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You’ve Been Fooled

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He ploughed the tight channel, thrusting harder, feeling the ripples along his shaft as her muscles worked at pulling him deeper inside. The defiant look in her eyes, the smirk on her face goading him on to thrust harder, faster, putting all his strength and weight into every push. The rhythmic slapping of his belly on her abdomen and his deepening pants as he gasped for more air the only sounds within the four walls. Yet she goaded him on tightening her channel, clenching her muscles, daring him to up his performance. Sweat pouring off him onto her pert breasts, hard nipples pointing upwards at him, taunting him, daring him to bite, with every hard thrust just a little jiggle…

Aaron Livington couldn’t believe that this nobody, a woman whose will he thought he had totally broken, someone way beneath his station whom he had used as he willed for the last three months totally for his pleasure, treated worse than a fuck-toy, to be used and disregarded totally at his will would dare to challenge him in this manner. He had planned this to be their last get together before he chose another younger and equally strong willed woman to dominate and the plans were already underway for that to happen in just a matter of hours. Now he was not so sure if he would give up on this piece of trash before he broke her will and made her realise she was nothing but holes to be filled by him and whom he chose to use her as they willed.

For the last three months he had used her, abused her and always taken satisfaction in the dull, lifeless, defeated look in her eyes and her fearful demeanour as he had used her totally for his and his friends pleasure. This defiance, the smirk, the dare in her eyes pushed him to use more force and expend more effort as his bloodshot eyes got redder and his jugular vein prominently bulged out of the skin on his neck. The Viagra in his system keeping him hard beyond normal human endurance pushing his heart to work faster beyond it’s capacity as those eyes goaded him on…

Something had to give. With a loud cry, a gasp of breath and his hand clutching his chest, Aaron collapsed beside the woman with eyes bulged out, his short stubby dick sticking up obscenely beneath the belly developed with years of fatty foods, strong drinks and a general lack of exercise. His eyes showing the pain and fear as he could only gasp trying to form words that would not come out of his throat. Even in the midst of intense pain, his ego would not allow him to seek help from a lowly being, after all, he was the greatest and anyone else was absolutely worth of only contempt. Even then, the young lady gently picked herself off the bed, still smirking, looking at him with equal parts of mirth and mockery, challenging him to show the man that he thought he was. All the pain and torture she had suffered at his hands came to mind as she bent over his torso now curled in a fetal position, the pain evident in his eyes, his breathing erratic, with all the hatred and venom she could muster she mouthed three simple words… “you’ve been fooled!”

Gathering her gloves, more for show than to keep the cold from numbing the fingers, the same gloves that just an hour ago had amused Aaron no end at seeing her all dressed up with these dainty gloves looking like one of the ladies that would grace a ballroom instead of the filth that he considered her to be. She carefully put them on, taking care not to step on the marble floor before wearing her simple but elegant sandals, she slowly made her way to the bathroom where she found the bottle of antibacterial antiseptic, some tissue and returned with these to the bedside. There, meticulously she cleaned off all her fluids from beneath the ugly belly as well as his short stubby dick taking some pleasure in tugging firmly at the rigid tool that had been used to sodomize her and at times choke her just to give the owner some perverse pleasure. She then went on to pour the antibacterial liquid all over the balding man’s torso and simply drenched the bedspread and mattress in the hope that it would hide all traces of her DNA from being found from them.

By this time Aaron was constantly groaning and his breathing was becoming laborious as he watched her slip on her panties and the dress that had him excited merely an hour ago. She then used his thumb to unlock his phone, the bitch! She knew his thumb activated his phone! Even in this state he was surprised that she had picked up on this well guarded secret. She proceeded to call 911 and with a very deep voice croaked out “Help! Am dying! Ambulance…” dropping the phone next to Aaron and then making her way out of the apartment. She knew time was of essence and also there were video cameras on every floor except this one. It had ‘lost it’s feed’ mysteriously two days ago and was slotted to be repaired the next day. How unfortunate. She took the stairwell to the fourth floor, donning her long overcoat, scarf, ear muffs and headscarf which had conveniently been forgotten by the door. She knew with the latest technology in use by the emergency services, the police and an ambulance would be well on their way having located the GPRS position of the akyurt escort phone from which the call had been made. She ran through all the checks she had in place and confirmed nothing would be amiss when the paramedics would reach the short, fat, ugly beast left to die in his flat. Although, death was not what she wished for him, far from it, she hoped they got to him in time. There was still a lot for him to see…

