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Work Place Encounters Ch. 04

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Since Kay had done so well when we were out buying her some new bras I thought that I might as well see if she was ready for even more and see just how far she would go without backing down. I told Kay that I would meet her in the parking lot after work in a few days and gave her quick instruction on what to wear. Just like before I simply passed on the instructions and left so she couldn’t ask any questions or make any comments.

At the appointed time I was waiting in my car in the parking lot and Kay walked out of the door to meet me. She took a quick look around to see if anyone say her before she walked over and got in the front seat next to me. I asked her what was in her rather large hand bag, and she showed me the clothes that she had been wearing at work that day.

I told her to walk over and leave them in her car, and then come back to me. She nodded and slowly walked over to her car and placed the bag in the trunk of her car. As she walked back towards me I was able to catch a couple of quick glimpses of her legs as her coat parted and I could tell she was wearing the stockings and garter belt as I had instructed.

When she got into the car she was holding her coat tightly and quickly snapped her seat belt together. We drove a few minutes in silence and then when we stopped at a red light I asked her to show me what she was wearing. I will give her credit as she didn’t even look to see if anyone else was near us, but just untied her coat and pulled it open for me to have a look.

I could now see why she had been nervous leaving work. Even though I had not told her one way or the other she had not worn any panties with her stockings and garter belt. She was virtually nude under her coat as the black stocking and garter belt nicely framed her pussy and her black half cup bra held her breast up so her nipples were proudly on display.

I heard a horn honk and thought that the light had changed, but instead it was a guy in a pickup truck next to us enjoying the show. Kay froze, but didn’t close her coat and as the light changed I just said “leave it open,” which she did as I drove away. This allowed several commuters the opportunity to glance into the car and see a naked woman as we drove the next 5 or so minutes along a 4 lane city road.

When we turned onto the expressway I waved at her to cover up and we were now in rush hour traffic and I didn’t want an already irate driver calling the police to complain beşiktaş escort about seeing a nude woman. I asked Kay how she was doing and feeling, and after some thought she told me that she had never been this turned on in her life, and couldn’t believe that she had been exposing herself as we were driving along. She said that she’d been startled by the honking horn, but after she had looked over at me she wanted to expose herself to the driver all the more. She finally asked where we were going and I told her that since she’d enjoyed our last adventure I thought I’d take her out where she would be able to play with some men even more. She asked what I meant by that, so I just asked her how many guys did she think she could fuck in and evening? She looked a bit shocked, but I was even more shocked when she said that she hadn’t fucked anyone for the last 4 years. She hadn’t dated anyone for quite a long time now, and had given up on looking for sex after several unsatisfactory attempts.

By now we had pulled into the parking lot of a rather small adults only store that advertised itself as an “adult emporium” which made it sound like it was really a big business, but it wasn’t. Since it was the end of the work day I knew there’d be a few guys in the store who had stopped in before going home. This store didn’t have any video booths, but it did have a large room in the back that was used for people to watch videos. It seated about 10-15 people in various chairs and benches.

I paid the entrance fee and as we approached the door the guy behind the counter punched a button and the door opened and buzzed all at once. I guess the buzzed was to warn everyone that he door was opening in case of a raid or something. We stood in the back for a few minutes and watched as everyone either went back to what they had been doing, or watched to see what we would do.

I noticed an empty bench off to the side and pulled Kay over to it. As soon as we sat down I untied her coat and opened it wide so that everyone would be able to see that she was almost naked. It didn’t take along for most of the eyes to turn towards us and wait for a signal. The only people who didn’t continue to look at Kay were an old man and a young guy who were busy playing with each other across the room.

The guy that was closest to us started to slide his chair over to get a better look, and pretty soon there were several chairs beşyol escort being moved so they faced towards Kay. It was too dark, and a bit too loud to whisper to her so instead I just started to pull her tits a bit and began to stroke her pussy. To say that she was soaking wet would be an understatement! After a few minutes, and one more buzzer for the door where everyone froze, I whispered that I wanted her coat.

She didn’t say anything, but just pulled her arms out of the sleeves and lifted herself up as I slid it out from under her. This was an obvious sign to all the men who had been waiting and several moved over and started to run their hands over her body all at once. She was sitting with her back arched and was squirming around as every part of her body was being touched, pulled or poked by more than one hand. I knew it wouldn’t take long, and quickly both of her hand were wrapped around stiff cocks on either side of her.

I had moved back a bit by now to give every one better access to her body. One guy had kneeled before her and was doing his best to lick her to an orgasm. She was pumping a cock with each hand and had another stiff cock over her shoulder rubbing along side her head. I could tell she was starting to lose control as she suddenly quite giving the hand jobs and let the guy between her legs do his job.

She soon as she arched her back even more and seemed to almost come off the seat as she quickly stroked each of the men to an orgasm. Both of them sprayed cum across her body so that her tits almost became the X where they crossed. By now the guy behind her didn’t want to hold off any longer so he let go his load in her hair, pretty much behind her right ear. He continued to rub his wet cock in her hair as she reached out and grabbed two more cocks that had come on each side of her.

I couldn’t take it any longer so I pushed my way to stand in front of her and as I rubbed my cock on her lips she opened wide. I don’t think she has a clue who’s cock she was sucking on, she later told me she didn’t, but she sucked and licked for all she was worth and quickly got a mouth full of cum. About the same time the guy on her left also let go with his load and deposited even more cum on her tits and stomach.

At this point there were still 3-4 guys who were waiting so I just said. “If you want to fuck her get a condom.” There was a bit of commotion, but at once there was beykent escort a rubber covered cock in front of her waiting to use her pussy. Several of the guys moved her around and got her into position where each could have easy access to her seldom used cunt. After the first guy they had formed a line, and several of those in line were guys who had already left their cum on Kay’s tits.

It seemed like each guy was getting off in a couple of minutes as the line moved right along. She had been taken by at least 6 guys, I made sure the were all wearing condoms, but otherwise let them go at her, when the door buzzer went off and startled everyone in the room. I quickly stood Kay up and pulled her coat onto her and we managed to be quietly seated when the door opened.

It was just another guy looking to see what was going on, but it had broken the mood for everyone so we moved towards the door. As we left there were several words of “thank you,” “come back again,” “please don’t leave.” and the like. As we moved out into the store it was fairly well lit and I could see that Kay was quite covered in cum. In addition to the guy who had used her hair she had several globs of cum stick to her face and neck. We got a few wishful looks as we passed some guys that had just entered the store.

We got back to the car and when Kay eased herself into the seat I asked her how she was. She indicated that she was a bit sore, and especially since one of the guys had fucked her in the ass. During all the commotion I hadn’t even noticed, but was happy that she had just taken it without complaining. I asked if she would do it again or was it too much for her to handle? She said that she was too sore right now to respond, but said that she had enjoyed every minute of it.

She said that she has always felt rather unattractive (she’s not) but that her sister had always been the pretty, popular one in the family. This evening was really the first time that she had felt popular and felt that men really desired her, wanted to have sex with her, and not someone else. It was a real ego boost for her, but she would have never done it without me being there to challenge her watch over her.

I would have to start planning the next event, but she’d need some time to recover from this one first. She didn’t say much else as I drove her back to the parking lot to her car. When we got there we were both surprised to see that we had only been gone 1 1/2 hours. That meant that all the time she was being used at the adult store was only about 30 minutes. We figured that she’d taken at least a dozen loads of cum in one way or another in a half hour. She seemed pretty proud of herself as she slowly eased her way out on my car and into hers.

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