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Year Two with Jane and Tony Ch. 01

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Having survived the end of summer orgy we enjoyed with our friends, Jane and I, along with our roommates, settled in for another school year. Jane and I went into the year having maintained a 4.0 GPA the first year. This year would see us tackling some tougher courses but we still had some mandatory classes to take. Our household ran well with the inclusion of Barb, Astrid and Axel. Astrid and Axel used the spare bedroom while Barb shared our bed.

Our household quickly fell into a pattern of everyone helping with the cooking and cleaning, so the burden wasn’t just on one or two people. Jane and I shared our study room with the others by managing to squeeze three more desks in there. I built some bookshelves, with Pavel’s help, in our bedroom in order to free some space for the others in the study room. We all seemed to be settling in nicely as the days passed.

All of our class work seemed to be going well early on in the term. All of my classes were interesting. Jane and I had another literature class together, ‘American Authors of the 20th Century’. Even Jane’s math class was going well with Sofia tutoring her. After Jane’s third tutoring session with Sofia, she said, “Sofia makes this stuff make sense. She would be a wonderful teacher.” It was nice to see Sofia when she came over to help Jane. She would always hang out for a while to talk. She was getting along well with her roommate, Cindy, and asked if she could bring her by on Saturday.

Sure, you can bring her over,” I said. “Just remember to let her know how we dress around here.”

“I know,” said Sofia. “She thought you guys were pretty cool when you helped me move in. I told her about the nudity, but I don’t think she believed me!”

I laughed and said, “Then prepare her for a shock!”

Axel was being kept very busy with lab work. He and a group of other new folks were working on experiments designed by his lead professor. He was spending 10 to 12 hours a day at school and would often come home exhausted. He told us things would calm down once they got their apparatus set up and began getting data. He maintained his sense of humor and I managed to keep him supplied with pickled herring!

Barb had a visit from Jane’s father’s attorney, who was handling her estate case. He told her she was going to get between 6 and 10 million dollars from her parent’s estate after taxes. When she heard the numbers she just sat there in shock. She had asked Jane and I to be present with her and it took us a while to get her past the shock. When she was able to talk again, she said, “I would rather have my family than all of this money. Mr. Malkus, I trust Jane’s father has been paying you to do this work for me, am I correct?” Malkus nodded. “Since I can afford it, I would like to pay him back for everything and retain your services on my own. Can we do that?”

Mr. Malkus said, “You certainly can. I will make the arrangements for you. Oh, and please call me Bob…everyone does. I have to say that I’m very happy that you won’t have to worry about finances and I know, full well, that all of the money in the world can’t replace your family. Our firm will do everything we can to protect your interests as long as we work for you. You should talk to an investment firm about protecting your assets. I will get in touch with a friend of mine and the three of us can sit down and figure out what to do about your future.”

Barb smiled and said, “Thank you, that would be nice. May I have Jane and Tony accompany me during these discussions?”

“Of course, you can have anyone you like come with you,” replied Bob.

“Barb, you may want to include Sofia. That girl is phenomenal with numbers and may catch things that the rest of us miss,” I interjected.

Barb nodded and said, “That’s a good idea. I’ll ask her when I see her next.

Jane said, “Tomorrow she’s spending the day with us here, with Cindy. You’ll see her then.”

Barb smiled at that as Bob stood to leave. Bob said he would give Barb a call to set up a meeting at his office. He shook all of our hands as he left. Barb then hugged Jane and I and thanked us for sitting with her. Jane then said, “Well, you are a rich girl now, but that doesn’t change anything here. We want you to stay with us for as long as you like. All we want is for you to be happy, okay?”

Barb smiled as tears began running down her face and hugged Jane for quite a while. When she pulled away from Jane she said, “Thank you so much. Yours and Tony’s love means so much to me. You have made this whole ordeal bearable with your support and love. Your parents support and love has been wonderful too. I’d like to find a special way to thank them for everything they have done for me. Can you help me with that? I don’t, really, know them.”

Jane pondered for a bit but came up empty. “I’ll think of something eventually,” Jane replied. “In the meantime, don’t you have a birthday coming up?”

Barb blushed and said, “Yeah, I had nearly forgotten. I really don’t want it Kadıköy Anal Escort to be a big deal. Will you go shopping with me Jane?” Jane said she would be happy to and off they went. They said they would be back by dinner.

I did some studying for a couple of tests that were coming up and worked on a paper that was due in a couple of weeks. At around 5pm I decided to get something ready for dinner. I asked Astrid if she knew whether Axel would be home by dinner time and she said she thought he would be. I began fixing dinner with Astrid assisting.