All headlines of the major tabloids screamed the heading “WAMSFROD BANK LOSSES ALL SECURITIES IN INTERNAL FINANCIAL SCAM”. Those that were not too sure if their readership would be able to grasp the effect of the same had carried the story again in their business pages, this was the worst possible disaster to hit Britain after the plague and had the potential to create the worst international crisis after the stock crashes of the early 2000’s. Wamsfrod bank was the largest establishment holding over 70% of the market’s wealth and was rivaled only by the Bank of England in terms of position and power, yet, what many did not know was the heavy reliance of the Bank of England on Wamsfrod since all major establishments banked with Wamsfrod. Over the years, with Aaron’s ruthless and underhand dealings, every other bank had been subjugated and reduced in status many forced to close their doors as Wamsfrod gobbled up major businesses offering deals, using blackmail and extortionist tact to force nearly the whole of the British society not only to bank with them but use their investment services as well as insurance services destroying banks, insurance brokers, insurance agencies, investment houses and rendering hundreds homeless. The majority of complaints lodged with the regulatory and legal bodies failed to yield any results since no foul play could be proven and those blackmailed or threatened had too much to lose by coming forward hence choosing to remain silent.

Those that woke to the headlines that fateful Monday just laughed and jested about the headlines. Many on the tube, the bus, on chats and whatsup groups scoffed at the obvious April Fool’s joke and how desperate the media was to try and pull the wool over their readership’s eyes. The headline ran beside the date prominently displayed on the papers as Monday the 1st of April 2019. Those who knew Aaron speculated on his reaction and ‘take no prisoner’ attitude and the chance of serious reprisals for all the media houses for daring to even use the bank’s name in jest. The doomsday predictors also became active showing the folly of the common folk in relying totally on banks and electronic transactions, forgetting in the moment that they themselves were heavily invested in online payments, receipts, bills, purchases and the whole works. Nothing was without an electronic print in this day and age and paper money was hardly in use except for pocket change for the coffee machine or candy dispenser. Even those were evolving into electronic gadgets excepting cashless transfers.

Aaron Livington was in the Intensive Care unit of The Royal Brompton Hospital having just gone through a four hour operation that saw him fleet between life and death. Having suffered a thoracic aortic aneurysm which unfortunately for him had ruptured leading to massive blood loss, Aaron was currently heavily sedated as the hospital’s administrative staff tried to notify his next of kin of his situation. The worst was his wife and daughter laughing off the calls from the hospital telling the nurse on duty to find someone else to fool. The frustration was evident on the nurse’s face as she tried to get hold of Aaron’s son, the only one left to call before she would have to try and trace the board members at the bank. It was sheer luck that the cops at the scene had had the foresight to pick up Aaron’s diary which yielded the emergency numbers of his wife and two kids. Jessica the nurse on duty sighed as the phone rang for the fifth time and was just contemplating hanging up before a hung over male voice slurred a deep “hello” into her ears. She wondered for the umpteenth time if this thankless task and many others like it were really worth the effort and time.

Reverting to her professional mode, Jessica confirmed that the person on the other end was indeed Jackson Livington before informing him that she was calling from the Royal Brompton Hospital. The word hospital seemed to get the young man’s attention who quickly enquired if his mother or sister were in any mishap or accident. When assured it was neither, Jessica heard an audible sigh and the young man enquired as to how he could be of help. Jessica informed Jack that his father had been brought in close to midnight in a critical condition and the hospital needed his insurance details to process his admission. She was bewildered to say the least when the young man started cackling on the other end of the line. Losing her cool she raised her voice and asked him as to what he thought was so hilarious when his father was in hospital fighting for his life. In between gasps for breath, Jack apologised and told her that she must have the wrong details as his father had called the previous night from ayaş escort somewhere in Australia where he was expecting to spend the week.

