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Who’s Teasing Who Now?

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This is a continuation of my first installment, Coming Home To Me. Enjoy.


Dave and I pulled up into our driveway, and into the garage. All the time here, I had been grinning like a cat, glancing over to him in the passenger seat. He looked totally so good sitting close to me with his hand wrapped around my neck, playing with my hair like he loved to.

The ride home had been eventful, with us pulling over and having our way with each other. We just couldn’t wait till we got home; our urges had to be satisfied. Lucky we didn’t get caught and arrested!

As soon as we drove in, Dave was out of the seat in a flash.

“Leave the bags, come,” he asked, his voice in a slight growl. I guess he was as hot as I was.

I quickly switched off the car and did as he bid, sashaying over to his side of the car. He quickly divested me of my overcoat, and my little dress soon followed. I shivered slightly in the draught that blew under the garage door. Standing there before him, in the dim lighting, in nothing but my heels, Dave slowly twirled me, looking — no, drinking in the sight before him. I felt his searing look as he looked me over, his hand running slowly down my side. It was as if he couldn’t believe his eyes.

I broke the spell of his gaze. “Well, aren’t you a little over dressed over there, mister?”

“Why don’t you do something about it then?” He chuckled as I came to him and started unbuttoning his shirt. I did quick work of it, ripping it out of his jeans, those jeans that sat so snugly around his form, his cock clearly stiff, wanting out again. My hands slipped his shirt off his back, and I run them along his firm, toned abs, and up, tweaking a nipple as I went along. He groaned in pleasure, and I could feel his cock hard against me as I leaned into a deep passionate kiss. I started rubbing myself along this hard rod, my pussy almost on fire, wanting to feel his long, hard cock in me again.

Coming up for air, I broke up from him, and without saying a word, unbuckled his jeans and made him step out of his shoes and them. Standing before me, naked, was the man I longed to make love to for two years. His dark skin rippled as he moved his arms, and his cock thrust towards me, standing proud. I wrapped my hand around it, drawing a quick intake of breath from him. He watched as I knelt down and in one swift move, took him into my mouth, all 10 inches of hard, black cock. I sucked hard, and he groaned tecavüz porno in pleasure, his hand on the back of my head, urging me on. One of my hands went up to cup his balls, playing with them. I released his cock with an audible pop. He looked down on me, somewhat disappointed, but I gave him a knowing smile. My other hand wrapped around him and I started rubbing up and down, while my tongue made my way to lick his balls. I could literally feel him growing even harder in my hand, and I knew he was close to cumming.

“Not yet honey”, I said, as I stood up. “I want your cum in my pussy tonight, not in my mouth. But you’ll have to wait just a bit.”

Holding him by his throbbing cock, I walked into the house with him. He was silent all this while, but I could feel his eyes on my butt as I sashayed down the corridor and into the living room. I made him stand in the middle of the room, as I walked over to the stereo and put on some music, nonchalantly pretending that neither of us was naked, and hot, about to blow our brains out in orgasmic sex. I could feel my pussy tingling, and some of the cum from our roadside encounter was dripping down my thigh.

He finally broke the silence. “Honey, if you don’t get back here, I’m going to come over and give you want you’ve been waiting so long for, and I’m not going to be very gentle with you.”

My ploy seemed to be working. I wanted a hard, fast fuck from him, some serious pounding in my pussy to dull that ache that had lasted so long. I pretended not to hear him, slowly gyrating to the music, ignoring him. It was all I could do not to run to him and jump on his cock.

In a few quick strides, he was over to me, grabbing me and crushing me in a tight kiss that I returned just as fiercely. His hand was on my pussy, and a finger flicked over my clit, and I just about burst into flames. When he dipped two fingers into my sweet core, it was all I could do not to collapse, thankful that he was holding me up. I whimpered, wanting more.

