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A Birthday Present

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I am a July guy. Born in July, married in July, going on vacation in July. It’s normal to hear my wife say, “I planned something special for your birthday this time” and then I thought, ok, one more birthday party. But this was a really special one, a wonderful surprise! I didn’t change any names in this story as I did not see the reason; our names are so common.

On my birthday, I took the day off. A lazy summer day. The kids were in camp. Linda made this cake I love, she added extra frosting. Around 6 pm, the doorbell rang, she opened and a handsome, 35ish, strong bodied guy came in carrying some stuff. Linda smiling said, “This is Alex, the masseur I hired for you. Just relax and enjoy, leave everything behind and you will feel like you are reborn.” I had never tried a massage, never liked this. Anyway, I complied since her intention was to make me happy.

After Linda left the room, Alex asked me to keep only my boxers on and lay on a thick soft mattress he spread on the floor. He started with rubbing a thin oil on me, then applied little pressure while rubbing on my legs, then my belly, my torso. I started feeling excited. The warm hands, the slippery oil, a total stranger touching me where no one had before…I could feel a tickle down there and was getting hard and uncomfortable at the same time knowing he could see my erection. I said “I am sorry, it’s only natural” and he grinned. He said “My massage always works great” and asked me to remove my boxers if this could make me feel more comfortable and I did. He covered my erect cock with a small towel that barely hid my embarrassment. He poured more of his aromatic oil on me and I felt the thin oil running around my erection and over my balls, just the oil, Alex never touched me there.

I was throbbing with desire when a second pair of escort izmit hands started working on my body. It was Linda. She oiled her hands and played with my cock and balls all the time while Alex kneeling right above my head was almost touching my face with his crotch. I reached out and slowly pulled his shorts down to reveal a massive dick with thick veins and a pair of shaved balls dangling heavily over my eyes. I could smell his body, a manly, slightly sweaty musky smell. I could taste his salty ball sack with my tongue balancing his nuts. I could see his tiny asshole, like a star with rays around it. With Linda’s mouth hugging my cock, I licked the guy’s balls, sucked them gently one at a time, then tried to take them both in my mouth; it was impossible, they were too full, too big. He gently pulled back and eased his dick in my mouth. It felt like I could only take the head, it was huge with a thick rim. He pushed again and I took another inch or two and then I gagged. He didn’t move at all but I felt he was busy with something, I could only see he was leaning forward. I managed to lift my head a little and saw Linda sitting on my cock fucking me gently; I was so taken away that I had not felt anything. Alex was sucking Linda’s nipples and shoving his cock in my mouth. I was in heaven. With Linda bouncing on me, my head was moving up and down making my mouth pump the guy’s warm cock. I lost track of time.

When the bouncing stopped, Alex pulled his dick out of my mouth and Linda sat on my face on a 69 position (my favorite!). She took my dick in her mouth, cupped and played with my balls while pushing and rubbing her clit on my lips. I licked her little red knob, squeezed it between my teeth and tongue and teased it any way I could. Then I felt pressure on my nose, I saw Alex’s dick entering her soaked izmit escort bayan cunt, his balls sliding on my face and covering my nose with his thrust. He started slowly, then picked up speed and pushed hard. With his every push in my wife’s cunt, my cock was sliding deeper in Linda’s throat. She gagged a few times, I gasped for air and Alex moaned and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Droplets of his sweat splattered on my face every time he struck Linda’s butt cheeks. I wrapped my hands around her waist squeezing her tight against me, making sure her clit pressed hard against my tongue and her pussy stayed in place for this wild cock. Her pussy lips were rubbing his shaft and stayed wide open a couple of times when he pulled out. They were dripping, dripping, dripping…

I felt her orgasm, a mild shudder in the beginning and a strong one later, she moaned and let her spasms show how very satisfied she was. I was drowning in her juices coming down on my face every time Alex pulled his mushroom-shaped cockhead. I stuck my tongue in her pussy just before his cock rammed in smearing my face with pussy juice. I kept sticking out my tongue licking Linda’s cum from her open cunt, his dick, his balls, whatever drop I could taste was delicious, “good to the last drop”. Linda was pushing her clit against my tongue, his dick nailing her with no mercy. He had great stamina, he made her come many times. From time to time, he would raise one of his legs for a more comfortable thrust and this would make me breathe easier.

After a while, her trembling body finally couldn’t take it any more, she cried a few tears of pleasure and shouted “Please cum, cum now…I can’t take it any longer”. I could hear in her voice this begging tone, asking for a break, it was too much. But Alex wanted izmit sınırsız escort to make this fuck unforgettable. He would pull his dick completely out and then shove it in all the way, then give her a minute of long, slow thrusts and then a series of 10-20 quick ones that would make any pussy melt. He did this a few times and every time Linda would let go this deep groan vibrating my cock with her throat.

Suddenly, he thrust himself inside her all the way as if he wanted to tear her body apart, pushing very, very hard. He exploded inside her with a loud “aaaaah”. My head was caught between his thighs and I could feel his cock spasms with my tongue. I licked his balls covered with pussy cum and strong-smelling guy sweat. I took them in my mouth and played with them with my lips while he was still inside her shooting his sperm, moaning and sighing. The thick sweat drops coming down his back, butt cheeks and ass crack were a beautiful sight. I waited until I felt his tense muscles relaxing and pulled his balls gently and with them, I pulled his dick out of Linda’s cunt. It fell on my chin and slapped my throat a wet, slippery and warm slap. By now, his cock was purplish and soft. My wife’s gaping pussy was deep red and shining, like a red rose after the rain. Her asshole was wet and dilated from the intense pleasure. She let his sperm drip on my chin, a warm, foamy liquid mixed with her juices.

I came in Linda’s mouth with a bang. My body arched, I pulled her waist with all my might, I groaned and gasped. My whole body was numb. She let my cum flow on my dick, my balls, my belly. A lot of cum, a big messy cum. She licked my balls, my dick, spread my cum everywhere using her tongue and then we kissed. We thanked Alex and invited him to stay for the night. We took a shower together and slept naked sharing our king sized bed and touching each other freely any time we wanted during the night. In the morning, before Alex left, we promised we will have him over again. We had a few more threesomes and foursomes, but the first one was really unforgettable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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