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What I Am About To Do

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We’ve been on this bed together, fully clothed, for what seems like hours now. The intensity and passion of our kisses has grown to near-frenzied groping; I can feel the damp heat of you through your pants, and there is no question you know exactly how hard you’ve made me. You turn me on so. It has taken every bit of self-restraint I possess to keep me from shredding your clothes and devouring your flesh in my eager mouth. But darling, I can wait no longer. I need to make you come on my tongue. Need feels like such a small word for what must happen now, the intimacy we are to undergo, my hands grasping your ass, my tongue flicking at you, as you buck against my face in a mad rush.

But first, my dear, I want you to hear exactly what is about to happen to you. Allow me this brief interlude to explain how I am going to make you come on my tongue.

First and foremost, I must remove your pants, so you will be rolled onto your back as I sit upright. Staring into your eyes, a slight smile on my lips, I will unbutton your jeans and draw the zipper down. The touch of my fingers to your waist is electricity, and I am tempted to dive forward and nuzzle your side. But I resist, and instead I shall slowly draw your pants down your legs, tracing your delicious skin with my fingers as I do so. You are so sexy as you shift your body to allow your legs to be freed. I am still staring you in the eyes and your nervous grin makes my heart beat faster.

I will spend quite a bit of time stroking your legs. Your bare flesh is at my disposal and I want to touch it all, soak you up through the pads of my fingers, watching you squirm as I brush them against your inner thighs. The way you bite your lip as the goosebumps appear may make me want to abandon my teasing plans, but this can’t be rushed. Already I will be needing to taste your skin, to feel your calf on my cheek; my eyes might droop closed as I caress my face against your leg, brushing my lips against you, my tongue slipping out so briefly. My hands will continue to stroke your calves, every now and then stopping to briefly squeeze, a quick burst of intensity among the soft touches, letting you know how tough it is not to simply rush at you and hold your entire body against mine. I can see by the way your hands are clenching at the sheets that you feel the same way.

Now I will move closer as I want to feel your inner thigh against my cheek. I want to feel your smooth skin against all of my face, and I will lightly touch each sincan escort of your legs in this fashion, positioning them so that you can see me do this, as I want you fully aware of the joy I am taking from this intimacy. To your frustration I have not yet come within several inches of your moistening crotch, nor have I removed your panties. But your torment will be as delicious to me as sweet wine, and I will smile up at you as I detect your hips beginning to move of their own accord. When I suddenly lift your leg to nip at your buttock you will loose a surprised happy squeal of pleasure-pain that I will find so fetching, but then you will relax into a contented sigh when you feel my face gently nuzzle you through your panties, a sweet surprise I’ll no longer be capable of resisting.

You will be spreading your legs wide for me now, in eager anticipation of what shall happen next. I will feel how wet you are through the fabric, and I’ll revel in the feel of it against all of my face. You will feel me tracing your lips, a slight pressure through your underclothes, as I lightly rub against you, turning every now and then to nip and suck at your thigh. Now that I am so close to you, now that my tongue is separated from your sweetness by one thin layer, you might begin to whisper and moan, hoping that some dirty talk will make me move faster and provide the ravishment you desire, so hungry you will be for release. And it’s true, I might be motivated to extend my tongue and taste you through your panties, to trace the edges of them, perhaps to press against your mons with the palm of my hand as I smile up at you. Perhaps. But this extended tease, exquisite torture though it may be, is a rare gift that mere desire cannot duplicate. I will suck your panty-covered lips into my mouth, biting ever so gently, until you are demanding, begging, pleading with me to remove them and let you come.

The taste of you, the warmth emanating from you, the need you feel for sweet release, are beginning to overwhelm me. Though I wanted to tease you for as long as I possibly could, at some point I’ll no longer stand being separated from you by even just the thin material of your underwear. Sitting up, I’ll grasp at your hips and slide my hands down your legs, dragging your panties away from your wet folds and tossing them to the side. You are so incredibly sexy as you lewdly spread your legs wide and bite your lower lip, one hand on your breasts, the other clenching the sheet tandoğan escort in your fist. Your eyes are pleading with me, your head thrust back against the pillow in sweet frustration. I can’t help but smile as I’ll reposition myself before you, prepared to worship at the altar of your engorged pussy.

