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When It Rains It Pours

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Part 1

When It Rains It Pours

I’ve always been one of those people who love the rain; it could rain for weeks sometimes before I would wish for sun. What I love about rainy days is when it becomes a storm; there is something about lightning and thunder that has always made me feel so alive. Some of my most daring adventures have been during a rainstorm and tonight was no different.

My boss, as usual, had me working late. It was my birthday and once again my plans had been cancelled due to a heavy workload. Jason had a way about him that made you love to hate him. He was always about business and never seemed to care much about people’s feelings or personal lives, and when it came to business Jay didn’t mind being a complete asshole. Except with me. Our relationship was undeniably mutual give and take- everyone in the office knew this. In the six months I’ve worked at this talent agency Jason and I have had a plethora of arguments, all ending in my triumph; something the rest of the office was not used to. Everyone says that before I was hired Jason fired an assistant a week. He didn’t like being corrected or called on his shit. Little did he know when he hired me that I have a small fetish for ball busting and an unmatched work ethic to boot which means I always speak my mind and NEVER get fired. I actually get quite a kick out of our little public shouting matches in the office at the end of the day- he always saw it my way and was a better man for it.

The truth of the matter was Jason is a very attractive man and on my worse day I’d fuck his brains out. He was always well dressed and smelled absolutely unforgivable. He was wearing my favorite suit today, the same grey suit he was wearing the day I interviewed for the job. It consisted of a pair of grey dress pants, a grey vest and white button-up shirt (he always rolled the sleeves up, revealing his toned forearms). The rest of his clothes did a horrible job of hiding the rest of his muscular frame; even his least revealing attire could not hide his broad, rounded, shoulders, wide, hard back and defined chest. He was beautiful with his smooth dark brown complexion, just enough facial hair to let you know he was all man, long manicured dreadlocks that at work were always styled neatly, and as if that wasn’t enough he also had the most intense bushy eye brows that made every expression on his face well conveyed. To complete his already perfect face were dark brown eyes that were deep and intoxicating. His body was so well sculpted and powerful that in our last office fight we got so close we were almost touching and I half wanted him to lift me up, throw me on the desk, tear off my blouse and take me right there. I didn’t care who could be watching. Jason’s body always swelled up when we fought and he was angry like the Incredible Hulk. Regardless of my attraction to him, I always remained professional, even while standing my ground.

Lucky for Jason I respected his work ethic as much as he respected mine or I would be out somewhere getting as drunk as humanly possible. Even if it was a Thursday, I was determined to celebrate my birthday like only I could and, until recently, that did not include being at work at 1am. However, when Jason approached me this afternoon about the chance that Carmen Leslie was interested in being represented by Best in town talent agency, we knew we had to get our meeting planned out down to every detail. Rumour had it that Carmen was going to be the best teen sensation since Hannah Montana, and if she signed with us every hot teen with a dream would be dying to work with us. I couldn’t let Jason down and knew that being a part of this deal would look awesome on my resume, not to mention when ever Jason asked me to stay late, he stayed late even further, proving his unrelenting dedication to his career and future. I was all in. But of course once under pressure Jason became a dictator and an UN-reasonable fucking bastard.

“Pam did you call and reserve the conference room at Legacy Hotel- you know how hard it is to get their room on short notice and if we don’t …”

“It’s done; I handled that as soon as you told me Carmen was coming-“

As always I was calm cool and collected. It was under control.


That’s all he said. Not ‘great’, or ‘you are the best’, which I already know I am but all he could say was ‘fine’?

“Okay how about lunch? I told you the girl is from a small town. I read in teen Cosmo the girl said she wants nothing more than her first taste of authentic New York pizza and we gotta be the ones to give it to…”

“I ordered a pizza in just about every combination I could think of and some I just made up”. I was feeling extremely confident and hopeful that tonight might actually end sooner than I thought and I might be able to celebrate my now belated birthday.

“Okay, now tell me, did you arrange for the white Hummer Limo to pick her up at the airport? Tell me you got the fucking Hummer- the Hummer Maltepe Anal Escort and Pizza are deal makers and breakers for this girl!”

