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What a Family!

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Shawn had been high on my list of gals in which I was interested and while I knew her slightly I really didn’t have any idea of her family life. It therefore came as a shock when she invited me to have dinner one night after watching our old high school lose their butts in a softball game. Her family lived in the better part of our small town, by better I mean high-priced and their house was almost a castle as far as I could see.

We wandered in about a half-hour before her mom said dinner would be ready and it was going to be her mom and dad, her teen-age brother and her and me. Her mom was preparing lobster and the very thought of that had my mouth watering. I couldn’t remember when we ever had it in our house.

The dinner was great. Her dad was a good conversationalist and her nineteen- year old brother was just the opposite; he hardly spoke at all throughout the entire meal. It was obvious where Shawn got her good looks; her mom was drop dead gorgeous.

We were sitting there after dinner just chatting when her father blew me away with a question.

“Well, Sam how are you enjoying sex with Shawn? Isn’t she a great piece of ass?”

Shawn’s mother, Gloria, tried to hush him by saying,

“Ralph, be quiet, they might not have gotten around to fucking yet.”

“Well, why the hell not? She’s got a nice body and loves to use it to please a guy. Hell, she can get me coming in short order when she puts her mind to it. Can’t you baby?” he said as he looked at her.

What the hell had I gotten into? This was getting to sound like I had wandered into a family fuck- fest.

Shawn looked at me and then dropped her eyes to the table. She was obviously embarrassed with the way this conversation was going.

Her brother Jimmy didn’t want to be left out and chimed in with, “Shawn, surely you are letting him suck on those delicious globes of yours, aren’t you?” he said as he reached over to her and flicked his hand under her breast that was nearest to him.

Damn, I had wanted to fuck Shawn ever since I first met her but always had the impression she was standoffish and too cold to even approach about anything so basic and here I was hearing that she obviously shared her body with at least her father and brother. I vowed to myself that I would fuck her before this night was over.

Shawn simply stood up from the table and asked if I needed a ride home. I had ridden to the softball game with a friend and then she and I had walked to her house from the ball field. I told her I’d appreciate it and we walked to the front door.

Gloria followed right behind us as we walked to the front door and held my arm stopping me and said,

“Sam, don’t be shocked by our talk at the table. Shawn’s dad insisted we have an open family relationship ever since the kids were old enough to understand what it was all about and that is probably strange to you.”

“Well, Gloria yes it is. I was almost knocked off my chair when her dad asked if Shawn and I had had sex yet.”

“Yes, I could see that from the look on your face. Why don’t you drop over tomorrow after work when it will just be the three of us. Her brother and dad will be tied up with something her brother is involved with in Scouting.”

“The ‘three of us”. What are the three of us going to be doing.” I asked.

“Well, I just thought that if you were embarrassed about asking Shawn to fuck you you could start with me and then Shawn could work her way into our little threesome. How does that sound?”

I looked down at her humongous tits that were staring me in the face and simply nodded that it sounded fine, and then said, “Shawn, how about if you cut out early from your job and we’ll have more time with your mom?”

Gloria jumped in with; “Oh that would be terrific. Shall we say that you’ll be here around one?”

“One it will be.” I answered and took Shawn by the hand and led her out to her car.

When we got in the car I pulled her to me and planted a kiss bigger than I had even dreamed of before the dinner conversation and she returned it with a fiery passion.

“Sam, I have wanted to have sex with you ever since I first saw you in the halls when we were in school but was too embarrassed to make any moves that would indicate my interest. I was also afraid what you would think when you found out I was having sex with my entire family.”

As she was saying all of that my cock was getting harder than a steel rod and she saw the bulge growing in my pants with the lights from the car’s dashboard. I could see her staring at it and I reached over and took her hand and brought it over to touch my bulge. Touch it, when she got her hand near it she grabbed it and began to massage it!

I moved my hand down near hers and unzipped my fly letting my cock out for some well-needed air.

“Oh my God. Your cock is as big as those I see in the porn movies. My dad and brother only have cocks that are about four or five inches long and as thick as a hot dog. Yours is humongous.” Lefkoşa Escort She exclaimed. “I don’t think I could ever get all of that in me. Would you let me use my mouth on you?”

