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Working the Pole Pt. 04

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Included kinks:

Futanari, implied growth, implied masturbation, hourglass, chubby, teenagers, plot, size teasing

All characters are entirely fictional and all above the age of 18!


“Fortune favours the bold” the daily quote on her calendar read. How fitting.

Isn’t it weird that such cliché quotes always gained meaning in the most unexpected of circumstances? April exhaled when she thought what kind of wisdom an ordinary fortune cookie might have held in store for today. Possibly she would find out later anyway.

April enjoyed the comfort of her warm sheets far longer than she first expected. Occasionally her phone would vibrate, but she was hellbent on making up for yesterday’s exhaustions. Although her morning wood certainly contested any claims of fatigue. Her fingers had lovingly stroked the throbbing pole under her sheets until she had taken care of her most urgent needs. Breakfast was next. To be honest, judging by the time she finally stepped out the bathroom it would have been more appropriate to call for lunch.

Her mother had another conference to attend, but still made sure April wouldn’t have to leave the house on an empty stomach. Her job might regularly include working on Saturday, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t find time for her daughter. Which she clearly expected to be in need of her support for today’s big coming out.

“You sure you got all you need?” Sarah asked again.

“Yup, mom,” April said while casually taking another bite of toast.

Like the last few days, the teenager’s appetite was kicking into overdrive in the morning. Not that April wasn’t accustomed to binge eating before, but now that her growth spurt was on the horizon, she felt at times truly insatiable. In regards to food… and otherwise.

She was well aware of the silence looming over the table and how her mother didn’t want to force her into any conversation. But made sure April knew she would be here if she’d be called upon for support.

Strangely enough, April felt quite at ease. Her night was much less troublesome than anticipated. With no sign of anxiety over last night’s confession. Not even after reading the replies and agreeing to meet with her friends later the next day.

“I am alright mom. I mean it. I am not feeling nervous. Just hungry,” April said in between bites and with a cheeky grin.

“That’s good, April.”

The soon forty-year-old smiled and almost had to force herself to get up. Her phone was vibrating non-stop already and shaking in her tight-fitting business suit.

April could tell, by the way her mother made sure to display quite some cleavage, that negotiations of some sort were on the schedule for today. And if she was facing any male counterparts there was no way in hell any man could withstand such looks. Most women as well might get quite a bit hypnotized by such a body as well, April acknowledged with a knowing smirk.

“You are looking great today mom. Just make sure you don’t turn too many heads,” April chuckled in an attempt to make her mother’s worried expression vanish from her face.

“Same goes for you, April. Where are you heading with the girls?” her mother asked.

“Probably to Salvatore’s place for some coffee. Nothing too out of the ordinary,” April said.

The vibrating phone erupted with her mother’s ringtone at full volume. Looks like whoever was bombarding her with messages already lost the last bit of patience.

“Better pick up, mom. I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble. You are already late,” April said with a warm grin.

“It’s not a problem. I can call back later,” her mother said.

April’s hands reached over the table and gently rested atop her mother’s.

“I am alright, mom. Today will be fine. I promise,” the brunette girl said and looked deep into her mother’s eyes.

“You sure?” her mother asked.

“I am sure,” April smiled and made sure her mother wouldn’t have to feel guilty for not being able to stay with April until she was leaving.

There was no need for that April thought. It might have been an admirable gesture, but not necessary at all. And not worth getting in trouble at work for.

“I will keep you updated how things are going, ok?” April suggested.

“Sounds fair,” Sarah begrudgingly said when the ringtone grew unbearably obnoxious. “But if you need someone to speak…”

“Then I will call you immediately, mom,” April grinned and tapped her mom’s hands. “Now get up and pick up that damn call.”

Both laughed for a few seconds before Sarah willed herself to reach for her phone.

She still wasn’t sure why her daughter stayed this uncharacteristically calm.

Usually, April was freaking out over all things regarding her being a futa and the prospect of having this fact revealed to anyone. Especially a few hours before speaking to her friends about that … for the first time.

