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Yes Sir Ch. 01 – Lecturer and Student

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My names Joe and I’m a student at university that always thought I was straight. I’ve had sex with several women and even had serious long term relationships, so I never thought that I was interested in men at all. I didn’t think there was anything different about me.

I was always a keen masturbator, sometimes spending whole evenings wanking myself off. It was probably because of watching too much porn that over several years of masturbating I started to get more and more bored of regular porn. In order to get more turned on by porn I started experimenting with transsexual porn and was surprised by just how erotic I found it. At first I would just try this occasionally but over time I was wanking to it even more than regular porn. One day I was jerking off to one video and the tranny started fucking the guy instead. I found this incredibly fascinating and extremely arousing. Watching this big hulking man submit to another person and get dominated by them was very erotic. I came so hard to that video.

This was a watershed moment for me and by the time I went to University I had started watching full on gay porn and was loving it. Weirdly I still wouldn’t have said I was gay, I just liked watching gay porn when I was horny. I would tell myself it’s just the exoticness of it, watching someone be dominated, it wasn’t about the cock or the men, it was just different and that was interesting. I tried to tell myself that I didn’t suddenly LOVE gay porn, I was just BORED of regular porn. Besides, after I had come I would suddenly go off the whole idea.

However over time I started to need more. Now just gay porn was boring, I needed something new. I started wanting to message guys. I found craigslist which was instantly a magical experience. Thousands of anonymous horny guys just needing someone to beat off too. I never met with anyone on the site but I started just messaging guys nude pictures of myself. It was incredibly exciting to snap a sexy pic of my ass and send it too them, knowing full well they were going to beat their big hard dicks to the thought of having sex with me. I didn’t want to have sex with them, I just really enjoyed teasing them. The idea of making men hard and making them cum was thrilling to me. I started trying taking sexier and sexier photos of myself. One of my best, was one where I got down on all fours in my bathroom, ass pointed to my mirror, and I looked back with a slutty expression on my face. Every time I would send this photo, the guy I would be talking to would get incredibly horny. It was the ace up my sleeve, and ultimately lead me down a very strange path.

It all started when I saw an advert one guy I had posted, he was around my age, a top, and wanted a guy to dominate. These were always my favourite type of posts. I liked the more masculine guys, they were the most fun. So I started typing an email to him, explaining who I was and that I wanted to get fucked hard by his huge cock. Attached to the email was my ace card, the ass pic. Excitedly I quickly typed out his email and sent it off.

A few minutes of waiting later and I got an email alert. I quickly went to check the emails when, to my horror, my university tutor had replied to the email. I’d sent the email to him by accident! This was my Tutor, John Davis, a tutor who was young for a teacher, in his late 30s. He was a man who was big and hulking, definitely kept in shape. A man that I respected a lot and was görükle escort one of the better tutors we had. I suddenly got terrified of opening his reply. What would he say?! I just sent him a pic of my naked body, stretching my ass for him and asking him to fuck me hard. There was no way this was going to end well. I tentatively clicked open on the email.

He’d sent back just one small sentence. My Office, 2pm Tomorrow. I gulped.

The next day came and I had just come out of a lecture, it was 5 minutes to 2. This was it. Either turn up and risk whatever awkward conversation I was going to have, or just go home but risk whatever punishment will come from that. I had to go.

I slowly walked to his office and stopped outside. This was it. Whatever was going to happen inside that room felt inevitable at this point. I pushed down on the handle.

Walking inside his office, I saw him sat in a chair behind a large cluttered wooden desk. His full brown hair fell down his face, his muscular body bulging inside a tight white shirt and black trousers. We locked eyes. For the first time I felt something more towards a man than the eroticism I felt when I teased men on the internet. I couldn’t describe what it was but John looked different to men I’d seen before, even to how I’d seen him before. He looked powerful, confident. It was magnetic.

“Come in.” he said to me gently. I walked further into the room till I stood right in front of his desk.