Would I let her use her mouth? Who the hell is she kidding? I would love a blowjob from this pretty thing and then maybe sometime in the future we could fuck.

“That would be great Shawn.”

She soon had her lips wrapped around the head of my cock and had her hand sliding up and down the shaft. She only had a few inches in her mouth and I was dying to ram it home but was afraid I would scare her off. I put one hand on the back of her head and pulled her down ever so lightly on me. She was bobbing up and down and looked up at me from around my cock as I pulled her head down. She lifted her head off my cock to say that she didn’t think she could get any more in her mouth and I responded by saying that I thought she could and that I would help her by putting a little pressure on her neck.

Sure enough she soon had at least four inches in and was jacking my shaft fast and furious. It didn’t take me long. The excitement of sex with this lovely thing and then knowing what was in store for me tomorrow turned me on big time and I shot a huge load in her mouth. She gagged and sputtered and I simply told her that if she spit it out over me I would have to smack the shit out of her. She lowered her mouth back down on my softening cock and lapped up my juices. Whew, this gal is good.

I raised her face up to meet mine and then moved my hand under her blouse and bra. I massaged her tits for a minute or two and then lowered my hand to her crotch where I slipped my fingers under the leg of her shorts and soon had them flicking back on forth over the nub of her clit. She threw her head back on the head rest of the car seat and then threw her hips up to meet my hand. She was throwing her head back and forth from side to side with her long hair was flowing freely in each direction.

“Oh God Sam, I can’t wait until I am able to take your big cock in my pussy. Maybe tomorrow when my mom shows me how.”

It was only another few minutes before she was throwing her hips high enough to go through the windshield as her climax overtook her. Her hips were moving in time with the motion of my fingers and she screamed as she exploded with her orgasm. Damn, I was glad there weren’t any cars near us.

The next day I couldn’t get my mind off anything other than fucking both her AND her mother. Shawn had nice tits but her mother’s looked awesome.

The next day she drove to her job and she picked me up out in front of her office around twelve forty five and we made it back to her house in record time. I think she was as excited about the sex that lay in front of us as I was. She parked in the driveway and we went in through the front door. Her mom met us in the vestibule wearing nothing but a summer type of robe that I could see.

“Why don’t we go directly up tot he Master bedroom with its king sized bed. It will give us a lot more room to play around in?”

We were no sooner in the room when she undid the tie on her robe and flipped the whole thing over on the bedroom chair. I was right; her tits were enormous and were sticking out high and firm. Shawn stripped her things off and I followed right behind. My cock was getting harder by the minute and by the time I was naked it was rock hard.

“Holy shit. You are hung like a horse. This is going to be great.” Gloria almost screamed.

She came over and took my hand leading me to the bed. When I got near it she pushed me down backwards saying, “Shawn, now watch this. I am going to take that monster cock deep in my pussy. I never had one this big before but I remember how it was the first time I had your dad’s teenie wienie. Even that was big to me at the time. But now after having two kids coming out of my pussy I know I can take this with ease”

I was on my back with my hard cock aimed up at my chest and I lowered my hand and positioned it so it was straight in the air. Gloria climbed on top of me holding her pussy high off me and when she thought it was positioned right she dropped slowly down and soon had me buried to the hilt.

“Oh God, that feels terrific.”

“Yes it does Gloria and those huge tits all over my face don’t feel too bad either. I’m going to fuck them before this day is over.”

“Sam, I’ve heard about tittie fucking but don’t know how to do it. Will you show us?” Gloria purred.

“Would love to after we get through fucking your red hot pussy. I want to fill it with my juices so you better be on the pill for I am not wearing a rubber.”

“Oh hell, don’t worry about that. I had my tubes tied years ago and Shawn has been on the pill ever since her dad introduced her to his prick a couple of years ago.

She was riding my cock high and fast and I could hear her breathing becoming faster by the minute. It wasn’t long before she was shouting that Kıbrıs Escort she was coming and she then threw her pussy down hard and ground away at my pubic area while she was moving her pussy in every direction. She finally screamed she was having her orgasm and threw her face down to kiss me. I held her tits tightly not letting her up even when the kiss was over; I had fallen in love with them.

