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Wife’s Young Cousin

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Brent’s wife Julie was all excited. Last week, her Aunt Shelly had called to say that she would like to take a trip to visit them. Shelly was by definition Julie’s aunt, but they were both the same age, which was now 39, and they grew up together as best friends. They hadn’t seen each other in years and years and it was going to be a little reunion for both of them. Today was Shelly’s expected arrival.

Brent was at work when Julie phoned to say that Shelly and Kimberly had arrived. Kimberly? Brent wondered, and then remembered. Shelly had a daughter before she was divorced. She would be a teenager now Brent thought, this would be the Kimberly.

Great, he thought. He’d be stuck with two women sharing memories that he wouldn’t know and a bratty teenage girl. This was going to be a great weekend.

Brent worked until 9:00pm and as requested came straight home after work. It was obvious as soon as he arrived home that there had been some celebrating going on. There were liquor bottles sitting out, and he could hear the women laughing loudly in the living room. To be hospitable, he poured himself a drink and followed the noise into the living room.

Brent raised his glass and said, “Hello, ladies.”

“Hi Hun. This is my Aunt Shelly, and this is Kimberly”

“Nice to meet both of you”, Brent smiled as he came over to them.

“Nice to be here,” Shelly replied as she stood to give Brent a hug.

Kimberly rose as well, but being only a teenager she seemed little reserved about giving Brent a hug.

Brent was not about to let the opportunity pass however, and raised his arms to her and felt her trim youthful body lightly press against his in a gentle hug. She maintained the hug a moment after Brent had released his arms, piquing his interest as she smiled at him as she sat.

The four of them and chatted and snacked in the living room. Brent found it hard to not look longingly at Kimberly. Like most men Brent loved the indescribable sexuality of a teenage girl. Again, like most men he pretended not to notice how sexy they were. The more he drank, however, the more difficult it was not to stare and undress Kimberly in his mind. He knew if he stayed in this room someone would eventually catch onto his thoughts as his eyes were drawn to her constantly. Brent was having trouble keeping his mind on Julie and Shelly’s conversation, especially when Kimberly was smiling at him with a smile that said, we’re together being left out.

The two women were fully engaged reminiscing about old times. Kimberly and Brent were adding little to that conversation so Brent started chatting more and more with Kimberly.

Kimberly was becoming more comfortable and less shy with him now, no doubt helped by the few drinks her mom had let her have.

“Does your mom let you drink often?”, Brent asked. “You’re not legal drinking age yet are you?”

“Well no I’m not, almost though. She does let me have some fun though,” Kimberly giggled as she took a sip.

“That’s good. A girl needs to have fun,” Brent smiled at her. “How much fun does she let you have?”

Julie and Shelly were deep in laughing conversation, not paying any attention to Brent and Kimberly.

“Well,” she grinned and looked coyly at Brent as she whispered, “Not as much as I have without her knowing.”

“Oh, Secrets! I love secrets,” Brent spoke softly leaning toward Kimberly as he glanced at the women still engrossed in their conversation.

“Who knows about these secrets besides you? You must have told your best friend. Teenage girls always tell their best friend everything don’t they?”

“I haven’t told my best friend about my MOST fun thing.” Kimberly said with a smirk, her eyes dancing in excitement.

“No? Why not? I thought girls tell their best friend everything.”

“Well, I don’t think my best friend, Stacie, wouldn’t be too happy with me about it,” Kimberly said, smiling inwardly as she reflected on her most secret memory.

“Have you told anyone?”

“Nope”, Kimberly replied with a cute little grin as she leaned close to Brent, “I can’t.”

“Hmmm, intrigue,” Brent whispered. “Now you really have my interest.”

“Have I?” she replied with a wink.

It may have been the alcohol, or maybe the need to tell a virtual stranger, but Brent felt that Kimberly was near to confiding in him something she hadn’t even told her best friend. As she sat close to him on the sofa his eyes discretely glanced over her sexy body as they talked. Her perky breasts amply filled out her near skin tight t-shirt which was almost long enough to cover her tight midriff. She wore shorts that revealed much of her sensuous thighs. Brent was captivated with the exciting aura of sexuality that surrounded this excitingly sexy teen.

Julie and Shelly were still fully engrossed in conversation and paying little attention to Brent and Kimberly. They were likely happy that Brent and Kimberly were able to connect well enough to allow them to reminisce.

