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Will’s Little Problem

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Morning, afternoon, or good night everyone. I have another short story ready for all you horny readers out there. Thank you to all of the helpful comments and tips last time, hopefully I can continue to grow and expand my writing with these short stories before I submit any of my bigger projects.

I want to give a special thanks to my own mouse problem for the concept, and Mistress S for providing the inspiration. Thank you for all of the encouragement and confidence that you give.

Now onto the real reason you are all here; some misplaced house owning anger disguised as smut. Enjoy.

Will’s Little Problem

Leaning back from his desk and stretching his arms over his head, William let out the yawn he’d been holding in. These virtual meetings were starting to be just as boring as real meetings. You couldn’t even scroll your phone anymore, they always made you put your camera on. Was way too early in the morning to be showing his face to anyone. Pushing himself away from the desk and grabbing his mug, he made his way over to the kitchen.

Pouring what was left of his coffee down the sink, he gave his mug a little rinse and set it off to the side while he started a new pot. Glancing at the clock on the stove, he groaned. Not even 8 and he was already on his third cup, that wasn’t a good sign. It was going to be a long day.

Even with coffee, the rest of his day wasn’t going to be any easier. From what he recalled, the rest of his calendar was packed full with meetings. Stupid management, end of the month and they just had take up every last minute of their day. Didn’t they know Fridays were only for pretending to work?

On the bright side, he had a little bit of time before his next meeting, which was good because he was overdue for breakfast. His stomach may be rumbling, but he had just the thing to fill it. On his way home last night he’d stopped and bought the best damn cinnamon roll this side of the Mississippi. The thing was almost as big as his head, and there was so much frosting you could barely see the roll.

Rubbing his hands together with a cheeky grin, he turned and started walking towards the not so little tied up pastry box on the counter. And froze.




Waving his hands around in the air, he jolted forward with a shout. The little shit was sitting right on his package!

The fat shit stared at me for a moment – and Will could swear that it winked at him – then he was off. Off the box and down the counter, the mouse ran past him and hurried towards the kitchen table.

Will tried to follow him, but just like every other time, he was just too slow. This was the fifth time he’d caught the little fucker in his kitchen, and he was sure it had been around a lot longer than that. He’d tried trapping it, poisoning, nothing seemed to work. He wasn’t even sure how the damn thing was getting in. The whole apartment complex was pretty new, not like there were a bunch of holes for it to take advantage of.

He got on his hands and knees to look under the table, but he didn’t see where it went. Not that he’d expected too. Will had searched his kitchen top to bottom, cleaned and bleached so hard it had burned his eyes, and he hadn’t found a single hole.

Pushing himself back up, he sighed. He couldn’t keep living like this. He had to do something.

Turning back to his breakfast, he swore. The balls on that little son of a bitch!

Even though the top of the package was clear plastic, the rest of the pastry box was cardboard. The mouse had chewed through the back end of the box and helped itself to his beautiful bun. There were even little turds sprinkled on the frosting.

Suppressing a gag, Will tossed the trash lid open and swept the whole box in. Slamming the lid shut, he stomped back towards his office.

That was the last straw.

If it wouldn’t leave on its own, and he couldn’t kill it himself, it was time to call in the professionals.

Grabbing his phone off his desk, he slammed back down into his chair and pulled up his browser. Typing in ‘mouse pest control’, he started scrolling through the local ads. There was a lot more than he thought. Perfect. Grabbing the first company’s number, he rang them up.

Unfortunately, they were booked out till next week. Calling the next one, he got the same answer. Even after going all the way to the 2nd page, each one told him more or less the same thing; “It’s been a busy year, we won’t be able to get to you this week.’ fuckers.

About to give up, he clicked on the next link. If these guys gave him the same answer, he’d just call up the first place again and make an appointment. At least they’d had 5 stars.

Weird, this place didn’t seem to have a number. Will looked at the name again, ‘Purrfect Solutions’. They even had a little mascot. Next to the company’s name, a black cat had its back end pointed towards the viewer, preparing to pounce on an unseen mouse. van seks hikayeleri Below the logo, their slogan said ‘satisfaction guaranteed’. Well that was promising.

