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By TotallyNakedTom


Part 2 Dark Nights and Neon Lights



Jason talked Conner and Devlin out of their suits and the five boys played naked frisbee. Back and forth they threw the frisbee, cocks swaying as they caught them and then threw them again. They dropped the frisbee a lot since they sometimes became hyper focused on each other”s swaying meat.

About ten or fifteen minutes into their game a young hot muscular life guard came running up. “Guys,” he said. “What are you doing? You can”t be naked here.”

“What”s the problem, officer?” asked Devlin. He walked right up to the life guard and then looked coyly over his shoulder, raising one leg to emphasize his butt. “Can”t we work something out?” he asked and he bent over, showing off his butthole to the life guard.

The life guard stared at Devlin”s butthole for a full thirty seconds before he spoke again. “You can keep playing naked,” he said. “But if someone else comes to the beach put your suits on. I don”t want to get in trouble, but I can also see you”re not hurting anyone.”

“Thank you, officer,” said Devlin, turning and waving his cock at the life guard.

“You watch out,” said the life guard. “Someone might take you up on that offer, next time.”

“I was hoping you would,” said Devlin.

The life guard grabbed Devlin”s hand and without a word, led him back to the small structure where he sat and watched the tourists on the ocean. They were gone for a few minutes and then Devlin came walking casually out, still naked. The life guard appeared at the door, tying up his trunks.

Conner and Jason cheered as he returned. “How was it?” Conner asked.

“It was great. Just what I needed.”

“How was his dick?” Jason asked.

“It was a little smaller than yours Conner, but not much, it was still pretty big. He was uncircumcised. It was a very nice penis. Only got a quick look at his butt as he was pulling his trunks back up, but it was firm.”

They laughed and went back to their game. It was fun but ultimately it was too cold to remain naked on the beach for much longer. Carl and Nick left soon after Devlin got back. Devlin, Conner and Jason packed up their things and returned to the car, still naked. Devlin drove this time. “I think we should all drive home naked,” he said.

“Am I rubbing off on you?” Jason asked.

“Maybe,” said Devlin blushing.

“I don”t know about this, guys,” said Conner. “We got lucky at the beach.”

“No, Devlin got lucky at the beach,” said Jason and he reached up from the back seat and started stroking Conner”s cock. Conner spread his legs so Jason could get at his 8.5 inch cock better. “We don”t need clothes,” Jason told him. “We can drive home naked.”

Conner nodded as Jason sped up stroking his cock. “Yes, yes, we can drive home naked.”

Devlin started driving and they left the beach and went out into the mountains. Devlin mostly looked at the road but he threw some glances at Jason playing with Conner”s dick, which had quickly grown to its full length.

Jason leaned over the console between the driver and passenger seat and started sucking Conner”s dick. Conner thrust into Jason”s mouth and he ran his fingers through Jason”s hair, pushing him down to take his whole dick. And Jason sucked and sucked on Conner”s dick. Devlin drove them through the mountains, wide vistas on either side as Jason blew Conner. Conner”s toes curled as he exploded in Jason”s mouth and Jason swallowed his jizz and sat back, smiling as Conner lay, exhausted in the passenger seat, gone in the bliss of post ejaculation.

Devlin pulled the car over and climbed out of the driver”s seat, still completely naked. A couple of cars drove past them as Devlin stood naked beside the car. Jason was confused. Devlin threw open the back door. “Hand me a condom from the glove box,” Devlin told Conner, who grabbed one and handed it to him. Devlin didn”t bother closing the car door, he just jerked his dick a few times and then started sliding the condom over. He looked at Jason. “Spread your legs,” he said. Jason lay back, and Devlin slid his cock up Jason”s butt and started going to town. Jason moaned in time to Devlin”s thrusts.

Cars drove by them. The door was open and Devlin”s butt was definitely visible to the motorists, maybe even his cock going into Jason”s hole. This was so public and hot and dirty. Jason was very turned on. It didn”t take Devlin long. He grunted as he came in Jason”s ass. Devlin slid mezitli escort out and slid the condom off. He tied it at the end and hurled it off into the mountain pass. Then he got back in the driver”s seat and took off down the road.