“Can I sit down?” I asked.

“No.” he said back emotionless.

“I’m erm…sorry about the email…” I started, trying to avoid his gaze.

I paused but he didn’t respond. I decide to look him in the eye, trying to judge his reaction. What was he thinking?

“It wasn’t meant to be for you, I’m sorry you had to see it…” I tried again.

Still nothing. He just kept staring.

“What happens now?” I asked him, my voice wavers with nervousness.

This time his expression changed slightly, I couldn’t quite detect what emotion his face was but it was unnerving.

“Punishment.” he said calmly. I shuffled awkwardly on the spot. What did this mean?

“Okay. Well again I am sorry John.” I said.

“Sir.” John replied. “Call me sir.”

“Sorry, sir.” I responded.

“Are you gay?” Mr Davis asked suddenly but calmly, his eyes staring at the wall instead of me.

“What…no.” I quickly replied.

He smirks slightly.

“So this picture of you. You probably don’t want that getting out.” he says as he looks back at me. Our eyes locked together again.

I gulped slightly. “Well no…” I get cut off as he gets up out of his chair. He walks very slowly around his desk. I turn to try and keep looking at him.

“Keep staring at the wall.” Mr Davis says. I turn my head back and stare at the wall. He makes his way round the room gradually, further behind my back. I hear the gentle tap of his shoes as he paces. Soon he was behind me, completely out of my view.

“What are you doing-” I start. “-Don’t talk.” Mr Davis interrupts. He steps forward until he’s within inches of me. He brings his mouth to my ear. “Those pictures. They expose you. The real you. The primal animal instincts within you. It shows you’re an animal that wants so desperately to be preyed upon.” he almost whispered into my ear. “Imagine if people you knew saw it. For the rest of your life they would never be able to shift that image bursa sınırsız escort of you. Once you’ve shown that vulnerable side to yourself, no one ever forgets it. They would always see you as a desperate slut who wants to be bred.” He continued in my ear. To my horror I felt blood start filling my flaccid penis, his words were turning me on. Did I like being treated so badly like this? He was right though, if anyone saw those pictures my life would be drastically different, I’d be ruined forever. He was blackmailing me…and that was making me hard.

“You’re going to do exactly what I tell you to do or this photo. This photo will be burning itself into the retina of your mother’s eye tomorrow over her morning brew. It’ll be the first thing your father sees when he wakes up with his morning wood. It’ll be shared by everyone at the university like the wildest STD. I have the email addresses of your parents. Your friends. Your class. So this… is happening.” He maliciously chants into my ear, so close that I can feel his breath.

“Understood?” He followed up with.

“Yes.” I replied quietly.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes. Sir.” I admitted. He had me defeated. I had no choice but to submit to him. To whatever he wanted.

“Good…take down your trousers.” he said gently.

“WHAT?!” I said alarmingly. I tried to turn round to look at him.

“Don’t turn round. Don’t speak. This only works if you cooperate. Do you want to cooperate?” He asked, a slight fury in his voice.

“Yes sir.” I responded. What had I got myself into? I started unbuckling my belt and undoing the zip of my jeans. I moved them down my legs slowly.

“Good.” he said. I felt so exposed. Standing just inches infront of him, back turned, in my underwear and my shirt. He steps forward closer to me. Just an inch between my waist and his now.

“Bend over.” he said calmly. I hesitated. I was scared by what was to come but knew I was trapped. I lowered down to his desk until I was bending over it. My ass, covered in my boxer shorts, now pointing directly at his waist and his huge body.

“Your underwear.” he demanded. I submitted, pulling down my boxer shorts till they hung at my ankles. My naked ass now exposed to him. I was now at his will. What was even more fascinating was that my cock was becoming harder and harder the more I submitted to him. I was now in a position which any straight man would find abhorrent, and it was just making me more and more aroused. I waited in this position for his next move.

