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What I Gave to Meredith

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There was something restless and reckless in the wicked storms that plagued our town that summer. The heat built up throughout the day until unleashing violent bursts of thunder, wind and rain. When it burned itself out, it left us basting in a steamy night. After a couple of months, everyone was on edge.

I was eighteen, tall and lanky but filling out from a summer working at the lumber store out near the suburbs. By August, the material of my short sleeve work shirt pressed against my biceps. Up until that time, I was a loner, a bookworm, the class nerd. Being around a bunch of crazy ass guys matured me. With any luck, I’d be able to change my image when I started college in two weeks.

“Is tonight the night, Dave?” Joe, the store manager asked as we were all leaning against the counter trying to stare the clock closer to five on a Saturday night. Our customers were hard core builders so the store had been dead for more than an hour.

“Sarah says she’s ready,” I told Joe.

“Then you’ve got the most incentive to run out there and close the gate a little early,” Joe said. “Pack it up boys. With all these storms, this may be the only decent Saturday night we get the rest of the summer. We’re going to go down to the lake and get drunk.”

I ran toward the entrance assessing the few cars lined up at the traffic light. All were expensive foreign rides, so I slowed to a walk the last few feet before grabbing the gate even though the traffic light changed to green. One side of the gate was already pulled closed when a white Lexus convertible turned into the drive.

A blonde haired woman wearing a white suit and the kind of big oval sunglasses that snobby rich people wore eased to a stop as I reached for the other gate. It was an estate bitch. They were plucked and pulled and injected and implanted and from the super rich gated community around the corner and generally a huge pain in the ass.

“Ma’am, we’re closed,” I said avoiding any eye contact.

“Please,” she said. “All I need is a screen door. My builder called up here a while ago and you said you had one.”

“The only thing we have in stock is a nine hundred dollar deluxe model,” I said then recognized that someone like her didn’t care about the cost.

“That’s it,” she said.

“Well, you can’t carry it in your car,” I said. “We can deliver it on Monday.”

“No, I need it tonight for a party,” she said. “Do you drive a truck?”

“Ma’am,” I said. “I’ve got a commitment tonight.”

“I’ll give you two hundred dollars. My house is just over the hill in Quarry Glen.”

I needed the money. The guys smirked and muttered as I followed her into the store so I just walked straight to the back and loaded the door. She had already paid and left by the time I walked up front. Her address was on the invoice.

As we counted our drawers, the guys fucked with me about letting her in the gate. They told me it was Marv Swenson’s house I was driving to. He was an investor in property developments. Everyone at the store hated him.

Fast as my old Chevy would go, I drove up to the galactic sized mansion where Meredith Swenson lived. The Swenson’s driveway was packed with catering vans and people setting up in backyard. I rang the doorbell hoping to avoid having to troll around looking for someone to tell me what to do with the door.

“Servants go around,” Marv Swenson said as soon as he opened the door. He was huge. Bigger than the pictures in the paper the guy’s showed me, but he looked like a pussy wearing a pink shirt with his collar turned up, Bermuda shorts and sandals. He walked away before I said anything.

I grabbed the fucking door out of the truck and marched toward the back ready to drop it the first place I saw a spot. In the backyard they had a huge screened in pool with a broken door, only someone with sick wealth like they had spent nine hundred dollars on a door to a screened pool. I plopped the door down next to the steps and turned to leave.

“Senor,” a small woman said. “You must talk to Senora Meredith.”

I tried to beg off but finally gave into the blizzard of Spanish gibberish the woman spoke. She pointed me down a path to the quarry. Marv spent a wad on a big party but didn’t have the cash to fix the three hundred foot winding path down to the dock. The stairs were broken, the planks rotted and split.

Out in the quarry, there were a couple of men trying to figure out how to dock an inflatable island and a woman in a long white t-shirt directing them until the men stared up at me.

“Oh, Dave,” Meredith called out. It wasn’t until I heard her voice that I recognized her. “Thanks so much for bringing the door. How long will it take to install? We already have guests wanting to use the pool. I’m afraid the little ones will get out if we don’t have the door up.”

