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What a Trip Pt. 01

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It was so sudden that none of us really knew what to do. My father had died from a sudden heart attack. I hadn’t even gotten the news until the week before my college graduation my mother had said “it was to keep me focused on my future and not tragedy” but I knew that wasn’t the whole truth. They were separated and were just waiting for me and my sisters to finish up our schooling before they went their separate ways and life.

I didn’t even get to go to the funeral my mother insisted walking across the stage in father’s honor was a better way to remember him than seeing him just lie in memoriam. My older sister was the only one who attended my commencement. It was the most depressing but prideful thing I had done in my life. My sister, Sara, greeted me with tear filled hug. It was such an awkward time for us and I imagine the onlookers thought similar when a beautiful freckled redhead in a cream sundress began bawling her eyes out while hugging her slight five ten brother. Even when we went to get pictures the large wet tear stain on my gown was and will be a constant reminder of that day.

Suffice to say when I moved back home all of us were not in a great state of mind. My mother tried her best to keep all of us from descending into a depression but it just didn’t work. My older sister was the first to go back to things as normal and left to go back to her home and life. While my younger sister was more or less forced to put on a face as she went to start college at the end of summer but myself, I couldn’t fight off the guilt of my father’s passing. My mother tried her best to cheer me up and the like. She took a sabbatical from her job just to focus on helping her children me most of all.

My mother is a decent looking woman for her age in her early forties she has kept a rigorous exercise routine keeping her figure well and toned. She has black hair that runs to her mid back that usually she wears in long ponytail most days. While my friends in high school thought she was a MILF I never really saw it other than her large breasts that she often displayed with a plunging cleavage I didn’t get it. She was just my mother, but my friends would always ask “if her long legs went all the way up” and “if the carpets matched the drapes”.

When she began to be around me all day during the summer after graduation I started to notice the little aspects of her but I shoved them down with resentment how dare she look that way she was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing not caring about anyone but herself. So, when she tried to get me out of my room and depression I simply would turn away. She tired anything and everything from movie nights, favorite meals, or bringing old friends of mine to visit. Nothing seemed to work until one day she came in dressed in a tight form fitting spandex outfit, the top was green pushup bra that was straining to contain her large breasts while keeping their movement to a minimum while the black spandex yoga pants were almost sheer with the right light and angle.

“Alright this is what’s going to happen! We are going to start working out together every day. If you’re going to wallow, you’re at least going to get in shape doing it. So, throw on a shirt and shoes those gym shorts you can run in just fine and let’s go!” She said grabbing and throwing the sheets over me off the end of the bed. She ran in place and every once in while would throw a foot in the air in swift kick some of them into my butt as I “Lollygagging and to hurry it up and get the blood pumping.”

We started off with a run around the neighborhood with her leading the way. This proved to be a blessing in disguise because I wasn’t wearing anything under my gym shorts and running didn’t leave much for anyone looking at me left to the imagination about my size or shape as my package swung up and done. Once we finished the run, we stopped at the garage gasping I could feel my legs turning to jelly on the spot and collapsed while my mother began to stretch out when my mother said “Honey you need to stretch out so you don’t strain anything.” She was talking to me between her legs and the only thing I could see was her round bum and head swaying Girne Escort side to side as she stretched each leg. That was when I felt twinge of attraction race through my crotch and my dick began to engorge.

“Ri..ght I’ll get up.. and do.. that.. as soon..as I..catch my breath” I spat out heaving breaths out. I sat up and began to reach for my right toes and then my left.

“No. No. No. Not like that. Stand up!” my mother commanded as she strode over to me and helped me up. She pushed my back indicating me to bend over. “You need to start from your core and work your way down.” She said as she spread my feet guiding my upper body with hers, I felt her sweaty breasts press into my back as her crotch mushed against my bum. This didn’t help my predicament in my groin in the slightest. “You feel that? That strain on your hamstring right here?” she asked as her hand wandered down my side to the back of right leg and she pinched the back of my upper thigh. A jolt of sudden surprise startled me to leap from her guided stretch as she began to laugh at her prank.

“That hurt!” I challenged.

“Oh no it didn’t! It just surprised you… perhaps in few ways?!” she rebutted with a wink as her eyes drifted down to my now semi erect cock.

I quickly diverted my crotch from her gaze and headed inside. “I think I am done for the day. I am going to take a shower.” I spoke.

“I have another offer for you! If you stay with me and we finish up with some strength building We can order food and I’ll watch whatever you can find for us tonight.” She pleaded.

