to the delights of fellatio like only an experienced woman can do.

His face was getting redder and redder as she sucked and tongued him and James’s punishing strokes into Ann’s squelching pussy were not helping the young man at all. He pulled back a little, for a fraction of a second stopped and then grabbing his cock spurted a prodigious amount of sperm all over Ann’s face. Her tongue reached out and gobbled down as much as she possible could from around her mouth before James, withdrawing from her and pulling her back to him, deposited another shower of warm white cum on her face as well.

Mary of course, while I had been ploughing into her non stop, saw all of this and came to a shuddering climax clasping her pussy walls around my prick and drawing from me an orgasm that made my head spin.

My legs went weak and I dropped onto a chair behind me, only to be immediately pounced upon by a woman wanting to clean my prick, while another man replaced me between Mary’s thighs and began to lick her out like a man possessed.

I think at this stage that the only one of us six who hadn’t come was Tanya. She had been rudely interrupted when Brian was taken from her but she was now trying to catch up by being double penetrated by the young man whose girl had dragged him to the stage earlier and the older gentleman who had welcomed us at the start of the evening.

Tanya was lying on the youth pushing her amazing chest into his face for as much attention as possible while the older man had lubed up and was pounding into her backside.

They had organised a nice rhythm between them and after the early climaxes from the men looked as if they could go on for some time. They hadn’t of course counted on the ‘encouragement’ they were about to receive from Mary and Ann.

Both the girls had been ‘cleaned up’ after James and I had left them and were keen to help their friend Tanya enjoy herself.

Mary began to play with the young boys balls while Ann pushed her tits into the older man’s face and tickled a finger up and down the crack of his bum.

This stimulation was too much for all concerned and Tanya exploded from the men’s pounding, freeing herself from both pricks she slid forward just as the two men climaxed together sending two huge wads of cum all over her pussy and arse. They both seemed to go on for ages while other women tried to suck them dry and a woman paid very special attention to Tanya’s lower regions to make sure that escort gaziantep cimcif every drop of sperm was cleaned away.

By this time fortunately events were beginning to turn back to the main stage and the six of us had a little rest and tidy up, all sat close and cuddling, while watching what was going on.

A little bit of S and M was beginning to take shape with the odd whip and set of nipple clamps being produced and so having all nodded our approval to each other we decided to take our leave and return to the hotel.

The taxi driver’s face was a picture as we discussed the merits or not of the people at the club on our way home, he definitely understood more English than I did Dutch!

The journey was soon over and returning to our rooms we opened the interconnecting doors and all chatted as we undressed and made ready for showers. Everybody gravitated towards our room and we all crowded into the bathroom, Brian and James sitting on the edge of the bath with Ann on the loo while I slipped into the shower and started washing with the help of Tanya who got in beside Mary.

What a feeling; four hands soaping my body all over as I stood there running my hands over two amazing pairs of breasts. Dipping fingers into wet and eager pussies as I kissed licked and sucked on lips and ears drowning in cascading water.

Ann wasn’t watching though. After a short while she had fallen to her knees in front of James and was sucking him to full erection while Brian had slipped behind her and was tonguing her eager cunt for all he was worth.

His huge prick, like James’s, was now fully erect and he fed it gently into Ann’s gash. She shivered as he pushed home every inch and sucked harder on James while playing with his balls, and reaching behind to tug at Brian’s as well.

Tanya had by this time taken my prick into her mouth and as she looked up at me from the floor of the shower, Mary was stood slightly to one side of me rubbing my chest, playing with my bum and telling me about all the things that were going on around me.

I was in heaven; one thing I have always liked was to be talked to and on occasions it was necessary, as I have told you before I am sometimes ‘slow to rise’ after the initial event. This was out of this world. My beautiful wife being totally disgusting in my ear while this large breasted woman sucked, licked and pulled at my prick and another large chested beauty took on two men at the same time only a few feet from where I stood.

I wanted it to go on for ever but it never does and as James came all over Ann’s face while Brian jetted his offering over her bum, Mary took me from Tanya’s mouth and with final words of encouragement pointed my prick at her and said, ‘drown her in your cum darling, drown her for me now’.

Tanya looked up at me with great big yearning eyes and my whole body seemed to fly apart as my prick exploded covering her with sperm. Mary milked me for every drop as Tanya sucked again at me and then spent, I dragged myself to the bed and lay down.

My eyes would hardly stay open as I lay there but I suppose I wasn’t too surprised to see the girls dragging James and Brian out of the shower only to set about getting them hard again. What did they do?


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