I don’t know how I missed it until them but I noticed Meredith for the first time. She wasn’t a stuck up bitch at all. She had a beautiful smile, welcoming, like she’d known edirne escort me forever. Only a beauty pageant winner smiled like that. It was like her whole body came alive upon seeing me.

“Well, like I said, I have a commitment.”

“We can’t get the anchor set,” one of the men on the island said as I closed the last few feet to where Meredith stood.

Quicker than a thought, Meredith pulled the long shirt over her head.

When I saw her body, I nearly fell off the dock. She had the hottest looking ass I’d ever seen. It was round and firm and barely covered by a yellow flowered bikini bottom. She dove in and I stood there unable to move.

I forgot Sarah and getting pussy for the first time in my life and anything else but seeing that tiny waist and hot little ass again. Damn, she had to be in her thirties. I thought everything sagged on women that age.

She came up out of the water at the island and in a few seconds had the anchor hooked but all I cared about was stealing glances at that ass.

“Will you help me, Dave?” Meredith asked standing on the island. “Please.”

There was beauty in the precision of her every movement. Meredith dove into the water like a champion diver. The water dripped off her as if set up for a music video scene. I should have had to have paid admittance to watch her demonstrate that kind of perfection.

Putting up the door didn’t take long. It was the exact same one. It screwed right into the same holes previously drilled. By the time I finished, a bunch of hot looking girls my age were running around in bikinis and all the douche bag guys stood around watching me work. As I packed up my tools, Meredith came up behind me. Unfortunately, she was covered up again.

“Dave, you are the best,” Meredith said. “You saved my party. I can’t thank you enough. You are a really great guy. I’m sorry about making you late for your commitment. Is there anything I can do?”

I’d forgotten about Sarah. I tried not to look at Meredith’s body. I probably should have said something but couldn’t. It took everything in me to hold off a massive boner. But as much as I wanted to see her naked, the thing that struck me the most is that she was so sincere. She was saying every word because she meant it. I felt it and took it in. It woke something up inside of me.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s ok. I’ll let myself out.”

“Dave,” Meredith said. She stepped closer and touched my arm. She looked me in eye. “You’ve done such a good job and I feel so bad. Would you be interested in fixing the path to the dock? My landscaper quit on me. They said at the store you were bound for college so it might help and I’ll pay top dollar.”

“Sure,” I said though I had no idea of how to do the work. All I cared about was being close to her and seeing her ass again. Though in my mind, the two things were separate, I was obsessed with both the feeling of being around her and my desire to fuck the shit out of her. She was perfect. Meredith had the sweetest, brightest spark in her personality and was outrageously sexy, everything on her was super toned but not muscular, somehow she was skinny and voluptuous.

“Stop by Monday morning and we’ll talk about it,” Meredith said.

I completely forgot about Sarah. I was in a fucking trance all weekend over that body of Meredith’s. I spent hours trying to figure out what to say or do around her. I even bought one of those stupid books on how to pick up women. The more I thought about Meredith, the more I realized how little a broke, nerdy kid had to offer someone like her.

At night, my mind spun out of control and I continued to charge myself up about seeing that ass again. It was like the surge of a tidal wave building into a tsunami. I felt like some kind of primal animal was bubbling up in me.

At her mansion early on Monday morning, a servant met me at the door and walked me out to the beginning of the path. I waited a few minutes then started picking around at the first set of stairs hoping to be able to simply replace all the boards instead of trying to come up with any new ideas.

“What do you think?” Meredith said standing behind me. I hadn’t heard her approach.

When I turned around, my face was six inches from her pussy. I could see a blue bikini bottom through her white cotton dress.

Again, I couldn’t say a fucking word. There wasn’t an ounce of player in me and I was mesmerized by her. She was so friendly, like the girl next door pretty, and pageant polished and damn her body was so fucking hot.

Meredith must have known what was happening. She backed up a step and changed the tone of her voice. “Dave, let’s go up on the veranda and have a little breakfast and talk over the project.”

I followed her like a pussy zombie tagging after that little ass going wherever it went unable to speak. She brought me eggs and bacon and fruit and juice and eventually got me talking by asking about college.

Over the next hour, cansoc.org she had me telling her everything about my life, including what a nerd I’d been in high school and my fears about a repeat in college. I was even honest about being awestruck by her body.