When Julie brought out photo albums, she and Shelly moved to the dining room for Beşiktaş Escort better lighting leaving Brent and Kimberly alone on the sofa in the living room.

Brent leaned close to Kimberly, “So, let me see if I have this straight. You have had some fun that you can’t tell your best friend about?”

“That’s it,” Kimberly admitted as she tried to look more mature by taking a long swallow of her drink.

“It must be related to her then. Did you kiss her boyfriend or something?” Brent asked with a grin.

Kimberly giggled, shook her head lightly and gave Brent a smile that said ‘If you only knew’.

She winked, and whispered, “Something like that.”

“I knew it!” Brent whispered excitedly.

He wondered if she had done more than kiss this lucky kid. It was becoming obvious to Brent that Kimberly wasn’t the reserved innocent little thing he had assumed, and it was making him horny as hell talking about intimate things with her. He was excited to pursue this conversation.

He turned to look over his shoulder at the ladies chatting and giggling over the photos.

Satisfied that they were not at all concerned about him and Kimberly, he quietly asked, “Did you kiss him more than once?”

Kimberly too looked over her shoulder at her mom and aunt then leaned toward Brent and whispered in his ear, “Do you promise not to tell?”

Her breath in his ear made his cock twitch in his pants. All he could do was nod his head.

Kimberly spoke in a hushed tone, “It wasn’t her boyfriend, he’s just a boy.”

With sparkles dancing in her eyes she continued in an excited whisper, “It was her dad!”

She couldn’t suppress her excitement as she sat back and studied Brent’s face for a reaction.

Brent’s eyes grew wide as he considered what she had said. The twitch in his pants was now becoming more pronounced. He adjusted his position on the sofa to try to hide his growing cock. At his movement Kimberly discretely glanced down and smiled, she couldn’t help but notice his discomfort. She had gotten a reaction alright.

Kimberly, a teenager, was still new to the empowerment that a girl has over a man, it was like a new and exciting drug to her. Her mere presence wielded an unparalleled power over this 40 year old man.

She had first discovered this power only a month ago with her friend’s dad. He would do anything for her, all she had to do was tease him with her youthful sexuality, and he was putty in her hands.

Shelly looked right into Brent’s eyes then deliberately looked down at his uncomfortable cock. She looked Brent straight in the eye then touched her tongue to her lips and smiled at him with a knowing beyond her years.

She knew that her youthful sexuality had caused excitement in many men of all ages. She knew now that Brent was captivated in her presence and she could do or say almost anything and Brent would not balk or resist. She had this situation under her control and loved the excitement it gave her.

Kimberly leaned close to his ear again, this time resting her hand on Brent’s thigh as she did.

She whispered, “Just so you know, I’m eighteen as of last week, and as long as I could remember, I was not interested in mere boys, I’ve always been into more …mature… men.”

“But it was more than a kiss with Mr. Ashton, Stacie’s dad.” She whispered, “I loved making his cock hard…”

Kimberly smiled at Brent’s expression of shock.

As she turned to look at her mom and Brent’s wife, she slid her hand along Brent’s thigh. While continuing to look over her shoulder she slid her hand along his thigh up to his swollen constricted cock.

She turned to his ear again, “And I love that I’ve made yours hard now…” she breathed then touched the tip of her tongue to his ear while she squeezed his cock.

Brent almost came in his pants at the touch of her hand and tongue, he reflexively thrust against her hand.

Brent was shocked and excited, but almost couldn’t believe that this gorgeous teenage girl was so obviously horny for him. He was more than horny for her. He didn’t remember ever being so aroused, his cock was crying for release from his pants.

Kimberly rubbed Brent’s cock through his pants, and slid her other hand to the crotch of her own.

“I want to feel ‘this’,” she whispered while squeezing his cock, “here,” she breathed to him looking down at her pussy, running her finger along the seam of her shorts.

Both Kimberly and Brent listened to the sounds of the women in the other room as Kimberly stroked Brent’s cock and pressed the seam of her shorts against her hot pussy. Brent was enthralled with the sight of this young beauty masturbating herself and him through their clothes. He could already feel the cum swelling up inside his balls. She began moan lightly as she rocked against her hand, as he gently pushed his cock against the other – then they heard her mom and his wife coming back.

