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Working Title Guilt Ch. 04

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Author’s note: This is a continuation of a story that deals with many taboos from incest to golden showers. If this is not your thing, please move on. If you don’t mind being challenged and even shocked, then I hope you enjoy. Please comment and or vote.

“It’s all sorted Mom” Said Karen a few days after our wonderful and intimate time together. “BBQ at Helen’s house Sunday lunchtime. The weather is going to be perfect and they have a pool!”

I looked at Karen with some anxiety clearly showing on my face. Was I really going to meet Helen’s parents and look them in the eye? Helen, my son’s girlfriend and the teenage nymph that had seduced me. Would they know that I had sucked so hard on their daughters pussy and her on mine just by looking at me?

Don’t be silly I told myself. She’ll be there with Matt my son and if anything, they would be more concerned with his shenanigans than his moms.

“Are you sure it’s alright?” I said “I mean I don’t know anything about them and…”

Karen cut me off “Well mom, they are super keen to have you over and what better opportunity to find out a bit more about each other than over a BBQ and glass of wine?” Karen was becoming more assertive and dominant in our relationship and I was enjoying playing the submissive after years of being the major decision maker in the house.

“OK” I said “but what shall I wear?”

“Oh we’ll think of something” Karen said with a smile.

Sunday morning came around quickly and Karen and I were fussing in the bedroom. Matt had stayed over at Helen’s place so we had the house to ourselves.

“What about this Mom?” Karen said holding up a beautiful knee length floral dress. I hadn’t worn it for years. I wasn’t sure that I’d fit into it any more. It was certainly figure hugging across my breasts and the top of my ass and opened out as it fell across my thighs giving plenty of movement if I had to make a run for it.

“Come on mom, try it on”

Standing there in my bra and pants I wiggled into it, surprised at just how well I had kept my figure.

“Wow mom! You look gorgeous” Karen said as I did a twirl. The loose fabric around my thighs swishing in a most seductive way.

“You don’t think its a bit over the top for a BBQ?”I said.

Karen stood back and appraised me.

“I can see your pantie line and you are going to have to loose your bra as well.”

I hesitated but then again with a square cut bib and shoulder straps I wasn’t exactly showing any cleavage and I often went without panties for the sake of fashion.

I slipped out of the dress and sat at the dressing table while Karen helped me with my makeup and hair. There wasn’t a lot to do with my short auburn hair but she made me look nice in any case. I felt a little bit like one of her school projects. She was trying so hard to impress the teacher. I was on show with Helen’s parents and Karen was keen to make sure I made a good first impression.

Karen wore blue shorts and a white tank top which was a bit too tight across her little breasts but I decided to let it go.

When we arrived at Helen’s parent’s house I was so nervous that I really didn’t want to get out of the car. I had brought a salad and a bottle of wine which I had spent almost a day’s wages on having been told that Mark, Helen’s dad was a bit of a wine snob.

The house was gorgeous. The front gardens were manicured and there were two large columns holding up a portico above the door. I felt like Dorothy walking into the Emerald castle.

Before we reached the front door it opened and we were greeted by Mark and his wife Julie. They were Etiler Escort a little younger than me, both in great shape and had warm welcoming smiles.

Julie wore a white summer dress which showed off her gym fit body and Mark was in white shorts and a blue and white striped T shirt.

“Come in you two, Mark is just firing up the BBQ” Said Julie “Karen why don’t you bring that salad into the kitchen and Mark, get this woman a drink before she expires!”

I followed Mark to the back yard while Karen and Julie disappeared into the kitchen, which was almost as large as my entire ground floor.

The pool area was beautiful. The water shimmered in the sun and I longed to dip into it but then realized I’d left my costume at home.

I felt Mark’s eyes drifting over me and wondered if he realized I was not wearing panties. The fact that I was bra less was pretty obvious and I could not help but notice how well endowed he appeared to be.

While Mark and I were making small talk, Helen and Matt came out.

“Hello Mrs B” Helen said walking up to me and giving me a short kiss on the lips.

I felt her breasts press against mine and my nipples hardened in a flash. I knew I should have worn a bra. Maybe no one would notice as I turned away from Mark’s direct line of sight. Too late. I caught his eyes focusing on my breasts and a slight smirk appeared across his mouth.