“That’s why I’m always tongue tied around you,” I said.

She took it all in stride and never made me feel embarrassed about it and she didn’t act weird about it at all. Meredith wasn’t an estate bitch. No acrylic nails, no Botox, not even make-up, she was just plain out of the box gorgeous. But for my urge to fuck the shit out of her, I would have been completely at ease around her. She was the kind of girl that could be the prettiest one in a gown at an awards show then bundle up next to you on the couch in an old t-shirt with no make-up and talk to you all night long.

“If it’s going to be too uncomfortable for you,” Meredith said, “Forget the deck. We’ll find someone to do it.”

“I’ve never felt more comfortable than I do now with you,” I said. “It’s just your body or something. I’m fascinated by it.”

During the week we fell into a pattern. By Friday she had told me about her life and how she wanted kids but that it just hadn’t happened yet and that time was running out. She wanted to adopt but Marv didn’t. She was so smart and cool and beautiful I couldn’t stop thinking about her. The nicer she was the more I wanted to throw her down and fuck her brains out. We were so comfortable with each other it was like we were born to fit together if we ever met.

But as far out of my league as I initially figured, it was much worse. Meredith showed me her beauty pageant crowns and ribbons. In her office was a framed doctorate degree in art history. She was an art dealer or broker or something and made tons of money trading in art. I found that out when I brought up that I had a few Roman Era coins worth a thousand dollars and she took me into the vault they had on the property and showed me the five rarest coins on the planet. I shut up, went back outside and started screwing nails into treated lumber. That was the extent of what I could do for a woman like her.

As the morning wore on, I just kept thinking about how great she was and how hot she was and that feeling started boiling up in me. Around noon I was kneeling down knocking a board into place when Meredith came up behind me. I stared at her little red bikini bottoms underneath her cover up.

“You’ve got to get over it,” Meredith said. “It’s just a damn bikini.” With that she pulled up the dress and I saw her tight little pussy tucked up under that material and something snapped inside of me. Lust or a sex demon or something took over me.

Though I’d never even touched a pair of girl’s underpants in my life, I tore Meredith’s bikini bottoms off and pulled down my shorts and picked her off the ground. I grabbed a hand full of her hair and tried to kiss her. My heart raced so fast it was hard to breathe.

“Dave, Dave,” Meredith said. “I have to be wet. You’re too big to go inside me right now.”

All that did was make me harder and more filled with lust. She backed away a few times but I kept after her and picked her up the third time and tried to enter her.

“Dave,” Meredith pleaded. “Put me down. Let me put my mouth on you…anything, just let me get it wet.”

That was it. I pushed her against a tree and kissed her neck and pushed her waist down onto me. As the head of me touched whatever wetness was at her opening, I shot all over her pussy and her thighs and we spilled over onto the ground.

The release was so violent it felt like I peed cum. It got me back to my senses a little bit and I had an immediate sense of revulsion at my behavior. “Damn,” I said. “I’m so sorry Meredith. I’m so sorry. I lost my mind.”

What I’d done made me a wreck. It wasn’t that she was married or how wrong it was, all I thought about was my actions killing that spark in her, me and my stupidity ruining her perfect beauty.

“Meredith,” I said and it sounded like pleading. “Please tell me I haven’t done anything to hurt that beauty inside you.”

At that moment, I noticed Meredith pushing my cum into her pussy. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth to hers. She shifted around until she accommodated me inside her. The sensation of her wetness and the feel of her pussy relenting to the pressure of me made my eyes roll back in my head. She was giving me wanting kisses and urging me deeper inside her.

I might have lasted a few pumps before flooding her again. But Meredith grabbed my butt and held me inside her until my throbbing subsided. She curled her leg around mine and rested her heel on my calf.

“You need it so much, Dave,” Meredith whispered in my ear. “It makes me feel so good that you need me like this. Take as much as you want from me. Take as much as you want.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “I like you so much. I don’t know what happened to me. I couldn’t stop myself.”

“Shhhh, Dave,” Meredith said. “Take as much as you want.”

