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Zelena’s Story Ch. 03

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Karl and Zelena were lying on the grass in the park, kissing and kissing while his hands explored her body. She felt intense excitement as his hand pushed up under her sweater and found her erect nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

It was already getting dark when they had met at the inn, and had a glass of beer. There were mostly older people there so none of their friends were with them. Karl had finally got up enough courage to buy a packet of condoms, but had gone to the next town to buy them.

They’d decided that the best place for sex was the park, and they’d found a dark spot where no-one would see them. It was a nice warm evening with a gentle breeze, and they lay down in the grass and started to kiss. When Karl’s hand had found its way under her skirt Zelena had taken off her panties, and lay on her back with her legs open.

The warm breeze blew across her vagina and felt wonderful as Zelena lay on her back with her legs open. It felt so nice she didn’t even want Karl’s fingers in her, but that felt good too. This was all perfect, better than being in her stuffy bedroom.

They were both very hot and soon Karl said to her;

“Are you ready my love?”

“Of course.” She whispered, as she felt him roll away from her.

He fumbled in his pocket, then with more fumbling rolled on a condom. Then he rolled over on top of Zelena, and still fumbling tried to stick his penis into her wet hole, until finally she reached down between her legs and guided it into her.

“Aaaaah yes…….” She gave a deep sigh.

The deep, hard strokes Karl gave her felt super for both of them. This was what Karl had longed for the last two years as Zelena had grown into a beautiful woman. He’d imagined how it would be to have sex with her, lying in bed as he’d stroked his penis or crouched over the toilet masturbating, and now it was all coming true.

On and on they fucked, both of them grunting and moaning until, with a couple of huge grunts, a loud gasp and a series of fast strokes Karl ejaculated. They lay for many minutes holding each other, then Karl rolled off her and Zelena continued to lay there, legs open while the warm summer breeze lapped at her open wet vagina.

Karl took off the condom and threw it across the grass, then reached over and stroked her labia.

“Ooo, that’s nice.” Zelena said. “Do it some more.”

The moon was just coming up and Karl could see her pink hole open to the air. He was fascinated by its layers of sex: the heavy, thick labia of her vulva; the delicate, thin, pink inner labia; and in the center her still-open hole. He leaned over and kissed it and with his tongue tasted the moist opening, pushing his tongue into her.

“That is nice. Do it some more.” She said.

He ran his tongue in again, then around the rim, ending at her clitoris, which he proceeded to lick vigorously.

“Aaah. Aaaaa………..” She gasped out loud. “Lick me Mickey, lick me.” Forgetting for the moment who she was with. Then with much grunting she reached an orgasm.

After several minutes Karl slowed then stopped. “You called me Mickey.” He said.

“I’m sorry, I know I did. But Mickey was the only other person who ever did that to me.” She murmured contritely. “I loved it. It was wonderful. I’m just going lie here all night with my legs wide open and feel the breeze waft over my pussy. In the morning it will smell like fresh washing off the clothes line.” She laughed.

“In the morning your cunt will have been defiled by every man in the village who is capable of walking. And it will smell like the fishmonger’s shop.” Karl told her laughing.

Karl took her hand and pulled her to her feet. Then they walked hand in hand back to the shop. They kissed at the door, long, hard, marsbahis güvenilirmi then she went in and up to her room.

Zelena’s grandfather had arrived the night before, and he and Dmitri had sat talking over a glass of schnapps. They discussed how they would work together in the shop and so on. They talked about how the village had changed. Not much, except that most of the young people were leaving if they could.

“So Zelly is going to leave and go to London. Vlad will treat her well, but will probably try to fuck her.” They both laughed because Vladmir had quite a reputation with the girls.

“Have you had her yet?” His father asked.

“Oh yes.” Dmitri replied with a smile. “On her eighteenth birthday I made a woman of her.”

“Does she have a boyfriend, a lover?” His father asked.

“She did but not now, I don’t think.”

“I wish I were younger, I’d love to try her.”

“Of course you can, Dad.” Dmitri told him. “She is a very good fuck. Tonight or tomorrow go into her bedroom in my place.”

Meanwhile Zelena lay in her bed drifting off to sleep, still bathed in a warm haze from the wonder of what she and Karl had just had.