Mark had the decency to not linger and threw a couple kebabs onto the griddle.

Matt and Helen went over to the loungers by the pool and started to strip off to make the most of the sun.

“So Helen tells me you are divorced for two years now.” He said as I sipped my red wine.”

“Yes that’s right” I said. This was something that I didn’t want to talk about.

“No boy friends?” He smiled and raised an eyebrow.


“No girlfriends?” He said with a cheeky grin. “Sorry I couldn’t help but notice when Helen welcomed you. You did seem very pleased to see her” referring to my erect nipples.

I was mortified. My hand moved out to grab my red wine and instead sent it flying over the BBQ and Mark’s shorts. I immediately grabbed a tea towel and went to mop it up from the front of his shorts but then realized here I was about to pat down my host’s cock and stopped short.

Helen came over and laughed.

“I think you need to get changed dad!”

They disappeared into the house together leaving me in a bit of a state and in charge of the BBQ.

Matt came over and put his arm around my waist from behind. I felt his cock harden against my ass.

“Need a hand there Mom” he said as I tried to regain some composure.

His head nuzzled in the nape of my neck and I felt his lips brush against my skin.

Julie and Karen walked out of the house with salads.

“OK you two, break it up!” Julie said with a laugh let’s get the table laid first.

Matt broke away from me sporting a very large, very visible erection inside his shorts. He didn’t seem at all embarrassed and interestingly neither did Julie or Karen who unabashedly stared at it.

“Oh my God Matt! You are incorrigible!” Karen said as they both sat at the table.

“Where’s Mark and Helen?” She said.

“Oh I’m afraid I spilt some red wine on mark’s shorts and he’s gone to change”

Matt looked at Karen and Julie and there was a moment of silent communications between them and a smile spread across their faces.

I felt I was missing out on something here and wasn’t sure what it was. It was shortly after that Helen and Mark walked out of Fatih Escort the house arm in arm and the moment passed.

Julie sat opposite me across the narrow table, Matt was on my right opposite Helen and Karen on my left opposite Mark.

The food was delicious. I think that Julie was a Cordon Bleu trained chef and everything was perfect.

As we made small talk it was inevitable that our feet would constantly touch under the narrow table. It was then that I felt Julie’s toes start to rub up and down my leg. She continued to chat as though nothing was amiss and at first I wondered if it was her or maybe Helen or Karen fooling around.

Her toes made it up to my thigh and then brushed across my shaven pussy. Julie let out a little gasp as she realized I was not wearing any panties.

“Everything alright Mom?” Helen said.

“Everything is perfect, dear” She replied as she continued to work her big toe around my increasingly moist clit.

The game was nearly up. I was so horny that I knew I would orgasm soon and would not be able to hide it.

It was at that point that Helen said “Who’s up for a dip in the pool?”

Jule looked at me and raised an eyebrow as the others jumped up from the table and forcefully stuck her toes inside me.

I gripped the table edge and shuddered as I fought to contain my orgasm gripping tightly and throbbing against Julie’s toes.

As I recovered my composure I saw the kids and Mark stripping off and skinny dipping in the pool.

Both Mark and Matt sported large erections which seemed little affected by the temperature of the water.

“They grow up pretty quickly these days don’t they?” Julie said as she continued to massage my pussy with her toes. “Are you fucking your kids?” she said. “You should you know. They are both excellent fucks and you can see Matt is just waiting for the invitation to sink his gorgeous cock in your ass. Honest to God I think he is more interested in fucking ass than pussy sometimes.”

I was shocked. “You mean that you have fucked Matt?”

“Of course sweetie, with a little help from our daughters of course.”

“You mean you fucked my daughter as well?” I was in a state of huge arousal and shock at the same time. “I thought she just liked to watch…”

“Come on Ann, you know that’s not entirely true. She told me how she had dominated you and forced you to take her piss.”

Were there no secrets left in my life I wondered? Was nothing private anymore?

I felt another orgasm building and let rip this time not holding back. I gushed over Julie’s foot and soaked my summer dress.

“Mark and Helen went into the house to clean red wine off his shorts and they….?”

