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Winter Sun

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A warm midday sun beats down, bathing the resort and its occupant in an unnatural but comforting January heat. Tender wisps of white cloud float over the giant silhouettes of the Hotels and Apartments, providing them with a stark yet ominous background. Within the grounds of the Carina Hotel, amongst the trees, parasols and German Towels, the Swimming Pool takes pride of place. The brilliant sunlight sparkles along the water’s surface, lighting her way. Like a beacon of hope, it guides her on her journey, pulling her as she gently drifts along with the waves of the heated swimming pool, oblivious to the cooling breeze that rustles the leaves above her. Alone in the pool and its surrounding gardens, she lets the serene feeling of weightlessness the water provides overwhelm her, taking her to another place…

Like everyone with a destroyed self-confidence, she’s never considered herself beautiful or even pretty; but lying there in the peaceful warmth of the pool, she finds the ability to transform herself into the most stunning woman the world has ever known. Her mind’s eye creates another world where she is able to eradicate the stomach she’s tried so hard to flatten with diet and exercise along with the birthmark on her arm and the mole on her cheek that surgeons have refused to remove. Her hair becomes long and blonde rather than short and auburn whilst her eyes transform into the deepest green – deeper than the ocean – instead of the dull, lifeless brown she’s been cursed with. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then behold the most beautiful woman ever to have stepped foot on this earth.

For her, after a lifetime of bullying and cruelty, beauty is, without doubt, skin-deep – what else is she supposed to think after almost two decades of hate and abuse. This of course makes it all the more a shame that she doesn’t see the inner (and outer) beauty she exudes when she is left to be herself. A beauty witnessed by friends and family alike when they simply look at her. To herself, she is ordinary, plain, non-existent but to all who know her – who really know her – she lights up a room just with her presence, dispels the darkest of clouds and removes any sorrow in a matter of moments just by using her smile. It is only a matter of Bayan Eskort time before she opens her eyes and sees what others see, but for the time being, she drifts along slowly in her own world, envisioning a life of sweet rewards.

Floating with wherever the tranquil water takes her, she smiles that smile.

Her pale skin is aglow, tingling with the pleasure the strokes that the gentle waves provide. Beyond her closed eyes, she imagines the fingers of her imaginary lover replace those of the water as they tenderly caress her sensitive skin, sending glorious vibrations through her new beautiful body. In response to the water’s sensuous touch, her smile broadens. She opens out her arms and legs, pushing the water against her naked thighs and stomach, inviting the warmth to caress her. Rivulets of blue fight against the flow of her legs and climb over her thighs, stroking the cool skin with its contrasting heat.

She shivers as her emotions succumb to the fantasy hands that strongly enfold around her, a lover’s tender digits exploring every inch of her body.

The water laps against her naked skin, embracing her, tickling her. In her own world, the water is her partner – someone lying on top of her, stroking her uncovered beauty with experienced hands, never invading, always caressing. Gently, strong fingers brush against her smooth skin, moving slowly over her stomach before moving higher… higher… they start pushing past the barriers of her bikini bra, releasing her swollen breasts, fondling and kneading them, administering loving strokes before finally – oh so finally – bringing her excitement to a peak by teasing her flushed nipples between pinched fingers.

The water flows in response to her movements. Pushing against her, it increases its erotic touches as she begins to squirm, her passion consuming her, body and soul.

Her smile broadens as her breathing increases: deeper… quicker…deeper… quicker…her face begins to flush…

And then the hands – are there two hands or a thousand? – leave her breasts at the point of ecstasy and move softly back down over her stomach towards her most private area; an area only she has seen when studying herself in the mirror, embarking on a voyage of self-discovery. And now, in this moment of unspeakable fervour, the part of her body never observed by any other living soul is about to be caressed by the all-knowing hands of a stranger…

At least in her mind’s eye.

She leisurely opens and closes her legs, forcing the water to flow over her floating body. Cold contrasts with warmth, sending her senses into rapture. She is lost in the pleasures of another world – pleasures brought on by the world in which her body resides. Her legs quicken in pace, pushing the warm water over the front of her bikini bottoms, forcing small, powerful jets to caress her pubic hair before draining towards the cool skin of her most sensitive area….

Her lover has touched her.

The hands of another have finally touched her.

The sudden contact provides her with a deeper sensation than any other. She feels herself losing control as electricity rages through her body: from the small of her back, a deep heat sends shivers through her bum and thighs, forcing her to arc her back in response; a feeling not dissimilar to pins and needles flows from her feet and up through her legs, residing in her thighs; hot flushes flood her breasts, compelling her nipples to try and break free of the bikini’s flimsy material; her hips fall heavy and ache with pleasure.

Abruptly, there is a change.

Every ecstasy, every joy, every sensation surge from wherever they were dwelling and rush towards her most intimate area…

The fires of her orgasm begin.

In her make-believe world, she caresses the lips of her lover with those of her own in an adoring kiss, allowing her partner to witness the pleasures she’s experiencing with passionate gyrations and moans. Her lover responds by applying further pressure to her pubis, rubbing and caressing before eventually pushing beyond the barrier of her tough hair and inserting a finger. In the real world, the water begins to move faster over her body as her excitement mounts, getting dangerously close to forcing her to break from her fantasy as it contemplates ending her attempts at floating.

In both worlds, the guttural intensity of her moans increase, their ferocity interspersed with tightly held-back squeals of delight.

She stretches out her arms and legs as far as they will go, inviting the orgasm to flow through every vein of her body. Her fingers and toes reach out towards infinity before being pulled back into tight balls as the intensity gets too much. Her smile is wide, her skin tingling. Her breasts fill with a heat only ever brought about by the tenderness of another’s touch. Her hips twist and buckle as the orgasm settles within her pelvis. With her legs open, her body succumbs to the pleasure it has had befallen upon it…

She screams out as the orgasm’s swift journey heads towards its’ natural end.

In her world of bliss and imagination, her lover holds her tight as the orgasm tears through them both, each sharing the ultimate sensation with the other; in the real world, her arms thrash against the water, disrupting her momentum, dangerously close to destroying the dream, before subconsciously righting themselves, allowing her to squeeze every last drop out of pleasure out of the bliss raging through her.

Her orgasm seems to last forever. Heat and electricity rip through her muscles, sending them into spasm. The sheer delight is pushing more and more of her suppressed emotion to the surface, giving it a path of escape. Her legs shake, each one rising out of the water: in one world, they dig into the small buttocks of her lover, in the other, they crash back into the warm water, thrashing foaming spray over her nakedness, baptising her. With a final surge that brings out her loudest, yet tightly suppressed, squeal, her orgasm is over.

In both the real world and her fantasy, she lies there, still, physically drained.

As the waters calm and merge with the flow of her orgasm, her eyes remain closed. She is no longer in her other world, but neither is she back in the real world. Instead, her mind rests in limbo, in sweet oblivion to anything and everything in existence. The only sounds she hears are those of her muscles as they begin their laborious and tiresome journey down from heightened pleasure to normal motion. Her spasms lessen, her tenseness dwindles and her breathing begins to relax as the movement of her body eases against the flow of the pool’s water.

With arms and legs wide open, her smile remains, deep and wide – showing to anyone, in whatever world she, or they, reside in, she is truly beautiful.

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