He swiftly bent me over the couch, my head resting on the cushions, my round ass presented to him, and my hot, dripping pussy open wide for him. He held my hips and widened my stance with his feet, and I felt his breath on my ass as he knelt behind me. I wriggled my hips in anticipation, waiting to feel him taste me. His tongue teased me, licking up and down my thighs, as he avoided the sweet core that I wanted him to lick. He travesti porno held me down firmly, stopping me from wriggling. Then he plunged his tongue deep into my cunt, and I bucked hard into his face, moaning in pleasure. I must have been dripping cum and pussy juice like never before. I could hear him licking and slurping in pleasure as his tongue plunged over and over again into me. He added two fingers into me, and started finger fucking me like crazy. And just like he knew how to make me cum, he curled them into just the right spot and hit it sweet. I felt the sensations rush up my spine and into my head as I came uncontrollably, convulsing into the seat, yelling his name and my thighs gripping his head as I ground my pussy into his face. I gushed all over his face and he kept licking my juices and finger fucking me. My pussy wrapped tight around his fingers and held him in a vice like grip, till I finally came down from the orgasm.

I just caught my breath as I felt him withdraw his fingers, and whimpered softly. I still needed his cock in me and he knew it. He held me tight by the hips, and I straightened my legs even more, presenting my pussy for his taking. His hard cock prodded my pussy entrance, and he coated the tip with the slick juices of my cum lubricating it. I started wriggling again in anticipation, and without warning, he smacked my butt. I gasped in surprise, turning to see him looking at me with a fierce expression of lust.

“You wanted to be fucked. And that’s what you’re going to get. But only if you wait.” The tables had turned. He had me as putty in his hand, and he knew it. I looked at him, whimpering slightly, as I tried to hold still. I could feel his cockhead slightly thrusting into my pussy, and it took all my willpower not to push back.

‘Please honey”, I pleaded, “I need you inside me now. I’ve been waiting for too long.”

He smacked my ass again, and the sting of his smack made me even more aroused. “You’ve got to beg for it, Lanei. Or you’re the one who won’t be getting any of this,” he said, thrusting an inch deep into me. I gasped in pleasure, feeling the hard tip of his cock rub into me. It was time to end the games and get me what I had waited so long for.

Turning my head back to him, I gave in and giving him a hot, sultry look, pleaded like he wanted me to. “Please, Dave, give me what I need. I need you to fuck me mercilessly, pound your hard cock into me.”

He xhamster porno chuckled softly, then his fierce look melted somewhat. “You know I could never deny you honey,” he said.

And with that, he pressed on my back to arch it more, and then plunged that glorious hard cock deep into me. I groaned in pleasure as I felt his hot cock fill me up in one plunge, thrusting deep into my womb. I almost passed out in pleasure. I fucked him right back and with each thrust he plunged even deeper. I was screaming in pleasure, as he held me firm, and his cock grew even bigger inside, stretching my pussy to its limits, with each thrust. I could hear him gasping and grunting in pleasure as he thrust harder and harder. And I wanted more.

“Harder baby, give me all your cock!” I urged him. “Harder Dave, HARDER!” I screamed. I moved my hand to rub my clit, increasing the pleasurable sensations that were rushing through my pussy.

“Oh yes, I’m going to fuck the daylights out of you love,” Dave grunted. “Just —- like —- this!” And he plunged into me over and over again. His balls were slapping on my pussy hard, making this fuck even better.

I felt the rush of an orgasm start to build inside me. “I’m going to cum Dave, give it to me more!” I yelled. He couldn’t have pounded me harder. We both were sweating and moaning like crazy. Then suddenly, with another thrust from his hot hard cock, and another flick to my dripping wet clit, I experienced the best orgasm I’d had in a long time. The sensations rushed from my head to my toes and all converged into my wet cunt. My pussy gripped his cock in a hard vice, crushing it, and bringing Dave to a thunderous orgasm as he came deep and hard, spurting wave after wave of hot thick cum into my womb. I milked every drop for what it was worth, convulsing over the seat over and over again, and for a few seconds I passed out.

Dave slumped on top of me when I came to, seemingly in the same condition I was. Thoroughly fucked, and in the aftermath of a stronger orgasm that we both hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt him slowly soften and he slowly woke up and stood, his cock falling out of me. My pussy was dripping cum and pussy juice all over my thighs, and I needed all my effort to stand.

Dave dropped down onto the carpet, and pulled me down to him. His arms wrapped around me. He hugged me in a tight, long embrace, and I turned my head up to look at him to find an intense look full of love.

“Welcome back home Dave. I love you so much.” I said to him.

“Oh, Lanei. I love you, and will I love you for a long, long time.”

I smiled and snuggled even closer to him, and pulled a rug from the couch to cover us. As the night drew to an end I was content right where I was.

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