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What About Alex? Ch. 1

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When Rachel and Jim married, they were innocent. Neither had dated much and their knowledge of the sexual things people did was very limited. They had started dating in high school and were exclusive to each other for all the years before their marriage. Even the length of time they were together did not encourage intimacies. Both wanted to go into marriage as virgins, and so they avoided sin and the near occasion of sin studiously. They held hands and gave each other chaste kisses, even when alone. Her parents worried it would be too hard for her to make the transition to a married woman, but did not want to seem they were encouraging sexual activity.

Rachel’s mom gave her a little talk on the morning of the wedding, trying to prepare her. It wasn’t as if Rachel didn’t know about sex, she just preferred not to dwell on it. She knew she had a duty to her husband, she needed to satisfy him and his needs, but she felt the less she thought about it, the better it would be.

In all the world, she had found the perfect mate. Jim found all things sexual distasteful as well. In fact, he was pleased that Rachel seemed as uninterested and innocent as he was. They were good friends, good buddies.

Rachel was short and petite. She seemed made for Jim. He had always been slight and not very tall. One almost had the impression he was a sickly person. He and Rachel fit nicely together, not that they ever fit themselves together. It would be wrong to tempt each other that way.

So, they dated in demetevler escort high school, eventually going steady. They went to movies and football games and pep rallies together. Their names were always said together, “RachelandJim are coming to the party”, or “JimandRachel are meeting us at the movies”. While all their friends engaged in make-out parties, Jim and Rachel just sat nicely by, holding hands and talking.

Separating for college was easy. They would see each other on weekends and holidays, suffering none of the angst that their friends were going through when apart from their lovers. The years passed easily, both of them knowing that marriage was ahead for them, never dwelling on all that marriage entailed.

On their wedding day, both of them were perfectly calm. No last minute jitters for them, they were both secure in their choice of life mate.

The first night of the honeymoon, Jim moved to perform his husbandly duty. He could feel his bride tensing as his hands touched her for the first time, but felt sure that would pass. He kissed her and moved his hand over her body, feeling her curves and softness, but not really wanting to do it. She seemed hesitant as well. Finally, Jim moved over her and pushed himself into her. She cried out, but he had expected that. He thrust a few times and then, because of the new sensations, he came. He moved off of his wife and lay beside her, holding her hand and staring at the ceiling. Neither one of them dikmen escort knew quite what to say.

Rachel re-arranged her gown and lay quietly. Finally, one of them said something about the plans for tomorrow and the awkwardness was eased. They discussed all the activities the hotel had scheduled, deciding which ones interested them the most. Soon, they forgot the strangeness of being in a bed together, the oddness of being nearly naked together, and returned to their buddy status.

Without ever discussing it, Rachel and Jim did not attempt lovemaking the rest of the trip. There was simply too much to do, too many places to go and too many people to meet. They spent every day in a whirl of activity, enjoying the time together as they always had, and sex did not enter into it at all. At night, they fell into the giant bed and immediately slept. They worked around confrontations of nakedness by establishing a pattern of bathroom use and dressing that perfectly interlinked, allowing both of them privacy. At the end of the two weeks, they were used to sleeping in the same bed and extremely comfortable together. They wondered why they had waited so long to marry, because spending all your time with your best friend was so much fun.

Once home, Rachel started her new job. They moved into their first house. She was busy all the time, learning her craft and setting up her home. The days passed so fast, and neither noticed that sex was missing from the equation. Actually, ankara escort they both secretly thought twin beds would be nice. Rachel grew uncomfortable if Jim’s nighttime erection bumped her. Jim found it unsettling if Rachel’s warm body pressed up against him in her sleep. That was the only little problem, though. They were so alike in their tastes and feelings that decorating the house was a pleasure. They entertained their friends frequently, the envy of all because of the easy relationship they seemed to share.

Eventually, as the jobs and home were settled, they both started thinking of a family. Jim knew what he had to do. Once a week, without fail, he would enter his bed and take his wife, depositing his sperm deep inside her. Afterward, he would shower and dress in his pajamas and lie in the bed and daydream with his wife about their future children. Both of them were happy and relieved when the pregnancy test came back positive.

They planned on three kids, four years apart. So every four years, Jim and Rachel made the weekly effort to get a baby, and each time, the pregnancy followed quickly.

The children took up all their time. Jim and Rachel adored them. Rachel became a consultant so she could spend more time at home. She had her son teach her the computer and worked out of her home office. She often whimsically thought of herself as Donna Reed, that paragon of the fifties. Jim was her Alex. She was content. She discovered chat rooms on the computer and made new female friends and exchanged recipes and child rearing ideas. Then she discovered member chat and watched helplessly as the words flew by, unable to comprehend what was being said by all those busy people. Then she discovered “Fascination” and nothing would ever be the same.

To Be Continued…

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