Now, one thing Jason didn’t know about me is that I’m on a mission to save the planet and the last thing I plan on doing is renting a fucking Hummer so this teen queen can ride around New York further butt-raping Mother Earth with every mile- hell fucking no!!!

“Jay, I didn’t get the damn Hummer and I don’t intend to. Carmen doesn’t need a Hummer to ride around in, she needs a cool tour of New York and I’m gonna be the one to give it to her. I’m not renting a fuckin’ Hummer for Miss Teen Queen because those things are fucking up the environment and they use a hell lot of gas. Fuck, I have an awesome car, especially for a 16 year old to ride around in… Shit, I didn’t ride around in a Hummer when I was 16, I rode the fuckin’ bus; when I was 17 rode Mark…” I was already fuming just thinking about the privileged breed of kids nowadays.

“Please, tell me… you’re fucking kidding me?!” Jason’s eyes had fire in them and the silence and tension would have made a weaker woman slightly frightened.

“Serious as a heart attack.” I waited and Jason stared at me like I was speaking a foreign language, squinting at me, disgusted.

“Fuck! Pamela!!!” Jason threw a stack of papers and began to pace. He pulled his hair out of its neat style and let it fall. As he paced he began scratching his head, something I’ve see him do every time he got stressed. I almost felt bad; once again he wasn’t seeing it my way, though he would soon.

“Jay, look-“

“JASON! I’m your boss remember? Or maybe you don’t- maybe that’s just the problem! Maybe you are getting a little too comfortable with the breathing room I’ve been giving you- apparently that’s getting in the way of business!” Jason was taking the wheel on this argument and I let him. I didn’t do as he asked, but then again I was also doing what I knew was best. I let him vent before I continued.

“Are you done?” I asked- not because I cared.

“Fuck no Pamela, I’m just getting started! Its 1:15 in the god damn AM how are we gonna get this Hummer by 10am? Explain that shit-“

“I don’t intend to get the Hummer. I thought I was already clear on that.” Again calmly I said this. I could tell he was about to blow.

“Fuck are you deaf!? Why are you responding nonchalantly? I said to get the fucking Hummer, you go against your boss’s orders for what, the fucking environment, you don’t want a Hummer because of gas and pollution- Pamela what the fuck is wrong with you? We’re not gonna get the deal with Carmen because of this shit, we’re gonna look like a low ball agency and screw up the chances of getting the best client we could ever have! I swear to fucking god I shoulda fired you 30 times already!” He was standing extremely close again and I could smell his cologne, feel the heat coming from his body. He, of course, was now swollen and inflated like a balloon ready to burst. I was turned on and pissed off at the same time I didn’t know which emotion to go with first so I did what came naturally to me.

“Okay Jason?” I said his name sarcastically. “I’m your assistant. I’m here to assist you, not take your fucking orders. Besides the fact that this agency can’t afford to rent Hummers for the day, I feel that it’s a waste of money, along with my disgust for what those things are doing to the environment. I plan to pick Carmen up tomorrow and show her the city like it should be seen- through the eyes of a born New Yorker. She’s gonna love it and- like you- she’s gonna love me. You think I should have been fired 30 times? Then fire me right now, because in case you didn’t get the memo it’s my Fucking birthday day, and I’ve spent it here with you trying to get ready to close the deal with Teen Queen, and, in case you didn’t know, because of me we’re gonna close that fucking deal in the morning, without adding to the catastrophic deterioration of the planet! So not only did I waste my birthday here with you, working on something it took me 14 minutes to setup on my lunch break, but I saved you 1,200 bucks while I was at it. So, –JASON-, unless you have something else to say, there’s a drink across town with my name on it and I like my drinks cold, so I’ll be leaving now you fuckin’ ungrateful bastard!”

I was so pissed I was burning hot; I always get hot when I’m angry. Jason was still standing close to me. We were toe to toe and there was dead silence. All that could be heard now was the loud pouring rain outside and, just as I was becoming aware of how thick the silence and tension was, I heard the thunder and the lightning flashed through the office window. We stood there both fuming and frustrated at each other, our tempers once again bringing us to this point, both of us wondering what was next- who would make the next move and what would it be.

