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A Bet’s A Bet Ch. 02

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After working up the courage to actually go outside in her Lady Godiva “costume,” Jamie had nearly masturbated herself to orgasm in the middle of the street.

It had been a gargantuan effort to stop.

Once in the car, she’d been unable to resist a minute more of pussy play…but after opening her eyes to see the young man watching her through the passenger side window, her heart had nearly stopped.

The reality of what she was doing…heading to her husband’s company Halloween part, totally naked, hit her in the face like a brick.

If she’d had any chance of changing her mind and taking back her decision, it disappeared the moment she saw the young man and released her foot from the brake.

The young man had been watching her masturbate; totally naked, in her car at the curb with a look of shock…and…god…was it lust in his eyes? He’d doubtless never seen a naked woman masturbating in public before…just as she’d never been seen like that before.

Jamie imagined that his cock had probably been as hard as iron in his pants at the moment…the very moment that their eyes had met, and she’d nearly cum all over herself in the seat.

Part of her was scared to death.

After all, she was driving across the city to Tom’s place of work totally naked. She’d lost the bet and Tom’s instructions for her pay-up had been very specific; she wasn’t to bring anything other than what she was wearing…the waist chain and the heels.

She was to be Lady Godiva for Halloween.

It was totally insane.

And yet, as she pictured the young man’s face again, staring at her in disbelief, her pussy pulled…for a moment she was tempted to turn around, drive back, and see if he was still there.

As the neighborhood streets receded, and the number of stop signs waned, she relaxed a bit. She’d passed several people walking the sidewalks, and none of them had seemed to notice her nudity.

Maybe this was going to be okay after all.

She wondered what the people at her husband’s work would say when she walked in wearing her birthday suit.

Her nipples stiffened as she pictured the looks on their faces.

Suddenly, her reverie was broken; ahead, at the corner, was a construction sign where the neighborhood gave way to the main road through town.

Jamie realized that she was going to have to drive very slowly, right past the construction crew.

At first, she thought maybe she could turn around and go another way. But she was already in line…the traffic was building behind her as she entered the single construction lane.

She was trapped.

Concentrating, Jamie rolled forward, coming to a stop in front of the sign-holder, a woman, who turned her sign from “slow” to “stop.”

The woman, wearing a yellow safety vest and hard hat, stood holding the sign…her head turned towards the opposite flow of traffic.

Jamie watched her nervously.

Lifting her radio, the woman said something into it, and turned the sigh to “slow.”

Rolling forward again, Jamie drove slowly past her. As the sign-holder’s glance fell into Jamie’s car, her mouth dropped wide open…doing a double take, she stared in disbelief at the completely naked woman rolling by.

Noticing her look, Jamie snapped her head straight forward and drove on…her heart thudding in her chest.

The construction lane was torturous…long and slow.

As she approached a man wielding a jackhammer to the right of her, the line slowed again…coming to a stop.

The man with the jackhammer looked up and into Jamie’s car from the passenger side, and nearly dropped the hammer.

Stopping it he stared.

Jamie felt his eyes gorging on her naked body, and her nipples stiffened into rocks. She moistened between her legs.

She knew he could see every inch of her behind the wheel. She shivered from fear and excitement as she reached for the area between her legs.

God, no, she couldn’t masturbate now…right in front of him.

“Hey Don! Look at this!” the man yelled suddenly, waving at someone.

Climbing down from a truck, another man suddenly appeared at the passenger window and peered in.

Jamie trembled. Her hands shook. Her nipples pulled at her.

“Holy shit!” the second mad said through the window.

Jamie was mortified, scared, and excited all at the same time.

“Hey baby!” the first man said, as the second whistled.

Suddenly a third man appeared, walking around the front of her car to the passenger’s side.

“Lookit this!” he exclaimed, “this chick’s fuckin’ naked!”

Despite her fear, Jamie’s hand found its way between her thighs as she continued to stare straight bursa escort ahead, scared to death. Her heart thudded heavily in her chest.

She pressed herself, pushing her palm against her swollen clitoris…it felt dirty, and delicious, and she couldn’t stop.