And when I looked at her and heard her voice, I realized I’d made her ever more beautiful. It thrilled me. I wanted her to know how much it meant to me. She felt so good. Inside her was like velvet. The taste of her kisses was irresistible.

But, I was no stud. I fucked Meredith six more times under the shade of that tree but never lasted more than a couple of minutes. She was so tight and felt so good and she was so loving to me that I can cum right now just thinking about it. The last time, Meredith used her finger and she came with me. Her toes were digging into my calves and she bit my earlobe and I can’t imagine heaven being any better than that moment in the warm air and soft grass entwined with Meredith, bathed in the sweetness of her.

“I feel like I have a gallon of cum inside me,” she laughed as she lay in the afterglow. “You really wanted me. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“I still do,” I said. “I want to stay inside you like this forever. This desire for you is never going away.”

“You are the greatest guy, Dave,” Meredith said. “You scared me to death the way you came at me but you just had to have me. I know that now.”

“Something just took over me,” I said. “I’ve never been that aggressive about anything.”

She quieted me with her calm. She let me be inside her for another minute until I settled then back away.

“I want to hold you now,” I said. “I want to stay knotted up with you forever.”

“No,” Meredith said. “Put your pants on and go back to work, Dave. It’s no big deal. Now we know what will happen if I do something like that again. Now that we’re aware of it, we can deal with it. Ok?”

“Yes,” I said. “It would kill me to ever do anything to take away all that beauty inside you. I promise to get my act together from now on.”

“You are so sweet, Dave,” Meredith said. “I want to hold you too. Thank you for being so good to me. It was just a beautiful mistake.”

My mom noticed as soon as I walked in the door that afternoon. She kept asking me if something happened at the Swenson house.

Mostly I ignored my mom. I was more worried about what was going to happen if Sarah figured it out. During the drive to Sarah’s house, I wondered if it might help me get lucky with her.

But something odd happened when I saw Sarah at the door. I noticed her expression. She wasn’t even happy to see me. Sarah never looked me in the eye like Meredith did.

It started me concentrating on the looks I got from Sarah’s younger brother and sister. They couldn’t maintain eye contact with me. Then I noticed Sarah’s mom and dad doing the same thing. When I told them I spent two hundred eighty dollars on concert tickets, their faces got red. Right then I realized what had been going on all along.

When Sarah got into my truck, I blurted out, “We’re always just going to be friends, aren’t we?”

At first Sarah was pissed. Her face turned red but when she looked at me, the anger went away. She realized that I’d finally gotten fucked and that she wasn’t going to be able to fuck with me any more and get me to spend all my money on her.

“Fuck you, Dave,” Sarah said. “I’ve been fucking Tommy since the first day we met. You’re not a man. You’re a passive little bitch.”

She got out of the car and I drove home.

At work on Saturday, the guys immediately figured out that I was no longer a virgin. It couldn’t have been more obvious if I had it in neon. They all thought I’d somehow lucked into fucking Sarah. Even if I had it on video, no one would believe I’d done anything with Meredith. Heck, I was there and still had trouble accepting it.

As the day wore on, I noticed I found it easier to talk to the female customers. Not that I could have hit on any of them or knew how to get any pussy, I was just more relaxed and tried to listen to them. From a distance, all of a sudden I could size them up. I could tell what was going on with them. A couple of times, it seemed like a door was open to ask for a number or a date.

Wasting all my time with Sarah, I’d lost contact with any of my few nerdy friends and was too young to go out with the guys from work so Saturday night I stayed in my room and thought about the softness of Meredith’s skin, how it felt to grab her hair, how it felt when she shuttered out her orgasm and me being able to feel her body pulsing over my cock as it was inside her.

I felt so strong when I lifted her onto me and forced her waist down. I was taking what I wanted. All through my life I’d been so passive until then. The power of making Meredith take my cock got me raging hard. Her wanting me and not refusing me, her pushing my cum inside her was just as exciting. Her waist was so tiny in my hands and that pink little pussy so tight, it drove me crazy all weekend.

Monday, I worked all morning without seeing Meredith. Marv showed up around noon and came down to check out the progress. He started bitching about the way I was doing things just to have something to complain about. He kept telling me how he was in the business for twenty years and had never seen anyone so fucked up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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