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Wild Side of a Perky Ass Ch. 07

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With Grace and Lexi joining us, this company got too large for me. That they can all use me excited three people the most–Hazel, Grace and Lexi, the three people who hadn’t used me, apparently. Hazel had, but not to the utmost depth.

Coming this far, it was now a long night, but that didn’t bother me as much as the excitement around me. It was a loud chattering that could bring unwanted attention, but they didn’t seem to care. They were immersed in the moment and only cared about having me as entertainment. Mistress was a hero for owning me and having me serve her and her friends.

Hazel ordered a new round of drinks and it felt like the fest on this picnic table was just starting all over again.

Because she was hell-bent on feeding me her waste too, Hazel got a burger for herself and forced herself to eat it, because she was actually full already and didn’t need to eat anymore at the time.

Now that we were way past midnight, the crowd around was getting lighter every ten minutes. It was noticeable that people were calling it a day, as expected.

As this happened, we became more obvious, at least in my thinking. The cold of the night was also beginning to set in, and I was looking forward to this wrapping up.

“I want to pee,” Hazel disgruntledly announced. Disgruntled because what she wanted to do is take a dump in my mouth, and it just wasn’t coming, but peeing isn’t bad either.

She anne seks hikayeleri angrily got up and I quickly lay in the position I did for urinal service earlier.

As she was about to mount my mouth, glee bedecked her face as she proudly glanced at Grace and Lexi. At least they are getting to see her use me. It was Nora they saw using me earlier.

Hazel positioned her privates over my wide-open mouth and there was momentary silence again.

Trickles of sour and concentrated piss dropped on my tongue, and quickly after that, a fast stream of this sour piss gushed into my mouth. It reeked so much of alcohol.

After the flow stopped, she didn’t hurry away but maintained her position and made sure every last drop of piss fell into my mouth.

Grace and Lexi were the most excited now.

“And you said we can do this, right?” Grace asked.


Grace drank a cup and Lexi did the same right away and then Mistress, Hazel and Nora giggled at them. Girls love to have fun, especially when they are together like this.

Lexi tilted her head at Hazel and smiled, “I think I’m ready.”

“Oh, nice!” Hazel clapped and beckoned her to get over me.

They were all interested in using me, but now that Lexi’s moment came, hesitation showed on her face. She approached me and then froze, and then backed up away from me. The rest of the ladies had to cheer her up.

“Hey, girl, I know the feeling,” Nora said to Lexi, it was my first time tonight ever doing this, peeing and pooping in someone’s mouth. It’s crazy but fun. We are all new to this, except the owner of the toilet!”

Mistress raised her shoulders and did accept the compliment. Lexi felt pumped by the energy at the table and she came over to the spot where I lay.

She wore a blouse and loose-fitting skirt and did feel shy about pulling that skirt off or raising it above her waist. She wanted to look around, but the cheering overcame her hesitation.

She rolled her skirt up and pulled her panties to the side and gently came down on my face.

“If just one drop of her pee spills, you are in trouble!” Mistress warned.

Realizing that if I didn’t adjust my head and mouth, there’d be a spill, I did the needful and raised my face up a bit to close the distance between her and me, but it wasn’t going to be comfortable keeping my head raised like that.

Thankfully, Lexi came lower too, when she saw my effort and I could then rest my head on the ground again, but just to eliminate the risk, I raised my face again and her lips rubbed against her shaven groin.

Lexi let go and a stream of warm piss rained into my mouth. It filled my mouth very quickly but I also swallowed very quickly.

I had to swallow intermittently, without closing my mouth, because she didn’t control the flow at all. Once she let go, that was it. The stream of piss continued until she emptied her bladder.

After Lexi got through with it, she stepped aside and Grace came towering over me, her hands on her waist. She stared at me with a certain kind of contempt. It was only a fun thing for Lexi to pee in my mouth, for Grace, dominance came with it.

Her short, leather skirt has a zip at the back from top to bottom. She pulled it all the way down and proudly bared her behind and then came down over my face. Her confidence stirred up loud cheering from the girls, but now, I couldn’t be bothered about other youngsters noticing me, because her ass was in my face and that’s all I could see.

Grace perfectly had her pussy over my mouth, close enough for her trimmed pubic hair to rub on my lips. She engaged my mouth like she had done this before and I didn’t need to adjust to prevent a spill.

She raised her hand towards the table and said to Lexi, “Please…”

“Oh!” Lexi chirped and filled her cup and gently gave it to her.

“Thank you,” Grace said as she received the shot from her and then took a sip while sitting her pussy in my mouth. She started peeing while drinking and the girls cheered her loudly.

“Yo, Yu are crazy,” Mistress said, laughing wildly.

“Oh well, not as crazy as you, the owner of this piece of convenience.

Grace missed the punch line in Mistress’ statement and so did they all, nobody got it, and she wanted them to.

“Yu, I’m serious, Yu are crazy!”

They all got it now and laughed in a chorus.

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