April was equally as confused as her mother on that front. It didn’t make lezbiyen seks hikayeleri sense for her to feel this relaxed. But maybe yesterday was just what she needed to finally accept the inevitable. That or the difference having sex for the first time can make was far greater than it generally got credited for.

“Love you April,” the business woman said reluctantly while heading towards the door.

“Love you too, mom.”

She managed to pick up her call just in time and soon after hastily rushed to her car in the drive way.

Unlike her mother, April’s day wasn’t one filled with stress. Quite the opposite. She crashed back onto the couch and listened to music while chatting a bit with Gina. She was certainly most eager in offering her help wherever she possibly could. Anything else would have surprised April. If there was one person who would go out of her ways to make sure to be the literal epitome of a true friend it would always be Gina. A trait April valued higher than she even wanted to admit to her best friend.

The hours of waiting passed with the blink of an eye and April soon found herself driving down the riverside avenue towards her favourite café. With her free-flowing hair dancing in the wind seemingly in rhythm with her car’s radio blasting at full volume. Her left firmly resting on the lowered side window doorframe and catching quite a bit of sun on her way downtown. A great day to hang out with her friends.

She barely wasted any thought on the upcoming discussion. Yesterday showed her that coming up with such battleplans was probably just a waste of time anyways. And besides, she already knew that her friends would be having her back. Their replies made sure of that. Not that she had to doubt even one of her friends in the first place. How much such an opinion can change within just 24 hours.

April drove into the car park next to their café, where she and her friends each had a parking lot of their own.

“Guess I am late, huh?” she said as she spotted all her friends’ cars one by one.

They were probably early to discuss things before April would join them. Most likely things they should avoid asking. And ‘they’ usually meant Lizzy and Akari.

The brunette futa smirked at the thought of Isabella and Gina firmly hammering home that ‘they’ shouldn’t start asking about her growth or any sexual topics right away. No matter how much their curiosity was killing them.

“Ciao Salvatore,” April said upon entering.

“Ciao bella. Your friends are already waiting April,” the middle aged cafetiere replied in his typically hearty Italian accent. “The same as usual?”

“The same as usual. Grazie,” April smiled back and went straight to her group’s regular table.

She and her friends eventually conquered a corner at the café for herself. No surprise considering how generous their tips were, but Salvatore was worth his weight in gold. And so was his latte macchiato. Besides that, it was also a great place to have endless discussions or just retreat from the whole world for a few hours – exactly what she intended right now.

“April!” Gina gasped and shot up from her seat.

The others, which had their backs facing the entry, hastily turned around and followed her example.

“Hey gals…” April said and finally noticed some tension rise within her. “Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Gina didn’t await any reply.

She rushed forward and almost made April jump back before getting caught in a hug. An incredibly tight hug. While the trio silently awaited their turn.

“Sorry for yesterday. We had no idea when we were fooling around,” Gina said.

The futa chuckled and already completely forgot their friend’s ‘theory’ on why she wasn’t taking the bus yesterday.

“It’s alright. How could you know? Do you really think I would have been this mysterious over something as trivial like a boyfriend?” April joked.

Lizzy, Akari and Isabella smiled, but concerns were written on their faces. Just like on Gina’s.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

“Not much different compared to before yesterday honestly. C’mon gals. It’s not like I got diagnosed with cancer or something. I am still the same. Don’t you worry,” April said with a grin.

“We wouldn’t have expected anything else,” Isabella returned and faked a smile. “But this must have been an impossibly tough confession to make. After all this time.”

“Yeah… it wasn’t easy,” April said when Gina released her from her hug.

Akari and Lizzy were the next and clearly struggled to find fitting words to address an “issue” they barely knew anything about. Besides porn of course, but that obviously didn’t show any of the implications leading up to the massive sizes displayed there.

April almost couldn’t contain her smirk when she saw the two certified nymphomaniac’s eyes trying their hardest to avoid searching for any signs of her more “pronounced” features. At least the two wouldn’t change one bit after all.

And then there was Isabella. Last as always. But not due to being April’s least favourite amongst her friends. Far from it.

