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Work Hard, Play Harder Ch. 08

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Editor’s Note: this story contains Lesbian content.

Copyright © July 2021 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes

This is an eighth part to the series. Although it is self-contained from a story perspective, I would recommend you read the earlier chapters as there will be references which make more sense if you have read the earlier parts. If it sounds familiar, the inspiration for this chapter was the short story “Sophie’s Invitation” which was previously submitted for the 2021 750-word challenge.

* * * * *

A month later, it was an excited Sophiya who greeted her husband.

“I got it,” she announced. “I got the job. Nothing much, an internship, but it’s a starting point.”

“That’s great,” responded Mukesh, in a nonchalant ‘I knew you would’ kind of way. He didn’t want to say anything, but he had pulled a few strings when he heard where Sophiya was applying to, so the fact she got the job wasn’t really a surprise. “When do you start?”

“Monday,” came the reply. “Thank you, Mukesh. It’s just what I wanted.”

She didn’t mention it, but Sophiya had been true to her word about the other things as well. She had gone and ordered what she said she would; four lengths of red rope, four soft cuffs, and a small plug to boot.

She wasn’t quite sure when Mukesh would ask to take her virgin little ass, but she knew one day he would. Until then, Sophiya had hidden the toys in a bottom drawer in the bedroom… ready and waiting for Mukesh to claim her promise.

For now, though, the only thing on Sophiya’s mind was what to wear come Monday morning. She wanted to make an impression, but not to overdo it.

* * * * *

“Claudia,” came a Scottish male voice from across the office.

Claudia recognised the voice at once. It was Duncan, the Head of Technology. Whenever Duncan showed up it usually meant trouble, and if that trouble arrived on a Monday morning you could guarantee it would last the whole week.

“Good morning, Duncan,” Claudia replied, a smile on her face as she greeted her superior, but without even looking up from her screen. “Hope you’re doing good, and not coming with too many problems.”

“Problems? Who? Me?”

This time the smile on Claudia’s face was a wry one. It was well known that a Duncan visit first thing in the morning was a bit of an omen. What was it they said about red skies and shepherd’s warnings? It was the sound of a second set of footsteps, this time the unmistakable clink of heels on hard flooring, which did break Claudia away from her work.

Claudia looked up at the young woman tagging along behind Duncan. It was obvious from a simple glance–the overly smart appearance was a giveaway–that she had to be a newbie. Claudia’s heart sank. All she needed, on top of her already significant workload, was to be nursemaid to some green behind the ears new starter, even if she was stunningly beautiful. In fact, that usually made it worse. Claudia had nothing against beautiful women–her weekend lover was one of the most stunningly beautiful you would ever meet–but her usual experience was that you could get anywhere in life if you had the looks, even if you didn’t have the talent.

“Claudia, let me introduce you to Sophie,” Duncan said, unflustered by Claudia’s lack of an enthusiastic greeting.

“Good morning, Sophie. Pleased to meet you,” Claudia responded professionally, as she eyed up the young woman. God, she looked so shy and innocent.

“Good morning, Claudia. The pleasure’s all mine, and I’m so looking forward to working for you. Duncan has told me so much,” came a surprisingly confident reply from Sophie.

In Claudia’s mind, everything was a tick in a box. Sophie was tall, slim and didn’t mind showing off a bit of leg, from the way she had dressed in medium-height heels and a just above the knee black skirt. A matching jacket and white blouse did little to hide her fuller bust. She had the most faultless light Indian complexion, a sort of naturally tanned skin tone which most would die for, especially with summer still a little while away. Finally, there was the hair; long black locks tied in a loose bun gave an impression of experience, yet still Claudia doubted the same.

“So, how can I help, Duncan?” Claudia asked. It was, of course, a rhetorical question.

“Ah, yes… I was coming to that. Sophie is our latest starter on the future leaders programme. She’s going to begin her internship in Technology, and I thought to myself…” Duncan started to explain.

Claudia’s heart was sinking further. She knew what was coming next and, while Claudia had nothing against bahis şirketleri Sophie, she really didn’t need the hassle of a newbie to look after?

“…where better for Sophie to learn the ropes than with the best. So, why don’t I leave the two of you to introduce yourselves. I’m sure you’ll find something suitable for Sophie to get on with.”

