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1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 15

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“Jean, you really don’t have to do this,” Tess pleaded with her housemate/lover, once more.

“Baby, I know I don’t HAVE to do anything but, I want to, I know how important you and Jo are to each other and I know that a little privacy wouldn’t be a bad thing; an early Christmas present, okay?” Jean replied, kissing the top of Tess’ head as they sat on the edge of her, Jean’s, bed, Jean holding Tess in her arms.

What Jean was doing was spending the next few days (and nights) with her microbiology professor, Jayne, or Dr. Jayne if you prefer. They had become lovers just before the Thanksgiving break, meeting up, by chance, at a local club that catered to the college gay community. They shared a few drinks that night, danced a bit that night, and Dr. Jayne got herself laid in the backseat of her car that first time with Jean, that night.

Jayne liked her student Jean, liked her sub demeanor, adored her gorgeous tits but, mostly, loved, simply loooved the way Jean ate pussy. When Jean asked about staying with Jayne for a few nights, explaining the reasons behind the request, Jayne jumped at the opportunity for a ‘shackup’ with her student, short that it might be.

“Well, I appreciate it, sweetie, I really do and if you come back home on Wednesday night, before we leave for the Christmas break, I’m absolutely sure Jo will want to thank you, personally,” Tess replied.

No explanation was needed for Jean, she knew that Jo would want to fuck her at some point.

“Okay, I’m outta’ here,” Jean said in response to hearing Jayne’s car horn outside, “Have a great reunion, baby, see you Wednesday night….”

Jo gripped her seat’s armrest tightly as the small commuter turboprop bounced and twisted on the last leg of the landing approach. Not now. Not Fucking Now, Jo pleaded with her God, the next thirty seconds until a safe, but bumpy touchdown, seeming like an hour.

It was quite touching, really, the sight of the emerging passengers from the concourse having to walk around Jo and Tess as they hugged each other tightly. Their embrace of each other caused the sea of Holiday travelers to ‘part’ around them on either side, the sibs, a rock in the waters of moving people.

“Can’t believe you’re here, can’t believe you’re actually here,” Tess said with tears streaming from her eyes, “I prayed for you and your guys every night, I swear I did,” Tess said further as she lugged one of two large duffel bags with all of Jo’s shit.

“Somebody heard you, Tess….must’ve, since I am here, baby and so fucking happy to be on home-soil,” Jo remarked to her step-sib/lover.

“Can’t wait to get you home, I need to be with you so badly,” Tess stated as honestly as she’s ever said anything. The last few video-chats that the step-sibs shared served to get them both horned-up, seriously horned-up for the other. While Jo awaited her papers to return state-side, she had a private, officer’s room that gave her the freedom to tease and tantilize her sis during their Skype chats, both sibs fondling themselves as they watched their screens, both sibs masturbating as they watched the other do the same.

“Hope you’re up for it, sweetie; been over a year since I’ve been with anyone, not counting myself and my fingers,” Jo answered honestly, the sight of Tess having caused flutters in her pussy when she spied her sis waiting at the end of the concourse.

Reaching her car, Tess popped the trunk lid with her remote, tossing Jo’s bag in, Jo tossing her other bag on top. It was then that Tess realized what had been nagging at her since Jo arrived.

“Are those Captain’s bars?” Tess asked as she spun Jo around to look at the front of Jo’s BDUs.

“Yeah, but you’ll have to wait for the story until we get home, okay? Right now, the last thing I want to think or talk about is my time overseas this past year-plus, okay, baby?” Jo told her sis.

“That’s cool, you know that’s cool with me, baby, whatever, okay?” Tess answered, wondering what the ‘story’ was but willing to wait, not wanting to press Jo for anything except her love.

“Any classes this week for you?” Jo asked as she buckled up for the drive to Tess’ place.

“Nope, I’m ahead in my class work and the profs have closed their offices until after Christmas break, so it’s just you, me, and four days before we leave for the ‘rents’ place,” Tess answered as she pulled into traffic.

“Jean’s still there, right?” Jo asked curiously, her mind-vision of Jean in that moment consisting of Jean’s lovely rack.

“Yeah, but you won’t see her until Wednesday night,” Tess answered. Tess went on to explain to Jo about Jean’s ‘gift’ to them of privacy for a few days, etc.

“Knew I liked that girl,” Jo replied, nodding her head in appreciation of Jean’s good heart.

“You mean besides just for her pussy, right?” Tess teased.

“Smart ass. Of course, bitch,” Jo teased back, feeling so happy in her heart to be home, finally, to be with her sister-lover, at last.