As we worked I was thinking to myself how great our friends were. Astrid was always helpful and had a mischievous streak. Axel would pitch in whenever possible and had a wonderful sense of humor. Barb was so caring and loving and always thought of others before herself. It was so great to be sharing our house with all of them.

When Saturday arrived, we were all drinking our first cups of coffee while sitting in the kitchen. We heard the front door open and close and heard Sofia yell out, “Is there any coffee?” Jane cried out that we were in the kitchen. We had given Sofia a key to the house as an incentive to visit as much as she wanted. She popped into the kitchen with Cindy in tow. “You all remember Cindy, my roommate?” Cindy stood behind Sofia with her eyes bugging out as she took in all of our nudity. Sofia turned to her and said, “See, I told you they would all be naked. Now, I’m going to join them but you don’t have to. Nobody cares what you do, okay?”

Cindy squeaked out an okay and stood as Sofia pulled her dress off. She had no underclothes on and so was naked in a couple of seconds. Sofia grabbed a cup of coffee for Cindy and then one for herself. Jane invited Cindy to have a seat and began peppering her with questions about school and her hometown in Minnesota. Cindy asked, “How do you remember where my hometown is?”

Jane replied, “Well, this past summer Tony and I were camping at the lake nearby it. We got a little randy after dinner and since nobody was around we decided to have sex outside next to the lake. As we were going at it a guy in a fishing boat went cruising by and yelled ‘YAHOO’ at us.”

Cindy covered her mouth with surprise and said, “That was you two? That was my Dad in the boat! He told us he saw two people having sex by the lake but nobody would believe him!”

Sofia began laughing loudly and cried out, “I told you it would be her Dad!” Everyone laughed, including Cindy.

After a while Cindy asked, “May I ask why you are all sitting here naked?”

Jane laughed and said, “Well, that would be on account that I don’t like wearing clothes unless I’m cold. You don’t mind, do you? You should try it; you might like it.”

Sofia walked up to her friend and said, “It is really nice. I didn’t think I would like it at first when I came here, but decided I should give it a try, just to see. It took about ten seconds to get comfortable around these people.”

Barb then said, “Yeah, and another 2 seconds to decide to shave your pubic hair off!” We all laughed as Sofia pointed out her dearth of hair.

Cindy looked at all of us and said, “Well, I guess I could try it.”

Sofia said, “Atta girl!”

Jane said, “If you would be more comfortable stripping in another room, you are more than welcome to.”

Cindy stepped into the dining room and stripped off her clothes. When she stepped back into the kitchen she was very red faced as she was quite embarrassed. She really didn’t need to be since she was quite attractive. She was fairly short with very well developed muscles. Astrid asked, “Are you a gymnast by any chance? Your muscles look like a friend of mine from grammar school.”

“I was in high school,” Cindy replied. “I thought about trying out for the team here, but decided to concentrate on my studies instead.”

As we talked Cindy seemed to get less and less self-conscious and began interacting with everyone while more at ease. Sofia wandered off for a while leaving Cindy to her own devices. Nobody wanted to scare her or anything so we tried to include her as much as possible. After a while, Sofia returned and said, “Tony, I’m horny as hell! I haven’t had any sort of sex since school started. I didn’t want to get myself off in the room and upset Cindy and the showers are all communal. So, could you help a girl out?”

Everyone laughed except for Cindy who turned crimson red. Jane saw her and decided to pull her aside to explain how things worked here. In the meanwhile, Sofia drug me upstairs to my bedroom and then pulled me into a passionate kiss and hug. I got instantly hard as this beautiful girl rubbed against me. When she broke the kiss, Sofia said, “I’m sorry I was so blunt but I couldn’t take it anymore. After those weeks here, I was so used to getting anything I wanted that the forced abstinence is killing me. You don’t mind do you, or, more importantly, Jane wouldn’t mind, would she?”

“I don’t mind and I know Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort Jane won’t mind. I’m pretty certain she will talk Cindy into coming up and watching,’ I said.

“No way! Cindy is pretty straight laced,” Sofia replied. “Anyway, just take me however you want, I just want to cum!”

“Just lay back on the bed,” I said. “I’ll make you climax!”

