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A Brother’s Mistake Ch. 01

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Just trying to put more stories out with different situations. I appreciate comments, likes and votes if the story is to your liking. Thanks for reading!

* * *

The house has been quiet ever since dad passed away two years ago. He was a strong man that provided for our needs and taught us everything he knew. When I was a child, I wanted to be like him. At age twenty-seven, I was thrust into the position of provider when he left this world. I don’t have any college degrees. I wasn’t a dumb man per say, but I wasn’t college educated. I worked with my hands as did my father. I lay in bed as I rubbed my eyes. I had just worked a double shift at my welding job and was exhausted. The number of government contracts my work had taken has increased our number of hours from the standard forty a week to almost eighty and above. Being the provider now, it worked out well. Dad was a good man, but he wasn’t the greatest with money. My mother being a natural born housewife, she never aspired to do anything else but take care of us. But, at her age and the shock of losing my father, the household chores ended up being my sisters’ responsibility.

I looked over at the family photo I had on my nightstand and can see how happy we were before dad had passed away. I stood next to my father in the picture, towering over him at an even six foot. My twin sisters were standing in front of me at a petite five foot two with long flowing blonde hair. Their eyes like everyone in the family were a striking blue that radiated light whenever they smiled. They were a spitting image of my mother when she was their age. My father, like myself had darker blonde hair and a chiseled jaw line that many women on the street seem to have been attracted to. Women. I laughed to myself when that word came up. After the passing of my father, I barely had time to keep let alone maintain a relationship with a woman. As I reached down under the covers and pulled my morning erection from my boxers, I decided that some self-medication before the day started was overdue. I pulled my phone off the nightstand and tried looking through some of the old photos my ex-girlfriends had sent to me whenever I requested nudes. But, the only one that sparked lust in me was the one girlfriend that I had that had a striking resemblance to my sisters. She was just like them, petite, pretty with a curvy body and full C cup breasts that was firm with the aide of youth. The picture was of her lying on a bed naked with her legs spread open revealing her cleanly shaved pussy. Her hand was parting her labia and the other holding the selfie-stick to take the picture. God, I remembered how much I loved eating her out.

A knock at my door pulled me out of my self-medication, before I can even ask who it was, one of the twins barged in with a basket of folded clothes in her arms. “Good morning, Rob.”

“Jesus, Kelly!” I exclaimed as I turned to my side and locked my phone.

Kelly stood with a puzzled look on her face as she set the basket down. “What?”

“You could have waited for me to let you in. You didn’t have to barge in.”

“Oh, you needed…privacy?” She said cutely as she made quotation marks with her hands.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes.”

Kelly laughed. She flicked her blonde hair back and jumped onto my bed. Her little body collided onto mine as she began to tickle me furiously. “Privacy? Rob wants privacy!?”

Kelly got up onto my belly and straddled me as she was in a mad tear at tickling my sides. I tried bucking her as I laughed uncontrollably from her assault. Kelly was wearing one of her usual cut down sweatshirts with the neck cut to reveal her soft shoulders and the bottom of the sweatshirt cut high enough to reveal her flat tummy. I reached around from under the covers and grabbed her tiny waist, but with me bucking, my hands landed right on her plump rear. She stopped immediately and stared right into my eyes.

“What?” I asked. “Was that all I needed to do for you to stop?”

Kelly smiled sheepishly and leaned down close to my face. “Are you that pent up?”

I shook my head, “Just tired and needing some ass.”

Kelly nodded and tucked her hair behind her ear revealing the small tattoo she had done of little hearts. She and Emma were six years younger than I was, but her body had matured into a full-fledged knockout. My hands lingered a bit on her ass, but I pulled them away. She slid down purposely against my erection giving it a firm rub with her ass and then got off. “Bagels and eggs for breakfast, come down when you’re done jacking off, Rob. We need a ride to the market.”

