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7th Heaven Ch. 01

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7th Heaven

Ch. 1

This is a work of complete fiction and any and all resemblances to any real-life persons is completely coincidental.

This is my first post so please leave as much feedback as possible.

If you are in an abusive or harmful relationship, please do not hesitate to get help. Samaritans free UK number is 116 123 and more guidance can be found on their website.

I’ve tried to create a story with good depth and characterisation, which will require a good bit of suspension of disbelief. If you’re looking for a quick-and-dirty story you can digest in five minutes, you may want to look somewhere else.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

The advertisement was a lurid banner flashing on my computer screen.


The backdrop to the acid green words was a cavalcade of women sucking, licking and fucking their way across the screen. The shifting background melted from two scissoring redheads to an ebony skinned beauty being mercilessly fingered by a brunette.

I tossed my laptop aside and groaned in frustration. The banner had appeared on my computer screen for the 7th night in a row, the bright green words and the ever-changing backgrounds.

For days the words had stoked my fantasies and filled my mind. They were there when I slept, when I woke up. I couldn’t concentrate on my work, which was painfully dull at the best of times and I couldn’t even jerk off. Every time I went to lay hands on my cock the words blazed across my mind, burning away whatever fantasy I had managed to conjure.

My girlfriend was no help at all. We lived together, ate together, made small talk. Acted like a couple in other words, but we were the farthest thing from intimate.

For over six months she had presented nothing but bitterness and cold contempt towards me. I don’t even know where our problems had begun, all I could figure out was that we had gradually fallen into dullness and boredom. I had come to this realisation roughly a month and a half ago and I had tried to reverse it.

I still remembered her cruel laughter as I tentatively suggested varying our routine, both social and sexual. She had simply said that I wasn’t worth the effort and flounced off. She was capable of such cruelty and neglect but she knew I would never leave her.

Her ice-blue eyes, the shine of her hair, the curve of her body, the feel of her lips, it was as if she had wormed her way deep into my soul. All so she could better destroy it.

“I’m going out!” I heard her call. I leapt to my feet and hurried to the hallway. She was dressed in a skintight dress and black jacket that contrasted perfectly with her blond hair and pale skin. Her nipples were clearly defined in the material of her dress as her breasts strained at the gossamer-thin fabric.

“I bought we were seeing a movie tonight?” I asked, hating the timidity in my voice.

“Whatever gave you that impression?” Her voice was sweet, dripping with saccharine. “It’s happy hour at Moore’s so I’m gonna go over there and fuck some of the guys, see who has the best cock.”

“Please,” I begged. “Don’t do that, I love you.” I had said the same words a thousand times before, but I was desperate enough to say anything.

She snorted derisively, an ugly sound from a beautiful woman. She walked out without another word, slamming the door behind her.

I turned to the mirror beside me, and stared at the man who wasn’t good enough for her.

Enough is fucking enough.

I strode to my laptop. The bright words were still flashing across my screen. I clicked.

I didn’t know what I expected when I clicked the link and entered my email and physical address. I just expected… something. But there was nothing.

After that, I had practically given up, sinking into a deep stupor. My… not girlfriend, kept up her activities, barely even bothering to come home anymore. If I had any friends that she didn’t control access to, they would probably have urged me to get up and leave her. But I couldn’t. Not yet.

Until that day.

She had come home with her makeup smeared all over her face and her clothes were crumpled and almost destroyed. It was clear she had been with someone, someone who had, I saw with increasing rage, had practically shattered the diamond necklace that I bought her.

I snapped.

“How dare you.” She had turned and I finally saw her iron composure falter. She tried to regain her smirk but I wasn’t having it. “You fuck every guy in sight just to hurt me, you treat me with contempt and anger when I’ve lavished attention on you and now you’ve broken that fucking necklace, the necklace I bought you on our FUCKING ANNIVERSARY?”

I asyabahis yeni giriş saw anger mix with the shock in her eyes and she started to say something but I cut her off. “I’ve realised that you’re absolutely right. I have been pathetic. I have been spineless. I have been weak. BUT NOT ANYMORE!”