A totally confused nurse asked Jack if he was certain of his facts as the cops who had brought in the man currently in the ICU had Jack’s father’s diary and phone with them. She further requested him to contact the local constabulary to ascertain the facts giving him the name of Steven Sinclair, the cop who had brought in his dad and the number she had on file for the same. Having imparted the information and realising there was little else she could do at this point in time, Jessica put the phone down totally oblivious of the shit storm that was threatening to blast through her hectic but otherwise peaceful little world.

The newly employed entry clerk at the prestigious Wamsfrod bank placed her card into the card reader just outside the branch. The time read 8:45 AM on the screen as she punched in her four digit code which would give her access to her first pay check. Having worked hard at securing her position and working tirelessly from nine to five skipping her lunch breaks at times, Samantha had done her utmost to make sure this break in her fortunes would not flip against her as she desperately needed to move forward in her life rife with problems from her early years. As the machine processed her information, Samantha was not aware of the four individuals who had quietly snuck up behind her and were also waiting for the machine to acknowledge that the card belonged to her. Lost in her reverie of a tough life being brought up in foster care after losing her parents at the age of five, Samantha barely registered the error message on the screen flashing to tell her she had no available balance. Snapping out of her thoughts the first words out of her mouth were “what the fuck!” as the four individuals looked over her shoulder incredulously at what was on the screen. This had never happened in the last ten years that they had been doing this. They didn’t know how to react or what to do. They stood frozen on the spot as Samantha repeatedly swore at the machine punching digits and hitting the machine as though that would solve her problem.

The machine spitting out her card with a receipt finally stopped Samantha’s actions as she took the card and receipt and looked at the piece of paper in her hand. Thinking perhaps there was still room to rescue the situation, one of the people behind her snatched the receipt from her hand as two others went to corner Samantha. But the look of glee on the first man’s face was short lived as Samantha’s rage focused on him just as he noted that the piece of paper confirmed what was on the screen, she had zero balance in her account cleared or otherwise. In the confusion and uncertainty, Samantha instinctively kicked hard at the first man catching him spot on in his family jewels with all her rage behind the kick. At the same time, her flaying arms caught her would be captors one getting his eye pierced by her long nail as the other caught the heavy end of her purse that was swinging in a wild arc right smack in the middle of his long nose. The forth individual didn’t know what to do as the situation was totally out of the norm and he silently made his way out of the tight space as onlookers gathered outside.

Storming out of the confined space, Samantha, face flushed with anger tried to calm herself down and reason out that there could have been a technical glitch in the system having caused the problem. She had been assured by all her colleagues who had been with the bank long enough that the funds would have been transferred at the stroke of midnight. On that premise, Samantha had splurged what little cash she had on the way in, getting a healthy breakfast that she had been eyeing on her way to work for the past two weeks at one of the roadside restaurants catering to early risers. Now literally on her last pennies, Samantha tried to gather her thoughts as to how to go about getting to the bottom of the matter.

Little did Samantha know that that little glitch in her plans, the lack of money in her account, had saved her three months of hell at the hands of the man whom she took as her idol and role model. Many had fallen for the trick that was played by a team of staff within the bank. Kathleen or Kathy had been the last victim of such an attack. Not to say others had not been trapped by other means, but this was one of the most fool proof and airtight methods used by the gang. On 1st April 2016 just as Samantha had done on this fateful day, Kathy had approached the ATM machine to draw her cash. As soon as the screen had lit up to show her the available balance, she had screeched and pranced about on one foot, then calmed herself down, withdrawn more than she had initially intended and started to move toward the exit of the kiosk. Just as she had opened the door, four men had walked into her and demanded to see her receipt. Adamant that it was none of their business, Kathy had defied the men who gave each other a knowing smile before one of them had removed a badge identifying him as head of internal security ankara escort of the bank.