Still staring and breathing hard, Jason grabbed my arm and pulled me closer Maltepe Yaşlı Escort to him. I was weak at his touch, that I had both expected and was startled by. His hands were as strong as I always knew they would be, strong and gentle. I looked at him, shocked. He looked at me with the same intense eyes he had just seconds ago, but this time they were intense with desire and I was ready to fulfill his each and every one. He was squeezing my arm so hard it began to hurt, but I liked it. I wanted him to squeeze the rest of me like this, and the closer he held me the more I learnt about him. I could feel his erection between us and gasped, but moved closer. Both of us were breathing heavily, still worked up. He moved his hands now from my arms, and placed one on the back of my neck and the other around my waist, pulling me as close as possible. With the hand on the back of my neck he pulled me in and kissed me softly and forcefully. I have never been kissed this way. I was so turned on now, more than I’d been my entire life. The kiss we shared was wet, warm, and sensual. Our mouths danced loosely and slowly in what I hoped was an endless tango. He tasted so sweet; I wanted to taste more of him. I could still feel his erection rubbing between my thighs, so I moved my hands from the desk and unzipped his pants. His dick popped out like it was waiting to be freed from its cage. Reaching inside his pants, I squeezed him gently. He groaned the most primal groan I’ve ever heard from a man. He was a caveman- just what I needed. He was so warm in my hands; I wanted him inside of me. I felt urgent.

“Jay I….” He put his hand to my lips to stop me from speaking.

“Shhhh… This is a long time coming, let’s just…” Before he could finish speaking, I grabbed his face and we connected for another kiss. But this time there would be no stopping. The second time around the kiss was even better; like old lovers we already knew the rhythm and the pace we loved. I felt my panties become moist as he kissed me and squeezed my ass, tightly pulling me into his erection. The heat coming from his hard dick made me crave him in my mouth, but as usual I used restraint. As we kissed I stroked him, taking in all the glorious details. His dick was magnificent in every way; it was strong, thick and long. I knew he would be busting out charkas; I would be meeting my maker tonight. I ran my hands over the head of his dick and it stood at attention. I was moaning in anticipation. Still in a passionate kiss we explored each other finally, until he ripped my blouse open just as I had fantasized many times before. Reaching back and undoing my bra so that it fell to the ground, he kissed me, biting and sucking my shoulders. I moaned, as he tasted my flesh, while I moved my hands in circles over his penis. He squeezed my ass one last time before he moved his hands to my impatient breasts. It was cold and they needed his warm hands and mouth to comfort them. He lifted me onto the desk, reached under my skirt and pulled my panties off while he sucked my nipples and licked them, playing with my breasts like only an experienced man can. I moaned and panted; I was beginning to throb and ache. His dick was ready and waiting and I was ready to receive him. I unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor- there was no reason to be discreet now. We both knew what was next.

“Take me,” I moaned into his ear while playing with his hair, as he played in my breasts. licking and sucking, biting and flicking them with his tongue. The wet sopping noises he made drove me crazy.

Looking up into my eyes he grinned at me, looking hungry

“I wanna taste you, baby.” I died just hearing him say this.

He parted my legs and began licking and kissing my clitoris. I wanted to fall into him; his mouth was so attentive and generous. He paid attention to every fold of my wet pussy, sucking me and taking in my wetness. His tongue was on an expedition.

“You taste so good,” he managed.

“Wait till you feel me.”

As he continued to feast on my wet pussy I stroked his rock hard erection with my foot. He grunted in appreciation.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned.

“I want you in my mouth it’s so warm and wet.”

He French kissed my pussy one more time before coming back up for air and kissing me. I loved it; I always loved the way I taste, especially on a man’s lips. Finally he slid me down, closer to the edge of the desk with his hand guiding my hips onto him. I felt his hot, hard, dick filling me up. We fit together like a glove.

“Oh my god!” he whimpered. “…you feel so good so tight!”

I was used to hearing this upon entry.

“How are you so tight?!”

I giggled again I heard this before and never knew how to answer.

“Don’t be gentle,” I whispered into his ear while I took his lob into my mouth and nibbled on it softly.