“Yes sweetie, any excuse and Mark will slide his cock into Helen or give her a load to swallow.”

“And everyone is OK with that? I mean Matt knows? Karen Knows? You know?!”

“Of course sweetie and you’d be surprised at just how adventurous your young Matt really is!”

I turned to find Matt and was shocked to see Helen on all fours by the pool edge being fucked by Matt while sucking off her dad. Karen was standing over them frigging her little pussy as she focused on Mark’s cock going in and out of her mouth and Matt’s cock in and out of her pussy. “Fuck her ass Matt. Let me see that huge cock of yours explode in her ass” she said.

Matt must have been close as he pulled out, looked at his sister and said “Want to help me out a little here sis?”

She took a hand full of her pussy juice and smeared it all over her brother’s cock and poured Halkalı Escort oil over Helen’s ass.

Taking her brothers cock she guided it into position and Helen feeling it there pushed back. Mark seeing Matt’s cock sliding into his daughters ass sent him over the edge and he exploded into her mouth. Spurt after spurt flooded inside her mouth as he arched his back.

“Fuck yes!” Cried Karen as she came a gushing orgasm over Helen’s back.

Mark looked over at his wife Julie and i and said “Aren’t you two coming over to join us?”

I looked at Mark’s still hard cock and wanted to replace Helen. I wanted Matt in my ass and Mark in my mouth but I wanted more as well.

“Come on sweetie” Julie said standing up. “Time for some real fun”

I stood and noticed a huge wet patch on my summer dress. Julie did too and turned me around and deftly unzipped me leaving me standing there naked.

“Woo hoo! Go Mom!” shouted Matt.

“Don’t you dare come in my daughter’s ass young man!” Julie shouted “Your next load is going straight in here.” she said as she grabbed my ass.

“Yes Mom do it!” Karen said as she continued to abuse her own pussy.

Julie led me over and forced me on to all fours.

Matt pulled out of Helen and immediately Karen dropped down onto her knees to suck Matt clean.

A little more oil and she placed Matt’s bulging cock at the entrance to my ass.

“I have waited so long for this Mom” he said “You have no idea how many loads I have wasted just fantasizing about this moment.”

Enough of the talk, I was thinking and pressed backwards feeling the slick glans of his penis stretch me. Another inch and I could already feel his pulse inside me. Another inch and he was past my sphincter and sliding smoothly into my bowels. I let out a guttural grunt as he rammed the final inches home and I felt his balls slap against my pussy.

Matt quickly established a rhythm and I was able to enjoy several orgasms as I watched Helen and Julie making out with Mark.

Matt said he was going to cum and Mark, Julie and Helen came over to watch with Karen. I felt Matt arching his back and penetrate me deeper than ever before. Then it happened. Spurt after spurt of hot white cum flooded into my ass and I came again milking my son for all I was worth.

My head dropped down and at that point Karen moved in front of me facing her brother placing her hands on my shoulders. Mark, Helen’s dad moved behind her and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slipped inside while Julie and Helen watched.

“Fuck me daddy” she said as this older man sank balls deep into her tight little pink pussy. She clearly had big daddy issues.

“I told you you’d like Karen’s pussy daddy didn’t I?” Helen said.

“Yes sweetheart you did and you were right. Now would you like to clean up daddy’s cum from your friends pussy?”

“Of course daddy but what about Mom?”

“I think that there should be enough for you all to share” he said “But Matt can come over here and top her up”

“Will you also eat daddy’s cum from my pussy Mom?” Helen said looking at her mom.

“Of course sweetheart. Just like last time” Julie said.

Matt was hard again and today was clearly going to be a day of firsts. First time fuck of mom, first time fuck of sister too. I could not wait to watch but Julie had other ideas.

“Come with me Ann” she said getting me to stand up so that Matt’s cum dripped down my legs.

We walked unsteadily to the house followed by Mark.

Julie said “Ever since Karen told us about your pee fantasy we have wanted to try it. Not with each other but with you.” My legs felt immediately weak.

“Mark just wants to watch at first but I want you to eat me and take my piss. Then Mark will fuck you and piss in all your holes but give his load to me. You’ve already had your sons. Is that OK with you? Of course it is. Now lets get you into the bath room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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