That was when I heard him undo his belt. More shuffling of fabric followed. From his movement I felt air against me, against my exposed hole. We were that close. The whole situation was so intense. I was clinging to every sound coming from behind me, trying to anticipate just quite what was going to happen. I felt him move his arm to his waist. He must have been holding his cock. For the first time I started picturing Mr Davis’ cock. I imagined it was probably big like the rest of him, thick, with big balls and huge veins. Oh god I was actually fantasising about cock, not just any cock, my tutors.

I could feel his hands start moving. A thrusting motion. He was wanking! Wanking a few inches from my bare ass. My own cock became turgid at this thought, pressing hard against the wood of his huge desk. I tried to picture the scene from his angle, staring down nilüfer escort at his huge cock, wanking it towards a young student who had exposed his hole on his desk. It turned me on more than I ever thought it would have done.

He carried on, I could hear him picking up the pace. All I could do was stare forward as he had his way with me.

“This is turning you on isn’t it?” Mr Davis asks?

“Yes sir.” I can’t believe I admitted that to him. His movement behind me sped up.

“Read me your email. It’s on that computer.” Mr Davis asks calmly, slightly out of breath. I look forward and see his computer with the email open.

“Hey, university student, 19..” I start. “Not that bit, the proper bit.” Mr Davis demands.

“Fuck me. Fuck me with your huge dick.” I read from the email. The pace picks up even more behind me.

“Carry on.” Mr Davis asks.

“My ass is yours. Make me your bitch.” I almost pleaded.

Suddenly Mr Davis grunted and I felt liquid hit my ass. One shot hitting the top of my ass. The next hit me straight in my ass hole, I could almost feel it come inside me. He fired more shots, grunting still, hitting my cheeks and my the bottom of my back. I let out a small moan as I felt his cum trickle down over my hole and down to my balls.

I heard Mr Davis sigh loudly. “Good.” he claimed. “Leave now.”

I pick up my trousers and underwear quickly and start to walk out the room, I can’t even look at him.

He grabs my arm suddenly just before I leave the office.

“Same time next week.” He says, looking me straight in the eyes. I look at him shocked before leaving in shame.

I ran out of his office towards the nearest bathroom, I could still feel his cum trickling down me. I dashed into the first cubicle I can find. I pulled my trousers down and reached for the toilet paper. I stopped for a second. Instead of wiping his cum I moved my arm down without the paper. I reached back towards my hole which was now slick with his ejaculate. I got some on my fingers and brought it to my mouth.

Tentatively I sucked my fingers deeply, tasting his seed. It was both sweet and salty at the same time. It was incredible. I looked down and saw my cock grow hard again. With one hand in my mouth, sucking his seed, I moved my other down to my cock. I pumped it a little but I wanted more. Instead I moved my arm down to my hole and rubbed around it slowly. It felt electric. Some of the best feelings I’d ever felt in my life.

I slowly got more curious and decided to try pushing my finger inside me. My ass was lubricated with his cum so it went in easily. Being penetrated felt strange but weirdly right. I kept pushing in further and further till my finger reached my prostate. I couldn’t help but moan. I started thrusting my finger harder and faster into my ass. I couldn’t believe I’d never tried this before. I felt like I had been robbed of this pleasure for so long.

I brought my finger out and quickly grasped my cock. I started masturbating furiously. With my other hand I reached back and scooped more delicious cum from my back and sucked on it hard. It tasted so amazing. I practically started felating my fingers with his cum. I felt such an amazing feeling as my cock exploded in my hand, shooting cum all over the cubicle wall. I moaned loudly as spurt after spurt came out of me. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life.

After I calmed down, I pulled my trousers up, cleaned up and quickly walked out of the bathroom. I left the university a changed person. Instead of being scared about seeing Mr Davis again, I was actually excited. Whatever had happened today, I wasn’t sure I was able to call myself fully straight anymore.

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