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2 for 1 Special

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Ana was horny, so incredibly horny. She had already rubbed her way to several orgasms, but she was still desperate. It simply wasn’t the same with her own hand, and at 21 she felt as though she shouldn’t be resigned to only herself for her pleasure.

Naked, Ana paced around the hotel room, not shying away from the full floor to ceiling windows. Then came a knock on her door, a new thrill, the man from room service. She had ordered chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne, a treat for herself to maybe eat in a bubble bath. She opened the door, and watched the jaw of the porter drop. She moved aside and waved him into the room, looking down to see the bulge in his pants as he passed her by.

She walked up to the cart, picked up a strawberry and bit down as she looked the porter in the eye, letting the juice run down her chin. One drip fell from her chin and landed directly on her hardened nipple, sending a shiver down her spine. The porter stood frozen, and looked like he was about to cum in his pants. Then Ana grabbed the bottle of champagne, ripped the foil, and popped the cork. The bottle bubbled over, and she let it spray across her breasts. The porter very quickly unloaded the strawberry platter from the tray, as well as the champagne bucket, and practically ran for the door.

She giggled as he left, and strolled into the opulent bathroom to run herself that promised bath.

Ten minutes later Ana was sinking into the hot bubbles with her drink just within reach. Freshly manicured toes peeking out from the bubbles made the perfect photo, and several minutes later her phone was inundated with messages, offers to join her for the evening. Several she considered seriously, sending several more cheeky shots before pulling herself out of the tub.

She toweled herself dry, before liberally applying moisturizer to her body. Releasing her hair from the pins holding it up, she brushed out the long red strands, then re pinned the gentle waves back away from her face. More lipstick and mascara touched up her makeup.

She moved to the bureau, and selected the sexiest lingerie in her collection, a strappy black bra and panty set that barely covered anything. Looking good, she took several more photos and sent them to her most serious admirers.

Walking to the closet, Ana selected a short and tight black dress and stepped into it before zipping it up. She clasped a rose gold choker around her neck, then added matching bracelets and earrings. Red soled rose gold stiletto sandals were slipped onto her manicured feet.

Grabbing her purse, she left the suite, and headed down the elevator. In the lobby, the concierge called for a town car, and she flirted with the valet until a sleek black car pulled up to the curb.

Ana slid into the back seat, and gave the address of her favorite rooftop bar. As the car pulled away from the hotel, she leaned up to the partition, and asked the driver his opinion on pot. After some momentary hesitation, the young driver expressed his interest, and she produced a joint from a cigar tube in her purse. She lit it, and then passed it up to him. They traded puffs back and forth while driving around the city, and when it had been exhausted he dropped her at the restaurant.

A line extended part way down the block, but the bouncer waved her through as soon as she approached the door. Ana smiled at him as she entered, and turned left to wait for the old fashioned elevator that would take her to the roof.

When she stepped out into the twinkling lights of the rooftop, her line of sight turned immediately to the bar and she walked slowly towards it, her hips swaying seductively. She ordered a glass of champagne from the bartender, then sought out an empty seat on a couch alongside one of the several fire pits scattered across the roof.

Soon after she had sat down, her form caught the eye of one of her admirers, who moved through the crowd to sit beside her. Daniel was about 40, and had an unspecified job in finance. Ana thought he was very dignified and intelligent, not to mention very attractive. He had liked the lingerie pictures from earlier, he whispered to her, and hoped to see it in person later. She giggled, maybe.

But then she saw who stepped out of the elevator and was instantly distracted. Tim Williams, her ultimate wet dream. And he was walking towards her. She didn’t want to be rude and push Daniel away, but she didn’t want her fantasy man to think she was off the market.

Ana shifted her body slightly, pushing out her breasts and angling her knees away from Daniel. Tim was still walking towards them purposefully, and she realized that he must know Daniel. That was soon confirmed when he approached and the two men shook hands.