The next night at dinner Zelena knew she should expect her father to come to her bed later. There was a lot to drink and Dmitri and his father were telling jokes and sang a couple of old folk songs. Even Nadia, her mother helped out, singing along with the men, and she was surprised to hear what a nice voice her mother had.

She was feeling very good when she got to bed, and didn’t feel like taking a shower. Daddy won’t notice if I’m a bit stinky, she thought. As she lay curled up in her bed she heard the door open, felt the covers of her bed raised and felt another body snuggle down next to her.

She felt her night gown lifted and a hand groping between her legs. She was actually a little hesitant, because she still felt the glow of last night’s episode with Karl, but rolled over on her back and moved to kiss her father. She recoiled in horror! It was her grandfather!

“No, Granddad! No! This is wrong.”

“It’s alright my dear. I talked to Dmitri, your father.”

“No! You’re too old. I can’t do it with you.”

“I think you’ll find me good enough, and I am too old to get you pregnant.”

“Please, Granddad, don’t do this. It’s wrong.”

She was practically in tears, but felt his strong hands exploring her body, even as she tried to push them away. He had found her breast and his mouth was on it and in spite of her protests it did feel nice. At the same time he was fingering her vagina, and her moans of protest were turning to moans of pleasure.

Then his head turned down to her stomach as he continued to fondle her labia and clitoris, until he finally started to kiss her mound.

“Stop! No! I haven’t showered. I must stink!”

“All I smell is the perfume of sex, my dear. Your odor is delightful.”

“Oh, no, no, no.” She moaned, as she felt his mouth touch her vaginal lips.

His tongue flicked and he started to lick her soft opening.

“Please Granddad, please stop, I must be so awful down there.”

“Dear, dear Zelly. You taste and smell wonderful, like a ripe country cheese.” As he continued licking her.

This went on for several minutes and Zelena started to feel the heat emanating from between her legs and filling her body, and when her grandfather moved up and lay on top of her then slowly slipped his penis into her ready slit she gasped, then groaned with pleasure.

She’d abandoned all resistance, and with her legs spread wide and raised straight up Zelena was participating in this gross orgy in spite of their age differences. Grunting with each thrust she was moving her hips in rhythm marsbahis yeni giriş to her grandfather’s movements. She loved to fuck, and this was just another wonderful experience.

This went on longer than she was used to and she had more than one orgasm until, with a flurry of wild penetrating moves the old man ejaculated into her vagina. Zelena wrapped her legs around his body.

“You are a bad, bad man, granddad, but that was so, so good.” She whispered in his ear.

“Zelly, I haven’t fucked a woman except a prostitute for years, and you’re better than any of them.” And he kissed her.

They lay together for nearly half an hour, then he got up, kissed her again and left the room. Zelena lay there as he left her and fell asleep with her nightgown up around her shoulders, knees up, legs apart, until she woke to find herself cold. She covered herself and rolled over into a deep sleep.

Next morning as she was eating breakfast she was alone with her mother and told her what had happened.

“They’re disgusting, these men. You say he didn’t use any protection Zelly?”

“No Mom, but he said he couldn’t make me pregnant because of his age.”

“That’s shit!” Her mother spat out vehemently. “That old man could easily knock you up. He used to come to my bed just after your father and I were married, and got me pregnant. But in those days it was easy to get an abortion. I think we’d better go and see Mother Kaldie. The old witch will examine you and see if you’re pregnant. She can get rid of it if you are.”

Mother Kaldie was a witch. The younger people in the village didn’t really believe it, but even those who didn’t still believe in the “Old Ways” were loath to cross her. In her younger days when the Russians were there she’d been a prostitute and had done very well, then with a venereal disease and advancing years she’d taken to folk medicine, and probably did better than the village doctor.

She was not the witch of folklore, but a slender, still somewhat attractive woman of 60. She boasted that she could cure many ailments, but the main source of her income was from abortion, and women came from miles around for her services. It was believed in the village that she was worth a lot of money, and she made a trip every week to the bank in the next town to make a deposit.

The woman’s house was set a little apart from the others in the village, and when Zelena and her mother came to the door Kaldie showed them into her kitchen, her “surgery”, where she did most of her healing. Nadia told her the problem and the old woman laughed.

“The old fox got into the hen house, did he?”

