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12 Labors of Hercules, Caged Pt. 06

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Part 6 Power shift: a Wife, a Husband, and a caged cock (Andromeda)

§ Chapter 11 — After the party: Wonderful Tonight and You Shook Me.

After they were alone, Cathy hugged him tightly and kissed him swirling her tongue in his mouth.

“I’m so proud of you, Honey, You’ve been so brave, and obedient, and attentive…and you’ve turned me on so much!”

He smiled without speaking because by now he understood that the words he would say would be labeled as boring mansplaining.

“I know that in theory, after such a long tease session, and after making two girls enjoy it, I should gratify you with a long aftercare break… but…” she said wickedly, a sparkle in her eyes “But if you agree, I would first like to reclaim my right as a wife… are you willing to serve me, now, right away, or do you need to rest?”

It was a real question; Cathy was seriously concerned that Richard was able to continue, both emotionally and physically.”

He nodded without saying anything.

“You know how I like it when you say nothing and smile? Talk less, smile more — like in that famous Musical — ha, ha! Do you want me to unlock your handcuffs at least?”

Richard smirked, thinking back to the Musical, but shook his head: the handcuffs could stay.

Cathy emitted a cry of joy, “Wow! I’m amazed by your trust, and your unexpected courage… then now is the time for your Queen to claim what is hers.”

Taking him by the cage, she walked ahead and forced him to follow. Arriving in front of the wide staircase that led to the master bedroom, Cathy removed her polo shirt and shorts, remaining wearing only thongs and heels.

She slowly climbed a few steps, then turned mischievously, showing him her ass and pussy from above, with one foot higher and her legs spread. “Do you like this view, little Dicky?”

“Yes, my Queen, it’s the most beautiful view I’ve ever had.”

“And my tits, my nipples, do you still like them after you’ve tasted the young perky apples of those student girls?” she said coquettishly, turning around and showing him her bare tits

“What student girls? I saw no one today who could be worth a nail of your pinky finger, my Queen.” In Richard’s mind, the barbecue had been like a very long party, he was drunk even though he had had nothing to drink, and in his ears echoed the refrain of an old song, “Wonderful Tonight” – not coincidentally, an evergreen: pun intended.

«And then [after a long barbecue, I guess], she asks me “Do I look all right?”, and [when I catch enough breath] I say, “Yes, you look… wonderful… tonight”… and I feel wonderful [exactly] because I see the love light in your eyes [I sometimes wonder if Eric knew my life with my wife]… then the wonder… of it all… is that you just don’t realize… how… much… I love you.»

“Bravo, Dicky: your tongue is like honey, at a bare minimum, as long as it’s talking. But now I command you to follow me to the bed: I want to tie you to the spreadeagle bed, and I want to facesitting on your face, like a Queen on a throne, for hours, from now until midnight. Do you feel up to obeying me?”

“Forever, and Ever.”

“Then… Run! Me first! Whoever comes last is a rotten egg!” Cathy giggled and ran off very fast on her heels, almost flying. He stood still and watched the marvelous spectacle his wife offered him as she climbed.

The delicious calves, taut from the posture of her foot, her firm little ass, the fleeting rapidity with which she evaded his gaze, like a nymph fleeing from Zeus.

Cathy rejoiced inwardly and with a prancing gait danced on her heels over the last few steps as a little girl skips when she is told she will act in the school play.

He followed her slowly, like a condemned man to the gallows, dragging his bare feet. By his willing defeat in that speed race, he had gifted her the joy of victory, despite her heels. Her happiness filled his heart with joy (even though she kept filling his blue balls with cum).

Richard was as naked as a worm. By contrast, Cathy was not “naked” but skimpy clothed, albeit only in a very thin thong and shoes whose laces covered an even thinner area.

She opened the bed sheets and signaled for him to turn around with her finger.

Holding her key, she unlocked the handcuffs, but soon after, she took her husband by the hand and led him near the brass pommel. Fastened: first cuffed wrist. She jumped on the bed to complete the task… Tac: second cuffed wrist.

Cathy told him, “Oh, I should even cuff your ankles, but what do I care? I’m too horny now and I don’t want to waste my time.”

With that said, she got on his face, pushing her ass against his nose.

“First, lick my rosebud, and push your tongue as deep as you can, I want to feel it reach the nape of my neck.”