Jason lay in the back seat, stretched out as far as he could in the space. Devlin”s fucking although quick had given him an anal orgasm, and he was still very turned on from having both his holes used by his friends. Jason”s hand slid down to his cock. “Hold on there, cowboy,” said Devlin.


“Today we decide when you cum.”

“But I haven”t cum yet, and also why?”

“We want you to save it for that guy we met last night,” said Conner.

“I can”t cum until two am!”

“Nope, we want you extra horny.”

“Aw, come on…”

“Nah, save it. You”ll thank us later.”

Jason nodded. He let his hand fall.

“You can still play with it,” said Devlin. “Just don”t cum.”

So Jason edged in the back seat all the way home. The other two boys put their clothes on when they reached the high way. Jason remained naked and jerking in the back seat. Probably someone saw but if they did, the three boys did not notice. Every so often Conner would look back at Jason playing with himself. They reached their neighborhood and parked in front of their building, it was only about 7pm. “What do we do now?” he asked. “Aside from watching Jason edge.”

Jason jerked his dick pointedly.

“We could play games or watch a movie or something,” said Conner. “I want to shower first though.”

“Let”s do that,” said Jason.

“Don”t cum,” Devlin told Jason.

“All right, all right.” Jason climbed out of the car, still naked and grabbed his things out of the trunk. He crossed the street completely naked and entered his building. He set his things inside his bedroom door and grabbed a towel and marched to the bathroom.

He heard food sizzling in a pan and smelled bacon as he turned the corner. Chris stood by the stove, cooking. He was completely naked.

Jason”s jaw dropped. “You”re naked.”

“Yep. Talked with Ernesto and he agreed to let me rent for free if I was naked here whenever I didn”t have a guest. I don”t have to get naked outside before I come in or cum on the furniture either. Just be naked most of the time when I”m here.”

“Fuck yeah!” Jason high fived Chris and then slapped his left butt cheek. Chris slapped Jason”s left butt cheek hard. “Ouch!” Jason cried.

Chris grinned. “Just cause I”m naked doesn”t mean you get to touch.”

“Sorry, I was just excited.”

“And you wanted to touch my butt. Well, I actually don”t mind. You can spank me playfully now and again.”

“Can I squeeze your cheeks?”

Chris laughed. “You”re just taking whatever you can get.”

Jason shrugged.

“Sure, go ahead. You can squeeze my butt, but not like all the time, just now and again. I don”t want to walk around with your hands glued to my butt.”

Grinning, Jason reached out and squeezed Chris” butt cheeks. Chris kept cooking. Jason glanced around Chris” body to see Chris had a boner.

“Looks like you liked it.”

“I actually love it when a girl plays with my ass but most of the girls I”ve been with don”t want to. I mean, I love when they play with my cock of course, but it feels good when they play with the ass too.”

“I”m not a girl.”

“Yeah, and I”m not sexually attracted to your body, but you played with my ass and I liked. Why do you think I gave you permission to? Might as well take advantage of my gay roommate wanting to play with it since girls won”t.”

“I could take care of that too,” said Jason pointing to Chris” cock.

Chris took a piece of bacon from the pan with the spatula and bit it. “Maybe after dinner. Go shower off the beach or wherever you were, you”re all sandy.”

Grinning, Jason hopped in the shower and showered off. When he was done he joined Chris in the living room, eating his food on the sofa. They sat beside each other naked.

“How many dicks have you sucked today?”

“A couple.”

“Only a couple?”

“Only a couple.”

“And you”re still horny?”

“My friends don”t want me to cum until I”m with the guy who jerked me off last night.”

“Understandable, understandable,” said Chris, eating his toast. “So you want to suck my dick, is that it?”

“I mean, kind of.”

“You just want to suck anyone”s dick.”

“Well, people who turn me on, yeah.”

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“So, I turn you on?”