I watched as she walked out of my room. Kelly made sure she had a little more wiggle to her walk as her perfect ass shook seductively in the yoga pants that she wore. I shook my head, shut my door and got dressed for the day. Thankfully, my erection faded, but the self-medicating had not been fulfilled. Feeling a little awkward with what just had happened, I made my way down to the kitchen. My sisters each had their own rooms istanbul escort separated by a bathroom and a closet with Kelly’s near the bathroom and Emma’s near the closet, while my mother slept where my parents did when they converted the garage into a bedroom a little further away from the house, but still attached to everything. Being the sole provider of the house, they gave me the largest room which was once my father’s man-cave that had its own bathroom. As much as I enjoyed it, living with two amazing sisters can be a handful. While Emma had been handling the loss of dad in stride by taking up a lot of the maternal duties of the family, Kelly seemingly had raised the bar in how outrageous she can be. It was either in shock value in what she said, or…well…sexual behavior.

As I got into the kitchen, I can see Kelly sitting at the kitchen table with a mischievous smile on her face. At the stove was the other twin, Emma. She was making scrambled eggs and completely focused on cooking. An exact twin, she was just as stunning as Kelly, but more reserved in every way. Where Kelly felt the need to show off her assets to the world, Emma liked to be conservative, but still attractive. She wore the same yoga pants as Kelly, but she wore a hooded sweatshirt that hid her curves and her breasts.

“Do you want eggs, Rob?” Emma asked sweetly. “I’m making them the way you like it.”

“Rob wants more than just eggs, Emma.” Kelly said playfully. She looked over to me and made a face before she took another gigantic bite from her bagel.

Emma turned from the stove with a concerned look, “Do you want more? I can make a can of hash for you to go along with breakfast.”

I waved Emma off, “Kelly is being an ass, Emma. Eggs will be fine.”

Emma dutifully made me a plate and set it down the table with a cup of rich black coffee. She sat down at the table with us and set a napkin on her lap before buttering her own bagel. “So, we have a list of things we need to get.”

“Mhmm,” I said as I smeared creamed cheese onto my bagel. “We also have to get the meds mom needs.”

“Yeah,” Kelly said sobering from her little wild act of torture. “She hasn’t been looking too well. I tried talking to her the other day and she barely heard me.”

Emma nodded. “I brought her breakfast earlier. She finished it at least.”

“Depression does a lot to a person.” I said softly hoping my mother didn’t hear, but from what Kelly had mentioned, she probably didn’t.

Emma and Kelly both nodded. We ate quickly and quietly after that. The topic of our mother’s depression after the passing of dad was always a sobering experience for all of us. Emma cleared the table and went off to make sure mother was alright before we embarked on errands. I felt Kelly’s foot touching my leg from under the kitchen table. I looked over to her.

“So, did you take care of your problem?”


Kelly shuffled closer to me in her chair, “Come on, I’m not a kid. I know guys need to jerk off every once in a while.”

“Oh yeah?”

Kelly shrugged, “I do too.”

“I don’t need to hear this.” I said as I pulled my phone out to check messages. As I slid my thumb across the screen to unlock the phone, the image from my ex-girlfriend was still displayed in her full naked glory. Kelly’s eyes widened as she saw what was on my phone. She quickly snatched the phone out of my hand. “Hey!”

“Holy hell, Rob!” she exclaimed as she looked through the folder of pictures I had.

“Give it back, Kelly.” I said as I reached for my phone. She smacked my hand away.

“These women are drop dead gorgeous!”

“Yeah, yeah, now give it back.”

“You banged all these girls?”

“Yeah,” I said and snatched my phone from her. I closed the folder and checked my messages. I felt Kelly’s eyes on me as I responded to some of my texts from work. I looked over and her cute, round face was completely flushed red. “What is it?”

“I know you’re a good looking guy, but I didn’t know you pulled in that caliber of women. Wow…I’m kind of jealous, Rob.”

“Jealous of what?”

“Those girls were amazing.” She said as she tucked her blonde hair into a ponytail. “If a scrub like you is getting women like that, no wonder none of the better guys are coming after me.”

“Stop,” I said as I got up and gathered my things for the car ride out. “You’re pretty. You just have to stop acting like an asshole all the time.”

Kelly got up from the table as well, she smoothed out the outfit that she was wearing and made sure I got to see her hips as she spun around. “So, this meets the expectations of my big brother?”

I rolled my eyes and slapped her on the ass soundly that made her jump with a yelp. “Get your ass in the car.”

Kelly giggled as she walked out of the house and did what she was told. Emma appeared from mother’s room and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. “What was that all about?”


