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20 Years in the Making Ch. 02

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The days after finally getting Rachelle were filled with dirty jokes and talk. It was as if all the things we wanted to do or say over the years spilled out. I made it very clear I could make her cum with my tongue and that I was going to stuff my big cock in her ass. Much to my surprise she told me she had never had anything in her ass. My cock got rock hard just hearing her say that. I knew it was going to be mine. We set up a date for her to get off work and me to come over for another round of fun. They days couldn’t count down fast enough.

Finally play day. I get to the house and walk in. Shoving her into the wall and forcing my tongue into her mouth. My hands quickly find her tits, squeezing them hard. Letting her know she was my slut and was going to do whatever I wanted. We send upstairs to her room. As we get closer to the bed I pull her dress up to see her ass. She takes the hint, stopping and standing still as I pull her dress over her head and undo her bra.

She turns to face me standing there naked- her tits huge and firm. Her nipples hard with excitement. I take a nipple into my mouth and suck in it hard. She moans as I bite it softly before letting it drop from my mouth. I push her into the bed and she slides up giving me room to get between her legs. “I want to see these ‘skills’ you supposedly have” she tells me in a cocky tone.

I grab her legs and spread them wide. Eryaman Escort Sliding up the bed closer to her before laying down and getting myself ready to eat her wet pussy. You can see how excited she is as her pussy is already wet and sticky with her juices. If I didn’t know better I’d say she got herself off before I got there. I grab her hips and pull my face into her pussy. My tongue parts her sticky pussy lips and she lets out a very satisfied moan. I slide my tongue up and down her slit. My tongue works in between her lips from her entrance to her clit.

Rachelle’s hands find her tits. Watching her maul her own tits while my tongue teases her pussy is amazing. She is squeezing them hard as I begin to work her clit with my tongue. Pushing hard against her excited bud causing my tongue to grind it against her body. She moans louder as she gets closer to cumming on my face. I continue to focus my efforts on her clit. Pushing my tongue against her wiggling it as close to a circle as I can. Her pussy juices begin flowing and I can smell her excitement. My mouth is watering as her sweet taste runs through my tastebuds.

I slide my tongue down her pussy, lapping up as much if her juices as I can. As I reach the bottom her her pussy a small puddle of pussy juice sits inside her entrance. My tongue drives deep inside her pussy gathering her Sincan Escort juices. As I push my tongue deeper into her pussy Rachelle begins wiggling her hips as I tongue fuck her. I grab her hips harder, holding her in place. Her moans are now continues as she is on the edge of cumming. I work my tongue in and out of her pussy like a mini cock.

After a few moments I slide my tongue out if her pussy and quickly replace it with my finger. I work my finger Inside her and my tongue again works her clit. Rachelle begins to cum on my finger and face. Her juices running out her pussy down my finger as I keep working it inside her. I continue pleasing her pussy for a few more moments before pulling my mouth off her clit and my finger from her pussy. Her juices and my spit running down her pussy and between her asscheeks.

“Time for your ass to get a turn” I tell her as I pull myself from between her legs. I stand to strip off my clothes and she lays there still squeezing her tits- pussy still spazzing. I crawl up and kiss her hard. Pushing my tongue into her mouth as she eagerly sucks her own pussy juice off my tongue and lips. As we kiss I reach down and grab my cock. I rub the end up and down her between her pussy lips. Each time I hit her clit she jumps slightly and moans.

The tip of my cock now covered in pussy juice is ready for her Etlik Escort tight never-filled-before asshole. I grab my cock and put the tip against her tight rose bud. I push against her and start to creep into her virgin hole. Her pussy juice as her well lubed as I continue to ease my cock Into her ass. Pushing hard I continue to force more of my 11 inch cock Into her ass. She again begins to moan as I fill her body with bliss. Her hands grabbing her tits, her eyes closed tight, her moans of pleasure and the tightness of her ass are heaven on earth.

I push my cock slowly into her until I’m completely inside her ass. I slowly begin to pull out about half way before pushing back in. I can’t believe I’m the one and only to ever be inside her ass. “You enjoy being my slut don’t you?” I ask as I begin to slide my cock back in side her. All she can reply with are moans. She is now biting her lip as she moans and squeezes her tits. I begin to fuck her ass faster and harder. My cock hammering into her ass until my hips bounce off her. The full length if my cock being shoved in and out if her ass and she loves it.

Her moans become words as she screaming. “Oh god! Oh fuck! Fuck yes! Oh fucking god! Fuck fuck fuck!” She screams as she begins to cum on my cock. Her already tight ass begins to clamp even harder around my cock as she cums hard from her first anal experience. I try to fight through it but cant as I begin to pump shot after shot of cum deep inside her ass. As I finish dumping my load in her ass my cock softens to slips from her ass. Rachelle laying there sweat on her face breathing heavy tits still in her hands and the biggest smile I’ve even seen. “I take it you enjoyed getting your ass fucked?” I asked. She just laughs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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