Snatching my wallet from the sideboard, I stormed past her into the hall. Her composure shattering, she lunged after me, screaming for me to stop where I was, that I was an ungrateful bitch, that I should be thanking her, who the fuck did I think I was?

I shut it all out, knowing that if I let any of it in then I was lost. Slamming the door behind me, I dived into the evening air.

My breath frosting in the air (it was late December) and only wearing a blue shirt and jeans, I was freezing, without a phone and wandering in the park. I was also deliriously happy.

Even after three-quarters of an hour of walking with no destination, I felt like I had stepped into a dream. For over half a year, she had beaten me down into a tiny, timid shell of a man. She had convinced me that I was worthless, that I deserved only contempt and that no-one but her would ever love me.

She had hooked me with her beauty and for the first couple of months it was heaven. But then the psychological torture had begun. Starting slow, she had cut me off from everyone I knew, convinced me that they had all been laughing at me, that she was the only one who would ever tolerate me.

The cruelty, the abuses, the grinding servitude, it was all gone and I fucking loved it!

Suddenly lightheaded, I sat heavily on a wrought-iron bench.

As I sat there, slightly dazed and certainly in shock, a tall silhouette sat next to me.

She was tall and self-possessed, with light caramel skin and expressive eyes. She had an almost haughty bearing with high cheekbones and full lips but the effect was softened by a slight smile at the edge of her mouth. She wore a long grey trenchcoat so I had no idea of her figure but as dazed as I was it was the last thing from my mind.

“I’m not going to lie or prevaricate. I know exactly who you are and what you’ve been through. Will you come with me?”I leapt to my feet, conditioned to assume the worst. She stayed seated, looking at me calmly. I almost ran but there was something to her voice that gave me pause.

“How did you know I was here? How did you know about her?” She smiled wryly, showing me her phone screen. ‘7TH HEAVEN’ was plastered across the phone screen.

Now my fear had been replaced by confusion. “But that was just a stupid link. It didn’t go anywhere.”

She chuckled and smiled. “The link was how I found you. Come, I’ll explain somewhere warmer.” I hesitated, but it was pitch-dark and my hands and feet had gone numb. If I stayed outside much longer I was bound to get frostbite.

I took her hand.

She led me to a well-appointed red-brick house, a three story dwelling with pillars out front. Despite how late it was, light blazed from every window.

By then I was shaking with the cold, every inch of exposed skin feeling like I was being scourged with knives. As she led me inside, frost crackled on my shoes.

The townhouse was richly decorated, toeing the line between sumptuous and decadent with perfect ease. The hall furniture and artwork was arranged perfectly to draw in visitors. The feng shui was superb and after the baltic temperatures outside, it felt as if I was being embraced by house itself.

I turned and I felt like my head was going to explode. The woman, I still didn’t know her name, had hung the trenchcoat up on a peg by the door. Below, she wore a long black dress with a squared neck and a long slit up the side, revealing flawless caramel skin.

It was actually similar to the outfit my girlfrien- ex girlfriend – had worn when I walked out, only instead of screaming sluttiness, the effect was sublimely elegant.

I would have been speechless even if I hadn’t been trembling with cold.

“Come on, it wouldn’t do if you dropped dead of cold right here in the hall,” she said, a smile playing across her lips. I did my best to look composed while trying not to chatter my teeth.

Leading me up an imposing oak staircase, I started to wonder why I was going along with this. For all I knew, this woman could be planning a horrible and painful death for me. I had spent months experiencing the worst things a woman could do to a man without resorting to grievous bodily harm.

But I could recognise behaviour like that. I had become an expert at predicting it and nothing about her demeanour promised hurt.

So I followed her.

She asyabahis giriş led me past several closed doors until she opened one and gestured for me to go inside.

It was a very large bathroom, devoid of furniture except a chest of drawers at the far wall. It was dominated by an enormous claw-footed bathtub, big enough for several people to fit comfortably.