“God lookit those tits!” she heard one of them exclaim.

Daring a look, Jamie turned her head to see the three men staring at her…making rude gestures with their hands. One of them lifted two fingers to his mouth and slowly pushed his tongue between them.

“Man, I’d eat that pussy…” he said.

Her hand moved faster over her clit.

“Yeah baby, play with that sweet little pussy,” one of them said.

Unconsciously, Jamie spread her legs wider. The men roared their approval.

“You’re a hot little slut huh?” one of them said, tapping at the glass.

At long last, the line moved again.

Jamie rolled ahead, slowly leaving the men behind as they whistled and catcalled after her.

By the time she left the construction lane, she was shaking badly.

She’d just been seen naked, by three men, playing with herself in public.

Adrenaline raced through her…lighting her on fire. The sexual energy was incredible. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think. Her body trembled and her pussy pounded, begging for relief.

She was sopping wet.

And yet, she was frightened out of her wits.

Her mind struggled with what she was doing.

On one hand, being seen…totally nude in public…playing with herself was the single, hottest thing she’d ever experienced in her life.

On the other, it was crazy and insane and it scared her. The mixture of emotions coursing through her veins was like an injection of a heady cocktail laced with sheer ecstasy and poison.

Suddenly, Jamie lurched forward as she rear-ended the car in front of her at a light.

It was a small bump, but enough to rip her to the present.

As the light changed the car in front of her pulled right, into the parking lot of a supermarket.

Jamie panicked.

Should she keep going?

She only had seconds to think.

If she kept going, the driver might call the police.

If she stopped, she would have to face whomever it was totally naked.

How would she explain it?’

The car behind her honked its horn; the driver impatient as Jamie sat at the green light, blocking the traffic.

Instinctively, she darted to the right, pulling in to the parking lot behind the car she’d hit.

Rolling to a stop, she sat…scared, shocked and in total disbelief. How the hell had she allowed herself to do that?

The driver’s door opened in front of her and a middle-aged man got out. Through the rear window, Jamie saw the back of a woman’s head in the passenger seat.

Approaching her, the man waved as Jamie let her window down.

She was terrified.

“You okay? That was….”

The man’s voice died in his throat as he approached and stared down into Jamie’s car.

“Uh…hi…sorry…” Jamie stammered, trying to cover herself.

“Uhm…” was all the man said.

“I’m so sorry,” Jamie said again, noticing the pitifully inadequate job her arms did of covering her large breasts.

Straightening, the man shook it off finally.

“Look,” he said, “I’d like for you to take a look at my bumper.”

Jamie swallowed hard, pressing her legs together, instinctively trying to hide herself.

“Please,” she said, “I don’t have anything with me…I left my license at home…I’m…I’ll pay for…”

“I guess I’ll call the police,” the man said, turning.

“No! Wait!” Jamie called after him through the window, panicking. “I’ll look!”

With that, the man stopped and waited, as Jamie pushed the driver’s door open.

Slowly, she stepped out, first one bare leg then the other. With her wicked heels firmly on the pavement, she exhaled.

Drawing her resolve, she stood.

The man smiled at her but said nothing about her nudity.

“Come over here,” he smiled, waving her around the front.

Pensive, Jamie took stock. It was rush hour. There were people and cars everywhere. The supermarket was busy as cars pulled in and out of parking spaces, slowing to gawk at the woman standing completely naked in the parking lot in broad daylight.

Jamie felt dizzy.

“not too much…” the man’s voice reached her ears from the back of his car.

“What?” she said dumbly. Her pussy gushed between her legs.

“I said the damage isn’t too bad…it didn’t hurt it too much,” he repeated, smiling at her.

As if in a dream, Jamie took a step forward. Placing one foot in front of the other, she bursa üniversiteli escort walked, the sound of her heel clicking on the pavement, towards the man.

Her heavy breasts swayed in front of her. Her nipples were hard and stiff…standing straight out in front of her. Her inner thighs were soaked with excitement. Her heart thudded in her ears.