Brent quickly tried to regain his composure. Kimberly immediately started Beylikdüzü Escort talking about a friend’s new car as if that had been their conversation. She was a natural.

Brent subtly placed his hands across his lap to hide his very obvious hard-on.

Julie said that there were plans for the day tomorrow so they should turn in early tonight to get an early start on their day.

Brent could not come up with a good excuse to stay up that wouldn’t be suspicious, so he was forced to agree. As the women led down the hall to the bedrooms Kimberly stepped in front of Brent. She wiggled her tight little ass deliberately in front of him as she turned and winked just before she turned into the spare room where she and her mom were sleeping.

Julie was asleep almost immediately after they went to bed, but Brent was far too horny too sleep. Brent’s cock was still craving for release after the intense arousal that Kimberly had imposed on him.

Brent began to slowly stroke his cock imagining it was Kimberly’s hand that was on his now naked cock. It was difficult to enjoy it as much as he would like. He had to remain relatively still as he masturbated for fear of waking his wife. In his mind’s eye he could see Kimberly’s naked body… imagining how good she’d look naked… imagining the taste of her pussy on his lips… imagining her mouth on his cock… imagining her pussy riding his cock…

With visions of Kimberly in his mind he shot ropes of cum all over himself. Unable to control his spasms, Brent gyrated next to his wife in a toe curling orgasm. Julie stirred in her alcohol induced sleep beside him, but never woke as he came long and hard, fucking Kimberly in his mind.

After his pulse returned to normal he quietly cleaned up then fell asleep trying to calculate how he could get into Kimberly’s pants before she and her mom left in two days.

The next day they woke early and after breakfast immediately jumped into Shelly’s minivan for a drive to see the sights. Shelly asked Brent to drive as she was unfamiliar with the area. They went to all the tourist attractions and as they were out and about walking Kimberly would flash Brent a coy smile or quick wink piquing his interest constantly. He loved to lag behind the women and watch Kimberly’s tight little ass as she walked. She was wearing a short flower print skirt that hugged the fine curves of her ass – it drove Brent crazy and she knew it. On one occasion as he watched her ass, she fell a step behind her mom and Julie, and slid her skirt up to reveal the bottom of her ass to him, looking over her shoulder she winked at him. He could again feel his cock stirring from Kimberly’s teasing and he hoped he didn’t get too aroused in his light shorts. That would be hard to explain!

The day ran into evening and they stopped touring long enough to have dinner. As they sat to eat, Kimberly deliberately seated herself across the table from her mom and beside Brent. As they chatted waiting for their food, Brent felt Kimberly’s bare leg rub gently against his own.

Her eyes were focused on the conversation, not revealing her actions as she continued to tease Brent making him almost unable to speak in his growing excitement. His cock was filling out his shorts now making Brent uncomfortable and self-conscious.

She was making him nervous, but he could tell that she was loving teasing him in public. He knew that she knew he was getting hard from her attention.

He moved his chair closer to the table to ensure his growing erection was covered by the draped table cloth. Kimberly too drew closer to the table, and with her eyes casually following the flow of conversation, she slid her hand under the table cloth and placed it squarely on Brent’s confined cock.

Brent almost came right then as he moaned unconsciously then immediately covered it up with a light cough. He reached down and tried to remove Kimberly’s hand lest she, or they, get caught.

Kimberly would not have it though, and took a firmer grasp of his cock and squeezed it as Brent tried to force her hand away.She repeatedly squeezed and released his cock as if she was pumping it, Brent was in ecstasy, and almost to the point of orgasm in no time.

Kimberly sensed his body start to stiffen and eased her play with his cock. She glanced over at him and smirked an ‘I could make you cum right now’, smirk at Brent, and Brent knew it was true. He almost didn’t care about his wife or her mom sitting right at the same table with them as she brought him to the almost unstoppable point of cumming inside his pants.

As they were close to finished eating, Kimberly excused herself to the washroom. Brent watched her beautiful sexy body as discretely as he could as she walked across the floor away from him, her ass had a sultry wiggle that Brent knew was intentional. When she came back, she discretely laid a piece of paper on Brent’s lap. He subtly looked down in his lap and read the note:

It read – ‘Have another drink so you can’t Beyoğlu Escort drive. Then you can cum ride in the back with me.’

Brent was wondering how he could get her alone, and this may be the best chance for them, he was ready for any chance to get inside her pants.