“Okay, here”s the deal. I don”t mind that you”re so sexual with everyone you can be. I just want you to be discreet about sucking my dick, if I let you.”

“I”ll be discrete but why are you considering it? I mean, I want to of course, but I didn”t really expect you to accept.”

“Well, we”re friends, you clearly want to and I”m horny. If I had girls lining up around the block to suck my dick you better believe I would be having one of them doing it and not you.”

“Sure,” Jason smiled rubbing Chris bare arm.

“I haven”t had sex since I”ve been in LA. So it”s been two full years. I just want someone to touch me.”

“I can understand that. I think you”re cool, and I want us to be friends.”

Chris nodded, eating his last slice of bacon. “So, I assume you give better head when you”re excited from being in public, right?”


“Okay. I don”t want to be in public. I”m going to take you in my room. But I also would like you to be really turned on so that you suck me really good. So, why don”t you stand by the window, open the curtains and touch yourself while I finish breakfast.”

Blood started rushing to Jason”s cock. He rose and walked over to the window. He pushed open the curtains and stood, naked, before anyone who happened to be passing by on the street. No one was at that moment and Jason ran his hands up and down his body.

A hunky jogger came jogging down the street. He saw Jason naked in the window and he stopped. He waited, watching. Jason took hold of his cock and started to stroke it. The jogger watched, enthralled. Jason jerked himself for a minute or more, really getting into the rhythm. The jogger stood right in front of the building, watching avidly.

“Don”t cum,” said Chris. “You friends don”t want you to cum.”

Jason nodded and stopped playing with his cock. He turned and spread his butt cheeks for the jogger, running his hands between his butt crack and fingering his hole. He slid his finger in slowly, licking it for lube.

“Okay, I”m done,” said Chris. He got up and put his dish in the kitchen sink. Jason slid his finger out of his ass and turned to look out the window. The jogger was gone. “Come on,” said Chris, beckoning Jason to his room.

Jason slipped inside Chris” room and Chris shut the door. It was dark but Jason could see there wasn”t much furniture. Chris” bed was a mattress on the floor. Even so the room was relatively neat.

Chris grabbed Jason”s arm and led him to the bed. They bent down to the floor and lay down on it. Chris looked at Jason for a moment.

“I”m not hurting you by doing this, am I?” Chris asked. “Like, I”m straight, I want to be with a woman. I”m just horny, really horny and you”re really horny…”

“This is just sex between friends, it”s fine, dude.” And Jason batted Chris” arm. “I guess that”s not really a straight thing.”

“I mean, a straight guy and girl can have friends with benefits too. I”ve just never really had something like that, you know. I actually haven”t had that much sex and here I am naked with a guy. Sorry, it”s just a little weird for me. Maybe we shouldn”t do this.”

Jason touched Chris” upper arm. “No, come on, give it a chance. I”m not going to bite you. We”re friends, you admitted you”re starved for human contact, let me touch you. I don”t want to hurt you, I want to make you feel good.”

Chris nodded. He grabbed his bong and lighter from beside the bed and hit it. He handed them to Jason who hit it as well. A wave of calm and relaxed good feels hit Jason. He lay back in the bed. He reached out and pulled Chris into a hug and brushed his hair with his hand. “That feels pretty good,” said Chris. “I”ve never had a naked man hold me and stroke my hair before.”

“I”ll do whatever you want me to do and nothing more,” Jason told him. “You want a massage?”

Chris nodded.

“Okay, great, flip over.”

Chris rolled over and lay on his back. Jason looked around and found a bottle of cream beside the bed. “Can I use this?” he asked.

“Sure,” said Chris.

As Jason squirted some on his hands he said, “you use this to jerk off with, don”t you?”

“Yeah,” said Chris after a second”s hesitation.

“No shame, it feels good to lube it up.”

And Jason rubbed Chris” back. He got the knots out, rubbed it up and down. He ran his hands along Chris” arms and neck. escort bayan Then he did the lower back again but this time he ran his hands along Chris” butt. He squeezed the cheeks, really massaging them.