My cock was still hard and I was dying to bury it in Shawn’s sweet pussy so I stood and pulled her over to the bed. Gloria jumped in with,

“Shawn, don’t be nervous about being able to take his big cock. It isn’t any different having a big cock go into your pussy than it would be in having a big headed baby come out of it. You’ll do fine and I can guarantee you that you will be in seventh heaven once it is all the way in and you feel it touching places inside of you that have never felt a cock before.”

Shawn was down on the bed by then and I was kneeling over her with the head of my cock lined up close to her puffy pussy lips.

“Gloria, how about getting your face down there and making sure I am lined up perfectly to get this thing in your daughters pussy?” I asked.

She was down there in a flash and had her hand holding my shaft while saying,

“It’s lined up just right Sam. Slide it in.” She said this as if I need someone to guide my cock into a pussy. I had given her the job just to make her feel needed.

Shawn had pulled my face down and was kissing me at the same time the head of my cock was opening the lips of her pussy. I gave a little more of a push and it was buried a few inches and her kiss became stronger. I could feel the vibrations of her moaning in her lips and I gave another push and the moans and vibrations were stronger and finally I gave one huge push and my balls were slapping against the cheeks of her sweet ass. She pulled my face hard to her mouth and threw her ass high in the air. We then proceeded to fuck fast and furious and I dropped my face to take a tit between my lips. They weren’t as large as her mothers but were still larger than others I had my lips around before then. It wasn’t long and I had my hands under the cheeks of her ass and pulling them to me as I filled her pussy with stream after stream of come.

Gloria was ooohing and ahhing as she saw the come oozing out of her daughter’s pussy around the sides of the shaft of my cock. I had an idea and pulled out of Shawn’s pussy and reached over and pulled Gloria’s face down to it and pushed her face deep into the pussy she was facing. I guess it wasn’t the first time she had eaten her daughter out but I knew it was the first time she was going to lick up the juices I had just deposited in there.

After all of that Gloria made her way to the bedside phone and called her husband on his cell phone.

We heard, “Ralph, you ought to get home as fast you can. There is a huge treat waiting here for you.” And she hung up.

Shawn and I were still lying there just talking when we heard the front door open and Gloria saying, “Go up to the bedroom and see your treat.”

The bedroom door opened and Ralph was standing there. I felt a little nervous about having a gals father standing there looking at us nude and in bed but Ralph wasn’t looking at Shawn, I could see he had eyes for my cock. Gloria was right behind him and said,

“Sam, I just know that Ralph would love to take that cock of yours in his mouth and maybe if you were willing you could fuck his ass with it.”

“WHAT, Ralph, you mean you are bisexual and like to get your ass fucked?” I blurted out.

“Yes, that’s it but I have never taken a cock that big up my ass. You are soft now but I can just imagine how big that things gets with a little encouragement.”

“How many cocks have you had up there Ralph?” I asked.

“Oh a few but none in a long-long time.” He replied

I looked at Shawn and whispered,

“What do you think honey?”

“I know it will make him real happy even though I hate to see my own father doing something like that.” She answered

“Well get over here Ralph and harden me up for the penetration of your ass.”

Gloria jumped in saying that she would do it and I said,

“Nope, if he wants it, he will be the one getting me hard.”

Ralph was by my side in a second with his hands grabbing my cock. All I could hear from him was a lot of “Oh my God, it’s beautiful” over and over while he was stroking me to get me hard. He went from stroking me to where he was using his tongue to trace the veins in my shaft. He let his hands wander down to hold my balls and then moved his head down to where he could get one of my balls in his mouth. All during this time he was moaning and when his face came away from it he was muttering, “Oh my God, it’s beautiful” again.

Ralph couldn’t weigh more than one forty soaking wet and I was wondering if he was going to be to take my tool up his ass without crying. Well, we would soon Lefkoşa Escort find out.

“Gloria, get out some Vaseline or KY jelly and you can lube us up.” I ordered.

“Ralph, I am going to have you do something you might not be used to doing while I am fucking your ass. As I say, you might not be used to it but I want you to do it if you want my cock in you.”