As he licked, she tried to balance but spasms made her collapse, and she had to lean against his pelvis or his knees. Once a spasm made Cathy lose her balance, and she clung to the caged cock. He let out a loud moan because the contact of her hands kaçak iddaa on his balls made him so excited.

“Good to know,” his teaser thought quietly, then told him:

“Don’t move! I just have to turn around-I and wish I could hold on to something hard while you make me come by eating my pussy.”

Moving her thighs and knees, Cathy turns around and puts her pussy in front of Richard’s face.

With her hands, Cathy grabs the headboard of the bed, a thick wrought-iron bar that would have held even a rhino while charging.

Richard even gave up breathing to make his wife come. He licked, sucked, ate, bit: and listening to her moans, he began to nibble on her clitoris. Not all women like it, and girls had not been tempted to do it for fear of making mistakes, but with his wife, he had years of confidence and knew very well what to bite and how to bite.

How much time must have passed while he was desperately caged, and she alternated between phases of simple arousal and phases of true orgasm? Perhaps, a few hours. Impossible to know.

Suddenly, tired, Cathy came down from his face. He found that he could breathe again, even though his face was covered with her smell.

She did not leave, did not get out of bed: she slid on top of him, like a sheet, sweaty and shocked with pleasure. With her hair undone and her face flushed, she kissed him on the forehead and said, “I love you.”

Then, he expected her to fall asleep. Instead, she began to caress his hair and balls. Then she told him about all the things that would happen in the coming weeks. Her plans to tease him as he prepared to leave. The advice she would give the girls. “By the way, I wonder if the girls…” Cathy ran downstairs, grabbed her cell phone, and went back to bed, where he, thankfully, had not left.

“oh, yeah, look, honey: Skye sends you pictures of her pussy, Emily a couple of comics about Gentle Femdom, ha, ha, how funny… welcome to Heaven…

And here is an audio message from the two brides-to-be, but now I don’t know whether to listen to it–maybe tomorrow, huh?

How would you like it if tomorrow I ordered you to lick my pussy, while you listen on headphones to the two brides’ orgasm?

Miss Barbara said Teresa is very vocal when she pushes the strapon into her pretty… anus… and added, the lucky girl swears a lot, and says obscene filth… maybe they’ll get your caged cock turned on while you eat my pussy, how about that?” giggle, giggle.

It was a long night. The barbecue together with the girls had given endless energy to Cathy, who continued to torment Richard even after receiving a second orgasm as a gift.

Around 2 a.m. she was still horny and did not hint at the slightest yawn. Cathy started singing softly «You shook me all night long» and asked him to sing the verses while she ate her pussy, “what do you say, is it me or not, the best damn woman that You ever… ate? Giggle… What do you think of my motor, is it clean enough, or do you feel the need to clean it even more? I like my motor to be as clean as a whistle, all the time.”

Richard did not respond but mumbled the tune without taking his mouth off her pussy, to show her that they were on the same page.

Cathy was surprised: she grabbed a tuft of his hair and forced him to pull his mouth away to look into her eyes, “but do you know the lyrics by heart?”

Richard smiled, “No, well, I changed them… “taking more than her share, had me fighting for air”… and up to here is precisely what happens… then, “She told me NOT to come, but I was already there,” of course…”

Cathy laughed like a child at huge ice cream.

Encouraged by her happiness, Richard continued: “«Cause the walls of pussy start shaking, the Earth was quaking, my COCK was aching while SHE WAS there, making it»…”

(together): ” «You… [breathe] shook me all.. niiiiiight… loooooooooong!» ” (x4).

She laughed heartily. “Oh, my love, you are so sweet! Now let me enjoy once more, and then we can fall asleep…”

A flash passed in her horny eyes “Or… so to speak, to put it in a better way: only Miss Cathy will cum, and only Miss Cathy will fall asleep, while you’ll remain without cum…”

Seeing the frustration in her husband’s eyes created a huge emotion in her soul, and a lake of butter in her pussy: so she pretended to be an oracle from ancient times…

“… And if I may hazard a greek, and tragic prophecy (material that you should like a lot, I suppose), you’ll have some difficulty falling asleep, with that luscious bar of flesh groaning unsatisfied… Uh, how straining it is now! Chuckle… Rub the tip of your cage against my clit, Richard, it makes me so hot to know how much pain you are in, so close to your goal, yet… so far away! Ha, ha!”