As Jamie rounded the front of her car and stood next to the man, the woman got out of the passenger’s seat and joined. The look of shock on her face at Jamie turned into a smile.

“It’s not bad at all dear,” the man said to his wife.

“Oh my,” the woman smiled gently at Jamie. “I love your waist chain.”

Jamie blushed three shades of red as her nipples ached. Her entire upper body was flushed with excitement.

“It’s…it’s…a Halloween costume,” she stammered, barely able to speak. “I’m Lady Godiva…”

“You certainly are,” the woman said, smiling again, admiring Jamie’s large, bare breasts.

All around her, the day whirred. She was starkly aware that she was totally naked in public.

“I’m sorry,” she said at last. “I guess my foot slipped.”

“It’s no wonder,” the woman said, “in those heels.”

“Dear,” the woman said to her husband. “There’s no real damage, I think we can just let this go, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” he agreed, eyeing Jamie greedily. She shivered beneath his stare.

“But, honey,” the woman went on, stepping close to Jamie.

“Promise me that you won’t wear those heels again while driving…in fact, tell you what, why don’t give them to me?”

“But…” Jamie started, then stopped. The heels would be a small price to pay, given the situation.

“Okay,” she said. Stepping out of them, she bent over. Her tits hung in front of her she retrieved them, exposing her bare backside to the traffic.

Straightening, she handed the heels to the woman.

She was now totally nude save for the chain. She felt the warm pavement of the parking lot under her feet.

“Okay then,” the woman smiled, taking the heels.

Jamie’s hands trembled. Her clitoris throbbed.

“Well, then,” the man smiled at her. “Have a nice time, and drive carefully.”

With that, the man and woman returned to their car.

Jamie stood a moment as they drove away. She was totally naked in the parking lot and every nerve in her body screamed for her to get back in her car.

But for some reason she didn’t.

Her hand went to her pussy.

Pressing her clitoris with her palm, Jamie closed her eyes. The feeling was incredible. The sounds of the day…traffic…voices… filled her ears as she stood a several feet from her car, playing with herself in the parking lot.

She knew it was insane, yet, she couldn’t stop.

Increasing the pressure, she spread her legs wide, planting her feet, and moved her fingers faster over her clit, before sliding them slowly into her sopping, horny cunt. Jamie moaned, biting her bottom lip.

Her entire body was on fire, enveloped in the raw excitement of what she was doing.

With her other hand, she lifted a heavy, bare breast to her mouth, and licked at her own nipple…taking it between her teeth, she bit lightly at it…causing just enough pain to send shockwaves to the center of her cunt.

Leaning slightly back on her heels, she thrust her hips forwards and began to gently slap at her pussy. Each slap reverberated through her entire body as her fingers came in contact with her sensitive clitoris.

She was openly masturbating in the parking lot as the sounds of the traffic, and people filled her senses…the idea of what she was doing was so incredible…so amazingly dirty, naughty and delicious that it spurred her on.

“OH MY GOD!” a woman’s voice, thick with shock and rage suddenly split the air like a thunder clap.

Jamie’s eyes flew open.

A red pickup truck with two women in it sat not ten feet away, gaping wide-eyed in disbelief at the naked woman masturbating in the parking lot.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? FUCKING PERVERT!” one of the women, the driver, shouted at her…opening her door.

Finding her feet, Jamie ripped her fingers from her cunt and bolted. Padding across the parking lot, she ran to her car, reaching it just as the heavyset woman closed on her.

“COME BACK HERE! YOU LITTLE SLUT!” the woman shouted after her angrily. Daring a backwards glance, Jamie saw that the woman meant business. Waving her fist in the air, her face pinched with anger, the woman ran at her full blast.

Jamie reached her door just as the woman swiped at the air for her long ponytail. Catching it, she yanked, karacabey escort pulling Jamie backwards and nearly off of her feet.

“NAKED CUNT!” the woman screamed, as Jamie’s ponytail slipped from her grasp again.

Now at her car door, Jamie opened it and jumped in…in a single motion. Locking the doors, she started the engine as the woman reached the door.