She leaned over the tub, her smooth leg showing slightly through the slit in her dress, and turned each of the knobs.

Steaming hot jets squirted and the room soon filled with steam. My shivering dying down, I began to relax and my teeth stopped chattering.

I watched more and more interestedly as she emptied several bottles of bubble mixture into the bath, sweat beginning to bead her chest and forehead. She turned and smiled at me again.

“I’ll be back soon. You’ll want to get warm so I suggest you soak for a while.”

“You’re not staying?” I blurted.

“Not for now,” she said, slightly coyly. My cheeks flushed at the implication.

She glided past me and shut the door, giving me a reassuring nod as she did so. I stood frozen for a moment, waiting for the click of the lock. I had grown used to this, as my ex had always controlled how long I spent anywhere, despite any begging on my part. No click came.

I took a deep breath and smelt the scent of bubbles and perfume. My now steady hands undid my shirt buttons and slipped out of it of their own accord. There was a long mirror on the far wall and I caught sight of myself. I was not bulky or well-muscled, my lanky frame brought on by a fondness for my couch and fortunate genetics.

“Weedy little fuck!” The shout came from nowhere, echoing in my head. My ex wasn’t completely gone it seemed. Her voice seemed weaker though, a tone of desperation shot through it. I shook it off.

I took of my shoes and socks and unbuttoned my jeans. As I stood in navy blue boxer briefs, I looked around again.

Satisfied, I dropped my briefs and slid into the bath. Letting myself float and soaking in the warmth, I began to fully relax, my muscles losing their tension and my eyes drifting shut.

After a while, I was jerked from my reverie by soft footsteps on the floor outside. My eyes snapping open, I pushed my body below the water so only my head appeared.

It wasn’t the woman who had led me here.

Instead, it was a somewhat short brunette with thick dark hair and cute features. Her small frame was enveloped in a black sleeveless t-shirt and loose tracksuit bottoms. Despite the loose clothing and dark colours, I could tell she was very curvy, with perky round tits bouncing inside her t-shirt and a thick ass showing through her trackies. Her arms were well-muscled and she exuded happy confidence. I was completely tongue-tied.

She slipped through the door without completely closing it and padded on bare feet to the side of the bath. Despite the immense physical differences, her smile was the exact same as the woman from earlier. Pure warmth.

“So… do you want to speak first or shall I?” Her voice was sweet and soft, with hints of strength running through it.

“Who are you?”

“She’s Erica.” The woman from before walked in through the door and shut it completely behind her. With her tall frame and elegant dress, she cut a curious contrast to the short, busty Erica.

“What about your name?” I asked nervously.

“Anya,” she purred as she stood next to the crouching brunette. “Please, relax.”

“I… I don’t really know if I can when you’re watching me.” That was a lie, I was more relaxed now than I had been in the last year. Anya said nothing to that, giving only a smile.

While I spoke to Anya, Erica rose to her feet and moved round to the back end of the tub where I couldn’t see her. Alarms firing in my head, I twisted round but Anya’s hands quickly came to rest on my shoulders. I felt as if sparks were running from her skin to mine and I tensed.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to worry. Let us take care of you.”

Her loose clothes rustling, I felt Erica’s hands, small yet deceptively strong, begin to knead and massage my shoulders and neck, working on every knot and strain. Gasping quietly at the attention, my right hand was clasped by both of Anya’s and my other gripped the side of the tub. Her supple fingers working steadily, Erica progressed down my back and steadily worked out every strain and ache she could reach.

I groaned at the attention as I felt all reality outside that room fade away. Chuckling slightly at my reaction, she reached her arms around my neck and began to work on my chest and stomach. Her warm breath tickled my ear as her chin rested on my left shoulder.

“Is asyabahis güvenilirmi that good?” Her voice was a breathy whisper. As one of her hands passed over my nipple I actually whimpered, God help me. I felt her smile on the soft skin of her cheek and she planted a small kiss on the back of my neck.

