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Hello, everyone. If you are a fan of my series Breast Obsessed know that I am diligently working on Chapter 3, and hope to have it out soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this one-off story I came up with on the fly one day. Without further ado…


“Last call, gents!” Announced the bartender. “Empty those mugs, anyone who needs a cab c’mon up to the bar to use the phone!”

Jack Fitzgerald took a deep breath and upended his mug. His adams apple bobbed as thirty-two ounces of frosty ice-cold Budweiser sloshed down his throat, joining the two hundred or so ounces that had preceeded it over the course of the last five hours. He was not in a particularly good mood. His fucking 49ers had fucking lost to the fucking Seahawks, and now the Suckchickens would be going to the Bowl instead of his team. Not only that, but it had cost him 200 bucks, too.

He had been pounding them ever since. Ever since he had slapped two benjamins into Art Lancaster’s outstretched palm, wanting to cram the smug look on his face right down his throat. How long? Five? Maybe six hours ago? Seemed like forever now.

Jack’s senses were swimming. He stood up from the barstool and slowly wove his way down the aisle towards the bar phone, which rested on the counter near the end. Jack may have been hammered, but he was no dummy. He was calling for a cab.

His fingers fumbled the number and after a few false starts he finally dialed it correctly, securing in a slurring mumble a ride back to his house. The driver said to wait in the bar, he would come to the door and ask for him.

Jack leaned heavily against the wall, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. He sighed and ran his hand through his short brown hair, before reaching up to rub his tired hazel eyes. He scratched the stubble on his chin and yawned, wanting nothing more but to faceplant into his pillow for an hour or eight.

Finally the door opened and the driver stuck his head in.

“Jack?” he called. “I’m here for a Jack Fitzgerald?”

“Thasss me.” Jack said, raising his hand and shuffling towards the exit. “Sheeee you guysss later. Get home shafely.”

A light chorus of affirmatives in response from the dwindling crowd of his friends at the bar.

The driver opened Jack’s door for him and he sank heavily into the soft rear seat. He leaned his head back and felt the idle thrum of the car settling into his bones.

“Where to?” The driver said.

“2931 Easht Shycamore Shtreet.” He slurred. His head sank further into the upholstery and darkness claimed him.


“-up.” A voice said from far away. “C’mon man, I’ve got other stops to make. Wake up!”

Jack opened his tired eyes and noticed the driver lightly shaking him. He glanced around bewildered, and realized they were parked at the curb in front of his own dark house. He slowly climbed from the vehicle, stretching and looking around, his breath frosting in the cool November night. He managed to maneuver his wallet out of his pocket and slipped a 20 into the guy’s hand.

“Keep the shange.” He said, clapping the guy once on the shoulder.

“Thanks, buddy.” The driver replied, folding the bill and placing it in his right front pocket. “Have a good night, okay?”

Jack waved over his shoulder as he stumbled up the front walk. Suddenly he was overcome by the urge to piss, and he merely stopped and watered the rose bushes before continuing. He angled towards the garage and found the security keypad there. His alcohol-numbed brain finally coughed up the proper combination, and moments later he was kicking off his boots in the garage, and hanging his coat on the hook by the door.

Jack jabbed the garage door button on the wall and stumbled into the warm, welcoming interior of his house. His wife and daughter would be fast asleep by now, and he didn’t want to wake them. Slowly, carefully he lurched through the house, heading for the stairs. His feet seemed about a million miles away when he looked down at them and he felt like he had a tumble dryer strapped to his head.

Jack mounted the stairs, leaning heavily on the railing as the room slowly spun around him. At the top would be the upstairs hallway. The room he shared with his wife Barbara was first on the left, with his eighteen-and-a-half year old daughter Hannah’s room being the second on the left. A guest bedroom and bathroom were on the right side.

Jack reached the second to last stair and took the last step up to the landing. His foot neatly hooked on the top stair and he stumbled forwards, almost falling flat on his face as he lurched three steps and fell to one knee. He reaches up on the wall to his left and finds a knob. Regaining his feet he slowly twists it, opens the door, and enters.

His swimming senses take in the dim, murky interior. He can barely see and waits a moment for his eyes to adjust. There straight ahead is his bed, and in the dim light from the streetlight outside he sees Avrupa Yakası Escort Barbara splayed out on the bed.

Barbara is a beautiful woman. Gorgeous honey-blond hair that spills down her back, a tight, athletic frame sporting a tight stacked ass and a lovely pair of 34D tits. She works hard for her body, of which Jack is incredibly thankful. He is also thankful that their daughter Hannah inherited almost all of those charms, being just as beautiful as her mother, but also including some cute freckles on her face and upper chest.

