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What a Woman Can Do Ch. 02

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I’m on a mission — to bring pleasure to men. As I am blessed with intelligence, beauty and a killer smile, it is an easy mission for me. But it brings such pleasure to men. I never realised how much men like women. It makes them very happy to bring happiness to a woman. They only need the chance. Men love to do things for me. And they enjoy it when I touch them — with a hand or a hug or patting their arses.

And I see a lot of men. Especially when I work in a coffee shop on Fri nights and Saturdays, when the shop is really busy. My older lover — who died not so long ago — said I had an irresistible smile, and it does seem to work 99.999876% of the time. I vaguely recall once when it didn’t.

One bloke in particular loves my smile. Dominic.

‘That’s one sensational smile,’ he said, the first time I flashed it at him. He gave me a mighty fine smile in return.

He always says, ‘Love your smile Candy. Never seen one better,’ when he comes in for his regular Friday night large flat white.

Then, one Friday night, he was late. Very late. We were about to close. Then he turned up. Looked a bit distressed. Barely smiled when I smiled at him. Didn’t make his usual comment. And he looked so sad drinking his coffee. So sad. We were closing up — well, I was, as the manager had had to go — so I told him he could stay for a while.

‘Thanks,’ he said, weakly.

I wanted to hug him.

‘You OK?’ I asked.

‘No, not really.’

I got him another coffee — with a slug of brandy. Told him it was on the house, with a little extra.

He sipped it.

‘Mmmm, that is good. Very good.’

He drank it rather quickly as gaziantep escort he wrote away in his book.

‘What are you writing?’ I asked.

‘Just venting my feelings.’

‘Got a few?’

‘Plenty. Plenty. I just lost my job. The guy who took over at the start of the year has screwed the business right up. Taken it from a good business doing good work to a broke business doing useless work. Couldn’t organise a screw in the proverbial, this bloke. But paid himself a lot of money. A lot of money.’

I got him another coffee. He offered me $20. I declined. But I joined him, as I was all but done. Mmm, that coffee tasted good with brandy in it. I got us both another one.

We fell in one of those long, deep conversations about work, life and what’s important. I told him my mission. He laughed.

‘That’s too easy for a woman like you. There must be a million ways you can make a man smile. You’re utterly lovely.’

I think the brandy was having a good effect on him. Or maybe it was me.

‘You think so,’ I purred, snuggling in close to him.

He looked me straight in the eyes, ran his hands slowly down my cheeks, took hold of my neck, pulled me towards him and kissed me. Ever so slightly. Just brushed my lips. I shivered. My nipples were hard and getting harder.

I kissed him. Quite hard. Grabbed his shirt. He caressed my hair, his hand closing around it. Pulled it ever so slightly. I moaned. I love having my hair pulled. There is a direct connection between my hair and my pussy. Pull my hair and my pussy gets wet. And I get very, very horny. It is my weakness.

‘So very, very fuckable,’ Dominic whispered in my ear.

Damn, he was on to me. Not only fuckable, but ready to be fucked. Desperate to fuck.

‘Thank you,’ I whispered in his ear. ‘Do me.’

He ravished me. Ran his hands all over my body. My very willing body. Down my front. Paid particular attention to my tits. Ran a hand down my back. Paid particular attention to my arse.

I unzipped his cock. It was a long delicious cock. I went down on him. Sucked his cock. He moaned and ravished me harder. I love sucking cocks and this one was very suckable. I could hardly wait to have it up me. Right up me.

He pulled me up. Spread me over the table. Pulled down my pants and panties. Exposed my pussy. Went down on me. Licked my pussy. Kissed my pussy. Devoured my pussy. Slid two fingers up my cunt.

Finger fucked me with his mouth on my clit to an orgasm. A sensational orgasm. I came so hard. Damn, I liked the way he ate me. Like it? I loved it!

Then he moved me around until I was bent over the table. Legs apart. Very, very exposed. He slipped a condom on. I felt his cock nuzzling my pussy. He slipped it in about a centimetre.

I think I knew what was coming next. Me hopefully.

He leant over me. Pulled my hair. Kissed the back of my neck. Took hold of a breast. Through my clothes. I was still fully clothed. So was he.

I love being fucked with my clothes on.

‘You’re delicious,’ he whispered in my ear.

Then he slammed his cock balls deep up me. Right up me. He groaned.

I was jolted forward. I grunted. And arched my back in exquisite pleasure.

He held his cock up me. Right up me.

‘Damn, you’re delicious,’ he moaned into my ear. He pulled my head back by my hair and ravished my mouth. His hand closed on my breast. Hard. He pulled his cock out, until only the tip was in me.

I moaned.

He waited.

I waited.

I shivered, ever so slightly.

He slammed his cock right up me. Hard. Fast. Deep.

I arched my back and groaned.

Fuck that was good!

‘Fuck me, do me, take me, screw me, slam me, dick me, fuck me hard,’ I told him. ‘Make me your dirty fucktoy.’

He seemed to like that. He slid his cock almost out. Then waited for a moment, as he ravished me.

Then he slammed his cock right up me. And grunted.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck,’ he groaned.

He slammed fucked me for about 5 minutes. About 10 strokes. I was delirious. I babbled incoherently. Twitched uncontrollably. I’d never been fucked so deliciously in my life. I’d never be taken so exquisitely in my life.

He picked up the pace. Started fucking me hard and fast. And deep.

He fucked me senseless.

I came all over his cock, as he pulled my hair and ravished my tits. Came so fucking hard.

Then he grunted, groaned and came too. Groaning into my ear.

Eventually we subsided into a crumpled heap. Very crumpled. Finally we sat down. Well, I sat on his lap, my head on his shoulder.

‘Fuck, you are a sensational fuck,’ he whispered in my ear.

‘We’ll have to do this again next week,’ I whispered.

He laughed.

‘And the week after that,’ he said.

And we did. For a few weeks, we did. And then we moved to a wall nearby. By that time he had a new job.

He said I was the perfect cure for losing his job. Got him going again about 6 months quicker.

He was the perfect cure for damn near everything. Fucked me into oblivion.

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