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A Baker’s Dozen Ch. 09

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Simply I put on a little weight being pregnant and that inspired this story… So here is the next story of my baker’s dozen.

I hope you enjoy them…if not, oh well…can’t make every one happy. Can only make myself happy and I’m trying.

Drop me an email…if you like…

Wet and waiting Carrie.


Now on to the story;

Jana, my cousin, is a pretty girl, but a bit overweight but she has a beautiful blue eyes and a set of tits that men talk about all day long around the office. The other night I ran in to her at the water hole I like to stop off at after work, Jana was there and was already three drinks ahead of me. Before we called it a night, she was fall down drunk and I was pretty load, too, but not too wasted to make sure my cousin got home safely.

I got her home to her apartment and tucked in bed, I must have sat down on her bed and then fallen asleep because the next thing I realized it was morning. I was lay there in Jana’s bed, I could feel a warm body next to mine. Not just a warm body, but a body connected to a warm hand that was very happily stroking up and down the length of my engorged rod. I turned my head and looked straight into Jana’s bright blue eyes. I suddenly realized I was naked and so was she. I had no ideal how that happened.

I moved my head up, as if to say something, but she met that movement with her lips and her slender tongue that slid into my mouth. Her tongue found mine and wrestled halkalı escort with it even as her hand moved faster and faster over my morning erection.

After we broke our kiss, she said, “I just had to thank you for last night…it was incredible…I never knew you felt that way about me…but I glad you do…because I always wanted you too.”

At that moment in my head, it was like a cartoon…a little cartoon brain with two feet was running around was screaming at a giant cartoon cock, “What hell did you do last night?”

Then cartoon cock some how manages to make a shrugging motion, “Don’t know, Dude. I was wasted…but who cares…look at those tits!”

The cartoon brain said, “but…but…she is our cousin…”

Then the giant cock slammed a big foot down squishing the brain and said, “Shut up…just look at those tits!”

Not for another second did I consider anything else other than how much fun I was about to have. My hands went straight to her big full tits. I squeezed and massaged them as my cousin massage my rock hard pole. I lift one of her heavy tits and took a large nipple into my mouth and began sucking and nibbling on it. I bite down on it and whipped my tongue back and forward make her moan. Then I turned my attention to other matters. My hand moved downed between her ample thighs. I found her thick fat lips and parted them to find her pussy slick with sweet cream. I pumped two fingers taksim escort up into her hole as I suckle on her tit. I felt her hot hole clamp down on my finger I was pretty sure I had just made my cousin cum.

She grabbed my wrist and brought my soaked fingers up to and smeared her lips with her honey. She then kissed me full on the lips again. It a hot horny deep tongue mouth kind of kiss that was made even hotter because I could taste her pussy juice on her lips. As we kissed, she rolled me on top of her and parted her legs, guided my stiff member right that warm wet snatch of hers.

Once my cock head touch her wet heat I plunged in and I was off to the races. I fucked her with the vigor that only a new morning brings. I ground my crotch against hers then quickly pulled back before plunged in again. I kept repeating this over and over. My grinding motion was hitting her clit just right making her moan. The quick exit and entrance of my stiff member into her cunt was making her gasp.

Jana’s big body shook and jiggled and bounced with each trust and I was hypnotized at the sight. Like a lot of guys I always went after girls that were model-ish and didn’t give big girls like my cousin a second look. It wasn’t just the way her big heavy juggs were bouncing, it was everything. Suddenly I knew I was hooked, more cushion for the pushing was the best.

Jana was quickly moving to ward the edge again and I was doing my best şişli escort to push her over. And she was doing her best to help she was humping back against me the whole time. Her cunt was seeking out my cock as enthusiastically as I was giving it to her. We bucked and fucked and went nuts on each other for what felt like forever. I held out until I was sure she had climaxed again before I let go.

When I climaxed, it was overwhelming. It seemed as if all the weight of the world was flowing out of me though my penis. I pushed into her all the way and pinned her squealing ass to the bed. Spurt after spurt of cum spewed out of me and into her. She moaned aloud in appreciation.

Once I recovered I started up again pumping my still hard cock in and out. I have no ideal if it was the wonderful feeling of pumping my cock in and out of her sloppy hot hole. Or her giggling and moaning about just how good my prick felt in her. Or that I was put it to a family member but my cock didn’t want to go soft until after she squealed she was cumming and I had blew a second load up in to my cousin warm depth.

I collapsed and lay on top of my cousin breathing deep as I tried to catch my breath. Then I looked at the clock and saw how late in the morning it was and I jumped up looking for my pants and moaning about how late I was to work already. As I was hopping on one leg and trying to get my other one in my pants, when Jana said, “I planning to call in sick to day and spent the day in bed. Why don’t you join me?”

In my head, the cartoon brain, “bills…food…responsibility…need money…going to get fired…got to get to work!”

SLAM, down came that big foot again and giant cartoon cock and said again, “SHUT UP ALREADY…just look at those tits!”

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