As usual she was the silent leader in their group. The type that didn’t have to force herself into the spotlight at all and allowed the others in the group their fair share on their own terms. She surely sensed Gina’s desire to be the first to greet April. As well as the necessity of having to calm down the chaotic duo in advance of April’s arrival. A blend of a striking sense of empathy combined with looks that could have easily been used to infatuate anyone without even attempting to care about the person at all. Still, care she did.

April’s knees felt a bit shaky. Like most times when she was about to hug Isabella. There was something unearthly in simply touching her Latina friend. A sensation that was multiplied by the factor ten now that her true nature was revealed… and her growing desires.

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” she screamed inside her head and fought off the swelling inside her tightening pants.

“You got nothing to fear, April. We would never be angry over keeping this part of you hidden from us. Nor would we ever treat you differently. You are our friend. And friends are always there for each other,” Isabella said as she hugged her now taller and certainly more curvaceous friend.

“I know… thank you,” April said and felt touched enough by her friend’s, no, almost idol’s words, that she forgot about her growing arousal for a bit.

April held on to the cheerleader’s delicate touch for a bit longer before realising that Gina, Lizzy and Akari were also still there… and watching.

“Sorry. That kinda… got to me. Dunno why,” April said while biting her lip.

“Because you are one of us. No matter how big you will get,” Isabella replied and finished with her signature smile.

A smile that only few managed to withstand – and certainly none in the local football team’s squad, or April.

“Yeah,” April chuckled and blushed. “Let’s see if you are still saying that in a few weeks from now.”

“I am certain about it. Speaking of which. Maybe I am just imagining things. But are you already taller?” Isabella asked.

She lined herself up to get a better comparison of both their height to prove her claim. The two were always the tallest in their group – and very much evenly matched in regards to height. Now, Isabella had to stand on her toes to make up for the inch, maybe one and a half that went mysteriously missing.

“Are you already growing?” Gina interjected.

“Yeah… I… well… I better tell you. But short answer: Yes, I am already starting to grow,” April sighed.

“Sounds like a story worth telling at some coffee and cake. Both are on me,” Isabella said.

“Sounds great. About time we get to sit down. Not gonna lie, we are making quite a scene here,” Lizzy interject and made the whole group chuckle.

“I am sure people are already watching too,” Akari mused.

“Got it. Got it. We can sit down and talk. Jeez, talking about ruining a moment,” April joked and rolled her eyes for exaggerated dramatic effect.

Salvatore had brought April her third piece of cake and what must have been her fifth latte macchiato before she finished rewinding yesterday’s events. Well, the one parts April felt confident in sharing. Little details like fucking Christine multiple times remained stories for maybe another time for now.

“You were right. This… sounded even more draining than a visit to any made-up boyfriend,” Akari said.

“If you’d knew,” April thought and barely managed to hide her smirk as she took another sip.

“What are you going to do now? I mean, do our teachers know? They must.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten exemption from PE classes all those years,” Gina said.

“Principal Johnson knows. She arranged that. But I doubt the teachers actually know anything. I think I would have noticed,” April sighed and shook her head. “Well, they are about to find out soon though. Like the rest of school.”

Gina’s hand shot forwards and took hold of April’s right.

“You got this. Don’t you worry. Nobody will even say a word.”

“And I will make sure of that. I promise you; nobody will be stupid enough to mess with you. Not if they know what’s good for them,” Isabella added.

There was this trace of ruthless determination again. An aura Isabella usually only emitted while being on competitions. Being the leader of the cheerleaders and consequently probably the biggest public figure on a campus full of just young women brought her into a position to enforce such threats if she wanted.

She already did so multiple times in the past. Like back when April was just starting to grow breasts in her early teens and got made fun off because of how much of an early bloomer she was. Or when Gina still wore her, admittedly comically oversized glasses, before switching to contact lenses. On both occasions Isabella made sure that the girls who bothered her friends would get a good dose of their own medicine. Nobody would ever dare to make fun of Gina or April ever since.

“Hold your horses, nobody said anything yet. No need to go full on terminator again,” Lizzy laughed and made even Isabella blush for a moment.