The guilty look on Kathy’s face and the beads of sweat on her brow had emboldened the men to move in on her and on obtaining her receipt, against her cries of innocence, they had zip tied her hands behind her back and marched her into the bank through a side entrance. From there, Kathy had been taken to a small office with no windows except a small glass panel in the door that had been covered and made to sit on a hardback chair before a small desk and the only other piece of furniture therein was an executive chair that sat empty. Two of the men had withdrawn leaving Kathy alone with the other two and as she protested her innocence, they had firmly told her to shut it and let them do their jobs. Her account seemed to have suddenly received Pounds Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand from one of the key accounts whose access she apparently had through her work. This sudden increase in funds had been captured by the CCTV footage showing Kathy excited at having managed to pull of the transfer into her own account. She was told the other two men had gone to trace how she managed to avoid the bank’s systems and managed to pull of such a heist.

Kathy bowed her head down and started sobbing whereby one of her captors knelt by her side and tried to console her assuring her that soon the issue would be resolved and if she were indeed innocent then she would be let go. With a small glimmer of hope, Kathy had raised her head to see her purse being turned inside out and in that moment, a small USB drive that she could have sworn was never hers to begin with tumbled out of her purse. Her denial was taken as her guilt and the gentle captor now turned aggressor demanding to know if she had any other such items hidden within her garments. With mounting horror, Kathy realised what they were insinuating and planning to do as indeed the two hoisted her to her feet and began stripping her of her outer garments.

As Kathy raised her voice to scream, her scarf was used to gag her and the two men went ahead and stripped her of all her clothes including her thong and bra. Left naked before their hungry eyes, Kathy felt tears of shame, humiliation, fear and trepidation tumble down her cheeks. The two men went on to physically molest her as they stuck their fingers into her vagina and her tiny puckered hole was stretched without any lubrication to ease the process. The pain was unbelievable and she felt she would faint from the agony but that respite did not come. One of the men had knelt down before her as he stuck three, then four and finally his entire fist into her vagina whilst his colleague continued sawing his fingers into her arse and clawing at her breasts with his free hand. Nature took its course as the pain abetted and the hand on her sensitive nipples and the one thrust into her vagina made her start to feel some pleasure. The men kept driving her towards the brink of release and stopping, a well orchestrated move that saw her pleading with them to end their torture. However, it would later be made to seem that she had been enjoying what the two had been doing as her pleads sounded throaty and more in need of sexual gratification than opposition to her violation.

After what felt like hours but was hardly more than half an hour, the two men withdrew from her, thrusting her back on the chair sans her clothes the gag from her mouth having been removed the moment her groans of pain had turned to moans of pleasure. The two men then departed from the room and she was left on her own to contemplate her fate. The worst torture to a human mind is solitude and Kathy was played to perfection. In order to ensure that she would not fall into a slumber and gather her wits, one of the four would periodically pop in and pinch a nipple or finger her vagina and even savagely yank her hair calling her names and generally making her feel that she was indeed a thief and assuring her that she was going to have to ‘face the music’. As the time dragged on, their tone took more certainty as apparently proof had been obtained of her having circumnavigated the system to get the money into her account. Kathy couldn’t believe how her day was turning out and couldn’t figure how all this had happened. She had never stolen a penny in her life, had never had need to as she had been well taken care of by her loving parents and lately by her dotting husband.

She felt the need to relieve herself but her pleas for help fell on deaf ears as her tormentors told her to just let it go since she would be spending years in a jail and she would need to learn to control her bladder or live with the stench of urine for the rest of her life. She asked for her supervisor or the HR head and she was informed that they would step in in due course as the matter was still being investigated and her whole team including her head were also being scrutinised at that moment. To make matters worse, word between the four seemed to have been shared that she was holding her bladder as the attack on her vagina intensified both in intensity and regularity. Try as she would she couldn’t hold back the need to pee and she felt the humiliating trickle of her pee dribbling onto the chair she sat on. It stopped their assault on her vagina as they seemed averse to her urine but their new target was her nipples which they twisted and pulled trying to get a rise out of her.

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