I knew it wasn’t anything big but it was an olive branch of sorts she knew keeping my father’s death away from me had really hurt me. She was trying to repair both our relationship and my heart with anything and everything. I still held her at fault for everything but today her attempts reached me.

“Ok… but we are staying up late and binging whatever I pick” I responded. Turning back to her seeing her eyes light up with both happiness and relief. We did an exhausting High intensity strength work out that turned the rest of my body to mush as well as my mother’s. By the end we were both exhausted, sweaty blobs that stunk. Which brought the next issue who got the first shower as the only shower that worked was the master bedroom as the other had been in the process of being remodeled at the beginning of summer but with the passing of my father no one had picked up where he had left off.

“You go first sweaty. I made you do this so you should go first” my mother insisted pushing me ahead her “also you smell worse than me.” I feigned a mock gesture of hurt as she shot the last remark before heading to my bedroom to grab a fresh set of clothes and then across the hall to the master bedroom. Throwing all my sweat ridden clothes at the door before the bathroom I stepped into the shower.

I began to clean myself when I noticed there wasn’t any soap in the shower. I looked around the entire stall but there wasn’t any actual soap. I left shower running and stepped out the bathroom also didn’t have any soap after giving a quick look around I wrapped a towel around myself and was about to open the bathroom door when I heard a soft moan come from the bedroom. I eased closer slowly opening the door to my mother’s bedroom when another moan came into the bathroom. I could see reflecting in the dressing mirror my mother was sitting at the foot of her bed with MY GYM Shorts held up to her face as she was sniffing deeply my sweaty gym shorts while her other hand was slowly teasing her pussy over her yoga pants that’s when I could out the soft whispering she was making “oh sweetie… you smell so good. Yes! Yes, tease mommy just like that.. Ugh.” I quickly and quietly shut the door again.

My mother was masturbating to me! About me?! With my gym shorts?! My brained seemed to have fizzled out but my cock seemed to be cheering in joy. I was almost fully erect and it was almost painful due to the lack of interaction I had in any capacity with myself or others in recent months in fact it had been almost six months I realized after doing some mental math due to Magosa Escort my focus on graduating and the depressive state after my father’s death I hadn’t been active in anyway and now all of a sudden, I had a full on raging hard-on from my own mother! I knew it was wrong so I turned the shower to brisk cold and jumped in suffering the taboo thoughts with the sheer cold of the water.

I ended up using the least fragrant shampoo I could find to wash after sitting in the cold shower for a solid minute to quell my desires and thoughts. As turned off the shower I heard the soft crumple of what I assumed were my gym shorts bouncing against the bathroom door. I quickly dressed to come out to see my mother laying out her own change clothes. “I ordered Chinese it should be here in ten minutes or so be sure to grab it.” My mother nonchalantly stated. I gathered up my clothes noticing a wet spot on my gym shorts where there hadn’t been before. “Come here for a second.” My mother said as if to distract me from her sin.

I walked to her “Yeah, mom” I said as she sprung a hug on me. She felt and smelled of sweat but while I should have felt disgusted it smelled actually…erotic, once again my second brain thrilled its self with the situation causing my stomach to give out with excitement. I hugged her back and asked “This couldn’t have waited? Perhaps when we were both clean?” that was when she threw me onto the bed with a chuckle.

“I don’t smell that bad!” she said “in fact compared to how you smelt I am a rose!” I sat up grinning at her as I saw her kicking her running shoes off and flinging them in my direction. I dodged the first one and but when she let fly the second one, she surprised me by also launching herself right after barreling into me saddling my chest with her long smooth legs. “Now tell me you like how I smell” she demanded as she shift to a sitting on top of me with slowly creeping her feet forward so that her feet were next to my head on either side. Her delicate feet sat a foot on each side of my head clad in small ankle socks when the smell of them began to waft into my nose. The smell was both pungent but a small part of my brain registered a pleasant portion to it.

“Alright! Alright! You reek of roses!” I begged both to escape the erotic order and to hide the return of my erection as she scooted her bum ever slightly on my crotch. Is my mother trying to get a seduce me or just playing emotional state to distract me? I couldn’t stop her from doing what she wanted right now as my body ached with fatigue and the position, I was in had my arms pinned under me. My mother quickly shifted off of my but not before booping me with her sock clad foot giving me a significant smell of it which also turned my erection to full. As soon as she was off me, I rose from the bed and said “I am going to check for the Chinese food” bolting out of the bedroom.