She told Zelena to take off her panties and get up on to the kitchen table and open her legs wide, putting a cushion under her hips. Then she opened her vagina with an instrument, a speculum, which was very uncomfortable for Zelena, and using a flashlight peered into it.

She made clucking sounds with her tongue as she peered in, moving the instrument this way and that to see better until finally she said:

“I don’t know. Nadia, she may be pregnant and may not, look here.” They both peered into her and Kaldie poked at her cervix with a long tool. “That red spot. I think it’s closed, but it’s hard to tell.”

“So what should we do?” Nadia asked.

“Well, we could wait and see what develops and if she gets pregnant, or I can flush her out which would put a stop to anything that may have started. It’s your choice.”

“Flush ‘er out. Get rid of it.” Nadia replied.

This whole procedure was mortifying to poor Zelena. She wanted to be sure she wasn’t pregnant, but they were acting as if she was a piece of meat, a commodity. Now another cushion was placed under her hips, raising them more marsbahis giriş and she heard Mother Kaldie mixing something at the sink, it smelled of vinegar.

The two women raised Zelena’s legs straight up, and she felt the witch insert a bottle into her vagina and pour all its contents into her. They held her in that position while she started to feel stinging and burning inside her, and when she complained she was told it had to be done, and it certainly wasn’t as painful as having a baby.

Finally they put her legs down and removed the cushion, draining the liquid into a bucket, then repeated the process with cold water. She got up and dried herself off and put her panties back on, but felt very uncomfortable inside.

“You’ll be alright now, but no fucking for a week. Your father can fuck you in the arse if he wants. Your granddad too, that should feel good.” She chortled.

Mother and daughter walked home in silence until Zelena said she wondered how the woman knew about her father fucking her ass. Nadia was silent.

“You told the butcher, didn’t you?” She said to her mother.

“Maybe I did.”

“So now everybody in the village knows.” Zelena said in disgust.

No sex for a week! That made her plans difficult because she’d planned to have sex with Karl at least twice and there was her father, even her grandfather would probably want her again.

The second night after the treatment she had anal sex with her father. She was starting to enjoy that now but wondered how it would be with a stranger. Then her father prevailed on her to let her grandfather fuck her anus.

“No Daddy, that’s disgusting, I only do it with you.” She’d told him.

“But your grandfather has never fucked a woman in the arse, and I’ve told him how good it is.” Dmitri told her.

“Let him pay a prostitute then.”

“He can’t afford it on his pension.”

“But I’m supposed to give it to him for nothing?”

“No, my dear Zelly, you’re not a prostitute.”

“I don’t care, if he wants it badly enough he can pay me.”

“But Zelly, you’re so tight and good, any man would love to have your arse.”

“Well any man isn’t going to have it, least of all my grandfather.”

“Please Zelly, do the old man a favor, it can’t hurt you. Please.”

There was a long pause. “Alright, just this once and never again, Granddad can do it. Tonight he can fuck my arse.”

So that night, while Zelena lay in her bed she heard the door open and felt someone get into bed with her. She felt hands caressing bottom, and a finger inserted into her anus. Without a word she reached over and took out the lubricant and handed to her grandfather, who didn’t understand what it was for.

“That’s to smear on my arsehole and on your cock.” She said.

He did as she said, and she felt his hard penis nuzzling her hole, then slowly sliding into her. Oh that felt nice, she thought. Deeper and deeper it went until she could feel his pubic hair against her bottom. Then he starting thrusting in and out of her anus, at the same time he reached around, found her vagina and started to rub her clitoris. Within a few minutes she jerked spasmodically as she had an orgasm. What he was doing was super.

This went on for a long time, until he took his hand away and started to thrust faster.

“Harder, harder.” She urged him. Then felt his balls slap against her labia with each hard thrust. Bang, bang, bang he went as she grunted to his rhythm.

“Daddy..daddy..so..hard..so..good….Aaaaaaaah.” And another orgasm swept through her body.

But soon the old man was spent, and with several very hard jabs and a huge groan started to ejaculate into her rectum. It was over and as they lay there tethered by his fading penis he kissed the back of her neck.

“Thank you dear sweet Zelly. That was so good. I’ll always remember it.”

She lay there dozing but as she started to fall asleep she thought that anal sex wasn’t that bad, in fact often was very good, and if you got paid for it…………she fell asleep.

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