“I am not that bad. Am I?” she asked.

“Well, it’s kinda frightening how you can get at times,” Akari mused.

“Kinda hot too,” April thought.

There was something oddly intriguing in seeing her friend becoming a literal punisher in school, just to defend her friends. Calling her “terminator” wasn’t that far from the truth either. If anyone would be either foolish or straight up stupid enough to go for her friends, Isabella would come and hunt you down – and make sure you would never ever want to do that again. Not if you wanted to become an outsider yourself.

“I am sure you just got the best intentions in mind,” April said with a wide grin. “Just make sure no one cries this time, ok?”

The Latina shifted in her seat and sighed.

“Alright. I am going overboard at times. I understand that. But the offer still stands,” Isabella said.

“Thank you, but I doubt that will be necessary. I am a big girl now; I can take care of myself.”

April took another hearty bite from her cake and heard her stomach still rumble in starving agony. Her appetite simply couldn’t be sated by just cake and coffee.

“Still hungry, huh?” Akari asked.

“Yeah… dunno but I am eating quite a lot these days. It’s getting kinda worse too.

Guess that’s part of the whole growing thing,” April said.

“Speaking of which – ooof”

Lizzy was about to address the elephant in the room – and certainly the topic she was most curious about. But earned Gina’s elbow in her side before she could even finish her question.

April chuckled and put the fork down for the first time she sat down on that table.

“It’s ok, Gina. It’s a legit question to ask after all,” April said to Gina before facing Lizzy with a soft smile. “So, you want to know how much I will grow?”

The bottom-heavy blonde looked cautiously to her side at Gina, who shook her head but didn’t look too angry, nor did Isabella.

“Yes… if you want to speak about it of course,” she said timidly.

“Sure. It’s like the first time I got to speak about all this besides my doctors and my mom, so … that’s a neat change of pace,” April smiled and took a deep breath before continuing to explain.

“Frankly. I have no idea. The futa who I talked too, couldn’t give any straight answer herself, nor did the docs. All I have are some arbitrary statistical values which might or might not mean much,” April said.

“They didn’t put any estimations into your diagnosis?” even Gina asked despite usually being notoriously unfazed by curiosity.

“Well, I will probably grow bigger than the futa I spoke to. But that’s comparing her diagnosis from years ago with mine. Can’t say if that’s accurate at all though.”

“How tall is she?” Isabella asked.

Now all four of her friends were more than enticed by the prospect for April putting her possibly enormous development in actual numbers. Looked like, although Gina and Isabella wanted to avoid this discussion at first, were just as interested as Akari and Lizzy.

“I dunno. Probably about 8 feet tall. Maybe a bit smaller, I think. Still absolutely massive. I mean … I am not sure,” the futa said with growing redness on her cheeks.

“Wait a second! You say you will grow … like over two foot?!” Lizzy gasped.

“Most likely… I … the futa meant I could grow even far bigger than her. She talked also about me possibly being a hyper, since my hormones and stuff are completely off the charts. But that’s … just a theory of hers,” April muttered.

Heat was rising inside the brunette futa. It was almost impossible to fathom when Irina first told her about reaching such an impossible size. She could only imagine the confusion on her face back then. Now, she was convinced how her expression must have looked like. Exactly like the ones of her four friends staring at her in disbelief and shock.

“So… 8 feet. Is like … low balling?” Akari asked, with the same mixture of curiosity and scepticism in her voice like she put on display on her face.

“I… maybe… probably. Again, I dunno,” April said and got increasingly aware of her blushing cheeks.

She expected to have this conversation and that some of her friends might get a bit too excited about this whole predicament. What she didn’t expect was how strangely conflicted she felt talking about reaching such sizes. How oddly intriguing it felt, while still being terrifying to even think of at the same time.

“What does it feel like. To grow?” Lizzy asked, as she probably sensed some of April’s surfacing anticipation.

“Lizzy!” Gina hissed and made the bottom-heavy blonde immediately wince.

April chuckled and reached over to her typically protective friend.

“It’s alright, Gina. Really,” April said softly and prepared to address the unanswered question looming over the table.

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