I spent a good measure of my time waiting for the Chinese food to get her by calming myself and giving myself a stern mental talking to about how wrong it was to be this attracted to my mother and her body. When the doorbell rang, I had calmed down and steadied myself for the night in.

Mother came out ten minutes later wrapped in a flowing robe sitting next to me on the couch before reaching for a bowl of food. The robe was long enough to hide her form but yet at the same time clung to her. I could make out her slight tone form but her breasts were wrapped so that her cleavage was only a slight dip at the top but when she sat the robe rose up her legs resting at her upper thigh creating a shadow that hide her crotch further up. “So, what are we binging tonight?” she asked through a mouthful of orange chicken.

It was then that I noticed I had been staring mid bite at her appearance. “I thought we could watch the first season of that new horror series on Netflix.” I stuttered out after a few seconds more of staring as she raised one leg to rest her arm on. Thus, causing the robe to fall off it giving me a brief glimpse of green laced panties before they were snuffed out by the descending robe.

“Oooo, I have been meaning to watch that” Kıbrıs Escort my mother cheered as she finished off her plate of Chinese. I soon followed and began the first episode of the show.

As we watched I wasn’t totally focused on the show constantly grabbing glances at my mother toned form and then immediately admonishing myself for my actions. The biggest glance that more or less became a stare was when my mother stretched out on the couch, we were sharing raising her feet into the air and spreading her toes. I caught myself drooling just watching her feet arch and extend when I shook myself. I had never been into feet but I knew when a woman had a nice set of toes, feet or legs and it often made them more attractive when they did have pretty feet. So, when my mother stretched out putting her emerald painted toes on display for anyone looking, I caught myself looking not with appreciation but hunger. I wanted to feel them again but not briefly like before.

As soon as those thoughts popped into my head, I turned my head and dove right back into the series. I had no idea what was really going on in the show as I had been distracted through the first two episode but I pushed forward to figure out what was going on… The show sucked that’s what was going on I had been distracted because I wasn’t interested the horror aspect wasn’t there and as the show journeyed on my head lulled back and the days activities took me into quick snooze.

I slowly woke to the shows opening theme playing in the background but that wasn’t what woke me. The slowly methodical up and down on my cock was what woke me. As more of my senses became aware I felt my mother shifting on the couch with the ups and downs of pleasure as well as a slight methodical shake on her side. Slowly cracking my eyes, I could see that her beautiful emerald toes of her left foot her tracing the outline of now fully erect cock over my pajama bottoms and she had been at it for a while as a large stain of precum was on my crotch as well as small bridges of it on her toes. They glistened in the flashes of the television screen and God did it feel amazing. I could feel that I on the edge of cumming as I could feel the buildup, I stowed myself to hold on just little bit longer as looked over to my mother.

She had fully opened her robe and I could see while she wore green laced panties now parted to the side as she rubbed enthusiastically at her pussy which was also producing a large stain on the robe under her she was not however wearing a bra. I was seeing my mother fully nude masturbating as she teased my cock with her foot. Her breasts bounced ever so slightly with her movements as she teased her rock-hard nipples with her right hand, her left hand busy elsewhere. Her right foot tried to keep her from sliding down the couch and stable but it was a losing battle. That’s when she whispered so quietly, I almost missed it “Come on Bradly. Come on sweetie mommy wants to you see cum. Cum on mommy’s toes. That’s it sweetie. Just let it out. come on. come on. come on!

It felt like something both broke and released inside my mind upon hearing her encouragement. I wanted to cum for her…and I did. While trying to maintain some semblance of sleeping I gave a groan of immense pleasure and felt my mother shift as her other foot soon found my crotch, I felt her right toes grip my waist band freeing my cock as her other foot smothered the head of cock as it began to cum six months’ worth of pent-up sexual stress and desire. One, two, three, four five thick ropes shot in and through my mother’s toes coating her legs and feet in my cum. At the same time, I felt the couch shake and my mother moan in pleasure as she orgasmed through my “closed” eyes I saw she had brought her right hand to her mouth to stifle her pleasure in an effort to not wake me.

As we subside in our shared orgasm I began to shift as if I was waking only to feel my mother get up and dash out of the living room. I “woke” up to the show playing and my pajama bottoms exposing my crotch and covered in remains as well as a trail of me cum in few steps off towards my mother’s bedroom.

I thought about what had just occurred expecting to feel that same shame and ridicule as before but it never came in fact in its place was… desire. I wanted to do it again and more. My mother had tripped something in my brain and now I knew what my friends knew before me. My mother was a mom I’d like to fuck.

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