He squints in the dim light and sees the golden halo of her hair splaying out around her head as she snoozes flat on her back. Amazingly, as he looks closer he sees that she is laying on top of the covers, and he can see that she is wearing not a stitch of clothing. Her soft bounteous breasts and smooth shaven cleft both are completely open to his view, such as it is with the room gently spinning on its axis and the dim light keeping him from making out every detail. And despite his inebriated state, he feels blood surge into his six inch cock, raising it up away from his body with a throbbing urgency.

Jack licks his lips and skins his pants and boxers down, feeling his cock jumping and twitching in front of him. He is suddenly incredibly horny, and decides that at least one thing in this shitty evening is going to go right.

He creeps over to the bed, and decides that he wants to just ravage her. She will wake up, yes. But he plans to be balls deep before she fully comes to.

Jack raises one leg and enters the bed, lifting one of Barbara’s legs up and spreading it wide. She stirs lightly under him, mumbling under her breath. He moves her other leg out, and grabs his stiff shaft. Moistening his fingers he rubs them over her labia to prepare her, and then scootches up between her legs and finds her hole with his throbbing tool.

As Jack pushes his cock into his wife’s cunt she stirs beneath him. She tries to speak.

“Wh-” She begins.

Jack claps his hand over Barbara’s mouth and thrusts forward. His cock sinks to the hilt in her syrupy pussy, the warmth of her gently contracting walls making his toes curl.

Barbara makes muffled noises under his palm, grunting and thrashing. He leans in close to her ear.

“Shh Barb.” He says, “It’s just me, Jack. I’m sorry baby. I had a shitty night and when I came in and saw you I couldn’t resist. Oh god baby, your cunt feels so slippery. Mmm here I go.”

Jack begins to thrust. Almost immediately Barbara stops thrashing and she bucks her hips in response, rising from the bed to enthusiastically meet his plunging cock.

“Mmmmmm” She groans under his palm. “Mmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm”

“Oh god baby.” Jack says, picking up the pace and hammering his dick into her creamy cunt. “Your pussy feels so fucking good. Oh god you’ve never been this wet before.”

Jack really picks up the pace now, his cock goes balls deep on every stroke, the shaft coated with buttery secretions that flow unimpeded from her clenching sex hole. He reaches down and strums her clit with a practiced hand, knowing how easily she responds to it.

And respond she does. A panting mewling moan comes from her mouth, heavily muffled by his palm. Her head tosses gently and her hands and legs come up off the bed to encircle him. He nibbles her earlobe and neck as he continues to move within her.

“I love fucking you baby.” He murmurs in her ear. “I love your soft, hot cunt.”

She pants beneath his palm, really enjoying the dirty talk.

“Mmm baby. I think I’m going to cum!”

Jack picks up the pace, stabbing his engorged length into his wife’s leaking slot. His ass pounds up and down at an ever-increasing tempo as Barbara begins moaning under his palm. She shakes and shudders, approaching orgasm herself.

“Oh yes baby!” He whispers in her ear. “I’m going to cum in your pussy!”

“MmmmHmmmm!” She moans, head nodding up and down. Her legs wrap like a vice at his back, holding him inside, ensuring that every drop will be swallowed by her hungry quim.

Jack picks up the speed until his hips are a blur over his wife’s. She tenses up, takes a deep breath, and with a full body shiver explosively comes.

Jack feels a hot splash of fluid on his thighs and balls. He realizes his wife has ejaculated, something she has never done before. The realization pushes him over the edge and he pushes himself forward as deep inside as he can, and his throbbing dick begins spurting.

“Nnnngh yess baby! Coming in your pussy! Filling your fucking pussy up! NnngggghhhGOD!”

Jack thrusts feebly, his hyperactive nerve endings firing over and over with waves of pleasure as hot wads of silky molten splooge paint the insides of his wife’s contracting pussy. Sexy, dirty squishing and slurping noises come from the joining of their sexes as her steaming ejaculate and his creamy load trickle out of Bahçelievler Escort her flexing snatch to dribble down her ass crack and pool on the bed.

Jack collapses onto his wife, lungs heaving to draw enough air. His heart pounds in his chest, and he feels hers pounding against him. His hand slips away from her mouth and drops next to him. Her legs stay wrapped at his back, and he feels her hands slowly stroking his back, gently, tenderly.