Scrolling past the usual links for the company’s history and list of employee’s, he found their application. Putting in his address and contact information, the website brought him to the next page. He expected it to be a payment screen, but instead there was a calendar with a few more questions underneath. Selecting tomorrow, he scrolled down to answer the rest of the questions.

Type: A B C D DD F

Type? Like, grade of service? Uh, obviously A. Why would he want to choose bad service? No wonder this place was on the second page. Laughing to himself, he moved on to the last question.

Removable tail: Y/N

Um, that was just gross. Did they think he was going to keep the tails as a souvenir or something? Checking no, he pressed next and started to fill out the payment info.

He didn’t get any errors about choosing the very next day, so he took that as a good sign. Once he finished filling out his card info and sending in his application, he got a few confirmation emails.

They may be weird, and a bit pricey, but at least they were willing to come quick. That vermin was going to pay for ruining his breakfast.


Checking the confirmation email for the fourth time that morning, he sighed and put his phone back down. He hated waiting around for these sorts of things. To make it even worse, he kept worrying they were going to cancel on him. The email said the guy would be here anywhere between 8 and 10, and it was only 9:30, so he had to stop worrying and just chill.

Leaning back in his recliner, he tried focusing on whatever was playing on the tv; some sort of local news broadcast or something. He’d just tried to find something ‘normal’ to throw on in case they walked into the living room.

Just as his eyes were beginning to glaze over, the doorbell rang. Finally.

“Coming!” he yelled.

Shuffling off of the chair, he hurried over to the door. Time for that bastard to get his comeuppance! Twisting the doorknob, he swung open the door to let his savior in.

They weren’t what he was expecting.

Standing on his front porch in a big white jumpsuit was a petite woman who barely came up to his shoulders. Not exactly what you picture when you think ‘pest control’. But it had to be them because she was carrying a large duffle with the company’s logo plastered on the front.

“Hello there, are you mister Oakland?” She said, a smile forming on her lips as he nodded. “I’m Felicity from Purrfect Solutions, I’ll be your specialist for today.”

“Come in, come in,” he said, gesturing her inside. “And you can call me Will.”

Once she was inside and the door had shut, he finally got a proper look at her. She looked young, but it may have just been her face. Her eyes were sparkling with that youthful energy reserved for those who hadn’t taken out their first mortgage. Her black hair had been fashioned into a pixie cut and sticking out on either side were a pair of cat ears. They made her look even younger, and they were so absurd that it had to be part of the uniform.

While he was checking her out, she was looking around his apartment. After a few moments, she gave a little nod to herself and set down her duffle bag. “So, this is your first time hiring Purrfect Solutions, correct?”

“Yes it is. I’m glad you were able to get here so fast because it’s been a major pain lately.”

She gave him a soft smile, then grabbed a clipboard and pen from her bag. “Well we aim to please. If you could just read this over and sign, I can get started.”

When she passed him the clipboard he was surprised at how heavy it was. Flipping through all the pages, it looked like the usual terms and conditions fluff. He tried his best to pretend like he was reading it, to be polite, but she probably wasn’t fooled. Signing and dating the last page like she asked, he passed the forms back to her.

She accepted it back with a giggle and placed it back in her bag. “You sure are eager to start aren’t you?”

“You have no idea,” he said, letting out a curt laugh. Walking away from the doorway, he turned back and waved her to follow. “If you want to follow me, they’ve mostly been in the kitche-“

Will stopped in his tracks, the rest of his sentence trailing off. Felicity had unzipped her jumpsuit and was starting to peel it off. Once her arms were out, she reached down and pulled off her shoes so she could take the entire thing off.

What in the world was she doing! She didn’t have anything on underneath!

She was bare ass naked in front of a complete stranger and didn’t seem to care at all. Besides the cat ears on her head, her socks, and a surprisingly thick black belt around her hips, she was completely exposed.

Straightening and folding her jumpsuit, Felicity turned and placed it on the floor next to her shoes and began rummaging through her bag. As she bent over, he watched as a long black tail swung behind her. Well that explained the belt. The tail was sturdy, it was round and hung off the belt at an angle, swaying back and forth as she pulled a box from the bag.