“How”s that?” Jason asked.

“It feels great. Keep going.”

“You like when I play with your ass?”

“Yes, but less dirty talk.”

Jason laughed. “Okay.”

Back to Chris” butt and legs Jason went. He rubbed his feet and calves and thighs and his butt again. He ran a finger in between the butt cheeks and felt Chris” butthole. He parted Chris” cheeks and played with the butthole some more.

“You”re not going to put anything up there, are you?” Chris asked sitting up.

“No. Sorry if you don”t like it, I can stop.”

“I actually don”t mind it, I just don”t want you to stick anything up there, even your finger. I”ve never put anything up there before and just don”t want that today.”

Jason took a mental note that Chris said “today,” and not that he didn”t want it ever, and said, “I”ll play with your butt a little more, nothing up your hole, and then have you flip over, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good,” said Chris and he resettled.

Jason went back to massaging Chris butt for a few minutes. Then he asked, “hey, I know you don”t want me to finger you, but I could eat your ass for you. It feels really good. Do you want me to do that for you?”

Chris thought about it. “I don”t know…”

“If you like your butt played with I think you”ll enjoy it.”

Another moment of consideration. “All right.”

And Jason dived into Chris” butt. His tongue flicked out, into Chris” butthole. Chris moaned softly into his pillow while Jason ate him out. He ate his butthole for a couple of minutes and then he said, “flip over.”

Chris flipped over. His fully boned cock bounced into sight. Jason smiled at Chris” boner but didn”t touch it yet. He rubbed Jason”s chest and arms and then he rubbed his feet and legs. Whenever he noticed Chris” penis start to deflate he would reach out and run a finger along its length until it went back to being fully hard. Once Jason had finished rubbing Chris he asked, “can I suck you now?”

And Chris nodded his consent and Jason bent over, parting his lips, and Chris” penis slid into his mouth. Jason was determined to make Chris feel really good, so he sucked and he licked Chris” shaft and he played with Chris” balls. His tongue passed over the tip of Chris” penis and Chris shuddered. Jason sucked Chris for some minutes and then Chris shot his load in Jason”s mouth, humping his lips while cooing softly. Chris lay back on the bed, savoring his orgasm. He smiled at Jason. “That was really good,” he said.

“Thanks for letting me do it for you. Let me know whenever you want me to do it again.”

“I may let you; I just feel kind of guilty I”m not doing anything for you.”

“Well, you could do something for me…” said Jason coyly.

“Wait, what?” asked Chris.

“I”m kidding. I know you”re straight; you don”t have to reciprocate.”

Chris reached out and played with Jason”s little boner. “I”ll play with it but I”m not going to suck it for you.”

“Thanks, you don”t have to…but maybe next time you could fuck me.”

Chris paused mid-jerk of Jason”s cock and looked at him. “I don”t know about that.”

He didn”t say no immediately, Jason thought.

“Just a thought,” he said out loud.

“What am I going to do with you?” Chris asked.

“Whatever you want.”

“I never thought I”d have a friend with benefits who was a dude, but here we are.”

“As long as we both have fun it”s fine.”

“I did have fun,” said Chris stroking Jason”s penis again. “Did you have fun? I know I”m not doing this that enthusiastically.”

“I appreciate you doing anything for me. It”s very considerate.”

“I don”t know, you made me feel good and I want to make you feel good. If you were a woman I would like dive down there and return the favor no problem, but I”m not turned on after I came so I would feel weird doing it right now.”

“That”s why next time you should fuck me. Win, win.”

“I”ll consider it.”

Jason smiled. Chris released Jason”s penis. “Can we cuddle? I miss cuddling. You don”t feel like a woman but skin on skin is skin on skin.”

“You”re so cute and thoughtful, you”re going to make some woman very happy,” said Jason, hugging Chris and cuddling with him.

Chris cuddled Jason and said, “well, you”re going to make some guy very happy. You”re very good at giving blow jobs and I”ve never had my ass eaten before, but it felt very good when you did it.”

And they cuddled together for some time.


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