As her hands inched lower, I became aware of a sudden new problem. Due to Erica’s incredible attentions, I was hard as a rock, seven and a half inches barely concealed by the water and bubbles.

My eyes snapped open and I made instant eye contact with Anya, who still held my right hand in a soft grip. My eyes, no doubt full of sudden shock, met hers and her tawny gaze was inexplicably calming.

As Erica’s hand closed around my straining cock, I clenched my grip and moaned. Erica gave her breathy chuckle again and reached down with her other hand, softly cupping my balls.

As she stroked, tickled and teased, I began to gasp. I felt as if small pulses of electricity were running through my body, causing spasms of unbelievable pleasure. After months of thoughtless masturbation, misery and neglect, it felt like heaven.

As I turned my head to the side, I was met with Erica’s beautiful breast. Jiggling softly with her movement as she pleasured me, it strained at the thin black fabric of her t-shirt, a thick nipple poking through.

Without any hesitation, I nuzzled my face deep into her tit, her nipple dragging across my lips and nose. Catching it in my mouth, I licked, nibbled and sucked, tasting the thin fabric on my tongue.

Erica’s strokes became faster and her toying with my balls became more forceful. In tandem, I devoured her breast, glorying in the sensation as I did my best to chew through her top.

Soon, Erica’s gasps joined mine as both of our arousals spiralled higher and higher. Suddenly, her hands left my balls and cock and I gasped at the sensation. Smiling reassuringly, she reached to her waist and pulled her t-shirt over her head, her beautiful tits bouncing as they were set free. Her E cup breasts rested softly above her smooth, rounded stomach, the way they rested proving they were natural.

A number of small tattoos adorned her body, climbing roses and outstretched wings cradling her beautiful form, and a small bar pierced her left nipple. Aside from Anya, she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Padding around to the side of the bath, her tits bouncing slightly with the motion, she slid gently into the tub. As she hadn’t even bothered to remove her trackies, the soft grey bottoms darkened and clung to her form, accentuating her soft thighs and clearly delicious ass. The water sloshed with her motion as she floated into my lap.

We returned to pleasuring each other with a new intensity, her lips never leaving mine. As Anya released my hand, I ran my hands around her back and hugged her close to me as she pumped and squeezed my cock, every movement of her hand firm and decisive.

As we kissed, I stared deep into her cool, grey eyes. I almost expected the spell to be broken, for me to find contempt or disgust, but all I saw was encouragement, shot through with pure lust.

As her hands moved faster and faster, I increased my pace with her tits, desperate to pleasure her the way she was with me. Her hand pumping at a furious pace, she began to whisper in a quiet, breathy voice.

“Yes, yes, keep going. Right there, right there, you like that? Yessssss.” Even more than her words, it was her shuddering gasps that stoked my arousal.

I stiffened. My cock swelled and thickened as I felt my orgasm boil and surge. As it crashed over me like a wave, I buried my head in Erica’s cleavage, subsuming myself in her perfect flesh. I let out an animal cry of pure release as my cock pumped shot after shot of thick cum into the bathwater, my entire body jerking and bucking with the intensity of it.

After a full 30 seconds of incredible pleasure, my orgasm began to subside. My cock lost its hardness, my body and muscles relaxed and I fell into a deep stupor, the kind I had only felt a couple of times before. In my exhaustion, I clutched Erica to me, finding solace in her presence.

Here, Anya came to the fore. Warm hands cradling my head, she gently pulled me from the bath, Erica supporting my lower half. Between the two of them, they carried me through to a next-door bedroom and gently deposited me on the king-size four poster. Before I let sleep take me however, I had to know.

“What is this place?”

Erica and Anya both smiled but it was only Anya that spoke.

“This is the place where you heal.”

If you’ve made it this far, I can’t thank you enough. As a new contributor to this site, I greatly appreciate everyone who makes the effort to read all of this, even if you absolutely hate it. Please rate and leave a review so I can make an effort to improve. I hope to make this part of a series so I will be paying close attention to feedback and comments. Thanks

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