Daniel could feel the sexual tension radiating off Ana’s body, and so motioned for Tim to sit down on her other side. They briefly chatted about business, and she realized that Daniel managed Tim’s stock accounts. sex izle

She finished her champagne, and excused herself to the bar for another glass. When she returned a few minutes later, Daniel was showing Tim pictures from his phone. Her pictures, the ones from earlier that evening. Daniel quickly put away his phone as she sat back down, and she noticed Tim’s previously appreciative looks had turned hungry and lustful.

Ana met his eyes and watched as they unabashedly raked down her body. They locked eyes again and he took a sip of his whiskey, daring her to down more champagne. She took another sip, and once she did he looked away and spoke to Daniel again.

Tim gave an address several blocks away, and Daniel agreed. Tim then leaned down and whispered in her ear that he knew a little hotel nearby, with smoking rooms and a liquor store on the way. He then downed the rest of his whiskey and stood, holding his hand out to help her to her feet. She finished her glass of champagne quickly, and gave him her hand to stand next to him. He held her hand and moved towards the elevator doors, Daniel following close behind her.

When they stepped into the elevator, the young operator looked at the tiny woman held between the two older men. He clucked his tongue as the three walked out, and threw a look at the bouncer who returned the look with a hip thrusting gesture.

A long black car pulled up to the curb, and the three slid inside. As they pulled away from the sidewalk, Daniel knocked on the dividing window and motioned to the driver to keep circling the area before pulling a rolled joint out of his pocket. He lit it, took a deep drag, then handed it to her. Ana took two pulls, then handed it off to Tim. They passed it back and forth down the line, the men letting their hands find excuses to wander across the fabric of her dress and then her smooth bare skin. They slowly moved her legs apart, and Tim’s fingers grazed her inner thigh. Her knees fell slightly further apart and he laid more of his hand even further up on her thigh.

When the joint had been smoked, the car stopped, and Daniel hopped out. Tim leaned in again, and whispered in her ear that Daniel had shown him the pictures from earlier. He said that he hoped he might be able to see the real thing soon. Ana nodded as Daniel climbed back into the car with a bottle of champagne.

The car dropped them outside of a narrow building, white marble with gold trim. Inside, Tim walked up to the counter, leaving Ana leaning heavily against Daniel who was stroking her hip. Tim rejoined them, holding a key, and they piled into the elevator. It stopped on the 11th floor, and they walked down the hallway to gilded double doors.

Tim unlocked the door, and escorted her inside, turning on the lights and illuminating the opulent suite. A sunken living room was in the center, with a bed through open french doors. On one side of the room were several floor to ceiling windows looking out over lower Manhattan. Off to the other side was a small bar, with rocks glasses and champagne flutes.

Daniel moved over to pour three glasses as Tim led Ana down into the living room. He removed his suit jacket, then rolled up the sleeves of his shirt to reveal muscular forearms. Daniel distributed the glasses, then set his down to remove his jacket as well.

Ana took a sip from her glass, and one hand began to play with the neckline of her dress. The two men encouraged her to remove it, assuring her she would be much more comfortable. She set down her glass, then brushed her hair aside and Daniel unzipped the dress, letting it fall to the floor.

The lingerie was even better in person. Thin straps laid flat across her fair skin, connecting to mesh panels with small floral appliqués. Her hard nipples were clearly visible, as were her shaved pussy lips, already shining with wetness.

Ana let her hair fall back around her shoulders and pulled out the few pins holding back the gentle curls that surrounded her face. She stood in front of the two men, who’s pants began to grow tight in the groin. She smiled and then took another sip of champagne.

Ana walked over to her purse, and pulled out yet another joint, then walked back to the living room and pushed the two men down on to the couch. She knelt on the small coffee table in front of them and took another long drag before rising up on her knees to hand the joint to Tim. She sat back on her heels, with her knees apart, the lips of her pussy slightly spread, nipples straining hard against the fabric of her bra. Her fingers crept up and began to tease her nipples.

Tim passed the joint to Daniel, and reached down to grab his hard cock through his pants. Ana stopped flicking her left nipple when she reached forward to take the joint back. After several long pulls, she laid the joint down in the ashtray next to her.