Might have been a world record, the speed with which the sibs had each other naked istanbul escort and in bed, fucking each other in every way they could think of for the first few hours after getting to Tess’ rented home.

“Break?” Jo asked her sib as her sib casually munched on Jo’s oh-so-very-fucking-satisfied pussy.

“Yeah, let’s clean up, go grab a bite and then, resume your homecoming, properly, now that we’ve gotten the animal-sex out of the way,” Tess answered, recognizing that the fuck session was about relief for them both, and little to do with their love of each other.

“Damn!,” Jo exclaimed as she lifted her leg over her sister’s head in order to get out of the bed, “Not only can she eat pussy but the bitch has good ideas,” her comment one of teasing, of course.

“And don’t you forget it, cunt!” Tess teased back, following with a stinging hand-slap to Jo’s ass, leaving a big ol’ red hand-print on the cheek which, of course, caused Jo to shriek….

“Good ‘burger,” Jo said in compliment of the place that Tess had picked out for them to grab that bite.

“S’okay,” Tess replied, “but doesn’t even come close to your burgers, sweetie, no place in this town does.”

“Hmmm…..” was Jo’s only comment.

Walking back to Tess’ car, Jo and Tess held hands, looking more like star-crossed lovers than sisters to a casual observer. Unlocking the passenger door for Jo, Tess held it open for her, as one would do for a date. Stopping Jo before she got in, Tess planted a wet, mouth-gnawing kiss to her sib, even more so looking more like lovers than sisters.

“So, baby-sister, are there any lesbian clubs or bars in this town where a returning soldier might sow her oats?” Jo asked as Tess casually drove them home, taking a scenic route through campus.

“S’matter? I’m not fucking good enough for you?” Tess observed/asked, truly feeling a ‘little’ hurt by Jo’s question.

“You know you’re the best for me, baby, you fucking know that!” Jo replied, sensing Tess’ hurt, “It’s more that I’ve not been in the ‘scene’ for well over a year, and I’m feeling a desire to get out into a wading pool of pussy for stress relief and just plain NSA fucking, okay?” Jo explained further, “has nothing to do with us, with our feelings for each other.”

“And, besides, I wasn’t planning on leaving you out, cunt-face,” Jo said further, “my thought is that you and I could go trolling, snag some snatch and let them experience the dynamic-duo, okay?”, the explanation taking the sting out of Tess’ hurt feelings.

“We do know how to show a gal a good time, don’t we?” Tess said with a chuckle at the truth of her statement.

“Oh, yeah baby-sis, no question about that,” Jo agreed.

Once more, they showered together, touching each other lovingly, touching each other with the love they possessed for each other, draining the hot-water tank as they lingered in the soothing shower with each other. Drying each other off, they shared some wine, both staying naked, downstairs, the soft sounds of Ms. Ella and the Duke providing the background soundtrack to their evening. Finishing the bottle, Jo took Tess into her arms, there, on the couch, kissing Tess sweetly, the urgency gone for them both, now, but the need ever present.

Laying Tess’ head onto the couch-arm, Jo explored Tess’ familiar body with her hands and mouth, her tongue and fingers finding delight in doing so as she always had. Peeling Tess’ soft lips back with her fingers, Jo gazed at her sister’s tasty woman-hood, her mind remembering the first time she had done so when they were teenagers living in their parents’ home, when Tess was but a budding fourteen-year old. Lowering her mouth to Tess’ pussy, Jo’s mind time-traveled, this time being like the first time for her, again……..

By Tuesday, the sibs were ready to share themselves with another, ready to ‘snag some snatch’ as Jo had put it that first night of being home.

“What’cha gonna’ wear?” Jo asked Tess as they got ready for their night out at the club Tess was taking them to.

“I’m thinking blouse, skirt, showing off the ‘girls’ and the legs,” Tess answered as she tried various blouse/skirt combinations in front of her full-length mirror by holding them in front of her while still on their hangers.

“Oooh, that, that looks good in the mirror, put that on,” Jo advised, standing in just her panties, braless, watching as Tess did as asked.

“Yep. I think you’re right,” Tess agreed, admiring the ‘look’, the skirt/blouse combo providing an ample showcase for Tess’ boobs in a push-up bra and her long, toned legs.

“Good, think I’ll go like this…” Jo teased, still in panties and no bra, “thinking it might encourage attention.”

“Ya’ think?” Tess teased back, her insides fluttering a bit of the sight of Jo’s body as it usually did.

With Tess’ help, Jo finally chose an outfit that showcased her own ‘girls’ and her muscular ass-cheeks, the pants appearing to have been poured onto her body and the blouse showing off avcılar escort her D-cups, unbuttoned about a quarter of the way down.

