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1 A Romance Begins

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David’s Story

Chapter One

Author’s Note: Please be aware that (a) this is a work of total fiction. (b) It involves sexual conduct between a brother and sister and (c) Please be gentle with me if you choose to comment as this is my very first attempt at this type of writing and my very first submission to any internet site of any kind. I’ve been reading this site’s stories for some time and decided that it was time I had a go at it myself. If you do want to criticise go ahead but please try to be constructive with your comments. I am currently writing Chapter Two and will submit it if this gets a mostly positive reaction. Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy the story.

It has been many years since the events I am about to recount to you and now as I look back at them in the twilight of my life I can honestly say je ne regrette rien (I regret nothing) and that I have been blessed with the love of several extraordinary people. My story begins in my youth, when I was eighteen and had dark brown hair (now snow white), grey eyes with no lines around them, a somewhat Roman nose and strong (according to those who love me) jawline. I stood six feet two in my socks and I had the figure of an athlete which was not surprising because I was a middle distance runner and if I may say so a pretty good one, especially at the ten thousand metres which I truly loved. My name is David Wilson, the events I recall here took place almost sixty years ago and this is the first time they have ever been shared with anyone outside those with whom I experienced them. I hope you will read them, understand what and why they happened and even perhaps agree with our motives. If you do not I understand because of course we all strayed far from conventional society’s definition of ‘normal’ but in truth we believe we were right. Arrogant perhaps but also true and while we fully understand your right to disagree with us we simply say we acted out of love, that these events were nothing more or less than a method of expressing that love and that they were never an end in themselves, merely an addition to a deep and lasting bond of love that has lasted and deepened over the years. So, read on and all I ask is that you do so with an open mind and that you judge for yourselves if we were right or wrong from inside your own heart not from what others tell you to feel or think.

Anyway, to business then; I was eighteen, had just got home from a long day at college where I was soon to take my A-Level Final Exams and I had just reached the top of our stairs when I realised that Helen’s door was open and that she was clearly in there because her mobile phone was ringing stridently. I walked to the door, leaned my shoulder against the frame and immediately felt my heart begin to race as a stirring began to make itself known in my pants.

“Hi Charlie,” Helen breathed softly into her phone. My eighteen year old sister was lying on her bed and her green eyes were already smouldering as she caught sight of herself in her wardrobe mirror. Her long red hair was loose around her face and shoulders and her plush rose red lips were curved in a knowing little smile. “What’s up baby?” She asked and I didn’t need to be any kind of psychic to know the answer because I was thinking exactly the same thing her boyfriend was. “Oh you’re so bad you naughty man.” Helen giggled softly and I could hear the slight thickening in her voice that went nicely with the rapid rise and fall of her pert thirty two B tits and the rosy pink blush that began to form at the base of her throat. “A-ha, I just bet you do.” I grinned when Helen caught my eye but then my grin faded because she beckoned me in and silently mouthed, “Is it hard? Good, show it to me you naughty boy. Come on, get that big hard dick out for me.” I nodded while my sexy sister smiled, lay back and began to speak in a girlish but incredibly sexy half breathless tone.

“I’m lying on my bed with nothing on but my thin, lacy black bra and panties set. My firm, round breasts and cherry red nipples show right through the cups and I’m running my fingers along the edges and into the valley between my silken skinned globes because hearing your sexy voice makes my heart beat faster and my skin is tingling at the thought of your sexy blue eyes widening with excitement for me. My soft, red, curly hair and plump, tender, creamy pussy lips look sooo pretty through the little triangle of black see through lace that I just know you’d be very excited if you saw me like this.” Helen looked down and matched her actions to her words as I slowly unzipped my pants and undid the button on my dark grey jeans. “I’m stroking my tummy, running my fingers up and down from the little black bow on the waist of my panties to the one that sits on the bottom of my pretty little bra and my tummy is fluttering because I’m imagining your eyes raking my lithe slender body from my head to my toes while your hand runs over the front of your tight white briefs. Uh-huh, yeah, I want you to do that now Charlie and tell me what it does to you.” Helen ran her right hand along the inner curve of her right breast where the bra cup met her skin diyarbakır seks hikayeleri and watched me rub my thickening shaft through my briefs which were white cotton and already stretching taut over my rapidly stiffening prick.