Daniel released his grip on his cock to stand and move behind sikiş izle her, letting his hands wander down her back to the clasp of her bra. He undid it, pulling the straps down her shoulders and away from her chest. She inhaled sharply as the material scraped across her sensitive nipples. Tim squeezed his cock in appreciation, the light pink nipples begging to be touched.

Daniel sat back on the couch, and Ana relit the joint, smoking as the men stroked their cocks through their pants. Tim began asking her questions about what she liked, his low voice commanding her to answer him.

She told him that she did know who he was, and that she always thought he was very attractive. That she loved to smoke weed, and when she did she got very horny. That she liked the fact that he was hard from looking at her, that he was stroking himself watching her touch herself. That she was a little slut, who liked older men. That she sent those pictures to Daniel earlier because she wanted him to fuck her. That she wanted Tim to fuck her. Wanted both of them. To have them take her little body and fuck her like they owned her. That she wanted them to make her cum, over and over again, until she couldn’t even remember her name. That she had been a bad girl all day.

She told him about touching herself all afternoon, about the show she had put on for the porter. They both looked at her hungrily, and when the joint had been smoked she was told to stand.

Ana’s hair moved as she rose to her feet, the hard buds of her nipples poking through the red strands. Tim let go of his cock, leaned forward, and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them, leaving her standing in just her louboutins and choker.

The two men stood, and Daniel pressed himself and his hard cock against her back, his hands reaching to cup her breasts. Tim stood in front of her, watching as she looked up at him, her body beginning to respond to Daniel’s touch. He moved closer, and one hand stroked her naked hip. His other hand reached up into her hair and then the hand began to move from her hip. Ana shivered with want as he traced his fingers closer and closer to her dripping pussy. He let one finger dip into her wetness and she bucked against them both.

Tim laughed, which turned into a moan as she took the finger into her mouth and sucked. The hand in her hair tightened, and he warned her not to start anything she couldn’t finish. He moved closer to her, pressing his cloth covered cock against her stomach. She brought her hands to undo his belt, until he grabbed her wrists. Tim looked at Daniel and complimented him on his choice of eager and horny little sluts.

Daniel moved away from her, and Tim released her wrists to push down to her knees. He held her face against his still covered cock while he undid his belt and let it spring out. Ana looked up into his eyes as she leaned down and took one of his balls in her mouth. He let out a low deep moan as he looked down to see her looking up at him with his cock across her face, running her tongue up the underside before taking the head into her mouth.

Ana bobbed her head up and down his shaft, taking more and more of his cock each time. His other hand joined the one in her hair, and he began to pull her farther down, forcing his cock into her throat. She was vaguely aware that Daniel was taking pictures but she didn’t care. Tim’s cock was almost completely in her mouth, head pressing deep into her throat. He pulled her off his cock and moved to a couch across the room, and told her to crawl to him. She did, and they both commented on how good she looked on her hands and knees.

When Ana reached Tim, he pulled her mouth back down on his cock, his hands back in her hair. He told her that she was a bad girl, for going to a hotel with two older men. For being naked when they were both still clothed, for being so wet, for taking his cock in her hot little mouth. For only paying attention to him when Daniel’s cock also needed a mouth wrapped around it.

Daniel had his hand wrapped firmly around his now exposed cock, stroking it slowly as he took pictures of her choking down Tim’s cock. Tim pulled her mouth off his cock, and motioned for Daniel to take his place, stating that he had a couple of things he needed to do.

Daniel sat, and placed one hand on the back of Ana’s head, the other still holding the phone. She looked up at him as she licked his stiff cock like a lollipop, then straight into the camera as she took the tip into her mouth. She moved slowly up and down his shaft, swirling her tongue over the sensitive head. His hand pressed against the back of her head, forcing himself deeper.

When Tim walked back into the room he had removed his shirt, but his still hard cock was back in his pants. Daniel released his grip on Ana, and she took her mouth off of him.

Tim had another joint behind his ear, and told her that she deserved a treat. He sat, and pulled her türk porno to straddle his lap, pressing her wet naked pussy against his covered cock. He lit the joint, then handed it to her. Ana took a deep drag, and he kissed her, pulling the smoke from her mouth into his. He grabbed her hips and ground her against him, making her whimper between drags. She couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on she was, and how good the roughness of the pants on his hard cock felt against her pussy.