Sofia laid back and I crawled between her legs, licking up her left thigh towards her succulent pussy. I took a tentative lick in her slit and discovered she was soaking wet…the girl was horny! As I licked her, Sofia let out a long deep moan of satisfaction as she spread her legs wider. I snaked my tongue as deeply as I could go, lapping in all of the moisture that Sofia was creating. I licked up towards her clit and then pulled her ‘triangle’ gently with my lips causing her to have an immediate orgasm. She didn’t quite squirt in a gush but there was a definite trickle of moisture that ran down towards her anus.

I moved my tongue lower and licked the girl cum off of Sofia’s rosebud causing Sofia to cry out, “OH YES, TONY! LICK MY ASSHOLE! I CLEANED IT JUST FOR YOU!” I probed her backdoor for a few moments before moving back to her pussy. I licked back up to Sofia’s clit and began playing with her piercing once again causing an even stronger orgasm for her. Again, Sofia squirted a small amount and again, I moved down to lick it up. I decided it was time to sink my cock into Sofia’s glorious pussy so I crawled up her body, taking time to suckle at each of her breasts. When I was in position, I placed my cock at her opening and pushed into her gently as I kissed her. Sofia moaned loudly as I slowly sank into her vagina. She broke our kiss as she cried, “THANK YOU, TONY! FUCK ME!”

As I began sawing into and out of Sofia, I heard a gasp come from the door. Standing there was Cindy, looking wide eyed at Sofia and myself. Jane was standing behind her, whispering into her ear as she fondled Cindy’s breasts. Her face was red and her breathing was deep as she stood mesmerized with what we were doing. I returned my attention to the task at hand as I pounded Sofia’s pussy. I had forgotten how hot and tight Sofia was as I continued fucking her. After a bit, I felt the bed move and noticed that Cindy and Jane had crawled onto it. I heard Jane tell Cindy to kiss Sofia and then saw Cindy slowly lower her face towards Sofia’s. When Sofia saw Cindy, she reached up and pulled her to her lips.

Cindy let out a deep moan as she kissed Sofia for the first time. She let out an even deeper moan as Jane bent down and began licking her pussy. I continued to stroke into Sofia and could feel my orgasm approach, but then Sofia pushed Cindy away and said, “TONY, FUCK MY ASS, PLEASE!” I pulled out of Sofia’s pussy, pushed her legs up by her head and then bent down to lick Sofia’s backdoor again. I reached over to the night stand and pulled a tube of KY from the drawer, applied some to Sofia’s anus and some to my cock, then slowly sank into Sofia’s bowel. Sofia cried out in ecstasy as I slowly fucked her ass. Cindy’s eyes were as wide as they could get as she watched her roommate get sodomized in front of her. Sofia yelled, “HARDER, TONY! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!”

The little break, switching from Sofia’s pussy to her asshole, allowed my ardor to die down a bit, but the tightness of Sofia’s fanny brought me back to the edge after just a few minutes. I cried out, “I’M CUMMING!” just as Sofia reached between us and began playing with her ‘triangle’. As I began spurting into Sofia she had her own climax and began quivering and shaking. I could feel another small amount of her girl cum bathe my cock as my climax waned. I pulled out of Sofia and rolled over onto the bed, trying to catch my breath. As I laid there I heard Jane whisper to Cindy, “Lick Tony’s cum from Sofia’s ass. It’s okay she cleaned herself well.” Cindy looked at Jane as Jane nodded towards Sofia and then Cindy moved behind Sofia, bent down and began sucking the cum from her anus. When she had finished, Jane told Cindy to lick my cock clean. Cindy moved this time without hesitation and took my cock in her mouth.

Again, I was struck by the control that Jane exercised over all others when it came to sexuality. Cindy did everything Jane suggested despite her being ‘straight-laced’ as Sofia had put it. As Cindy licked and sucked my cock I began to get hard again. Jane then whispered to Cindy, “Would you like to have sex with Tony? It’s alright with me and, as you have seen, he’s a wonderful lover. Would you like him take you nice and deep in your pussy? Maybe you would like to go wild and have him take your ass like he did to Sofia? You can have anything you like; all you have to do is ask.”

Cindy lifted her face from my penis and breathily whispered, “Yes!”

Jane whispered, “Yes what? Yes, you would like his cock in your pussy?”

Again, Cindy muttered, “Yes!”

“Or maybe you want him in your ass,” Jane whispered again?

“Yes,” Kadıköy Zenci Escort Cindy whispered again.

“Have you ever had a man in your ass, Cindy,” Jane asked?

“No, but I have had my fingers in there and I liked that a lot,” Cindy replied breathily.

“Okay, well come with me and I will get you ready,” Jane said.