Emma avcılar escort pulled a small wallet out of her purse and looked through it. “Rob. I have just enough money for mom’s medication and maybe a little for groceries. It’s just I haven’t been getting enough hours at Starbucks even though I asked for more…”

I reached over and closed her wallet. Her soft hands were in mine as she looked up at me. “I got this, Emma. You and Kelly keep what you get from your jobs. I’m making more than enough with my hours.”

Emma stepped up to me. She hugged me tightly. Her body was pressed up against mine. Even through her sweatshirt, I can feel her well shaped breasts press up against me. She kissed me on the cheek, but lingered for a moment before breaking off. “Thanks, Rob. You’re the greatest.”

“You got it.” I said smiling. I watched as Emma picked up a few of the canvas bags she liked to use instead of the plastic bags from the market and walked out to the car. My heart was racing. Emma has never been the kind to linger in a kiss. She was the modest of the two and was always shy about showing any kind of affection. As I felt my flush go away and my heart settle back down, I cursed myself a little as I saw both of my sisters in a new light. I took a deep breath and got out to take them to run our errands.

* * *

“Will you be out late?” Emma asked as we drove from the market.

“I don’t know.” I said. “Some of the guys want to meet up for a few drinks. It has been a long eighty hours and the boss wants to treat us to some food and beers. I have the next day off, so probably.”

“Ok, then I will leave the back light on for you.” Emma said sounding slightly disappointed.

“Jeez, Emma, he is a grown ass man. Don’t treat Rob like a child.” Kelly retorted from the back seat of my car.

I shook my head as I shifted gears and pressed on the accelerator. “Kelly, leave her be. She is just trying to look out for me.”

Emma nodded, turned to face Kelly and stuck her tongue out.

“You want me to cut that thing off and cram it up Rob’s ass?” Kelly threatened.

“As if you could!” Emma retorted as she back in her seat.

“I would if given the chance, you goodie-two shoes.” Kelly stated. She looked at her phone and groaned. “Hey Rob, can you take me to the town center after we drop off Emma and the groceries? I have to run into a few stores and grab some things for this stupid project I have.”

I nodded. “Emma, do you need anything?”

Emma shook her head sweetly. “I have to prepare dinner and make sure mom takes her meds.”

I drove with the two of them bickering back and forth. To me, this was the usual routine. Although they truly loved each other like sisters, at the same time they constantly threw barbs at one another. It would have been easier if they weren’t such polar opposites from one another. I pulled into our home’s driveway and watched as the girls hurried to unload the few bags of groceries and Kelly came rushing back out to the car. She leaned over and gave me a big kiss on my cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked as I pulled away from the house.

“Just being awesome,” she said smiling with a mischievous grin.


We drove quietly from home. It only took fifteen to twenty minutes to get Kelly where she needed to go. I looked over and she was staring out the window. I watched as the vibration from the road shook and jiggled her ample breasts. They looked amazing even though they were slightly hidden under that cut sweatshirt of hers. Her bare shoulder was so soft and silky that it reflected the sunlight. She tucked a few strands of hair that were free from her pony tail behind her ear and I can see the hearts that she had tattooed behind it. Innocent as the tattoo was, it brought a bit of sexiness to her I haven’t noticed before until now. I shook out of my gaze when the car started hitting the rumble strips on the side of the road. I quickly pulled my eyes off of her and concentrated back on driving.

“Are you ok?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, I got a little distracted.”

“I bet.”


Kelly pointed to my reflection on her window. “I saw you looking at me.”

I groaned, “Kelly…”

“It’s ok.”

“No, it isn’t.”

Kelly turned to me. She reached out and placed her hand on my arm, “It is ok, Rob.”

“Look, it has been rough since dad past. I have been working so many hours that I haven’t gotten a chance to really date anyone.” I tried explaining. “With you and Emma taking care of the house and mom, it really helped me out. It just makes me want to make sure you guys are financially taken cared of.”

Kelly nodded, “So that leaves you with no time to fuck?”


“It is just a word, Rob, stop being so uptight.”

“I’m not.”

“You are.” Kelly said as she looked me right in the eyes.


“So, can I ask you something without you flipping out?”

I nodded.

“The girls on your şirinevler escort phone…”


“You said you weren’t going to flip out.”

I stayed quiet and waited for her question.