“I’M CALLIN’ THE COPS!” she yelled, banging on the window, “YOU FILTHY DIRTY FUCKING WHORE!”

Terrified, Jamie dropped the car in gear and pressed on the gas pedal. The tires spun slightly, leaving skid marks on the pavement before finding their grip and jettisoning her from the spot.

Jamie drove off quickly, leaving the woman standing, shaking her fist after her.

Pulling out of the parking lot, Jamie drove on, forgetting her nudity for the moment. With her eyes glued to the rearview, she didn’t stop until she had to, several blocks from the parking lot at red light.

Tom was gonna hear about this, she thought.

First, he wants her to drive across town without a stitch of clothing, then parade her around totally naked in front of everyone at his company. A bet’s a bet…fine…but this had gone too far.

First, she’d been leered at by some young man, then put on display for the construction workers…although she had to admit that those two incidents had really been exciting…then, she rear-ended somebody, lost her heels…ended up masturbating in the parking lot because she was so excited (and by the way, she observed…she hadn’t cum). Finally, she could have been beaten to death by some crazed bitch with some kind of vendetta against nudity.

Driving on, a smile slowly broke over Jamie’s face. A vendetta against nudity. That was fucking hilarious. The picture of the crazy woman shaking her fist returned, and Jamie, unable to help herself, broke into a fit of laughter…leaning forward in her seat, pressing her breasts into the steering wheel.

Had the dumb, trailer-trash bitch even stopped to realize that it was Halloween?

That brought another gale of laughter from Jamie.


It was Halloween, and save for the chain around her waist, she was butt-ass naked. THAT was her costume. Jamie nearly drove the car over the curb, bent over from the laughter that jerked her body, and quickly steered it back onto the road.

Suddenly, red lights flashed in her rearview.

Fear ran the length of Jamie’s spine. This was all she needed. What started out as a fun, horny time, was quickly going to shit. She hadn’t even brought her cellphone to call Tom.

Now she was going to have to face a cop, totally naked.

Pulling over at the next available spot, Jamie shut her engine off and waited as the black and white cruiser crept up behind her.

Two police officers exited either side of the vehicle. One stayed behind while the other approached Jamie’s driver side.

“Place your hands on the wheel where I can see them,” he called out. Jamie did so, just as the officer arrived at her window.

“Have you been drink….” The cop’s voice caught in his throat.

Jamie sat with her hands on the wheel as the cop eyed her completely naked form.

“Are you alright Miss?” The officer stated with professional concern, searching the backseat behind his dark glasses.

Embarrassed, Jamie dropped her head.

“Yes sir, I’m fine” she said.

“Why are you not wearing any clothes?” he asked next. “Is anyone forcing you to do this?”

“No sir,” Jamie answered, mortified.

“You see,” she began, “this is my Halloween costume, I’m Lady Godiva and I’m on my way to meet my husband at his company’s Halloween party.”

“Miss,” the cop said, “I’ll need to see your driver’s license and registration.”

“I…I don’t have my license with me…” Jamie answered, sounding worried. “My husband said not to bring anything but what I was wearing…as part of my costume.”

“No license huh, do you at least have a registration or some other form of i.d. Miss?” the cop said, staring at Jamie’s bare breasts.

Against her will, Jamie felt her nipples stiffen under his gaze.

Reaching into the glove box, she pulled her registration out and handed it to him.

The officer studied it for a moment.

“Miss,” he said, handing it back to her. “Am I to understand that you are operating your vehicle completely naked because you are on your way to a Halloween party, and you are dressed as Lady Godiva?”

“Yes sir,” Jamie muttered, noticing that her nipples had become full erect.

“Why were you driving erratically?” the cop said next.

Glancing quickly in the rearview, Jamie saw the other officer standing behind her car.

“I was…I mean…I was laughing and lost control for a second, then I steered back onto the road.”

The officer was silent…obviously processing her story.

“Miss,” he said finally, “I’m gonna have to ask you step out of the car please.”

To be continued…

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