The two women climbed off the bed as Jane lead Cindy to our bathroom. As Jane was cleaning up Cindy, Sofia rolled over to me to cuddle and kiss. We made out like high school kids while Sofia stroked my cock, keeping it hard. When Jane and Cindy returned to the bedroom, Jane suggested that Cindy do the splits at the edge of the bed. Cindy did as requested, as I walked over behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands while I kissed her. Cindy kissed me back, tentatively at first but became more enamored the longer we kissed. I then kneeled down behind her and pushed her torso forward so that I could lick her dripping vagina.

Cindy was very wet and, obviously, turned on by what had been happening. After having licked Cindy for some time, I stood up, placed my penis at her vaginal opening and slowly slid in. She was quite tight as I stroked in and out of her. The sight of her doing the splits as I fucked her was quite enervating. Her torso was upright so I fondled her breasts as I thrust into her. Her breasts were well formed and were quite firm. She had large puffy areolae and big nipples. She almost seemed chubby until you felt her muscles and discovered she didn’t have an ounce of fat. She was moaning loudly as I pinched her nipples and fucked her pussy. She seemed to be close to cumming when Jane whispered, “Do you want Tony in your ass now?” She muttered a yes as Jane kissed her.

I took the tube of KY and greased up myself and Cindy’s anus. I asked Cindy to reach back and pull her cheeks apart as I put one finger into her first, marveling at how tight she was. I then lubed up a second finger and then a third in an effort to stretch her out a bit. When I deemed she was ready, I slathered a large amount of the lube on my dick, positioned myself at her entrance and slowly pushed in. Cindy’s torso was flat on the bed and she was still doing the splits. Jane was leaning next to Cindy’s head whispering to her constantly. I was able to slowly work my way into Cindy’s backdoor, moving forward in increments. Cindy was moaning much like she was when I was in her pussy, but I wasn’t sure she was completely happy so I stopped and asked, “Are you okay, Cindy? Would you like me to stop?”

“I’m fine,” she whispered. “You are just a bit bigger than my fingers, but it still feels good. Just keep going slowly.”

Relieved that Cindy was okay, I continued to slowly push into her. When I was, finally, all of the way in I paused for over a minute before I began to withdraw equally as slow. The sensations I was experiencing were wonderful and I was happy that I had cum earlier with Sofia. When I pressed back into Cindy, I picked up the pace just a little bit causing Cindy to cry out, “OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD! OH, YES! OH, YES!” I had a hold of Cindy’s waist as I continued to thrust slowly into her rosebud as I reached under her and pinched her nipples. Cindy let out another low moan and then said, “HARDER! PINCH THEM HARDER! OH, GOD! FUCK ME HARDER!” I picked up the pace while I pinched Cindy’s nipples very hard.

Cindy pushed her torso off the bed to give me better access to her breasts, causing her to arch her back. She was moaning constantly and then cried out for me to fuck her even harder. I released her nipples, grabbed her waist and began plowing into her as hard as I could. Then, all of a sudden she screams, “OH SHIT!” and cums very, very hard. She shook and shivered but managed to keep her torso up and I continued to pound into her as my own release was close at hand. Just before I climaxed Cindy had one more massive orgasm and then her arms gave out and she collapsed onto the bed. My cock was pulsating as it shot cum into Cindy’s colon. When I had finished, I stepped to the side, crawled up onto the bed and then collapsed in exhaustion.

Sofia, now recovered, returned Cindy the favor and began sucking my sperm from Cindy’s backside. Cindy moaned some more until Sofia finished. She then rolled over onto her back letting her legs dangle off the bed and began crying. The sounds of her sobbing immediately got my attention as well as that of Jane and Sofia. I was afraid we took things too far until Cindy said, between sobs, “Oh, thank you! I never knew sex could be so wonderful! My boyfriend back home and I had had sex, but it was nothing like this! The only times I ever orgasmed was when I would play with myself and push my fingers, you know, back there.”

Jane pulled Cindy into her arms and held her while stroking her head. “Are you okay? We didn’t mean to upset you.”

“You didn’t upset me. It was all fantastic. I was just a little, I don’t know, weirded out. My boyfriend, well, my ex-boyfriend, didn’t want me to come to school here. When I insisted, he broke up with me. I thought I loved him and I thought the sex was good between us, but it was nothing compared to this. He broke up with me on my 18th birthday too! Now I know that I can do better than him. Thanks, Sofia, for bringing me here. Thanks so much!”

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