“Mmm, yeah, my nipples are getting very stiff baby, in fact they’re poking really hard into the flowery lace because hearing you groan like that really thrills me.” Helen teased her nipples with a fingertip as her bra stretched over them and the blush on her neck began to spread across her collar bones. “A-ha, I’ll pull the cups down now and bare my wide, swollen, cherry nipples just for you honey. Ohhh, I’ve been thinking about you all day and I love touching myself for you so much. Mm-hmm, take it out now baby, take your big, hard, sexy dick out and rub it for me.” Helen bit her lip as she watched me release my cock from its confinement and then she stunned me. In the past she’d always watched me wank slowly when she lay there rubbing herself and talking dirty to Charlie and I expected this to be the same but today my sister took my hand before I got it to my shaft and she shook her head. “Mm! Yeah Charlie, I’m playing with my nipples, rubbing them and pinching them and thinking of you, thinking of your hot horny eyes feasting on me while you pump yourself slowly.” Helen pulled my hand down onto her left breast and flared her nostrils as my fingers bumped against her nipple. I was still in shock so that first touch was clumsy but as the reality sank I cupped her breast, curling my fingers onto the upper swell as my palm covered her nipple and I felt like I had a pebble digging into me because the swollen cherry red nub was so stiff.

“Ohhh yes,” Helen sighed and her hand slid up my inner thigh to cup my balls. “It feels so good; oh it’s making me sooo hot. A-ha, they’re rock hard Charlie, absolutely bullet stiff. Are you baby? Is your cock iron hard and standing right up for me? Don’t come yet, Charlie do it slowly, I want us to come together, uh-huh, stroke it up, and down, up, and down. That’s how I’d do it for you, slow, gentle, horny strokes so I could feel your hot hard shaft pulse in my hand while you made, made me wet.” I ran my hand across both of Helen’s tits and she arched her back while her hand held me in a loose but sexy grip that made my dick throb but didn’t make me want to shoot my load instantly despite this being the fulfilment of a fantasy I’d had for three or four years.

“Mmm, I’m lifting my knees, sliding my feet up the bed.” Helen whispered throatily. “My hand is sliding slowly down my tummy with my fingers pointed down. “I’m imagining you kissing me, using your mouth to muffle my sigh of hot lust as your hand moves lower. A-ha, my knees are parting now, spreading my long, slim, quivering thighs as my fingers run over the front of my panties and caress my plump, warm, juicy lips through the lace. Ohhh, oh Charlie, I can feel so much heat radiating from my pussy through these pretty panties that it’s almost burning my fingers. Mm! Oh! Are you throbbing? Is your big fat mushroom gleaming for me? Is pre-come making that sexy helmet shine and feel sticky? Yeah, my petals are flowering, uh-huh, they’re parting like my thighs and my panties, oh my panties are slipping into my moist, pink, velvet soft crease.” Helen cupped her hand over the tip of my cock and I felt her soft palm touch the pearl of pre-come that was already forming while I rubbed a camel toe into her knickers with my middle finger.

“Yes,” Helen hissed as her eyes began to flutter and her breathing became ragged. “I’m sliding my panties to one side, baring my soft shaven lips and hot wet slit, oh yes touch it, my clit, touch my stiff, pink, clit mm!” Her hips jerked a little and her hand clutched the top of my shaft in a reflex as I caressed the pebble stiff nub with the lightest of touches. “Yes, I’m wet. So, so wet. A-ha, yeah, I’m pumping it for you, wanking your hot, hard, sticky shaft. Ohhh!” Helen’s eyes flew wide when I slid my finger down the hot slippery crease between her swollen cunt lips and they pleaded with me as she gurgled in a low liquid moan, “Charlie, I can feel your finger inside me, pushing through my juices into my pussy. Ohhh, oh it feels sooo good, please, don’t stop. Yes, I can almost see it baby,” Helen panted as her inner walls squeezed my fingertip. I’d only inserted one and only as far as the first knuckle because she was a virgin and I didn’t want to hurt my beautiful sister.