He knew that he shouldn’t be staring, but he couldn’t stop himself. He could feel his dick straining against his pants, tensing as her ass swayed. He wouldn’t consider it plump, but there was definitely some padding. And her curves were amazing, only accented by the belt as it hugged tightly around her hips. When she finished looking in her bag and stood up to face me, I blushed.

Catching my eyes, she giggled. “I know, they’re really tiny aren’t they?” she said, wiggling her chest back and forth.

Trying to roll my tongue back into his mouth, Will nodded in agreement. Her breasts were small and hugged her chest, but they were perky. Walking towards him, he forced his eyes up towards her smiling face.

“I hope they’re everything you expected. I was really glad when they said you wanted someone my size, I don’t usually get to go out in the field.” With a smile and a soft pat on his arm, she made her way past him. “Now, you were saying they were mostly in the kitchen?”

Trailing behind her, he cleared his throat. “Um, yes. I’ve tried everything I can but it just keeps coming back.”

“Yea, they’ve been awful this year.” Sticking her head under the table, she opened the box she’d brought with her and took a smaller black box out. Gingerly, she knelt down and placed the box under the table near the radiator. “We’re licensed to use some pretty strong industrial grade poison. So if any mice even try a nibble, they won’t be your problem any more.”

Grabbing another trap out of her box, she walked over to the sink and got on her knees. “I’m going to place one under here as well, I find they like to squeeze in where the plumbing is.”

Opening the bottom door, she crawled forward and poked her head and shoulder under the sink. Moving his cleaning supplies and other junk around, her tiny body practically disappeared as she explored deeper. Finally, only her ass and legs could be seen. And what a sight it was.

Her round ass was stuck in the air, everything on display. The belt and tail covered her asshole, but otherwise he could see every inch. Her cheeks were lightly spread, showing off her little hole. It may have been his imagination, but it looked flushed almost red.

Like a cat in heat, he joked to himself. Trying not to laugh out loud, he covered his mouth.

“It’s looking pretty good in here, I don’t see any damage. How about back there?” Her voice was muffled, but her tone was dripping with a flirtatious sweetness. And if that didn’t get her entendre across, she began to wiggle her hips back and forth, the cat tail beckoning him closer.

What the hell kind of company had he signed up for? At first he thought it was just her, maybe trying to pull some sort of stunt or something. But with the costume and everything else she’d said, he was starting to think this was some sort of secret business scheme. Only one way to find out.

Getting down behind her,Will crawled over until his nose was practically in her pussy. The smell was intoxicating, a mix of sweet and musky, “I’d say it looks pretty great back here too.”

Felicity giggled. “You sure you don’t need to take a better look?”

Grinning like a kid in a candy store, he grabbed either side of her ass and spread her apart. Pressing his face forward, he took his time letting his tongue roll up her slit. She tasted just like it smelled, sweet with a bit of that musky tang. He closed his eyes and savored it, sliding his tongue up and down her slit as he slipped deeper and deeper inside of her.

Once he had her warmed up, he went in for the kill. Running his tongue all the way down, he flicked it back up and kept flicking until he found her clit. When a squeal came from under the sink, he grinned and wrapped his mouth around her. Teasing her clit with his lips, he pulled her in and began flicking the tip of her clit with his tongue. Judging from the sounds she was making, he hadn’t lost his touch.

While his mouth was busy, he decided to scope out his next goal. His eyes scanned upward, tracing her crack towards her ass. Holy shit. Well that explained how it stayed up.

Covering her ass was a thick round plug, the long tail sprouting out of the end. He reached up and tugged on the tail to pull it out, but the way the belt wrapped around it stopped him.

When he tried yanking harder, Felicity reached back and shooed him away with another of her playful giggles. “Nuh uh, no freebies mister. That stays in no matter how good you eat pussy.”

Damn. Well that was one more mystery solved. Still, he might be able to work around it.

Will gave her clit one last flick before moving his way upward. With a few quick licks here and there, he lifted the tail out of the way and began licking around the plug. She cried out, but didn’t make any moves to stop him. Encouraged, he kept licking. Her ass had an earthy taste, with something else on the surface. Probably lube from when she put in the plug.