Richard carried out her every command and he was surprised to be so pleased. Most surprising was that Cathy used all those hints of ancient Greek culture. It meant that she listened to him, while he pumped out his very long speeches… his typical Mansplaining performances, kaçak bahis which would have bored anyone but his loving wife.

His brain was full of endorphins, his heart was full of pure love, but his balls were full of cum that couldn’t get out.

Forty minutes later, Cathy was already sleeping like an angel, while his Blue Balls kept him awake looking at the ceiling.

It was a long night: and it was just the beginning of his personalized «12 Labors of Richard», caged.

Chapter 12 Eroticism of CFNM, versus trivial nudity.

That night, the next morning, and every day until the date of departure, Cathy continued to tease her husband. She always wore heels and skimpy clothes, such as a swirling short robe of the lightest silk (she owned several: purple, gold, transparent black, dark blue), he was always naked and very often handcuffed with his wrists behind his back, and forced to crawl on the floor like a worm while she fluttered above him.

Cathy was like a wonderful Butterfly in her shiny livery, adored and served by a humble Caterpillar.

Sometimes she would command him to make her come with his mouth at the most unpredictable times: forcing him to crawl to reach her, rubbing the cage on the carpet, or ordering him to lick her while she enjoyed facesitting over his head, like a Queen on her Throne.

Other times, she would pretend to ignore him throughout the evening, even though she had worn billowing transparent lingerie and heels, as if she had no time to waste with him (and instead, every minute spent was a minute of tension).

They experienced a month of chastity and denial before the plane left for Greece. He also had some releases, which we will hear about shortly.

Richard worked a lot on his Book, managing to be very focused: except when she came on purpose to find him, to turn him on with little tricks. Once she would pretend not to find something she had dropped down, once she would ask him which lingerie looked most transparent to him, once she would come in, back handcuffed, and say nonchalantly, “Will you release my handcuffs, honey?” But instead of offering him her wrists, she kept opposing him with her sweet-smelling tits, until he relented and got down on his knees to lick them.

At the end of these brief but effective tease sessions, she would leave the room giggling happily (sometimes, she would even sing! Ah, the power of love…) while he remained always unsatisfied.

Each time, Richard started to focus on the Book again, to prevent his cock from exploding.

Richard’s frustration functioned as a powerful aphrodisiac for Cathy, and she would often return to his study library to masturbate in front of him, and prove to him in deed that she could enjoy whenever she wanted to, while he was forced to watch her, without being allowed to come. Sometimes she would order him to lick her after she came…but even this, it was haphazard (fortuitous) and never taken for granted.

From a young age, Cathy was convinced that an important ingredient in eroticism was the CFNM dialectic.

The difference between who is in charge, and who is sub during sessions.

Even in her more Vanilla phase, Cathy had never been particularly convinced of the effectiveness of exposing one’s nudity. She appreciated naturism, especially on vacation, but just as a form of daily relaxation: she said, “If you see your wife completely naked every day at a resort, what’s exciting about that? It’s more of a kind of custom, rather than an allure.”

They had a small pool in the garden, and sometimes Cathy would sunbathe naked or swim skin deep (well-kept hedgerows protected from prying eyes) but not to excite her husband, just for the comfort of line-free tanning, and for the joy of swimming without silly laces of wet fabric (“anyone who has never swum skin deep, cannot understand what joy I feel,” she often said).

His wife was deeply convinced of this idea. For her, seduction had as its main ingredient the elusiveness of vision.

She knew well the effect of her own body on him.

Cathy had taken every opportunity to grab his balls or to fleetingly expose a part of her own body to his view, opening her legs for, or-and always wearing very short shirts or unbuttoned blouses.

Two bare boobs, to stare at for hours? Good, relaxing, comforting.

But a blouse that was too short, allowing a glimpse of the underside of the boob, only if she raised her arms to grab something overhead? Better, much better.

Are two thighs open to allow staring at her generously offered pussy? Good, sure, and easy to clean, after her husband had done the usual mess.

But instead, two half-open legs on the ladder to reach the top shelf of his library? Better. And not naked: wearing an unbuttoned blouse, or a very short skirt, or even just a pair of fluttering napkins held together by a string?

And never barefoot: Cathy had small, beautiful feet, but she was convinced they looked even better with heels and thin ankles that emphasized the shape of her toes.