Tess’ University had a rep as a Liberal school, accepting the diversity of its’ students and faculty. One must still exercise good judgement, of course, but the city embraced the school’s rep and diversity as well, gay-bashing not really being an issue at the school or in the city.

The Loft was a perfect reflection of the community’s attitude, a gathering spot for the Gay/Lesbian populace where one could, if so inclined, have fun with like-minded patrons without fear of prejudicial behavior or harrassment. Large dance floors (2 of ’em), three service-bars and a small snack-kitchen, took up two stories of the three storied, former small manufacturing plant. Live music on one floor, a rocking DJ on the other.

Mostly, The Loft catered to the college crowd, students and teachers alike, with a sprinkling of non-college locals as well, both singles and marrieds, the latter usually being closeted women but closeted men not uncommon, either.

It was Tuesday evening, normally a slow night for the club. But, this being the week before the Christmas break and with classes mostly not going on as students/teachers hurried to get to the Holiday, this Tuesday was much busier than usual.

Walking from the service bar, the sibs stirred their drinks as they scouted the first floor of the club for a table at which to ‘set up’ camp, so to speak. Of course Tess was drinking illegally, her twenty-first birthday still being a few weeks away, in January, but, as has been mentioned before, it was a Liberal community, less concerned with a nineteen or twenty-year old having a drink than it was with the occasional Meth lab bust.

“Live music is just on the weekends on this floor, so they pipe in the DJ sounds from the floor above us,” Tess said in explanation for Jo as they grabbed a booth against the back wall of the floor, two rows of tables from the dance floor.

“Actually, a pretty nice lay-out,” Jo commented appreciatively as she looked over the place from their booth’s vantage point.

“Get you gals anything to drink?” the waitress asked as she walked along the booths’ row, taking orders.

“Anything you’d recommend?” Jo asked, flirtingly, her eyeing of the attractive waitress not so subtle as she did so.

“I’d recommend you returning on any Thursday night when I’m off and free to socialize,” the waitress flirted back with Jo, the waitress appreciating Jo’s obvious come-on, “But, as for drinks? We make a dynamite Margarita, several flavors, of course.”

“You pick something for us, sweetie,” Jo flirted further, “something you think might tickle our taste buds,” Jo’s finger sliding seductively across the top of the waitress’ hand on the table.

“Like I said, come back on Thursday night,” the waitress replied suggestively, accepting Jo’s finger-trace for the flirtation that it was, “Two Mango Margaritas coming up,” winking at Jo as she walked away.

“I think she likes you,” Tess remarked to her step-sib, her own eyes on the waitress’ shapely ass in her butt-hugging pants as she walked from their table.

“I think you’re right,” Jo answered, and we all know where Jo’s eyes were fixed, don’t we?

“When are we leaving for the drive home?” Jo asked, her eyes still following the waitress.

“Friday,” Tess replied, her own eyes now scanning the slowly increasing crowd of friendlies that were finding their own places to ‘camp’.

“Hmm.” Jo replied, her mind conjurring up a return to The Loft on Thursday night, wondering how long it’d take her to get into the waitress’ pants if the girl was serious and not just teasing as tip-bait.

Not long at all was Jo’s feeling on the matter.

The sibs pronounced their first sips of the Margaritas chosen for them by their waitress as absolutely being the right choice.

“Glad you like,” Gloria (the waitress) responded to the sibs’ glowing praises of the drinks, “have fun, you two, I’ll keep checking in on you, don’t worry,” winking at them both as she turned to check with her other tables.

“You’re going to try to fuck her Thursday night, aren’t you?” Tess asked with a smile.

“Nope. I AM going to fuck her Thursday night,” Jo replied, sucking a piece of pineapple from the ‘fruit stick’ in the drink, “Wanna’ bet me?” turning to Tess with her eyebrows arched in question.

“Nope. Sucker bet,” Tess correctly surmised.

The music started, upbeat, uptempo, rhythms designed to get your ass moving in your seat type of rhythms, drawing mostly same-sex couples onto the floor. For the next couple of hours, Jo and Tess danced with each other, danced with others that asked them to, danced with others that they asked to dance with them, having a blast. They flirted with their dance partners or other dancers shaking their shit near them on the floor. They flirted with each other as well, touching and rubbing on each other intimately, more for show to get others watching and wondering.

“Need şirinevler escort a breather,” Tess said as they left the floor to return to their booth, fresh drinks having been laid there by their server, Gloria.

“Certainly keeps the liquor flowing, doesn’t she?” Jo remarked as she sucked a mouthful of the Kiwi? Margarita, liking the flavor of this one, as well.