“So, judging by what I saw, you have a type. Can I ask why those girls? They all look the same, small, petite, nice breasts…and blonde.” Kelly took a long pause, “Do I fall in that range that you can consider your type?”

I nearly drove us off the road. I stopped the car near the town square and looked over at her. “What are you talking about?”

“Would I fit your type?”


“Answer me.”

I sat back in my seat and rubbed my forehead, “What are you even trying to ask, Kelly?”

“Am I as pretty as those girls you fucked and still jerk off to?” she said bluntly.

I took a deep breath. She was right. I had a type. As much as I wanted to kill myself at that moment, the evidence was apparent. “Yes.”


“Let me explain…” I said. “I have been surrounded by three beautiful women my entire life. It wasn’t easy when you and Emma started growing into your bodies. Mom was…is beautiful and you guys are too. A man starts to adjust what he wants when living in the conditions that I have. I mean…Kelly, you are stunning. I can’t say what happened this morning didn’t get my head all warped and wrapped up in stupid shit. As much as it is taboo and totally wrong, I have to admit I have caught myself looking more than once.”

Kelly sat there, face completely red. As blunt and direct that Kelly was she didn’t have anything to say. We both sat there silently in my car. Kelly reached back to play with her pony tail and looked over at me.

“You find me attractive?”

I nodded. “Of course, you and Emma are knock-outs. I just feel bad the three of us can’t live normal lives right now.”

We sat silently as the subject sank into both our minds. I turned to her, “Kelly…”

Before I could have said another word, Kelly leaned over and kissed me firmly on my lips. I was so shocked I couldn’t react. I sat there as my sister’s lips pressed hard against mine. I felt her hands pawing at my chest and my neck. Her kisses grew more and more aggressive as I began to kiss her back. My heart pounded in my chest as I sat back and let her take control. I heard her unbuckle her seatbelt and moved as close to me as possible. Her hand began to run up and down my chest. I reached out and pulled her close. Her body was soft and yielding. My hands found her breasts. I gave one a firm squeeze and she moaned with delight.

“Kelly…what the hell did we just do?” I said breaking our kiss. I looked down and found her hand on the zipper of my jeans. I held onto her hand and shook my head, “No. This can’t happen. Not like this. Not ever.”

Kelly sat back in her seat. She fixed herself and ran the back of her hand across her lips. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I got to go. I can find my way back. Go hang out with your co-workers.”

I watched stunned as she got out of the car and hurried into the town square. I sat back in my seat, my erection pushing against the zipper of my jeans. I looked down at myself and shook my head, “What the fuck did I just do?”

* * *

The restaurant/bar my boss picked for us was packed as usual. I sat at a booth while some of the guys I worked with had left it to go mingle with the knock out that was the bartender. I was several beers in and feeling a little numb from what had happened earlier today. As much as it was fading, my mind was still trying to wrap itself around the entirety of it all. A waitress came by to gather some of the things the guys left at the table and smiled at me.

“Do you want me to refresh that beer?” she asked.

I looked up at her. The waitress was wearing a tight fitting blouse and a short skirt. In fact, all the waitresses wore some sort of school girl-like outfit that attracted majority of the town’s men into the place to ogle at them. She looked at me with deep chocolate brown eyes and waited for me to say something.

“Sorry, I’m a little deep with these beers.” I managed to say as I watched her clear off majority of the table. “I can use a break from them.”

She licked her lips a little, “Well, I’m about to go on break myself.” She stuck her hand out cutely while balancing a tray of glassware with the other. “Cindy.”

I took her hand and gave it a slight shake. “Hi Candy. Rob.”

“I’ve been watching you and your friends.”

“Rowdy, aren’t they?”

My co-workers were watching a game that the local university was playing in and roared in cheers as the basketball team gained the lead. She nodded, “Yes. Well, I will be outside if you need some fresh air.”

I smiled and watched as she walked away. She was slender with a nice shape. Her skirt accentuated her legs as she walked away. I got up, maybe she was right. Some fresh air will help out. I made my way outside slowly and looked around as the evening breeze refreshed my soggy brain.


I turned and found the waitress near the shadows of the restaurant. I walked over to her and smiled. I was out of practice when it came to talking to women. “Nice evening.”

“Late.” Cindy said.

I looked at my watch as saw that it was approaching one in the morning already. “Yeah.”

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