“Thank you, Duncan,” the two women responded in unison as Duncan did a disappearing act.

They may have responded in unison, and in the same way, but their sentiment was a little different. Sophie really meant it. She was embarking on the career she always wanted, or at least it was the opportunity to make her own mark on the world. Claudia though, was not being quite so sincere. Her thanks were just a little tongue in cheek. As they said, whenever Duncan came calling, then there was bound to be trouble. She wasn’t going to hold it against Sophie, but really Claudia could have done with a break.

“Here, Sophie… chuck your stuff on that empty desk. From now on, it won’t be empty any longer. Let’s grab a coffee and you can tell me all about yourself.”

“It can wait if you are busy, Claudia. I got one on my way in.”

“No, no… I insist. If we’re going to work together, then we had better get to know one another… and what better way to get going than over a coffee. I’ll warn you, it’s not the best, but it is warm and wet.”

* * * * *

That was how it had started. The two women would take breaks together, under the banner of ‘one to ones’ as Claudia liked to call them, albeit the conversation was often nothing to do with work.

Claudia had been right. The coffee was nothing to write home about, but it served its purpose and over the coming couple of months, and having drunk buckets of the stuff, the tension between the two women had disappeared. Yes, Claudia was still put out at having to accommodate a newbie into her team, but there did seem to be something about young Sophie, or should that be Sophiya? Claudia had asked, but the answer was a bit of a strange one to say the least.

‘Please call me Sophie,’ had been the young woman’s response. ‘At home I am Sophiya, or he likes to call me Soph, but at work I want my own identity… and Sophie… well, that fits the bill perfectly. I can be me, and not have to conform to what Mukesh thinks is fitting of his wife.’

It was just like when Claudia met Kirsten. Then, they had been poles apart, never with any intention of going anywhere, but something just clicked.

With Sophie it was the same, well… nearly. Just as Kirsten had been drawn in by Claudia’s confidence and power, so had Sophie, but that wasn’t the only similarity. Both were extremely beautiful women, both were young, and both were… no, that wasn’t true… Kirsten was single, but Sophie had let it slip that she was married.

Then there was the difference, and it was quite some difference. Kirsten was so submissive. Claudia had seen it for herself, how Kirsten’s partner really didn’t react to Kirsten’s innermost desires. Kirsten just wanted somebody to take the lead, to take her to those special places, and it was no surprise that Kirsten got off on the whole Mistress / sub relationship.

Sophie though was more difficult to read. For sure Sophie hung onto Claudia’s every word, enjoying the powerful confidence of her older mentor, but she didn’t come across as having the same submissive desires. Sophie knew what she wanted and was intent on getting the same. Her motivation though… well, that was the interesting thing. It seemed there was no problem with Sophie’s husband giving her whatever she needed… so, what was driving Sophie? Sophie was a conundrum, and that was what attracted Claudia to the young woman. Claudia just had to find out what made Sophie tick.

Married or not, Claudia soon found herself taking the young Sophie under her wing, becoming a sort of mother figure in a professional sense. What started off as coffees, soon became lunches, as the two got to know each other much better. Still though it came as a surprise when Sophie went the next step.

“Any plans for Friday, Claudia?” Sophie asked.

“Not really,” came a response. “What about you?”

“Well, Mukesh is working late, so I thought about having a drink or two after work.”

“Sounds great. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. Nothing better than letting your hair down after a hard week at work. You’ve got somewhere in mind?”

“No, Claudia. I wasn’t meaning just me. I was thinking about us. Are you free? Would you like to join me?”

“Oh, I dunno. You don’t want to be spending your nights out with an old fogey like me.”

“I’ll hear none of it, and you’ve already told me you have nothing else on. Friday night, Luigi’s. It’s a ten-minute walk from here, so how about we leave around 18:30?”


“Yes, you know… the cocktail bar on Kingsland.”

“Oh, yes, I know it… and I know how expensive it is. Are you sure?”

“Sure am. He took me to the Mandarin for my birthday, so what’s a couple of cocktails at Luigi’s? bahis firmaları Say you’ll come… please… pretty–“

“Yes, yes,” Claudia interrupted, unable to stand the sound of Sophie begging her to come. “Friday, straight after work. It’s a deal.”