Naked illegal bahis on the ladder with her knees apart? Good. But climbing elegantly up the ladder to the top shelf of her tall bookcase while he wrote, in heels, a very short light silk skirt, an unbuttoned blouse? Better.

Or bending her back to stow something always in the lowest drawer, but without bending her knees, to expose the pussy and rosebud so longed for? Or, pretending to have seen something under a piece of furniture, and crawling on all fours with her ass in the air, without panties under a too-short skirt? What if she also wore an anal plug with a purple gemstone? That would be like the cherry on top of a cake. Wonderful: much better by far.

To excite her husband, even more, Cathy suggested exaggerating the difference between the two of them, and Richard eagerly agreed.

Heartened by his firm assent, Cathy insisted that during that month Richard should be naked at all times, except for the cage, and occasionally the handcuffs.

“But no, silly, you won’t be teased 24 hours a day! It would take a platoon of mercenaries, to give you all that attention, I’m a working woman, it’s not like I have all that time!” chuckled. “Nor do you: you have to pack both your bags and your Book. Think of how much time I’ve saved you, eliminating all the hours you used to spend masturbating! Ah, Ah!”

She had gotten to follow the accounting from home: smart working in remote mode. Cathy had to be dressed in business elegance for meetings and video calls: especially with her assistant, Tyrone Lancaster, and the guys in the office. Yes, that’s right: Dr. Caterina Rizzo was the feared and respected head of a team of accountants, almost all of them male, and her second-in-command was the famous Lancaster, nicknamed «The Treasury Guardian» or even «The Greedy Dwarf» (although no one dared to use these nicknames when Cathy was present, for fear of her wrath).

Professor Richard had a temporary leave of absence to prepare for the mission. There were a couple of short, long-scheduled meetings. On those rare occasions, Cathy had already planned a temporary solution: “I will allow you to wear a shirt and tie…and nothing else. You’d better sit composed…giggle, giggle!”

And then with a mischievous smirk, he told him, “A video call will not spare you from the painful and excruciating duty of looking at me… anytime… and I will do everything in my power to create compelling distractions if I am in the mood… and, believe me: it will happen very often!”

Showing very little foresight, Richard was not worried: he could always turn off the camera or pretend there was a failure of the Internet connection.

“Apart from academic meetings…which will be rare anyway…” Added Cathy, thoughtfully… “I want you to be naked during these weeks… ALWAYS… so that you will be reminded incessantly that you are vulnerable and exposed to my attacks. And I want to be able to see for myself if my heeled gait, my obscene position, or my shameless scent has any effect on your… chained friend.”

As he said those words, Cathy with an evil grin caressed his balls. Even while wearing heels, the difference in stature put his balls within reach, and Cathy took advantage of this both in front and behind, caressing his ass.

“By contrast, I will NEVER be full naked — nudity is for showering, or swimming in the pool, you know I like to swim skinny dip.”

At the thought of her by the pool, naked with only her sunglasses on, Richard groaned–his cock pressed against the walls of the cage. Miss Cathy continued to massage his testicles:

“Dresses… with slits. Blouses… unbuttoned. The bare skin of feet inside heeled sandals. Cum drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens… These are a few of my favorite things!” she sang joyfully, somehow like in the musical, and pirouetted as she sang: the blouse flew showing Richard her small but pert tits, the skirt fluttered showing her fragrant pussy, the calves were shaped by the thrust of the heels…

Richard gasped for breath.

She urged: “Now, you! come here–turn around. Quickly! Wrists behind your back.

This is a real lock, honey: I have the only key.

Now get on your knees and eat my pussy — handcuffed.

Handcuffs and cages will be your only clothes, for a whole month, whenever I am in the mood.

Now make me come…it turns me on so much to know that you can’t come, and think about it while you give me an orgasm…ha! I’m all wet…”

§ Chapter 14 — A Too Fast Release… Twice (two too fast).

Miss Cathy had established as a rule, that on some days, for no reason whatsoever, he would have a release:

“if I assigned you a schedule, like a month or three months or a year, you would become lazy and resigned, knowing that any way you would not be released even if you earned it or if you could arouse the desire in me.

And if I promised you a release if you succeeded in accomplishing certain tasks, you would become bored with your claims–you would come to me gloating, saying, “I have already collected 90 points, 10 more and then I will be released,” and I don’t like that. What would my free will be, a supermarket point collection? Not really.

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