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What a Doctor Visit

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Ron a good old country boy, who worked in construction, building condos on the beach. He was in excellent shape, always working out and eating nutritional meals. Ron was over 6 feet tall, athletic build, wash board abs, his body was ripped. He’d played college football, until a knee injury ended his playing career.

One day at work he started feeling bad, inform his boss, he needed to go to the doctor. Ron knew something didn’t feel right, he started feeling light headed and dizzy. After about fifteen minutes setting the office, his boss asked, do you want someone to drive you to the doctor office? Ron replied, no, I feel better, I be ok.

When Ron arrived at the doctor office, signed in and fill out the paperwork, the receptionist said, the nurse will call you back in a few minutes. After about five minutes, the nurse call Ron and escorted him back to one of the patient rooms. After taking his vitals, she informed him, the doctor will be in shortly. After sitting there for about five minutes, his family doctor, Mr. Harold entered the room, asked, what’s going on with you today Ron? Ron explained his symptoms.

Mr. Harold carefully listened to his heart and checked his blood pressure. He said, everything sounds and looks great. Mr. Harold, informed Ron, he would do blood work to be sent off to the lab and he wanted to see him next Monday for the results. Mr. Harold advised Ron, to try to avoid direct sun exposure and not over work himself. Ron, promise to follow his instructions. Ron drove home and rested until the next day.

When Ron arrived at work the next day, his boss asked, was everything ok? Ron answered, I’m feeling better today and the doctor inform me not to work too hard and to avoid sun exposure. Mr. Brown, Ron boss, informed him, he would be working inside until his next doctor visit.

After resting all weekend. Monday morning, Ron arrived around seven izmit escort bayan forty-five, fifteen minutes before his appointment. While signing in, the nurse informed Ron, Mr. Harold had to go out of town for a family emergency. She asked, if he had a problem seeing a female doctor? Ron answered, no problem, the nurse said, we will call you back in about five minutes.

The nurse called Ron back and asked him to undress and put on an examination gown and the doctor will be in shortly. While waiting on the doctor, he was thinking, I never been examined by a female doctor, I wonder how she look.

About five minutes later, he heard a knock at the door, a female voice asked, are you dressed? Ron replied, yes, come in. She entered the room, introduced herself, my name is Doctor Shawn, I will be your Doctor this morning, nice to meet you Ron. Nice to meet you Ms. Shawn, he responded.

Ron thought to himself she’s nothing like I expected. Shawn had, long black silky hair, tall and slender build, large breasts, beautiful brown eyes and luscious lips.

Ron was thinking WOW! she’s fucking gorgeous.

Shawn stated, I will be doing a full examination this morning, is that ok? Ron said, no problem, whatever you want to do doc. She smiled, said, I thought you may have a problem with a female doctor conducting your examination.

Shawn explained the examination process. She informed Ron, I usually have a nurse assisting with the examination, but unfortunately our staff is short this morning and I will be doing the examination alone, do you feel comfortable being alone with me? Ron said, I feel completely comfortable with you doc.

Shawn said, first I go over your blood work results, all your vitals look normal. She said, now I’m going to check your blood pressure and your heart rate. Your blood pressure and heart rate are great. She asked Ron to lay back on the table, izmit eve gelen escort stating she will lightly press down on different areas of his abdomen, to see if he had any discomfort. Ron displayed no discomfort or pain. She asked Ron to step down from the table, lift his examination gown up and bend over. She explained the next procedure will be a recital examination and he may feel a little discomfort.

After that procedure, she set on the stool, asked Ron to stand up and turn around facing her. She explained, I’m going to conduct a groin procedure, to check for a hernia. I need you to lift your robe, turn your head to one side and cough. Ron’s pelvic area was eye level to her face. When he lifted his robe, she was astonished, her eyes about to pop out of her head, thinking to herself, oh my God! his penis is enormous. Not even erect it was at least eight inches. Blushing and smiling, she said, I’ve never seen a penis so large without being erect. Ron smiled, said, thank you for the compliment doc.

She was amazed at his whole body. His chest so toned and massive, wash board abs, his body like a Greek God. She just sat there amazed, like a deer in head lights, starring at his manhood and body. Ron asked, Doc are you ok? starring into his eyes, she said, oh my God, you’re in excellent shape. Thinking to herself, I would love to have him inside me.

Ron knew by her body reaction and facial expression, she wanted him. Ron, slowly moved his penis in the direction of her face, he ran his fingers through her long silky hair. She closed her eyes, feeling a surge of excitement growing inside her. When she opened her eyes, his penis directly in front of her mouth. Without hesitation, she opened her mouth, wrapped her luscious lips around his penis. Ron moaned, oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening to me! Shawn feeling his penis swelling bigger izmit otele gelen escort inside her mouth. She removed her mouth from his penis, she moaned, it’s too freaking big, its gagging me.

Before she could say another word, Ron lifted her from the chair, pulled down her scrubs, ripped her black silk panties off, took a quick sniffed of them and bent Shawn over the examination table, she moaned, what are you doing? Ron whispered I’m going to examine you now. Shawn bent over, legs spread wide, Ron inserted his tongue deep inside her pink pussy, she moaned, oh my God, that feels so fucking good, I can’t believe we are doing this. She moaned, Ron, you going to make me cum. A few seconds later, her legs begin to twitch, she moaned, oh my God, I cum.

Ron, stood to his feet, inserted his big throbbing cock inside her pussy. As he inserted inside her, he grabbed her hair, pulled her towards him and whispered, you so tight. Shawn moaned, I can’t handle that big cock, you are going to stretch this little pussy. She placed the pillow in her mouth, so no one could hear her moan or scream.

Ron whispered, I never fucked a black woman, especially a doctor, your pussy is so good.

Shawn moaned, your cock is so fucking big and hard, I love the way you fuck me. I never been with a man who cock was so big and awesome. Ron continue thrusting deep inside, feeling her throbbing and getting wet. Shawn moaned, I don’t won’t to, but we got to stop and finished this later, before someone come knocking on the door.

Ron whispered, are you sure? Shawn said, yes! I got to see my other patients. As Ron slowly pull his cock out, he leaned over and whispered into her ear, I can’t wait until we meet again, I love that black pussy, Shawn whispered, I love having that big white cock in my black pussy.

After they cleaned up and got dress, Shawn smiled, said, you should go into the medical field, because you can give an awesome examination, Ron said, I’m a quick learner. As they walked out the room, Shawn grabbed his ass, whispered in a sexy voice, I can’t wait until the next time, my big cock Casper. Ron laughed, said, I can’t wait to make doctor visits great again!

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