“Oh baby are you close?” Helen asked and smiled when I nodded. I could hear a deep groan come faintly out of her phone and Helen clamped her thighs around my hand as I felt a deep spasm in her tunnel. “Charlie, I’m imagining that I’m sat on your lap, that your luscious mouth is on my heaving tits and your fingers, ohhh they’re up my skirt and, mm! Inside me, making, making me wet, oh God, Charlie, I’m clutching you, my mouth buried in your hair to muffle my moans because, oh, baby, I’m, coming!” I dropped my head and clamped my lips to Helen’s left nipple as she arched and writhed on the bed. “Charlie I’m coming, come with me, please, come with me. Uuurgh, ohhh it’s so good, Charlie come, come for me honey.” Helen sobbed through a climax that caused her whole body to tremble and thrash so much that I struggled to keep my lips on her tits at all much less in silence while her pussy seemed to want to suck my finger all the way into it as her juices literally spurted down her red hot velvet soft tunnel. “Oh baby, oh that was amazing.” Helen relaxed into her duvet cover and her thighs slowly parted as she recovered from her orgasm. “No, my pesky little brother isn’t home yet but he will be soon and you know we’d never get any peace with him around. I’ll see you on Friday baby and if you’re a good boy, well, maybe we can do more than just talk about having a bad boy’s hand up my skirt while he throbs in my fist. A-ha, yeah, me too, I’d better go and get dressed because my annoying little brother will be home soon and he’ll probably have one of his idiot friends with him. Mm-hmm, me too honey, ‘bye.” Helen killed the call then turned her phone off completely.

“Why didn’t you come?” Helen said with an irritated edge to her voice. “Wasn’t my technique good enough or am I just not worth coming for?” Her irritation only increased when I laughed in disbelief and she got a mulish look on her face that reminded me of us as children arguing about what programme we were going to watch on television.

“No, you were awesome, fantastic.” I said sincerely and it was Helen’s turn to look stunned when I sat down on the bed beside her and said, “I held back on purpose but I barely managed it. I did it because I thought that if I came it would hit you and put you off because I don’t want my lovely sister to think I’d treat her like a porn star. I didn’t think you’d want my spunk on your face or your luscious tits like they do it in the films because you’re not some cheap little tart. You’re just too special and too beautiful to be treated like that and besides, just touching you and feeling you come was more than I ever dreamed could really happen and I didn’t want anything to distract you from that or make you feel dirty when I was trying to make you feel as special as you are.”

“Oh that’s so sweet.” Helen said and then she sat up to wrap her arms around my neck then to my surprise she kissed me on the lips. I assumed that was an impulsive gesture but when it broke her eyes were just as bold as they had been when she guided my hand to her breast and I became very aware of the fact they were still bare as I felt them pressing into my chest. “David, when you were sucking my tits and fingering me I almost cried out your name because it felt so good to have my sexy brother’s lips and fingers on me. I’m glad Charlie’s gone because now I don’t have to pretend about who’s really making me hot, horny and wet.” Helen then kissed me again and this time her lips opened against my mouth and her tongue slid out to explore mine while she lay back and dragged me with her.

When the kiss broke she stroked my face and whispered, “When we were still at school I used to love what seeing me in my little white blouse and sexy grey school skirt did to my naughty little brother. When I walked up the stairs in front of you I’d know you were watching my ripe little peaches sway and it thrilled me so much I’d tingle inside. I’d feel your eyes climb up my legs, raking my long slim thighs all the way up under the pleats and my tummy would flutter because it made me feel so sexy to be lusted after by my own brother. I’d bend over a table or my bed sometimes and feel your sexy brown eyes on me. Knowing my own brother’s cock was tenting his pants at the sight my white cotton school knickers where they moulded themselves to my ripe little bum and plump, tender, virgin pussy excited me so much that I’d feel my juices start to gather at my tunnel. I’d imagine your cock throbbing in your fist while you tried not to imagine peeling your own sister’s panties down and my pussy would become hot and damp under my tight, white knickers. I’d lie on my bed and slip my hand down between my legs to rub the cotton into my slit while I pictured you wanking to a fantasy of your sexy sister lying under you, moaning softly as your big hard dick filled her pussy to the hilt. I could sometimes hear you stroking yourself through the wall and every time I did I’d rub my tits and stroke myself because I knew you were thinking of me and it turned me on to know my brother was dreaming of having my legs wrapped around him while he took me mercilessly, pounded his hot throbbing cock in and out of my juicy cunt while he muffled my screams of ecstasy by kissing me and slipping his tongue into my mouth. David. I’ve come hundreds of times to mental pictures of you losing patience with your cock teasing sister and ravishing my helpless body, ignoring my desperate pleas for mercy and running your hands, lips and cock all over me until I finally surrender and beg my brother to screw me senseless, to make his sweet innocent sister take his iron hard cock into her soaking snatch like the dirty little slut she is.” Helen then nuzzled my neck and in a hoarse voice she asked. “Are you gonna do it David? Are you gonna get between my legs and fuck your slutty sister senseless? Come on, I won’t stop you, give it to me you gorgeous sod, slip me your pole and do me.”