“She likes us, well, you really,” Tess replied.

“Works for me,” Jo answered with a smile, her eyes staying focused towards the long bar near the front of the floor.

“See that chick sitting near the end of the bar, in the corner?” Jo asked Tess, her head nodding in the direction to look.

“Yeah? What about her?”

“She’s been there ’bout an hour, checking her watch about every three minutes or so; I’m betting that her date is a no-show,” Jo opined.

“Not bad looking,” Tess commented in reply, “Older, I’m guessing mid to late thirties, proably married, I’m guessing,” she commented further.

A slow song started almost immediately following the reggae hip-hop that had been playing, some couples staying to dance, some new couples joining the mix on the floor.

“I’ll be back….” Jo said, leaving their booth and walking towards the woman at the bar.

“I’m betting your date is a no-show,” Jo said to the woman as she neared her at the end of the bar, “And he or she should have their head examined for doing so; Hi, I’m Jo and I would love it if you’d dance with me,” holding her hand to the woman in invitation.

Snapped out of whatever reverie she had been in, the woman faced Jo upon hearing her speak, stared for a second, first at Jo, then at her hand. Standing, the woman silently took Jo’s offered hand and let herself be led onto the floor by Jo. Taking the woman into her arms, Jo gently pulled her into a dance step, their bodies close, but not too much so, the woman’s head next to Jo’s, the woman’s chin resting on Jo’s shoulder as she was led,expertly, around the other couples with Jo leading.


“I’m sorry?” Jo asked her partner, not sure at what she thought she heard in her ear.

“She….she stood me up,” the woman said, pulling her head so that she could look to Jo’s face as she spoke, “Not the first time, but, definitely the last, for me.” returning her head to rest next to Jo’s, again.

Pulling back again, she looked at Jo, “Thank you for your gracious rescue of me from my spot of shame, there, at the bar…..I’m Stef, Jo,” returning her head once again to Jo’s shoulder.

“Good looking women should not be left at the bar when there’s good music to dance to is my thinking,” Jo said to Stef, pulling Stef slightly closer to her body, Stef not backing away.

The song ended and Jo walked Stef back to her seat at the bar, saying to her, once there, “Why don’t you join my friend and I, in our booth? No sense in staying here by yourself.”

Looking towards the booth that Jo had indicated with a head-nod, Stef asked for her small clutch bag that the bartender had safely stowed behind the bar, paid her tab and turning to Jo, said, “Lead the way, Ms. Jo,” smiling when saying it.

Ok, a small rewind here.

Jo referred to Tess as her ‘friend’ purposefully. The sibs had decided years ago to be ‘friends’ to chicks they were hitting on as a duo rather than the step-sibs that they were. Their reasoning was that some might be put off a bit at the ‘almost’ incestuous relationship of Tess & Jo. Rightly or wrongly, that’s what they did….

“Tess, Stef’s going to join us, okay?” Jo said when she and Stef reached their booth.

“Great! I’m tired of dancing with you anyway,” Tess laughingly said as she took Stef’s offered hand in greeting but giving Stef a quick buss on the cheek as she slid to make room for the three of them now.

Stef and Jo both laughed at her remark, the ‘schtick’ making Stef feel comfortable immediately with these two good-looking young women. The other thing Stef registered as she settled into her place in the booth was that both of these gals were slightly top-heavy for their build and Stef liked that, she being a worshipper of all that is breast related.

Catching Gloria’s eye, Jo signaled to place an order, Gloria nodding to Jo as she finished taking the order at a booth a few spaces down.

“Three Margaritas?” Gloria asked, placing a napkin in front of Stef.

“I don’t know….does a Margarita mix well with wine?” Stef asked, seriously not knowing.

“These will, Stef, they’re some of the best I’ve ever had,” Jo commented with a smile and a wink to Gloria, which, of course, was returned.

“Well, then, I’ll have a Margarita,” Stef said to Gloria, a smile on her lips as well. As Gloria walked away, Jo ‘thought’ she detected a bit more ass-strut in Gloria’s step, almost as if it were for Jo’s eyes alone.

Oh yeah, I will nail her this Thursday, Jo thought at the moment.

Another slow song started, more slow ones than fast as it got later in the evenings and Tess, taking Stef’s hand in hers, gently pulled Stef from their booth, leading them to the dance floor.

They meshed their bodies beautifully, Stef anxious to feel Tess’ boobs against her own as she had Jo’s earlier while dancing. Tess, like Jo, was an excellent dancer, easily moving them slowly around the floor, both arms around each other as they did so.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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