That was the other thing about Sophie. Money was no object to the young woman, and if she was so flash for cash then what was she doing taking an internship? She really was an enigma and Claudia intended to find out just a little more about the young Indian and this husband of hers. A cocktail or two would be the perfect way to get conversation flowing.

* * * * *

Friday night was unlike any other. Luigi’s was buzzing. It always was at the end of the working week; the bar full of smartly dressed professionals, seeking to let their hair down just as Claudia and Sophie were looking to do. The two women stood in the doorway, both gazing across the packed room. Each though had a different focus.

Claudia was transfixed by the hustle and bustle of the place, her eyes fixed on the bar, from the myriad of bottles rowed up on mirrored shelves to the artistry of the two men behind the bar. She just couldn’t help herself but watch as cocktail shakers were filled, tossed around and then decanted of the most wonderfully coloured liquids.

The latest one to be poured almost matched her pale aqua-blue wraparound dress. The dress was one of Claudia’s favourites. The fabric was lightweight and, tied at the side with a bow, the style was very fluid, perfect for a warm evening. She could flash a little leg if she wanted, or just let the dress flow as she walked. To add impact, up top, a deep vee at the front gave a sumptuous glimpse of cleavage. Strappy flat sandals–it was a ten-minute walk from the office, and Claudia wasn’t one for heels–completed the outfit.

Sophie on the other hand was busy scanning the room for something else. No, she wasn’t eyeing up the clientele–a few of the men were eying up the Sophie though, which wasn’t so much of a surprise given her choice of little black dress. Sophie had gone for a slim fitting above the knee number, sumptuously soft fabric finished off with a sweetheart neckline and ruffled hem. It was a sleeveless number with adjustable thin straps done up in bows above the shoulder, which made the most of her naturally tanned appearance. Oh, and yes, if Claudia was giving away a tantalising glimpse of cleavage, then Sophie was leaving little to the imagination with her fuller bust.

“Over there,” Sophie called out, pointing in the direction of a couple of smartly suited execs.

“What? You’ve only just got here, and you’ve got your eyes on the men. I thought you were meant to be a married wom–“

“No, no,” Sophie interrupted, setting off across the room on the killer heels she had chosen to pair with the little black dress. “Two seats at the far end of the bar. You coming, or not?”

At first Claudia didn’t react. She was transfixed once more, this time her gaze falling on Sophie’s long slim legs and pert ass, as her colleague strode off in the direction of the bar. There was a sensual sway to the young Sophie, with the heels doing their best to present the shapeliest imagery for anyone watching on, and yes Claudia wasn’t the only one watching on. Eventually though, with the door opening behind her and another couple walking into the bar, Claudia followed on behind. The two women perched themselves atop the high seats at the bar.

“So, what’ll it be?” Sophie asked.

“Errm… what do you go for?”

“Me? I kinda like sex on the beach.”

“What? I meant, what do you like to–“

“Yes, yes… it’s a cocktail… see,” Sophie clarified, handing the menu to Claudia. “Did you really think–“

“No, not at all. I was just sort of… now… let’s see…” Claudia responded, hesitating as she scanned the myriad of drinks. “Martini… no… daiquiri… wait, I know… a mai tai… yes, a mai tai.”

Moments later, drinks were served, and the two women spent the evening chatting. A second round came and went, with a third round ordered when Sophie announced she needed a little comfort break. Claudia watched as Sophie climbed down from her high seat and headed off towards the ladies.

As she watched, Claudia noticed several other heads turn as well. If nothing else, the young Sophie exuded sophisticated beauty in abundance. This Mukesh of hers–yes, Claudia had already learnt so much about Sophie’s so-called executive of a husband–had to be an incredibly lucky man. All Claudia hoped, was that he treated Sophie as well as she deserved. God, it was none of her business, but Claudia did feel a soft spot for Sophie. In fact, it was more than a soft spot, but Claudia wasn’t going to let on, to risk ruining their newfound friendship.

The way Sophie walked, the confident stride, her sleek legs powering forward on those high heels, was a statement… a clear statement calling out how you can look but you better not touch. On her way back from the toilets, one smart suited businessman did chance his arm, and kaçak bahis siteleri Claudia wondered if she needed to help her young colleague out. She was about to clamber down off her seat and wade in, when the guy suddenly returned to his companions, making an unexpectedly swift exit seemingly with his tail between his legs. Sophie though, totally unperturbed by the uninvited attention, continued her way back to Claudia.