“Oh god, baby.” He pants. “So good. You’re so fucking good.”

Barbara begins kissing his exposed neck with hot moist kisses. She peppers the flesh she can reach before moving up to his lobe. He feels her breath, hot across his ear as she sucks the lobe and wiggles her tongue across his skin. He begins to drift in her arms, content to stay right where he is. She presses her lips into his ear, and speaks.

“Daddy.” She whispers. “It’s me.”

Jack reacts as if he has touched a high voltage line. He jerks backwards, his slick cock falling out of the creamy fucktunnel it so forcefully invaded. He scrambles backwards, falling off the bed onto the floor and continuing backwards until he hits the wall. His eyes bulge out and his mouth refuses to work. His head shakes from side to side, over and over. His inebriation is completely forgotten. His mind reels with shame at the magnitude of what has just occurred.

A soft whisper of movement and he can just make out a shape moving to the door. A sudden click and the room is flooded with light. There stands his daughter Hannah, nude, coated with a thin sheen of sweat. Her face and upper chest are flushed, showing her freckles in stark relief against her red skin. She puts her hands on her hips and looks at her father. As she does, he notices a thick glob of creamy white cum HIS CUM lazily oozing down her inner thigh.

“Nnnnnoo.” He moans. “No no no no nooooo.”

Hannah quickly moves across the room and kneels in front of her father. She reaches out to him and he recoils from her, eyes flashing with humiliation and shame.

Hannah gathers her father to her, crooning gently as her arms circle him, bringing him in close. He is trembling like a tuning fork that has been struck, and his face is pale.

“Shhhh.” She soothes. “Shhhh daddy. It’s ok. It’s ok.”

“Oh god Hannah!” He finally manages to croak. “I’m so…so sorry. I thought you were your mother! I must have gotten the rooms mixed up. Oh my god, what have I done!?”

He begins gently sobbing in her arms. She hold him close, rocking him gently, crooning encouraging noises as her fingers stroke his hair. He clings to her like a babe in her arms, hot tears spilling across her flushed bosom as he vents his emotions.

“Oh god baby!” He chokes, “What have I done!?”

She leans back, capturing his face in her hands. She holds him steady and looks into his eyes, wiping away stray tears with her thumbs.

“You fucked me, Daddy.” She says evenly.

Jack tries to look down, not able to meet her eyes.

“Look at me.” She says.

He looks.

Her voice drops to a hoarse whisper.

“You fucked me, Daddy.” She hisses. “And I reeeeeeally fucking liked it.”

Jack’s face goes blank, and he looks at his daughter as if he’s never seen her before.

“I…” He begins.

Hannah lunges forward, crushing her lips to her father’s. Her probing tongue tunnels past his stunned lips to flutter madly about the interior of his mouth. She groans into his mouth as she clutches at his arms, pulling at his shirt.

Jack pulls away, breaking the kiss. Despite his whirling emotions, his face is flushed. His flaccid cock gives a single twitch.

“Hannah!” He says, “What are you doing!?”

“I’m doing what I want to do.” She says, a predatory look on her face. “You fucked me, and now I want seconds. Give me your cock again Daddy. Fuck my tight young body. Use me however you wish. I’m a slut. I’m a dirty fucking slutty whore, and now I want to be your whore.”

Jack is stunned, but his cock is reacting to her words, thickening and filling with blood again.

Hannah glances down and notices.

“You see?” She says, eyes wild with lust. “You want it too! Give me that goddamn dick…”

She dives for him, crawling head first low into his lap. Her hands grab his shaft and she worms her head into his lap to capture his cock in her hot sucking lips.

“Uuuughhn god Hannah no!” Jack says “We ca- ohhhfuck. We can’t do this!”

“Mmmph We *slurp* did *slurp* do this already Daddy.”

“But it’s wrong!”

“Then why did it feel so right?” She demands, planting smothering kisses over his rigid shaft. “TELL ME THAT!”

“Oh god, baby!” He gasps out. “Suck me!”

Hannah smiles, an icy grin of total satisfaction.

“Yes.” She says. “Now I belong to you.”

Jack lays back, allowing his daughter to hungrily slather his cock from every available angle with her soft lips and tongue. Bahçeşehir Escort She slurps and sucks like she can’t get enough, growling and purring like a wild animal as she lovingly services every inch of exposed cockflesh she can get her mouth on. She laps at his balls and sucks them. She milks precum from his shaft and licks the clear beads of fluid from his cockhead. She pumps her mouth on him, while looking him in the eyes and batting her lashes coquettishly.