Tim suddenly lifted her up and turned her so her back was against his chest and her legs held open by his knees. Ana could feel the wet spot she had created, and his hands came around to pinch her nipples. Daniel knelt in front of her, his shirt now open, his fingers moving closer and closer to her dripping pussy. Her moans became pleas, and she squirmed trying to get his fingers to touch where she wanted it most. Her cries got louder and louder as they continued to tease her without relief. Then there was a knock on the door, and Daniel took his hands off her body to answer it.

A porter walked in with a room service tray, and his jaw dropped at the sight of the naked girl in the middle of the room. Daniel urged him to go closer, to look at her, to watch her as she writhed with desire. He asked the porter if he had ever seen a girl scream in pleasure, and the porter quickly answered that he had not.

Daniel then once again knelt down, and blew on her swollen clit. Ana bucked hard, trying to bring her pussy up to the source of the sensation. Then all at once Tim pinched her nipples, and Daniel’s mouth closed around her clit as two of his fingers plunged into her desperate pussy. She shrieked as her eyes rolled back into her head.

They didn’t stop their assault on her body, and her hands flailed, looking for something to grab onto. One hand reached behind her to hold onto Tim’s neck, the other tangled in Daniel’s hair. Then just as suddenly as it began it all stopped. Ana begged them to touch her, vowing to do whatever they wanted as long as she could have some relief. Instead Daniel stood up to show the porter to the door.

Tim whispered that if she was feeling so adventurous, maybe they should move over to the window. Ana let him help her back to her feet, and lead her over to one of the large windows. He told her to move her legs apart and she did, then he sunk to the floor in front of her. His mouth ghosted over her inner thigh, up towards her still dripping pussy. His tongue stretched out and licked at her clit, making her shake and nearly lose her balance in the stilettos she was wearing. He gripped her thighs as his mouth and tongue continued their ministrations on her pussy. Her body started to shake from the pleasure, and Daniel came up behind her to catch her should she fall, as well as take more pictures.

Ana could feel her orgasm building, and moaned when Tim sank first one then two fingers deep into her. She was close, but he was bringing her to the edge and holding her there. He stopped, looked up at her with his fingers still buried in her pussy, and asked her what she would do to cum. She told him that she’d do anything, whatever he wanted. He smiled up at her, and returned his mouth to her clit, but he kept edging her, never quite bringing her to climax.

Then in one impossibly fluid movement he pulled away, stood behind her, and pushed her body up against the window before plowing his thick cock inside of her. She screamed in pleasure as her entire body shook violently, pussy spasming around him. He pulled out before slamming back into her, and fucked her hard and fast up against the window, her body shaking with her orgasm until he pulled out.

Tim stepped back and Ana’s legs gave out, leaving her sprawled on the floor, aftershocks still causing her small body to shake. They pulled her back to her feet, and told her that they hope she wasn’t finished, because they weren’t even close. Daniel showed her pictures from earlier, on her knees with Tim’s cock in her mouth, his cock in her mouth, looking straight into the camera. They made comments about how hot she looked, how sexy it was to see a naked young girl pleasing them. Daniel then showed her a video. A video of her cumming, hard, while Tim drove his cock into her.

Daniel told her that it was now her turn to cum all over his cock, to feel him inside her while she lost control of her body. Tim released his grip on her, and Daniel pulled Ana in front of him, one arm wrapped around her waist, the other immediately seeking out her sensitive pussy. His fingers slipped between her wet lips, brushing against her clit, making her shiver. He started rubbing slow circles on her clit, bringing her slowly back to the brink of another mind blowing orgasm. The arm around her waist moved so he could grab her by the throat.

Ana was panting, then screaming, begging for him to make her cum. Tim was taking a video of her, her body shaking on Daniel’s fingers. Then he thrust up into her, hard. She screamed, as he repeatedly thrust into her hard and fast. Her legs were shaking, threatening to give out on her as soon as she fell over the edge. Then Daniel leaned down to her ear and whispered for her to cum for him like the slut she is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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