He squeezed me tightly with one hand and moved my hips with the other. Our kisses were deeper now and Maltepe Zenci Escort wetter. We were connected in every way. He was thrusting fast and slow, never breaking his rhythm. I was taking in every inch of him, squealing with delight while making circles with my hips. He moaned as I wrapped my legs tighter around him and ran my nails down his back, giving just enough pain and pleasure. As he continued to fill me with his long hard dick, I was in ecstasy, not knowing what was better: the fact that we were having passion filled wet sweaty sex in our office, on his desk, while outside there was a thunder storm with lightening filling the sky or the fact that I was Pam and he was Jason. It didn’t matter what the reason was; I was in heaven in this man’s hands and his rhythm was my salvation.

Our sweat made us glisten and our moans filled the room. I was holding onto the desk the best I could while he pounded harder into my wet, warm, pussy, still fitting tightly. Every time he pulled his dick out I became more aware of how long and smooth it was. As I felt the veins and the head moving through me, I wanted to scream but instead I squeezed his dick with my pussy, making it harder for him to move.

“Ahh yeeaaah keep doing that…!” He could barely say this. I could tell he was getting exactly what he needed. I felt his dick contracting along with me. We had a strong connection; our bodies understood each other. Our pace picked up; we were grinding, quickly crashing into each other. I moved my hands from the desk and wrapped them around his hard broad shoulders, holding on tightly as he lead me to my kingdom.

“That’s right babe, hold on,” he said, while recklessly driving his dick into me, harder and faster. He unwrapped my hands from his neck and laid me down on the desk and I curved my back. My breasts were exposed again and he sucked them as he leant over me. The more he sucked my breasts the harder I squeezed his dick inside me. I reacted to his sucking by squeezing and he caught on to this quickly; I noticed because of his moans and his new sucking patterns. We made a game of this and it was the most exciting game, just like our business relationship; our love making was give and take. If we continued this game we would make each other climax at the same time and there would be not one but two winners.

“Jaaaay!” I moaned my body was telling him it was almost time.

“Don’t stop I’mmm…” He knew what I was going to say and moved swiftly, helping me reach my peak. We were still sucking and squeezing. I was beginning to not want to climax; I wanted to stay suspended in this state of passion indefinitely but the sensation was taking over. I began to melt.

“Hold on babe I’m right behind you!” Jay yelled, wildly thrusting for his life and mine. I heard the thunder crash outside and saw lightening flicker. I felt him getting harder and knew what was next. Still sucking and squeezing faster, harder and longer I was getting wetter now, being so close to the edge, the music of moans and wet splashes outshining the storm outside. He placed his hand tighter around my waist, arching his back for his finale. I curved mine to allow total access to all of my pleasure zones.

“Ahhhh, here we go love here we …” he managed to grunt while thrusting.

“Where do you want it? ” He asked. I looked at him without answering and wrapped my legs tighter around him so he couldn’t pull out if he wanted to- which from his smile I could tell he didn’t.


“I wanna feel you cum in me!” I could tell by his performance that his finale would be a grand one and I anticipated his strong release. I wanted to feel his power.

“Yeah, that’s what you want?”

“Give it to me all of it” I moaned. He looked at me with a wild raw passion and kissed me deeply. This was the wettest, most animalistic kiss. He thrust harder now but slower and I could feel him releasing and it was an event. He didn’t just shoot or squirt; he released. It was an explosion, and the feeling I had inside of me was indescribable. He was filling me up.

“Oh my god!” I whined like a baby, feeling like a child. I was weak for him. My body was vibrating, my legs were shaking and I was shivering uncontrollably. Goosebumps covered my arms and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was totally spent and yet refreshed. I felt so alive I could die.

My pussy was dripping wet with both of our juices. We lay there kissing in the afterglow. While I squeezed the last of his power from him he moaned and smiled each time.

“Well, happy belated birthday, Pam.” He said playfully while I stroked his hair. His head was resting on my chest now. The desk seemed more comfortable than it should have.

“Baby, it was right on time,” I sighed.

It was 4am and the cleaning crew would be here at 4:15. The rain storm outside seemed worse than it had been all night and it made me not want to leave our nest there on the desk, but we had business to attend to in the morning. I feared being caught by Rosa, my favorite cleaning woman; she was so sweet and I wanted her to continue thinking I was sweet as well, and blessing me every time she saw me.

“We have to go” I started to move but Jay tightened his grip on me and would not let me go.

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