Suddenly she jumps up, and runs to the bed. She takes a running jump and twists in the air, landing on her back. She crooks her index finger at him, beckoning him over as her legs part wide, exposing her cherry red slot that still has a thin film of sticky spunk coating it. She reaches down with her left hand and stretches her labia as wide as it can go. Then she raises her right hand and savagely spanks her hand down on her swollen quim, drawing a ragged moan from her throat.

“Here it is, Daddy.” She purrs. ‘YOUR pussy. Now get over here and use your fucking whore.”

Jack walks over to the bed, peeling his shirt of as he comes. He is hypnotized by her trickling gash and her utterly filthy language. His cock zeroes in on her tight wet socket.

“How…” He begins.

“How did I get this way?” She says, and laughs throatily. “I’ve always been this way. I’ve been fucking everything I can for years. And now, I’m the perfect little gutter tramp, eager and ready to have all her holes used and abused.”

She pins him with her smoldering gaze.

“Now get over here…” She growls through clenched teeth. “And USE me and ABUSE me. I am your bitch. Your fucking cum sponge! Now take my pussy and make…it…YOURS.”

Jack lunges towards her, his turgid cock plowing past the soft folds of her labia to go balls deep. She captures him with her legs and throws her head back, snarling, teeth exposed and flashing in the light of the overhead lamp.

Jack pumps his cock into her moist hot gash with renewed strength. His blood feels like its on fire. He has never been more aroused.

“Mmmph…yes…use…it!” She stutters out, cadence broken by the impact of his hips against hers. “That’s…it! Use…my…fucking…cunt!”

Jack climbs onto the bed with her and raises her legs up over his shoulders. He piledrives downwards into her sticky slot, her puckered butthole flexing with every sounding he makes.

“Uuughn…so…good…daddy!” She says, grinning devilishly up at him. “Fuck…my…slutty…box!”

Jack feels his primal instincts taking over. He hammers his shaft downwards into his baby girl’s hungry, eager snatch. She does everything she can to fuck him back, even from the awkward position she’s in, with her knees up by her ears.

“Nnng fuck. Such a skilled little cunt.” He growls, seeing her face flush with joy and pride at his words.

“But how skilled are your other holes?”

She grins lecherously up at him.

“Find out. Fuck my motherfucking asshole. Pound my slutty little butt until I cry and beg.”

Jack pulls back and his cock pops free of her creamy cunt. He leans down and spits a giant gob of spit onto her puckering browneye, and rubs it into her skin with his finger.

“Oooh yes,” She groans. “Take my fucking ass. Fuck my slutty ass with your big cock. I want you to use me Daddy. Use your dirty cunt bitch.”

“Quiet!” He snaps, leaning down to smack her across the face. She moans and her breath hisses through her nostrils. She looks up at him with shining eyes.

“That’s it.” She says. “Abuse your bitch. That’s what slutty cunts like me need. A strong hand to keep them in line!”

Jack aligns his straining cockhead with her puckered starfish, pressing his head into her asshole and pushing hard. It slowly begins to give way for him, slowly enveloping his cock.


Jack shoves forward with all of his strength, his daughter’s asshole stretching obscenely around his cock as he plunges balls deep. Her head falls back, stark white teeth tightly clenched, face reddening in commingled shame, embarrassment, and pleasure.

“I own you now, cunt.” He growls.

“Yes, Daddy.” She pants, asshole stretched to the limits. “Now use my asshole until you cum.”

Jack begins piledriving his daughter’s tight asshole. Her grunts and groans of pleasure fill the room, becoming dangerously loud. Jack casts around and sees a discarded sock over by her headboard. Reaching up, he grabs it, and balls it up.

“Open your mouth!” He demands.

She obediently opens wide. Not a shred of hesitation in her eyes or face.

Jack Fitzgerald crams the sock into his daughter’s mouth, hearing her groan at being gagged. He resumes pounding her butt with a vengeance, slamming his cock home brutally hard.

But the harder he fucks, the more she likes it. Her ass takes him easily, smoothly, comfortably. He picks up the speed, feeling the first telltale signs of orgasm beginning to build.

“Such a fucking dirty jizz bucket!” He growls through clenched teeth, sweat pouring from his face to drip down onto hers, as she is contorted almost in half as he pounds downward into her obscenely displayed backside.

She nods through her gag, eyes full of fire. Her breath hitches, and her thighs begin to tremble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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