The note continued, ‘Your cock has made me as wet as you are hard.’

As he read the part of the note where she said how wet she was, she placed her fingers on his and the note. Her fingers were very shiny and Brent knew immediately that it was her pussy juices on her fingers. She rubbed her fingers over his, leaving her wetness on his fingers. If Brent’s cock was hard before, now it was steel. He visualized her in the washroom slipping her fingers into her tight pussy, wet with excitement from playing with HIS cock.

She was so sexy, her youth was an extra special turn-on for Brent. He was mesmerized by her tight sexy body as he easily envisioned it under her tight fitting clothes.

Brent drew his fingers up from his lap and as he looked to his wife and Kimberly’s mom as they chatted. He discretely placed his chin in the palm of his hand. Kimberly’s aroma was on his fingers and he eagerly breathed it in. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating and he almost came in his shorts as he breathed in her aroma as she again played with his hard cock.

Brent smiled and glanced at Kimberly’s cute face, she smiled and winked, knowing full well that she could tease him as long as she wanted or make him cum right now in front of his wife and her mother. The game was hers and she was in complete control.

As she recommended Brent ordered another drink for himself, and then another as they chatted. Julie, apparently caught up in the party atmosphere at the table, had a few drinks as well. By the time they were ready to go Shelly said, I better drive, you’ve had a few drinks.”

“Yes, I guess so, I think I’ll nap anyway,” Brent added, “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

As they got up from the table, Kimberly manoeuvred herself in front of Brent and behind her mom and Julie, shielding the their view from the bulge in his pants, even more obvious by the damp spot from his pre-cum that had oozed through his underwear.

It was well past sunset when they got into the van, and they were facing a two hour drive home. Julie sat up front with Shelly while Brent and Kimberly slid into the back.

Brent took the very back bench seat and Kimberly sat on the bench seat between him and the front seats. As they started down the secondary highway home, Kimberly turned to Brent and put a finger over her lips in a ‘shhh’ sign.

Julie and Shelly, neither ever at a loss for words, chatted continuously.

After a few minutes, Kimberly complained to her mom,

“Mom I’m trying to sleep right behind you, can you talk quietly?”

Shelly played right into Kimberly’s hand on the first try,

“If we’re too loud, move back a row, there’s room back there with Brent.”

“Ok. I think he’s already asleep though.”

Kimberly got up from the seat she was in and came back to Brent’s bench seat. It was almost completely dark in the back seat and as Brent’s leaned with his back against the wall on the driver’s side, Kimberly leaned with her back to the passenger side.

Brent immediately heard Kimberly moving around while trying to be quiet about it. He tried to make out what she was doing, but could not see well enough. He knew shortly though, when he felt her place something in his hand. Brent could tell from the texture it was Kimberly’s panties. As he fondled the panties, he could feel a damp spot on the cotton crotch of her panties – she was still obviously quite wet.

Kimberly took Brent’s hand in hers and laid it on her leg. Brent’s fingers slid up her leg and along her thigh. Kimberly opened her legs further to give him better access to her tight wet pussy. As Brent ran his fingers up her thigh he realized she had to have slid her skirt up to her waist because his hand was far too high up her thigh now to not have touched her skirt hem had it been pulled down. Her obviously naked pussy was hidden by darkness and the seat in front of them.

He reached the soft skin of her inner thigh and then felt her own fingers on top of his own. When his fingers touched the soft hairs of her pussy, she pushed out against them – coaxing her pussy onto his fingers.

Her fingers moved off of his and up to the bud of her clit. As his fingers touched the wetness of her pussy, he could feel the passion with which she was rubbing her clit. He slipped a finger inside of her, making an audible gasp she bore down against fingers trying to take as much of them inside of her as she could.

Being as quiet and still as possible, they massaged and excited Kimberly’s pussy with her mother and Brent’s wife only a few feet away.

The women apparently were running out of conversation, or were getting tired as Julie was now leaning on the passenger door. She was at, or near, asleep.

Brent’s cock was at full erection inside his shorts. The excitement of Kimberly’s hot young pussy now humping against his fingers with steadily increasing purpose had him filled with lust. She was obviously intensely aroused and eager to cum on Brent’s fingers and was being more and more obvious about it. Despite her attempts at silence he could hear her soft mewing of arousal as they played with her wetness.

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