Once he’d determined she’d been teased enough, and couldn’t ignore the strain in his pants any longer, he pushed himself up from the floor and tossed off his shirt. When he began undoing his belt, Felicity pulled herself out from under the sink and turned back to look at him.

With a wink, she slowly turned and started crawling towards the middle of the kitchen. Lowering her upper half to the floor, she rested her face on the floor and waited for him. Watching him out of the corner of her eye, she began waving her ass back and forth, enticing him forward.

Practically ripping his pants off, he tossed them aside and knelt down behind her. God. This was not how he had expected his day to go. Not that he was complaining. Her ass was still wiggling in front of him, and ever so often her tail would wisk past his cock, sending shivers through him.

Spitting into his hand, he grabbed his cock and rubbed himself up and down, spreading it all over. Just in case she wasn’t wet enough from their warm up. Using his free hand he grabbed the tail and moved it out of the way. All he had to do now was get in that little pussy of hers.

Squirming forward, he got the head of his cock to rest between her lips. With a little nudging he managed to guide himself in. Holy fuck. Talk about a tight fit.

She was hot and warm and every inch felt like it was trying to pull him in deeper. Squeezing and throbbing around his cock, Will groaned as the sensation sent shivers down his spine.

Holding onto her ass with one hand and her tail with the other, he began rocking his hips slow and steady. He wanted to take his time, enjoy it. Heaven knows it had been a while.

Unfortunately. Felicity seemed to have other ideas.

After a few moments she started to push back against him, meeting his thrusts and slamming her ass back into his hips. He groaned, her sudden change in pace causing his dick to throb and twitch. Fuck. There was no way he was going to finish this soon. With a rough yank of her tail, he pulled her back towards him.

For a split second he thought the plug would pop out, but the belt didn’t let it come out that far. The sudden movement made it slip out just a bit, but as soon as her ass fell back into his lap the plug was forced back in. Accompanied by a sharp cry from Felicity.

Good. He wanted to be sure she knew who was leading this dance. Now that he knew why they were charging so much, he was going to make sure he got every last penny’s worth.

Wrapping her tail around his first, he gripped it tight and began using it as a guide for his thrusts. Keeping slow and steady, he rocked his hips back and forth. He only slipped his cock out a little bit at first, but every so often he’d throw in a hard one. The sudden change would send her forward, which of course he was happy to correct with another yank of her tail. Each of the rougher thrusts rewarded him with another of her cries, though they were starting to sound a lot more like moans.

As the ecstasy filled his brain and he gave himself into the hot tight ass that was wrapped around his cock, he realized he was starting to speed up. His cock was in full control as his hips slammed into her ass, her cries stretched into one continuous moan. His balls felt tight and heavy, his cock begging for release.

With a heavy sigh he pulled his cock out, her pussy begging him not to leave. Grabbing hold of her legs, Will spun her on to her back and pushed himself onto his feet. Straddling her hips, he stroked his cock and looked down at his target.

Eyes blinking against the sudden brightness of the kitchen lights, Felicity rolled her head side to side in a daze as she tried to reorient herself. Her eyes looked glazed over and there was a string of drool leaking out of the corner of her lips. If it was some kind of performance for their job, she was very convincing.

Continuing to stroke his cock, he tried to keep looking at her as long as possible. Watching her lithesome body quiver below him, her eyes staring up at him as she licked her lips. He couldn’t take it any more.

His eyes shut tight as plunged his cock into his fist. He could feel every burst of cum erupting out of him. Cock throbbing, balls shaking, He really needed to sit down.

Trying to keep upright, he opened his eyes and took in the sight before him.

Felicity’s body was covered in thick white globs of cum. Most of it had landed on her tiny tits and was already starting to pool around her neck. The strongest shots had even managed to reach her head, the sticky white strands vibrantly standing out against her jet black hair. There was even a string of it hanging off one of her cat ears.

God. She looked hot as hell.

He almost hoped that damn mouse survived. Hell, he’d probably book another appointment even if it died.

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