Yet I’ll still be determined to extend the tease for as long as I can, and though my face is now quite close to you I will not touch you there just yet; I prefer to have you feel my cool breath blowing at you first. You moan in frustration and jerk at me, hoping to brush your needy cunt against my face, but I will gently scold you, naughty girl, before I deign to trace your folds ever so slightly with the tip of my finger. Perhaps my other hand will be stroking your flesh elsewhere: your belly, your side, your ass, your thighs, or your breasts. Or perhaps I will need to hold your legs down, to prevent you from wrapping them around my head and forcing my face into your greedy pussy.

I will order you to hold your legs in your hands so that you are fully exposed to me. You’ll feel exposed and vulnerable and a twinge of fear; but I will reward your trust with a long brush of my tongue up the side of your labia. It is a full, flat stroke, from the cleft of your ass to the side of your mons, and it is repeated up the other side with a slow deliberate pace. My fingers are gently tickling the backs of your thighs as you feel me suck one of your lips into my mouth, gently pulling at you, opening your pussy like a rose to the rain. You will become intensely aware of your clit — that I am deliberately avoiding it with my fingers, mouth and tongue seems so wrong and mean! But the sensation of my teeth gently nipping at you shall distract you from this torture. My mouth is hot and warm, and you will want to watch me work. You will prop a pillow behind your head so that you can look me in the eye, as my tongue traces the spots between your labia and inner lips. I will mix your juices with my own, and the feeling of my mouth gliding slickly over your engorged cunt will be magical.

I will soon want to suck both of your lips into my mouth. I will hum happily as my mouth slides up and down your slit, my lips pressing yours together gently, my tongue flickering at you. Would you speak to me? Would you tell me how having your whole pussy in my mouth feels, how you want more, how badly you want to come? As I suck on you and pull away just slightly my eyes ankara escort would be on yours, watching you pant and whimper. And when my lips squeeze your labia tightly around your hard clit for the first time I would squeeze the cheeks of your ass in my hands. You will try to hold your hips still, but I don’t think you’ll be able to. Especially when you feel the first stroke of my tongue down your clitoral shaft. It is, again, a long stroke with the flat of my tongue, and it will move very slowly towards the tip, where it will flick against you once, twice, three times, before I suddenly pull away to smile up at you as my finger traces your wet hole. It is so slick and juicy that there is no resistance at all as it slides into you.

Would your hips begin to roll as I massaged the inside of your cunt? As I gently wiggle my index finger inside of you, staring at your pretty face contorted in ecstacy, would you try to fuck yourself on my hand?

I would take pity on your need soon enough, because although I am enjoying this tease I need to feel you come. I would want to feel the walls of your cunt on my tongue, and lap up the sweet juice flowing freely now. My tongue will flick at your inner lips before I suck them into my mouth with just enough force to let you know I am ready to make you come, before my lips slide up to your clit.

There is only so much justice that words can do, when it comes to how I will tease, torment and tickle your hard little nub. The way it will feel against my tongue, the way it rolls over my teeth, the way my lips twitch and squeeze at it; these are things that must be felt. Would you moan? Would your fingers be in my hair, holding me in place? Would you buck at my mouth, finally taking your pleasure from my eager work? When two of my fingers slip into your cunt and twist and thrust, my tongue still flicking at the tip of your clit, would you fuck yourself on them, abandoning yourself to pleasure? Would you grind yourself against my face as you come?

After your body ceases to twitch, after your eyes are no longer screwed tightly shut, you might want my cock inside of you right then; depending on how much and how well you beg, you just might get it. But if I could resist, I would not be through with you. As you relax back to earth I will be stroking your legs, kissing your inner thighs, and savoring the intimacy we have shared. Still, I am greedy for more. I don’t know how long I could last without returning my tongue to your wet pussy. I will gently explore your folds with my lips, tongue, and teeth before I resume my gentle assault on your clit. You’ll realize how happy it makes me to lick you to orgasm, how each time you come this way is not simple foreplay but an intimate exploration of wicked, delicious lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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