“God, I want it but we can’t,” I whispered as we kissed passionately and Helen wrapped her left leg around the back of my right thigh. My cock pulsed against her hip while I lay with my legs either side of her silken skinned right thigh and her soft mound pressed against my own.

“You’re my sister and a virgin, you deserve a first time that’s as special as you are with a man who loves you the way you deserve to be loved.” Helen cocked her head curiously and smiled teasingly as she rocked her hips gently and stroked my spine. “Helen, I don’t want you to look back one day and regret your first time with a man, to think it’s some sordid little secret that you have to hide from everyone. You always said your first time is going to be on your wedding night with your husband and that can’t be me, not ever so we can’t do what I want. It wouldn’t be right, or even fair.” Then I kissed Helen’s throat and ran my hand up the back of the leg she’d wrapped around me to cup her gorgeous arse before I looked her in the eye and said, “One of my favourite fantasies about that uniform might be something you’d like though.”

“Oh?” Helen asked softly and I saw the excitement in her eyes grow while under my chest her heart beat faster and her breathing began to quicken once more.

“I’ve pushed you against the wall and yanked your blouse open so your luscious tits are bare and your nipples are shining ‘cos I’ve been sucking them.” I began quietly, interspersing my sentences with kisses to her lips and throat before placing my lips back at her ear. “You’re whimpering that it’s dirty but I’ve made you hold your skirt up and your knickers are stretched between your knees. You’re looking down, saying it’s perverted to force your own sister to open her legs at all much less grope her poor helpless bottom while I kneel down and lick her defenceless muffin. You moan that it’s wrong to make my sister wet, to suck her clit and flick it with my tongue. You tell me that I mustn’t run my tongue down your slit like this but you start thrusting your pussy at me and when my tongue slides into your tight virgin tunnel you start to pant and babble that it can’t be happening, you can’t be coming on my face. You look down and say it’s unfair that your brother’s eyes are so cute when he’s so dirty but I grin and then slowly lick the whole length of your pussy.”

“Stop talking and do it!” Helen snarled into my mouth as she unwrapped her leg off me and I smiled as I kissed her throat and levered myself into the space between her thighs. “Oh God,” Helen panted and clutched my head as I kissed the blushing skin on her upper torso. “David you could have done it. I wouldn’t have stopped you, oh God, I wanted it too.” I reached the upper swell of her pert tits and then ran my tongue in a decreasing spiral all the way around her left breast as my sister whispered, “Do you remember the blue swimsuit I bought for Spain? It was backless with a halter neck and dad hated it because it showed so much of my cleavage and left the outside of my tits almost completely bare? I wore it for you because I had this fantasy where my brother was putting cream on my back. I imagined you rubbing it into my sides and then you’d feel the sides of my firm little tits and get a hard on while I lay face down and pretended nothing was wrong. My brother would hope that I didn’t notice him stretch his fingers under the Lycra and sneak a feel of my ripe round tits and I’d lie there pretending he’d got away with it for a little while. I’d wait with my eyes closed until your fingertips brushed my nipples and then I’d ‘catch’ you and gasp in shock. I’d roll over onto my back and stare at your blushing face and pretend to be deeply upset by you fondling your own sister that way but you’d see my rock hard nipples poking right into the fabric and you’d grin as you put your hands on them and squeezed. I’d protest that you were being filthy but I wouldn’t stop you and my back would arch under me as you called me a liar. You’d peel the thin blue strips to the side, tugging them off my nipples and then you’d lie on your tummy and start to suck one while you rubbed and pinched the other. Ohhh, yeah, like that David, just like that.”

“God you’re beautiful.” I whispered reverently as I gently took my sister’s left nipple between my lips and circled the swollen nub with my tongue. Helen stroked my hair and looked down at me as I caressed her right nipple with my fingertips and cupped the almost stone hard globe of silken skin that heaved under my hand. Her heart was racing and I kissed her breastbone while I looked up and watched her head recline in awe. Her soft mouth formed into a beautiful pout and a soft sigh of pleasure flowed from her as her eyes closed and her pleasure mounted. “You look perfect and taste even better than I dreamed you would. Everything about you is so beautiful.” I kissed her right breast then spiralled it with my tongue just as I had the left while under my stomach her hips rocked, pressing her soft warm pussy up against my abdomen. As I gently clutched her nipple with my lips and tongued the wide puffy tip I felt her heart suddenly pound while underneath me there was a sudden increase in the heat radiating from her moist velvet soft sex.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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