“Sure, whatever you want Sam. What is it.”

“I want Gloria to lay face down on the bed and I want you to kneel between her legs. I am going to fuck your ass while you have your tongue far up her ass.”

Gloria was the first to respond,

” Oh God, Ralph. That will be awesome. Oh yes Sam. That is a super idea. I have thought of that every now and then but never asked you to do it Ralph.”

“Well, I don’t think I am going to please you then Gloria for I am not going to do that.”

“Ralph, yes you are. I am going to wring your puny neck if you don’t do exactly as I say both right now and any time in the future.” I said in as harsh a tone as I could muster. I weigh one eighty-five and have more muscles in one arm than Ralph does in his entire puny body so I was well prepared to make him do what I was asking. I was really gambling on him wanting to be treated as a submissive.

“Do you understand me Ralph?”

“Yes Sam. If that is what you want me to do it I’ll be happy to do it for you.”

“Good, assume the position Gloria after you grease me up.” I ordered.

After she had deposited a gob of the grease in his ass and she was covering my cock with it she leaned over and kissed me and whispered “Thanks.”

She soon was lying face down on the bed but had put a pillow under her crotch area to raise her ass up for him to eat. About the time he was getting his mouth positioned to put his tongue up her ass I gave him the first feeling of the head of my cock. His ass retreated a little when it felt the intruder trying to get in and I pushed a little harder. The head popped into his puckered ass and he began to moan. No problem, he was going to moan a lot more before I had my cock all the way in him.

Another big push and I was in more than half way and I could feel his sphincter muscle grabbing my cock tightly. Gloria was looking back over her shoulder at me and once again saying “Thanks”

I could look down and see his tongue working feverishly and she had her ass rocking from side to side. It was turning me on watching him do that and I gave another push but this time it was as hard as I could and my cock was then in him all the way. All I heard was his scream and then him sobbing his poor little heart out.

“Oh God, Sam. I am going to split wide open. You have to stop and take it out of me.” He was saying through his tears.

“Shut the fuck up and get back to tonguing her ass.” I ordered.

I looked over and saw Shawn looking on. She had her hands covering her face as if she was getting ready to break out in tears. She looked directly at me and I couldn’t tell what the hell she was thinking.

Since I was all the way in him I made my drives as hard and as deep as I could and his crying was getting more pitiful with each thrust.

“Ralph shut the hell up and keep busy. You can give Gloria a little more pleasure if you will fold three or so fingers into the shape of a teepee and use them to finger fuck her pussy.”

He did that and Gloria was going crazy with her excitement.

“Oh yes, Ralph. Keep doing that babe.” She shouted

That must have turned him on for he really began tonguing her with more energy.

I could feel the heat starting in my scrotum and then work its way up to the base of my cock before I was finally shooting stream after stream up his tender ass. I was holding his hips and pulling them to me as I let go and he could feel my orgasm as it was pulsing against his sphincter muscle.

“Oh God Sam. That hurt a lot but I am so glad you did it to me. Now I know what a huge cock feels up my ass.”

I let myself slip out and told Shawn to go and get me a wet soapy wash cloth and then a clean dry one. She did and I cleaned up a bit. Ralph was still working on Gloria’s pussy and ass but I could see she was getting ready to explode and when she let go she threw her ass high in the air against his mouth and let out a huge loud moan.

Shawn cuddled close to me and I asked if she as upset with me for doing that to her father. She said that she wasn’t and it was about time he got to feel what sexually caused pain was all about. He had raped her when she was younger without ever thinking about the mental and physical pain he caused.

“Did he do the same with your brother?” I asked and she nodded sheepishly that he had.

Well now, it was obvious I had to pay old Ralphie back for his actions.

We all sat and lay around the master bedroom suite when the brother Jimmy got home. He could hear the activity upstairs and he came right up. Gloria told him that he missed all the fun and that I had just finished fucking his father’s ass with my giant cock. He looked over at me and asked how big it was. I told him that one gal I used to go with measured it right at eight inches hard.

“WOW, that’s some cock and you stuck it up my father’s ass?”

Gloria jumped in with, “Yes and he loved it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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