“What did he want?” Claudia asked.

“You know… hey babe… you look ravishing tonight… how about the two of us…” came the reply.

“Well, you do… look ravishing, but what did you say to make him leave so quickly.”

“Oh, I just told him I was already spoken for, and when he asked who the lucky man was, I pointed you out.”

“You did what?”

“Yeh, I told him we were lovers, and he ran a mile. Some men are so fickle.”

“And… are we lovers?” Claudia teased.

“Well, I guess while we are here, we must be.”

Once again, Claudia was taken by surprise, this time by Sophie’s actions rather than her words. Claudia watched as her young colleague glanced back over her shoulder in the direction of the businessman, then turned her attention back towards her older boss. What happened next was like in slow motion. Sophie leant forward on her seat, her face moving closer and closer to Claudia’s. Their lips touched, the kiss held for just a moment and then Sophie pulled back.

“There… lovers we are,” Sophie commented, a smile on her face.

Claudia didn’t quite know what to make of Sophie. She knew the young woman had a certain confidence and directness about her. That had been clear since the day they first met. This though, well it was just a little out of character, wasn’t it? Was it the playful spirit of youth? Was it the relaxing of inhibitions due to a couple of cocktails?

Claudia was confused. She was used to being the one taking the lead, yet here was Sophie planting a soft kiss on her. Should she respond? Is that what Sophie wanted? Or… was it just for effect… to show her unwanted suitor that she was true to her word. Claudia made her mind up. It had to be the latter. She let the conversation drop and turned her attention to the latest cocktail to appear in front of her.

“Another one?” Sophie asked as they finished that round.

By now the giggling which interspersed every sentence, told Claudia what she already suspected. Sophie was just a little tipsy. Claudia herself could easily have gone for another glass, but that’s when her motherly tendencies came to the fore.

“I think that’s enough for one night,” Claudia responded, smiling. “Can’t have my lover getting drunk, can I?” she continued, her words spoken in jest.

“Who, me? I’m not…” Sophie started.

As Sophie climbed down off her seat, she wobbled slightly on her high heels.

“…drunk,” Sophie finished.

“Of course not,” Claudia responded. “Now, how are you going to get home?”

“I’ll grab a taxi,” Sophie replied.

“Let me call one. What’s the address?”

Sophie perched back down on her seat, as Claudia got her phone out and ordered a cab.

“Seven minutes,” Claudia called out. “You’re ten minutes from my place, so I thought I would join you. I can see you home, then walk on to mine. Shall we wait out front?”

Claudia smiled as she watched her young colleague head towards the exit. She had been right. Drunk was a little strong, but Sophie was at least tipsy. There was a little more of a swagger, even a waddle, to the way she strode out on those heels. Claudia followed on behind, her mind still pondering the playful kiss from earlier, her gaze once more transfixed on Sophie’s swaying ass.

For sure, the young woman had a lot going for her. It had been a pleasant evening, and Claudia felt she had learnt a lot about the young Sophie. It could only stand them in good stead for the weeks ahead, in a professional sense.

* * * * *

Twenty minutes later, the cab pulled up at the side of the road. Claudia was confused. It was the address that Sophie had given, but this street… well, the places here didn’t look anything like she would expect to find a young intern living in, even if she was married to a successful executive. The houses were more like palaces, grand, imposing, and extremely expensive. You would have had to be a millionaire to own one of these places, and would the wife of a millionaire really be working as an intern, despite what Sophie had explained about her and Mukesh? Claudia turned to Sophie, a quizzical look on her face.

“Are you sure, Sophie. Is this the right street?”

Claudia was half expecting Sophie to say that she would walk on from here, the young woman embarrassed to be taking her boss to her humbler abode. Instead, though, Sophie simply smiled.

“Sure is. That’s mine, over there. Do you like it?”

Like it? Claudia loved the place. In her mind it was so different to Claudia’s cabin in the woods, yet so alike. A large metal gate stood at the roadside, framing up a long driveway through neatly manicured lawns. In the distance, stood a large, detached house. Claudia glanced at Sophie’s house then down the street at the others. Each once was different, each one was unique, just like her cabin was unlike the others by the lake.

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